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The Omni is the leading platform for multiplayer
VR at entertainment centers around the globe. Note: The consumer Omni listed on
this page is no longer available. Pricing on this page is not applicable to the
current commercial Omni.
The Omni is the leading platform for multiplayer VR at entertainment centers around the globe. Note: The consumer Omni listed on this page is no longer available. Pricing on this page is not applicable to the current commercial Omni.
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3,249 backers pledged $1,109,351 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Virtuix Creator on

      Thank you all for the support! Working our way through all the questions - stay tuned!

    2. Juanlo on

      If you manage to fill containers for different countries or continents, it would be great. As far as I know, OculusVR managed to do it and it helped a lot. I live in Spain and I really hope that you can find a way to deliver the Omnis for the lowest possible cost. But you still have plenty of time until January to find a good way to do it. Good luck, our hopes are on you!

    3. Kirk Chen on

      This looks like an amazing product. As an engineer and avid gamer, I can certainly appreciate your design. I cannot wait for an opportunity to stand on and operate one.

      I also think that you cannot discount the potential positive impact this product may have on the nation's obesity epidemic (both in adults and children), combatting our sedentary lifestyle, and improving our overall health and fitness.

      I am very much looking forward to your future updates, and I wish you and your team all the best!

    4. Missing avatar

      helder on

      this campaign is a success my congrats but i do hope you do not forget the reason you are here , the backers, yes you could not do it without us so a bit more feedback on the comments section and some questions answered would be indeed appreciated!!

      by the way the shipping cost for Portugal on the $299 pledge how much would be?! you gave us an interval of values !?

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      Alexander Santiesteban on

      You guys deserve every bit of success you are receiving from this kickstarter! You have changed the face of gaming bringing a much needed way to explore physically with the human body while in a virtual world.

      Thank you so much for putting in the effort to make this a reality and I CANNOT wait to use this in conjunction with an Occulus Rift and the Deep Six rifle controller I just backed as well.

      To everyone else it's important to note that the Deep Six rifle controller has only 25 hours left of funding. If you want an incredibly advanced controller to use with your Omni, check out this as it has recoil when firing and other accelerometer based tracking for melee attacks, reloading, and aiming down the sight of the weapon.

      I can't wait to see what BF4 is like on this combination of products!

    6. Luppy Luptonium on

      part of me still wants to get one before the Rift comes out to use as a normal treadmill.... then part of me wants to get on a treadmill so I can prepare for this thing....

    7. Ricky on

      @Matthew Van Andel and @Mitchell Pelham - I'm about 6'2-3" and it felt fine for me when I tried it, the newer version would have pins to raise it up and down so it should be fine.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Fitzwater on

      Gratz! I can't wait to try the Omni :)

    9. Matthew van Andel on

      @mitchell pelham
      I'm 6'3" and that's my concern too. I'll have to content myself with military-style small steps, I think. Still' the opportunity to get some actual exercise while gaming is the big draw for me. If I can walk or jog 12 miles a day for real while gaming, I consider that a win.

      Of course, I'm assuming this will work fine with or without a Rift. For non-Rift games, I plan on setting this up by my standing desk so walking at least gives me forward motion.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin Stone on

      @ Kirstan A Jan '14 release for the consumer Rift is incredibly unlikely. There has been a lot of discussion on this topic in and around the developer forums and the consensus seems to be that a consumer Rift will come no earlier than Fall '14, perhaps even as late as Summer '15. The issues are giving developer's enough time for content development, Oculus' own position and weapon tracking development, as well as having to wait until a suitable 1080p or better screen is available with the fast switching times and high pixel fill factor Oculus needs to deliver a superior VR experience. There will likely be one or two more dev kit versions between now and retail. As an enthusiast who wants to get in early, I would recommend diving in and getting one of the dev kits. Granted they are low res and lack positional tracking and other features, but they are not too shabby and at only $300 not too expensive either. Otherwise you are in for a very long wait.

    11. Kristan van den Brink on

      I hope when it is Jan 2014. That The Oculus Rift Customer Version is Buyable! Else I cant do anything with my OMNI... :)

    12. Missing avatar

      mitchell pelham on

      Lookin' awesome, however I would recommend a larger platform option for tall people with a bigger gait. I showed this to a friend of mine who is 6'5 and he thought it was awesome but there was no way his stride for running would come close to fitting. Also, wil you guys be at PAX prime?

    13. Dustin Carpenter on

      Awesome! Thanks for the update, and congrats on the early success :D

    14. Ricky on

      Crossing fingers for one million!

    15. Missing avatar

      keith on

      ... well almost the first :p

    16. Missing avatar

      keith on

      Thanks and congrats. Also... I'm the first comment, yay!

    17. Kerry Potts on

      Looking forward to it!

    18. Missing avatar

      Martin Risby on

      Thank you for bring be closer than ever for the home