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The Omni is the leading platform for multiplayer
VR at entertainment centers around the globe. Note: The consumer Omni listed on
this page is no longer available. Pricing on this page is not applicable to the
current commercial Omni.
The Omni is the leading platform for multiplayer VR at entertainment centers around the globe. Note: The consumer Omni listed on this page is no longer available. Pricing on this page is not applicable to the current commercial Omni.
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Production Launch, Active VR Speech, Fallout

Posted by Virtuix (Creator)

Hello Backers!  

Production Launch

We are delighted to announce that we have started pilot production of the Omni! Our first production units are currently being assembled, and at least one early unit will be delivered to our first Pathfinder participant in the next two weeks. See a few pictures and a video below of various Omni parts in production:

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We’d like to thank everyone who applied to join our Pathfinder program. Submissions are now closed, and we will be in touch with our selected candidates later this week. Given the overwhelming interest in the program, we unfortunately won’t be able to offer a spot to everyone. We sincerely appreciate the time taken by all of our applicants to complete our survey, and we look forward to delivering your Omni in the near future.

We plan to ship all 50 Pathfinder units in January and ramp up our production shortly thereafter. To manage expectations: ramping up our production and delivering our backlog of more than 4,000 Omnis will take several months. We realize the wait is getting unbearable, and we too are anxious to get Omnis to all of you. However, we need to take our time to ramp up production cautiously so that we can guarantee the quality of each Omni we ship. We will communicate a precise production and delivery schedule as soon as available. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

Speech: The Importance of Locomotion for Active VR  

Thanks again to everyone who came by our booth at the recent ATX VR meetup. We were excited to show the Omni and TRAVR to the VR community one last time before our production launch. Our CEO Jan Goetgeluk took the opportunity to talk to the crowd about the importance of locomotion for Active VR. See his talk below:

Omni / Vive and Fallout 4

Our content team continues to push the boundaries of freedom of movement in VR with the integration of the Omni with the Vive head mounted display and Lighthouse controllers. We’ve found that the immersive effect of combining these technologies is quite incredible, and revolutionizes the way levels can be designed and played. For a technical background on the Omni + Vive integration, see a forum post here by Patrick, our game programmer responsible for the integration.

In case you missed our earlier demo, check out our video here of TRAVR: Training Ops played with the Vive and Lighthouse controllers. We’d also like to thank Ben Lang of Road To VR for an excellent article about this Active VR experience. 

In addition to our content designed specifically for VR and the Omni, we were also keen to test out the newly released Fallout 4 and see how well this worked in VR with the Omni. While the game is not designed for VR and a third-party driver is required to port the game to the Rift, the setup requires little hassle, and Lorenzo had an absolute blast crossing the wasteland.

Open world games like Fallout show the power and enjoyment of locomotion and Active VR, even in games not designed for VR. Just wandering through the environments and marveling at the world is greatly entertaining, and you’re burning a ton of calories while doing so!

Launch Meetup

For those of you who can make the trip, we’d like to invite you to the first of our launch events at our headquarters in Austin, TX on Thursday, December 17th starting at 7pm. If you would like to try out the Omni and crack open some Mountain Dews with the team, visit our Eventbrite page here and reserve your place:

Backers, we hope you are liking our increased frequency of updates. After a long development phase, events are accelerating rapidly now. We are only weeks away from delivering our first Omni. This is an exciting time for all of us, and we’re grateful to share this journey with you. 

As always please join us on our Forums if you’d like to discuss this update or anything VR related: 

Best regards, 

Jan and the Virtuix Team

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    1. Sami Hamouri on

      nice update , any idea when you will announce the Pathfinder participants winners ?


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      Mark Wilson on

      Looks great! Can't wait!