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"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
8,548 backers pledged $638,471 to help bring this project to life.

Axanar Update - October 2018

Posted by Axanar Productions (Creator)

Our 100th update!   And a lot is happening as the Axanar Team moves towards a winter shoot and Axacon is less than three weeks away!

Axanar Production Update

The upcoming production team meeting right before Axacon will set up shooting the next two episodes of The Four Years War, which will tell the story of Axanar. You can read about everything in our last production update here:

Axanar Financial Update

Find out the latest financial information on the Axanar project (and how Alec spent $35,000 of his own money keeping Axanar going in 2017)

Axanar Fulfillment Update

What is up with the perks? Patches for the Indiegogo campaign are in process and more. Read about it here:


Axacon is the Axanar convention and the opportunity for Axanar fans to meet their favorite actors and the Axanar production team.

Please follow all of the updates on what is happening at where we post updates on all of the above on a regular basis.

The Axanar Team


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    1. Axanar Productions 3-time creator on

      Sorry Louis, read the terms and conditions. You made a donation, you did not buy a product.

      And try and read up on the 13 month lawsuit by CBS and Paramount that took all your donor money.

      And if you are done, good, stop posting and wait for us to deliver. We are working away to get this done.

    2. Louis L. on

      Alec you have to understand everyone that backed this (not donate cuz this isn’t a charity) did it for an end product within a timeframe. And every single other Kickstarter and indiegogo project that I’ve backed that failed to deliver or even delayed was open to give refunditemss no questions asked, one even gave me a full refund for a delayed product that I didn’t ask a refund for. That was $300 way less than I backed here. You owe every single person a refund that asks for it. People paid for a product / service that was never delivered, or only some delivered. If someone isn’t happy either the result you should give them a refund this is a business. Whatever the circumstances were. You failed everyone and you must refund the people the ask for it. Your actions speak for themselves. I’m done

    3. Axanar Productions 3-time creator on

      If we were really trying to scam anyone, we wouldn't waste our time with updates. We really don't need to hear the bitching and whining of disgruntled donors accusing us of crimes.

      If we weren't going to make Axanar, we would just let this all die. That should make sense to just about anyone who actually thinks about it.

    4. Missing avatar

      M. Forde on

      Is there a way to unsubscribe from these updates? I don't like the reminder that I threw away money on this.

    5. Jon Jones on

      Why should the people who supported you on Kickstarter even care that you are sending patches to your Indiegogo supporters? I had almost forgotten about this until this update. I know I’m not getting the movie on Blu-ray but I’ve seen none of the other perks I should have received.

    6. Duane Browning on

      Axanar has had my mailing address for awhile now and I still haven’t received my patches which were supposedly mailed out 2 years ago. When I accessed my profile in Axanar Digital (it’s offline now) the only perks it said that I was entitled to receive are the invitation to the fan group, but not the patches

      No response to my last email when I asked when my patches would arrive.

    7. Jeff Allison on

      I just received this update and one from indiegogo and I was literally surprised. Then I was pissed because these thieves have the nerve to post anything at all other than a notice that the money they've stolen is going to be refunded.

    8. Alisa Komendova on

      This is just plain pathetic, pitiful, and borderline disgusting. Having the nerve to still act as if everything is peachy and fine.
      Stop pretending you will ever deliver anything that was promised (perks and movie), refund the people who asked for it, and silently dissapear from the face of the Earth.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tony Kyle on

      In 4 years I've received nothing. No patches, no coins, nothing. Have pretty much given up on the full length Axanar because of CBS and Paramount and the rules put in place. It would still be nice to have the other perks promised but never delivered for my Kickstarter constribution.

    10. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      The only update I want to see is the when will I get the refund I asked for all those years ago when I first realize Alec Peters was nothing more then a con man, liar, thief and criminal and Axanar was his latest scam to support himself on the backs or real star trek fans.

    11. Carl Norman on

      100 updates and still no Axanar. Peters has spent all the money and he is still reporting that perk fulfillment has not been finished! This is one of the biggest scams many of us have seen. The history of this sad and pathetic operation is detailed at Read it and weep. Now Peters is apparently being sued in his latest scandal involving his disgusting, vile, and insulting nature. Why would anyone give this guy another penny?