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"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
8,548 backers pledged $638,471 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Axanar Productions 2 days ago

      Billy: The Backer kit goes out this week. It is in review at Backerkit now!

      Andrew: I can't fathom how you can say we send out too many emails, then claim you don't know what is going on. We send out detailed emails about fulfillment all the time (Sorry you feel they are banal, but if you read them you would stay informed.

      The Backerkit email for Prelude went out a year ago. The Axanar Backerkit emails has yet to go out. If you have questions, contact

      Not sure how you mised the Backer

    2. Creator Billy Totty 6 days ago

      Is there a way to get a new backer kit email sent? I never received one.

    3. Creator Andrew Chase Erickson 6 days ago

      So I've missed both Prelude to Axanar and Axanars Backerkit emails (you send WAY to many emails and frankly they're so banal that i ended up ignoreing them)

      What do you need from me to get this resolved?

    4. Creator James Goodwin on May 9

      I had the same email problem. I ended up missing about a months worth of updates, including some of my perk releases. I just discovered yesterday that prelude had gotten it's digital release.

    5. Creator Robert Leider on May 7

      For other backers in general: I realized over the last couple of weeks I haven't received any email for Axanar or any other Kickstart projects I am backing since March 2015. So I logged into Kickstarter today to find a banner at the top saying my email wasn't working. I followed the instructions and was able to successfully send a test email to my account. SO hopefully it is working again. No information about why it stopped working.

    6. Creator Kelly Lincoln on April 27

      I to have found the every lingering carrot to be annoying. Of course these things are not so easy to do I get that. Why the Backerkit email cannot go out for people to be able to update their addresses and such is beyond me though. Communication has been frequent no doubt, but it is essentially the same thing, next month, next month, next two months...etc.

    7. Creator Axanar Productions on April 18


      You are not an investor, but a donor. In fact Kickstarter specifically states such. If you read any of the numerous updates posted constantly here on Kickstarter, or read on our website, where we post DAILY updates, you would be informed about our progress. I am happy to return your $ 35. Just email me at


      First of all, the date of 2014 was a typo. Obviously we weren't going to make the movie in 4 month as and release it on Blu Ray in that time. We have noted this numerous times in the updates we post all the time here on Kickstarter and on our website. I am happy to return your $ 75. Just email me at

      If you are a donor, it helps to read the updates we constantly post here Kickstarters which are emailed to you as a donor.

      You can read those updates here:

      The latest fulfillment update here:

      You can also read updates on our website here:

      And check our DAILY updates here:


    8. Creator Axanar Productions on April 18


      You are not an investor, but a donor. In fact Kickstarter specifically states such. If you read any of the numerous updates posted constantly here on Kickstarter, or read on our website, where we post DAILY updates, you would be informed about our progress. I am happy to return your $ 35. Just email me at


      First of all, the date of 2014 was a typo. Obviously we weren't going to make the movie in 4 month as and release it on Blu Ray in that time. We have noted this numerous times in the updates we post all the time here on Kickstarter and on our website. I am happy to return your $ 75. Just email me at

      If you are a donor, it helps to read the updates we constantly post here Kickstarters which are emailed to you as a donor.

      You can read those updates here:

      The latest fulfillment update here:

      You can also read updates on our website here:

      And check our DAILY updates here:


    9. Creator Georgia Philippe on April 14

      I gave $75 in October and was promised a blue ray for December 2014. I never received one. Either give me the blue ray or my money back.

    10. Creator Joseph Sullivan on April 14

      I view myself as an investor not a donor. As such this project is starting to look like a kickstarter junk bond. One you hope may pay off some day. Yes we were told perk fulfillment would start last year but if you went to another page and scrolled thru all of the updates you would see the 1st update where the entire schedule of perk fulfillment was disavowed.

    11. Creator Axanar Productions on March 5

      Please submit support requests to Diana at


    12. Creator Patrick SAYET on March 3

      when can we ask/know if/how we can upgrade our pledge level?

    13. Creator Kitsunami Lupo on March 1

      So, i guess we'll be waiting some more for those physical items huh? :)

      Thanks for the update. Live long and prosper.

    14. Creator Marcus Diaz on February 27

      Live Long and prosper Spock. Leonard Nimoy - Spock passed away today at 83.

    15. Creator Steve Scott on February 18

      Just wondering if we were to submit addresses for perks etc or were we to be contacted? I know there are delays but I have not been contacted for any shipping information. Please advise. Thanks

    16. Creator Axanar Productions on February 11

      Dear Donors:

      Everyone should be reading the updates here:

      If you read them and think we have not addressed your question, EMAIL us at All emails are answered in 24 hours by the friendly Diana Kingsbury.


    17. Creator Axanar Productions on February 11

      One donor complained about too many updates.

      Communication is the cornerstone of a Kickstarter. We send out one update on average, every 5.5 days. The biggest problem is people don't read the updates and then complain that they aren't getting any information.

      The vast majority of donors seem to love our level of communication, and most engage us on our Facebook pages as well. Axanar has developed a community of fans who share their love of Star Trek. You don't need to be part of that community if you don't want, but don't ask us to minimize our updates because you feel there are too many. Just delete them.


    18. Creator Carla Maria on February 11

      @Travis - I might agree that Kickstarters are potentially a risk. However, when it comes to making a movie, the funding goal is a "best guess" until everything needed to make the movie is accounted for. Just like gas prices fluctuate, prices for property, lumber and FX makeup fluctuates. As the script is finalized, additional needs may surface that weren't required previously. If there's another Kickstarter, I am confident the needs of the production will be clearly spelled out, as they have been for every other Kickstarter related to this project. When that happens, I can then choose to participate or not. No one is forcing me to participate, I do so gladly because I believe in the project. I am not worried about additional Kickstarters to help make this film great. It's the nature of the business. I would be more upset if I donated to the Kickstarters under the assumption that I was going to see a high-quality "Trek" film and got "Salad Fingers" instead. Which is NOT the case here.

    19. Creator Norman C. Lao on February 11

      @Travis: Actually I'm offering what is plain and simple to read on the main page - no more, no less. What I have outlined are the pure and simple plain text examples of what is being truthfully relayed on the main page and the updates - no more, no less. I offer these examples in such a fashion to let donors know what points I am trying to clarify and what I believe to be true.

      You are unsatisfied that the Kickstarter isn't being properly defined to your satisfaction - as a consumer, that is your right and I have no problem with that. HOWEVER, that DOES NOT mean that the information that they have outlined here and in all the updates is invalid just because you "feel" that it isn's satisfactory. Let's be very clear about what is being debated here: YOUR expectations versus what is being PROVIDED. These two aspects are indeed mutually exclusive, but do not validate what you are saying about the project.

      I do not agree with you, and as a donor who has been fully satisfied with my experience with this project - I am simply making a clarified case of the points - so that others may have access to both sides of this equation. If you claim that I am offering "poor excuses" I see it differently. I believe that I am simply highlighting what has been stated to the general donor public - and find that information open, rational, clearly categorized and reasonable to my satisfaction.

      As far as you have stated, you have grievances regarding the level of transparency to your "satisfaction". You have that right - your money, your opinion. However, as a fan and supporter of this project - I also have the right to debate your claims and provide a clear and positive outline to those who may be in agreement with me.

      I agree to disagree with you about your claims - but that is all they are. As far as I can tell, what you claim as me making an excuse has not been associated with any factual data to the contrary. I have made no false claims in any of my statements.

    20. Creator Travis Howell on February 11

      @Norman: All you are offering is poor excuses.
      1/2) Yes, they mentioned their budget was only estimated, but there has been no clarification at all. The point is there have been no further updates about an accurate budget at all, or to confirm a second Kickstarter will be required. The real budget should have been one of the first updates in my opinion, rather than the numerous updates trying to flog off more of their other products for sale.
      3) You are completely ignoring the fact the delivery dates were known to be incorrect, from the start of the project. It was mentioned in the first update, but the main page was never updated. That isn't related to delays at all, it is clearly misleading anyone who donated after that time. There is a big difference between an incorrectly listed date of November 2014, and the real known date of August 2015 at the time.
      4) Kickstarter is always a risk, but it is much worse when even more funding is needed, and there are no updates at all on the real budget required.

    21. Creator Norman C. Lao on February 11

      All Donors - Please read this very carefully - this may clarify many of the issues that Travis highlights as problematic in his opinion:

      This is from the front main page of this Kickstarter:

      1. This first Kickstarter will be for the sound stage and set construction. Anything over what we need for that will be applied to the feature production costs. Full details are below.

      Point: This statement alleviates any allegation towards statements of this specific Kickstarter being responsible for solely funding this project. As you can see in it's opening description the words "This first Kickstarter..." meaning in plain English that there will be another.

      2. PLEASE NOTE (Added 8/24) The response to our Kickstarter has been amazing and because of the help of George Takei, we blew through $ 500,000 and now $ 600,000! We never dreamed we would get close to original amount we said we needed, so we didn't revise the actual production budget, which was created before Prelude to Axanar was even shot. We just did rough budgets for set construction and sound stage, which we have good handles on and hoped we would get enough to cover them. Then, while building the sets and modifying the studio, we would be able to work on a better budget for the actual production and show you our progress on the sets and studio.

      Point: Which also has been released as actual point of fact and as the direct response to the success of the aforementioned FIRST phase of this Kickstarter to fund the entirety of the Axanar Full Length Feature Film. Also addressed in the above statement as being the part of the first phase of this project to create a feature film.Based on these two (and there are more in the updates) specific points alone - does prove that there is no basis to accuse that this Kickstarter is not being specific and forthright in it's information that is being relayed to the donor base.
      Based on these two (and there are more in the updates) specific points alone - does prove that there is no basis to accuse that this Kickstarter is not being specific and forthright in it's information that is being relayed to the donor base.

      3. Each line of each donor level: ESTIMATED (not promised) December 2014.
      Point: If this project is not meeting your personal expectation of how a Kickstarter should deliver its product - that is up to you. However, the ESTIMATED timeline is exactly that - ESTIMATED - not fixed, promised, actualized, notarized or in any way a promise of finished or delivered goods because...

      4. Risks and challenges (also at the end of the front page)

      There are always risks and challenges when making a film - actors dropping out, locations and/or sets not available, unforeseen costs, equipment trouble, etc. In addition, "Star Trek" is a licensed property of CBS and so they have the final say in any Star Trek venture. However, the Axanar team has dealt with CBS and knows the landscape that must be navigated. Every member of the Axanar team is a professional who has proven their skills on other projects and films.

      Point: This production. as in all productions Kickstarter or otherwise WILL have unforeseen issues with production and have stated thusly.

      If anyone really has a serious issue with this project, then by all means - discuss this with Axanar customer support. But really consider what you are having an issue with because for the most part - and by the points I have outlined above: the information regarding the evolution of this project IS THERE - take the time to read the updates and really understand what they mean.

      There is no doubt that the levels of delivery expectation is different from donor to donor. But, the truth of the matter is there is no specific due date for finished delivered goods. There are only estimates, updates and transparent information that is being faithfully relayed in a consistent and organized fashion to this donor base. If you don't agree - then you don't agree. But the facts and the information is there - for everyone to read.

    22. Creator Carla Maria on February 11

      If anyone is having "buyer's remorse" then they should get out. We all run into hard times....I just got my cushy project management position cut and I am "out on the street"...but I'm not taking it out on this production and I'm not asking for my money back. It's OK to change your mind, it's not OK to try and trash the place on your way out.

      Axanar Productions has an exemplary team assembling this movie. I am astounded by the quality, professional talent willing to put their experience towards making "Axanar" an independent blockbuster contender. It amazes me that the Axanar team has come this far doing what they have done all in their spare time, with no pay. What they are doing, in the professional manner they are doing it, says to me they believe in this project and want to make sure it is done with as much quality and expertise as possible.

      Another commendable thing Axanar Productions does is teams up with independent artists of different mediums, such as composers and model-makers, to create some of their "perk" items, such as the Ares model. This teamwork helps the independent artists get exposure in addition to helping Axanar Productions raise money for the movie and give the donors the opportunity to get specialized, quality, non-mass-produced collectible items. I adamantly support artists of all genres. The Axanar team would have my support just for doing that, supporting other artists.

      As for the communication, it is superb. The approach they have taken by making the donors feel involved in the production through email updates, podcasts, vidcasts and social media is unprecedented. The Axanar team truly values their donors and tries their best to make everyone feel like they are part of the process, not just a dollar sign. If you don't like all the updates, setup a filter on your inbox and send them to another folder to read later.

      I first donated to Axanar Productions because I was impressed with the Prelude sizzle reel and with the devotion of the team to Trek. I thought the perks would be a cool thing to have but as I received updates and participated in the group's social media pages, I discovered Axanar Productions respects their donors. Getting the perks is a nice thing, but knowing I am helping make this historic production a reality is ultimately the only perk I need.

    23. Creator Travis Howell on February 11

      1) Expect an email soon, about a refund. And I hope more people go for a refund, due to been completely mislead by the project.
      2) You could have easily updated the main page of the Kickstarter anytime during the project, to state the correct delivery dates. The main page should have been updated right after the first update, to clearly state the correct delivery dates in a note. The fact that numerous delivery dates were incorrect, and the main page was never updated with any notes, makes it seem like you were out to mislead people right from the start. I have never seen so many perk errors happen in a Kickstarter before, and this isn't your first Kickstarter either.
      3) Delays for a large production aren't the real problem, but the expected date seems to keep changing each time it is mentioned (from August 2015, to late 2015, to early 2016 for 18 months). The real problem is this Kickstarter lead people to believe this was completely funded, with an expected date of November 2014 though. Only update #36 briefly mentioned the correct date of late 2015, which was well after the Kickstarter ended. Surely you have noticed several people complaining, when the initial incorrect dates have passed?

      4) I doubt it will be made, because you still lack over half the funding. The updates have failed to mention budget errors (i.e. map out a new accurate budget), or the fact a second Kickstarter will be required before any production. The second Kickstarter would be for costs of production and post-production according to Donor FAQ, requiring at least another half million based on budget estimates on main page (so even more I expect). It is difficult to have any faith in a project that misleads people, still lacks complete funding, and keeps getting pushed back even more.

    24. Creator Norman C. Lao on February 11

      I just wanted to take a moment and speak on behalf of the donors who believe in this project and what this project represents and maybe give some of you a better perspective from a donor who has actually encountered absolutely NO ISSUES with the fulfillment thus far. There are more of us than you think and I believe that if you have an issue with the project - if you approach the Axanar support team calmly and rationally, then your issues may be assuaged.

      I would like everyone to at least consider exercising patience and calm when it comes to understanding the complexities of this project.

      I have been a part of many Kickstarter projects - some of which have not been nearly as forthcoming, organized and transparent as Prelude to Axanar AND Axanar.

      I am a donor - just like all of you. My money is hard earned and not easily parted with...just like you. And like you, I would like to offer my perspective and experience as someone who has invested into this project - just as you have - but has been on the POSITIVE END of the spectrum on both projects since their launch:

      - I have read every update and have received ALL perks as listed in what is being released at this time

      - I understand that this is done BY FANS FOR FANS - so if there is a delay, I understand as to why

      - I have read EVERY UPDATE - and I can assure you - if you can say the same, then your understanding as to why there are delays should have been answered to satisfaction in these reports - which I am thankful for, because it allows me to stay connected with the progress of the project - no matter how long or short the stride.

      - I am a Star Trek FAN - not a "perk" fan or a "extras" fan. I am a Star Trek fan and invested in this project because I felt that is the future for Star Trek films. Pure and simple. I know what I will get in the end; the Star Trek film "I" want and one that I feel is what fans will respect. For me, that is worth small delays. Issues happen, real life happens...bottom line - things just happen that will inevitably delay parts of this project and there is NO PROJECT in history that has not suffered the randomness of the unexpected. Roll with it. It's not that big a deal really. Really.

      I think this project's level of transparency and organization is incredibly forthcoming and honest of this production. The reporting books for this project are essentially open and the schedule is being reported on a regular and frequent basis. Many Kickstarters don't even report to this level of detail and accuracy at all if ever. I for one am thankful for all of the updates - no matter how large or small because it allows me - a very high level donor - to stay connected to the project and see how the progress is going.

      I donated to this project to see more Star Trek - the perks and physical rewards are the cherry on top. I donated because I believe in what this team is doing and what it means to the future of Star Trek. I hope you did because you felt the same way - and hopefully still do amidst your frustrations - which I believe will be abated when the final film is completed - or even when the first few minutes of footage is released. All I can ask from you - or from any fan that feels as you do is to please be patient and allow the process to work. It IS working and the results will be spectacular and in my opinion - quite possible one the best Star Trek films ever made.

      Peace and Long Life.

    25. Creator Axanar Productions on February 11


      1) I am more than happy to refund your money. Just send me an email at

      2) You CANNOT update your main Kickstarter page after the Kickstarter closes. So all corrections/updates are given through our weekly updates.

      3) We have said many times we were off in our delivery dates. But are you more interested in our sticking to the delivery dates or making a movie? It seems you care more about the perks, so I am happy to refund your money.

      4) If you doubt the movie will be made, you clearly haven't been paying attention. Prelude to Axanar was made in less than 4 months from the finished Kickstarter. A professional quality production, that was 20 minutes long released in only 4 months. And after we published a comprehensive budget so donors knew where their money was going. Now we are attempting to make a full length movie and build a studio. That will take at least 18 months. If you can't be patient, then I will refund your money.

      Most donors love our updates and are understanding that things sometimes take more time than planned. We are constantly communicating with them in our Axanar Facebook Group. They are more interested in us producing quality Star Trek than getting their perks on time. Again, if you have no interest in being patient I will happily refund your money.

      Alec Peters

    26. Creator Travis Howell on February 11

      I'm really starting to wonder if this Kickstarter was designed to get donations, via misleading information for delivery dates. The first update corrects various perk errors, and offers a expected delivery date of August 2015. But the main page was never updated to offer the corrected delivery date, and the majority would have donated after that point based on incorrect dates.

    27. Creator Travis Howell on February 11

      Worse project ever, I'm really getting tired of the contempt your are showing your donors, by just ignoring all comments and giving excuses. It is bad enough the project offered an expected date of December 2014, when you clearly knew it would be late 2015 (Update #36).

      There have been barely any real updates, with no updates on the budget, or the fact a second Kickstarter will be required before the movie is even produced. This Kickstarter and the additional PayPal donations would have provided more than enough, given your initial budget estimates, but it doesn't even seem to have actually covered even half.

      I'm really doubting the movie will even be produced at this stage, since it very unlikely for another Kickstarter to get a similar amount donated, especially after the continued poor treatment of current donators.

    28. Creator Lee W. Benjamin on February 11

      I have received everything that I donated for from the "Prelude to Axanar" kickstarter campaign. It has taken a while, but everything is here. I got the 24x36 Ares poster last week.

      The Axanar team never expected to have to fulfill thousands of requests for perks, but they have done that with the Prelude and produced an award winning project. All on their own time. Most of us have jobs and can't imagine how much work goes into producing a quality video project.

      Kickstarter perks are not purchases. They are rewards for those who support artists. This particular Kickstarter has done an exceptional job of reporting to the supporters what is to be done with the donations and the order it is to be done in. The team's real jobs, family situations and other factors, like having two warehouse sites fall through, may not allow them to be done as quickly as some would like, but the supporters are being kept informed about what is going on.

      I look forward to seeing what the Axanar Team produces for the final movie and have no reason to doubt that at some point I'll receive the promised items.

    29. Creator Axanar Productions on February 11


      We have a dedicated customer support email. It is If you have a question, please send an email to Diana and she will help you out.


    30. Creator Axanar Productions on February 11

      To everyone who has commented lately:

      1) We don't read the comments here. We simply have too much to do and anyone who wants to contact us has been given multiple means of doing so, including a message here, which is just as easy as posting a comment. We are very upfront that every message/email we receive we answer. If you have a question, email us and I or Diana will personally reply. But we are trying to make a movie and build a studio.

      2) If you are disappointed because you haven't gotten a survey yet, we apologize. What is important is doing this correctly. We have learned a lot in our first two Kickstarters and that learning sometimes means we don't work as efficiently as we would like. But we are getting better every time. And we have sent out numerous emails and updates stating that things are being delayed and that we will be getting to it as soon as possible.

      3) If you feel you are getting too many updates, we apologize, but communicating with our donors is critical. We have sent out 58 updates in 7 months. That is one every 5 1/2 days. As a donor to half a dozen Kickstarters this past year, I never complain I get too many updates as that is how I keep track of the projects I back. We want people to know what is going on. Especially when there are delays.

      4) Anyone who is not happy and wants a refund can merely email us. The vast majority of donors know that they donated to see a studio created and a movie made, and the perks are a nice bonus. If you are upset that you haven't gotten your perks yet and that is really important to you, or you don't like how long we are taking, simply ask for a refund.

      5) We post numerous updates on the progress we are making with the studio and the film. I now work full time on this film, as does Diana, who handles fulfillment and customer support and who spends her entire day answering emails from the 10,000+ donors we have. We are working our asses off, so please don't act like we are screwing around and don't care. Just email us and you will get an immediate response.

      Yes, past midnight and still working.

      Thanks for your support.


    31. Creator Joseph Sullivan on February 11

      Another post from the staff trying to rewrite history. How about the truth for once.
      When this campaign began perk fulfillment was due to start by Nov or Dec 2014 depending on level.
      Update 15 Aug 26 Backerkick Checkout would start in 1 to 2 weeks.
      Update 20 Sept 24 Backerkick Checkout would start by the end of September.
      Update 21 Sept 29 Backerkick Checkout would start by the end of the week.
      Update 25 Oct 6 Backerkick Checkout is on hold, fulfillment slips to 2015
      Update 30 Nov 4 Backerkick still on hold.
      Update 36 Nov 30 Backerkick Checkout now on for Late Dec to Mid January. Fulfillment slips again.
      Update 47 Dec 30 Fulfillment rolled back several more months.
      Update 57 Feb 1 2015 Fulfillment now "later this year".
      Update 58 TODAY Backerkick Checkout is now delayed indefinitely.

      6 months in and you haven't taken the first step in taking care of your backers. I will not be financially supporting this project into the future and I will be warning everyone I know to do the same.

      A disappointed backer.

    32. Creator AMickschl on February 10

      I guess the lesson here is don’t offer stuff to people, take their money and not have a reliable means to provide what you promise in a timely manner. As much as I love this project, I cannot in good conscience back any future Axanar endeavors due to how poorly this Kickstart has been handled.

      Thank you.

    33. Creator Joseph Sullivan on February 2

      Just got the latest update telling backers to stop asking questions. When I backed this project in August the listed date for rewards was November last year. The backerkick survey was supposed to go out "next week, in two weeks, next month and then in January". O new date came every time they blew past the previous one. Every update I hope against hope there will be some actual information about donor fulfillment but instead get more spam about something I can pay for or a request for free labor. While I was amazed by Prelude as an artistic achievement however if this is how the company will run I don't know if we will ever see a finished product.,

    34. Creator kevin rodriguez on February 1

      i know that things will take a while. i just am confused. did the emails go out to get addresses yet?

    35. Creator Travis Howell on February 1

      I was shocked to notice this mentioned in the donor FAQ ( ):
      Q: Will there be another Kickstarter?
      A: Yes, we will have a second Axanar Kickstarter, which is to be earmarked for the costs of production and post-production. The first Axanar Kickstarter went for funding the acquisition and build-out of the new facility and sound stage, including set production and other pre-production costs.

      What is going on? It sounds like we didn't even fund, when we thought we were actually funding. There has been a complete lack on real updates for the project, with the majority of updates been unrelated.

    36. Creator Steve Hanna on February 1

      It's now February. I think most backers understood that it would take a year or more to get the movie produced - after all, expectations are high for a top-notch film. So no one can complain about that. But I also believe it is irresponsible to not have even sent a survey yet, nearly 6 months after you got 8500 people to give you over $600k. We can't have confidence that the perks we agreed to will be honored until that is all finalized and we are past the survey stage, which is usually done within a week or 2 of the end of fundraising.

    37. Creator KenC57D on January 28

      I have to echo the sentiment expressed by others here. I didn't get a backerkit invitation yet either. I've backed Kickstarter campaigns where the communication was non-existent; this one is the opposite -- it borders on spam! All I need from the Kickstarter communications are: where are we with the production? What is the current estimated completion date (of the film! Not the model kits, the sculpted busts, etc.)? And 'Where's my stuff?' I wish the updates would constrain themselves to things specific to this Kickstarter, and we really don't need five or six emails a week. I hate to complain -- I'm very enthusiastic about this project -- but the emails pour in, I drop what I'm doing to read them, and I'm always left frustrated that they don't have anything to do with the progress of the actual Kickstarter. They are almost always about all this ancillary stuff. If you want to send me an email about other Axanar activities, fine, but don't put "Kickstarter" in the title please.

    38. Creator Austin Beelek on January 28

      For the last couple of updates, I've been getting "no-reply" e-mail and they aren't displaying anything. Anyone else having this problem?

    39. Creator veronica on January 25

      I agree with many others. Did I miss the backerkit invitation? Can we get an update on the actual kickstarter project? The regular marketing emails are getting frustrating. I pledged a project that was supposed to be completed in December and now it is almost February & I still don't have the items that I pledged. When can we expect an update on the actual kickstarter project?

    40. Creator David Frank on January 22

      I'd like to know if I missed a backer kit invitation - since I didn't get one -- & what is the expected ship date on the DVD/Blu Ray of the movie? - it would be nice in one in 10 or so would address the progress of the project & not other stuff

    41. Creator Christopher Dobinson on January 19

      Any update an Ares model restock? It is now a couple weeks past the "next week" for the restock. I check the store every day and haven't seen any more of them.

    42. Creator Chaos Theory on January 19

      Seriously, olive oil now? C'mon guys, I backed a Star Trek project. I don't mind frequent updates, as long as they are remotely Star Trek-ish.

    43. Creator Earl Miles on January 19

      Can you guys please do fewer updates? I want updates on the progress of the movie I am backing and such, but I am getting frustrated at the regularity of marketing emails sent to the kickstarter list; if I turn off updates, I won't get the update when the movie happens, and that's a bad thing. But updates every 2-3 days is too often!

    44. Creator Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22 on January 13

      USS Ares model & patch received. Unfortunately, customs didn't buy the customs form stating $30 for a kit model, opened the box and found a 'this is not an invoice' stating $119.95 and taxed accordingly.

    45. Creator L. Andrew Augustus on December 29

      I'd like to get one of the USS Ares Models. How much does one cost?


    46. Creator Steven Bagadinski on December 21

      Re: Loadout...shades of serenity?

    47. Creator Mike Hinds on December 17

      Okay, Update 36 appears to cover it. Maybe. Not sure now as there are a number of similar projects talked about in the updates.

    48. Creator Mike Hinds on December 17

      I, too, am confused as to what is happening with this project. Most of the updates seem to involve other things Star Trek related but not directly to this project. An update which explains what is happening on THIS project and not some store somewhere or other video project would be helpful. If this was in a distant update, great, but given the Dec 2014 date for delivery, an update on this project this month would be nice.

    49. Creator Gene Paxton on December 11

      How do i find the store?

    50. Creator Stephanie Beach - Magician on December 8

      Any idea on the estimated DVD shipment?
      This is a Holiday Gift for my Son-in-Law.
      I've purchased some goodies but would like to
      at least have an idea of the 'ship date' for him.
      Steph :D

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