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"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
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Ares Digital link corrected

Posted by Axanar Productions (Creator)

Sorry all, the link in the previous update Diana sent out was incorrect. Somehow the address got corrupted when copying and pasting.

Here is the correct link to Ares Digital:

We tried that link several times and we know it works!

Thanks for your patience.


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    1. Newton Lilavois

      Hey I know I'm super late but is this link still available? The link doesn't work.

    2. Renee Vorbeck on

      The password, even with your updated link, still doesn't work for me.

      I just want to get in. Can we make this happen?

    3. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @David Lein

      Nope. But you might get a spam e-mail begging you for more money.

      I've read Alec is now using his database of e-mails and whatnot gathered from his crowdfunding efforts to ask for more money, because the settlement bars him from crowdfunding.

      Now, here's the catch, is gathering backer info from crowdfunding site, i.e. a kickstarter project, in order to ask for more money from a "crowd" to "fund" the project (which he already had enough money to finish according to the director but wasted" considered "crowd funding"?

      Also he is not allowed to use our personal information for anything other then the fulfillment of the rewards for this project.

      He already broke that rule once when he spammed us all for his other business.

      Also, the rewards for this project were for a full length professional quality movie with, like professionals working on it, almost all of which is no longer allowed via the settlement.

      So is asking for more money for two 15 minute segments instead of a full movie really the same reward or is using our info to ask for more money yet another violation of kickstarters rules?

      Its almost as if Alec is in a race to see how many kickstarter rules he can break, how many laws he can break, copyrights he can steal and backers he can rip off.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Lein on

      My paypal address has changed since 2014. If I login and update my info will you send me the refund I am owed?

    5. Dave Kroll on

      We as a group of people that were duped into giving "Ares Digital" money to create a "production studio" need to get together and put a lawsuit together to get all our money back. I funded a movie that was promised in 2015. That has failed! Regardless of lawsuits because of your incompetence, you lied and failed to provide the product. Per Kickstarter's and Crowdfunder terms we are all entitled to a full refund. Every single funder needs to be refunded 100%.

    6. Scott on

      Let me help you with that since you are the only people on earth that think a copy and paste can be "corrupted."…

    7. James Gwinnell on

      This project cannot be met and is being changed dramatically. Issue my refund to Paypal of the same email address. Thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      Really Alec?

      Double posting an update to an update to try to bury comments to the first update you didn't like?

      That's even lamer and more desperate then the old endless walls of blue spam.

      Was it the question about weather this was needed for the refund we are entitled to and you are required to provide as per the terms you agreed to when using kickstarter or the comment about the real reason you are asking for our e-mail info? So you can beg for more money to do a film we already gave you more then enough to make as per the latest interview with the director, had you actually spent it on the reward promised, a movie, instead of yourself?

    9. Tom Ryan on

      you cannot fulfill the Kickstarter. I demand a refund.

    10. Missing avatar

      Milfred Gilbertson on

      Not Diana's fault, the earlier links worked for me, so was some other issue.