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"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
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Staying up to Date with Axanar

Posted by Axanar Productions (Creator)

As Team Axanar ramps up pre-production again on Axanar, we also want to make sure everyone is filled in on what happens on a regular basis. Axanar prides itself on communicating with its donors more than any other crowdfunding campaign, but we also don't want to overwhelm your email inbox. So our policy is to make lots of information available in a variety of ways, and you can pick and choose what you want. So here is how to follow our progress:

1) The Axanar Website - This is the best way to get the most information on what is happening on Axanar. It includes Diana's Donor Fulfillment Blog to keep you informed on where we are on delivering your perks and my Captains Log, which lets you know what is happening on an (almost) daily basis!

2) The Facebook Axanar Fan Group - If you are on Facebook, then the Axanar Fan Group is the place to hang out and chat with other Axanar fans.

3) The Axanar Podcast - Want to hear Alec and Rob talk about Axanar and what is coming? Every two weeks or so, we try and release a new podcast, each one with interviews with Axanar team members.

4) The Axanar Donor Newsletter  -  Every two weeks we will be sending out a donor newsletter with the highlights from the previous two weeks and anything you need to know. If you are a donor you are automaticlaly signed up. If you want to be added, just email Diana at

You can also follow us on Twitter @axanarfilm.

There is a lot happening now that we are back at it, so please follow us and we will keep you all posted.

And thank you for your support!

Team Axanar


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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Griffith

      On the studio thing. Is there anything in the lawsuits preventing you from renting out the sets to as many other productions as you can?

    2. James Gwinnell on

      Why would Jonathan Lane post that Alec doesn't own Axanar Productions when filings in California clearly show he does?

    3. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Alexander Have you seen the post settlement video interview on youtube with Preludes director that clearly and exclusively lays the blame for this entire debacle at the feet of Alec Peters because he got greedy and instead of using the money to film the movie he instead tried to build a for profit studio, which was illegal, hence the lawsuit.

      So yes, you are absolutely correct, it is incredibly sad and tragic that one mans greed forced the rightful owners of the Star Trek IP to curtail the excessive theft of there IP by said person and in the process have limited the method of expression other creative people have to express there love of Star Trek.

      I am grateful to CBS for allowing others to still express there creativity, albeit in a limited form instead of just telling everyone, "nope, sorry, we got burned once by a greedy piece of scum trying to rip us and the fans off, never again. No more fan films".

      I just wish they had forced Peters to make right by the backers he used there IP & our love of Star Trek to steal from.

      i.e. Wheres our refunds Alec?

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexander Hoxha on

      Thank you for continuing to try and get this project finished. It is sad that greed has taken over this project and that art and imagination have been bound again. Keep strong and "Long live and prosper!"

    5. James Gwinnell on

      Where's my refund?

    6. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      1. The axanar website is a hate site

      2. I don't do facebook.

      3. The axanar podcast - unless Alex and Rob are going to tell me when my refund for this failed kickstarter willa rrive, not interested.

      4. II specifically asked to be refunded and removed from your mail list. You skipped the first part but removed me from the mailing list so nope, not interested.

      Now, hows about you do what you were supposed to and keep us updated here, like kickstarter requires?

      I realize you don't give a hoot about kickstarter requirements, like "refund if you can't fulfill rewards" but hey, why not try something new, like not lying to backers, not stealing more money from people and refunding those who are entitled to one as per the terms you agreed to when you used kickstarter as a funding platform?