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The Omni is the leading platform for multiplayer
VR at entertainment centers around the globe. Note: The consumer Omni listed on
this page is no longer available. Pricing on this page is not applicable to the
current commercial Omni.
The Omni is the leading platform for multiplayer VR at entertainment centers around the globe. Note: The consumer Omni listed on this page is no longer available. Pricing on this page is not applicable to the current commercial Omni.
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    1. Justin Randle on

      Hey guys, I've been in communication on an off with your team regarding some changes to my circumstance (moving country) and have been very happy and can't wait to receive my Omni. That being said, I did have one question regarding something that was mentioned long ago and hasn't been readdressed since. At one point, Virtuix had made mention of organising release parties in various areas around the globe (Chicago, London, Berlin, etc.), allowing backers the opportunity to collect their Omni's and forego the expensive shipping required. Is this still in the cards for when production ramps up? I feel this would not only be a great cost savings for the consumer but would also allow backers who have yet to experience the Omni to test one out that has been fully configured on your systems and really experience what they can expect after they get theirs home and set up.

    2. Benjamin Unsworth on

      You guys keep mentioning the pace is "slow". Maybe it would be helpful if you could say how slow? One per day? 10 per day? We've waited years for this so would like to know if you're really talking years more? We were close to the earliest backers and ordered one of the largest backer levels. I'd like to get a realistic estimate of delivery and some way to track your progress to it.

    3. Eoghan Hayes on

      Hey Virtuix,

      Would I please be able to request a refund? I've spent the last few years doing general VR Development, and recently moved over to roomscale development with the advent of the Vive. I just don't have any use/need for the Virtuix anymore, and think that the tech in the consumer area has just moved too far on from the need of a 3D Threadmill. I think it'll be an excellent Arcade/Specialist product, but I've just no personal need for the product anymore.

    4. Virtuix Creator on

      Hi Paul, I apologize for that. The major change is that it's proven hard to control the quality of each unit coming off our assembly line, requiring us to inspect each unit and rework if needed. This is restraining our output right now as well as our confidence to ship containers directly from China to other continents. We are also still waiting on our VAT registrations, which is taking longer than expected. I am deeply sorry for causing you this hassle.
      Best regards,

    5. Virtuix Creator on

      Hi Sami,

      We have sent you a message regarding the questions about your order.

      Best regards,
      The Virtuix Team

    6. Sami Hamouri on

      Thank you for the reply Jan ,as backer number 60 , I look forward for those emails.

      another questions please , I remember long time ago , when you first announced the cable holder " boom thing" , I pre-ordered it on your website , also ordered the rack , can you confirm that I ordered those too ? it has been too long that I no longer remember if I did or not.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Joel Robertz on

      Wow, I'm really disappointed right now. In the last Update I asked when shipping to Germany would start and your answer was: "@Paul, We expect it to be before the end of the year. We'll post any updates as soon as we have them."
      What changed, that you suddenly state "European deliveries will start the earliest in Q1 next year."??
      Either your planning is off and you're deciding on the fly what to do next, or you straight up lied... don't know what I like better.

      It's just frustrating because I counted on your last statement, planning and preparing my Twitch schedule, so I could start latest in January. Very sad.

    8. Virtuix Creator on

      I added some further clarification to the main Comments section:

      Best regards,

    9. Virtuix Creator on

      Hi Sami, yes, you will receive the first of three notification emails in the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience.

      Hi Salvador, I understand your frustration. Our production is ongoing now, so not delayed but currently much slower than we desire due to rigorous inspection. However, our production throughput will increase over time, but it's hard to predict the exact delivery times. The good news is that we are producing and delivering.

      Hi David, that's good input. I'll make a note to talk more about the games in our next update.

      Best regards,

    10. Sami Hamouri on

      Jan , am pretty sure I am also a day 1 backer just like Joseph Houff, will I receive my omni anytime soon ?

    11. David Höfle on

      #197, europe. Thanks for update and info. Then i would prefer more info about the games. You need a strong lineup with high quality games.

    12. Salvador on

      Your updates lately sound more and more political. Why not mention immediately in the update per continent what the expected delays are. Now as a customer; I first have to get frustrated with lack of info and take the effort to actively enquire with you. Building a brand is a lot more than just 100% quality inspection. I fear the day thay I have defect on the omni...

    13. Virtuix Creator on

      Hi Luis: our production output is currently lower than we expected, because we want to guarantee the quality of each unit (requiring 100% inspection at this time).
      Rob: we are hesitant to give an estimate, as we have always been burned in the past by giving estimates. Our production is ongoing and will not stop (barring quality catastrophes); the question mark is how fast we can increase production throughput without jeopardizing quality. Right now the pace is slow.
      Hi Shatners, European deliveries will start the earliest in Q1 next year. We are also still waiting on our VAT registrations.
      Hi Carl, we are meeting with our partners in China to discuss the delivery plan in China. Update to come.
      Thank you all for your patience. The good news is that we are in mass production and shipping a great and high quality product. The flip side is that we have built up a large backlog (5,000+ units) that will take time to clear. Please let us know how we can be of help in the meantime.
      Best regards,

    14. Sami Hamouri on

      Congratulations Joseph Houff ! My name is Sami Hamouri , and I am a day one backer too ! nice to meet you.

    15. Rob Welsh on

      as you know how many you are manufacturing and shipping and how long it takes to get here can you give some kind of actual estimate as to when backers can realistically expect to RECEIVE theirs?

    16. Luis Zapata on

      You already told us the expected production. But you did say you were receiving 250 Omni on the first shipment. Does that still stand? Is there any change on the expected production output from China?

      A little more information on what happened to the first batch QC wise and with the inspection would be great.

      Thank you and congratulations on your first shipments.

    17. Missing avatar

      Carl on

      An ETA on China units would be great, thanks!

    18. Shatners Bassoon on

      Any ETA on the European units?