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"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
8,548 backers pledged $638,471 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Carl Norman on

      More on Alec Peters and the Axanar debacle:…

    2. Steve Creech on

      Once again we are left with Alec refusing to take responsibility and hiding behind the whole "you made a donation to an ongoing project" argument. No, Alec. We are backers who pledged specific amounts of money to a project that had specific goals and deadlines. None of those have been met. You have now broken the terms of service agreement and we are entitled to a refund of the money we pledged. Please honor that request.

    3. Louis L. on

      No class what so ever… we all want our money back and he’s not going to fulfill any of what was promoted in this. But it isn’t going to happen, lesson being, don’t kickstart anything.

    4. Brandon Margicin on

      I'm a patient person, to a fault. This campaign, however, is just unbelievable. The last update was in December, and it had been 2 months prior to that, since we had heard anything... now, in 2018, we haven't heard anything further. Almost 6 months now, with no further word.

      I'm done with it all at this point. You aren't delivering. No matter how much progress you say there is, there's nothing to show for it. It's been 3 1/2 years. Give me a refund, It's only $35 I'd pledged, but I'm sure I can do better with my $35 than what you've managed.

    5. Missing avatar

      James T. Holman on

      Are there any updates as to forward momentum with filming, or even a production timeline posted somewhere? Thanks!

    6. Louis L. on

      Inching closer to the 4 year point… with nothing to show for it with the 1.6m raised because it’s 1.6m spent, mostly on non related expenses. Can we classify this as fraud? Anyway still doubting I’ll see all my money returned. But I’ll keep chiming in.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Cantare you would have gotten one question in and the only answer you would have gotten is "Security, remove this hater!" along with a fake accusation about harassing his girlfriend and a #metoo post.

      That's been his MO in the past with people actually try to tell the truth around him.

    8. Cantare on

      Notice how in the latest AxaMonitor article that Peters acknowledges responsibility for nothing. Everything is someone else's fault, but not his. He blows everyone's money...totally wastes it, and blames everyone else for the fact that he didn't produce what was promised.

      And in addition to that, ruins Trek fan films for all time as a result of his own selfishness. That's just the cherry on top of the crap sundae we've all had put in front of us thanks to him.

      What a crook.

      He's lucky I wasn't at that Convention or he would have been faced with having to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions in front of that audience. And there would have been some other choice words involved besides.

      I will not contribute to another Kickstarter project ever because of this guy and how he abused this crowdfunding platform that he should have been nothing but grateful for because it gave him a rare opportunity that he's blown. It really is a shame that he didn't have the good sense to know when to pull back and cut the shenanigans out.

      But of course, greedy people are like that.

    9. Steve Creech on

      Let's be honest, Alec. You have publicly stated that you need an additional $200,000 to film the new shortened version of Axanar. This means you cannot fulfill the terms of the terms of your agreement with Kickstarter. No money equals no product. Continually saying that it is still in development, therefore no one will be refunded, is just a con-game. Calling people "haters" doesn't change the facts.

    10. Louis L. on

      Definitely, goes to show horizon had less money and finished, he accomplished nothing with our money. Which in turn should be returned. It will never happen, I rather see him go to jail for life

    11. Carl Norman on

      Read the latest about Peters' delusion regarding Axanar.…

    12. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Louis L. It's wouldn't be nice, its what he is required to do as per the ToS he agreed to when he created this project.

      Alec however is just a petty con-man that doesn't care about such things.

      He took our money, lived high on the hog, shitted all over fandom and almost single handedly destroyed Star Trek fan films in general and thinks he's the "hero"

      The man belongs in jail.

    13. Louis L. on

      It would be nice of Alec to just give everyone refunds and shut the project down but he ain’t going to do that… also discovery just finished and I quite enjoyed it.

    14. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      "Ex-NY Giants player sent to prison for $1.6M fraud case"

      Steal 1.6 mil from a government agency (disability) and they throw you in jail for 2 years.

      Steal 1.6 mil from Kickstarter backers and the they tell you its not worth there time.


    15. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Jason I don't have the link to the applicable 2012 ToS on this computer but if I remember correctly the do have a disclaimer stating they are not responsible for getting refunds or actually enforcing the ToS, but the fact that they violated to ToS can be used as evidence against them in a lawsuit.

      Plain fact is What Alec did here is illegal and in violation of the ToS and he and many other creators get away with it because backers have ZERO recourse but to file an expensive, lengthy lawsuit costing far more in time and money then the return.

      Alec is relying on that, so is Palladium books on there Robotech tactics kickstarter.

      All backers can do is to try and warn any future victims as to what kind of criminal scum Alec is and keep them from falling prey to this predator.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason W. Levy on

      Maybe there could be a class action lawsuit against Kickstarter itself for not enforcing its terms of service and insisting that its creators actually create something.

    17. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Paul & David I believe "lawsuit" is one of the restricted items on KS. You have to provide an actual product. You might get away with crowdfunding "I got AxaScrewed by Alec", "Alec Peters Mudd, 20th century con man", etc. tshirts, mugs, etc and use the "profit" to fund the lawsuit.

    18. Missing avatar

      David Lein on

      Maybe we could make the crowd funding campaign to sue Alec on kickstarter considering their laissez faire attitude to holding creator's to their terms of service.

    19. Carl Norman on

      Here is a summary of 2017 Axanar stories, most of which have to deal with Alec Peters' continued incompetence and failure:…

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      @James Edwards You make a great point about nothing changing. Can we start a crowdfunded campaign to sue Alec? hmm

    21. Carl Norman on

      Here is a blog posting that conveys the bad feelings that Alec Peters and his Axanar debacle has created.

    22. Louis L. on

      This is still going on eh? Lol what a joke, he isn’t giving us our money back even though he has violated the 2012 Kickstarter rules. Using KS funds to spend on prelude and paying for a studio as for profit etc. I’m not getting my chunk of cash back nor is anyone else. This has permanently destroyed fan films. I’m kinda glad, because nobody will trust anyone to do this and no one will fund them so nobody will get this screwed ever again

    23. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @xanathon Alec doesn't care. He's a criminal. Criminals are like that.

      Until KS grows a conscious or is legally forced to police for fraud and go after Alec he just doesn't give a shit. Neither does KS. Criminals are like that.

      Until a backer decides they want to spend some extra cash and sue him Alec doesn't give a shit. Criminals are like that. Besides, if a backer sues Alec, he'd just use backer money to pay a lawyer to defend his criminal ass like he did the first time. (yeah, I know he said they did it pro bono but he hasn't proved that)

    24. xanathon on

      Here is what was promised in the campaign, word by word, copy&paste:

      "This Kickstarter is for the full-length feature Axanar. [...], the 90-minute Axanar feature"

      If you can not deliver that you are violating Kickstarters terms.

    25. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Carl I'm well aware of all of that and I've read that article. Scroll down and you'll see I've been making those same accusations for well over a year.

      I have 49 messages back and forth via the KS message system discussing the issues and his criminal behavior.

      I've reported the project and messaged KS support a dozen times.

      I've filed complaints with the appropriate agencies.

      My point is that Alec is a truly sick, disturbed man. He really appears to believe the bullshit that spews out of his mouth. In his mind that money was spent because of the lawsuit, which equates to being spent on the lawsuit in his disturbed mind.

      He really believes he is the Garth, the Her, saving Star Trek and fan film's from the evil CBS/Paramount.

      I really think the man needs a shrink, he's nuts.

    26. Carl Norman on

      James, I fully understand that it appear the majority of the monies were pissed-away on rent for a studio that Peters hoped would be his future meal ticket. If you add up the rent for the time he had it there was still money left over that he apparently spent on other things. He had NEVER consented to a true financial audit of the Axanar funds, instead releasing the joke of a report from his buddies in the industry assuring all of us that everything was proper. Peters is hiding the truth on the Axanar spending, that is obvious. My comments echo what was mentioned in the recent Axamonitor article about Peters claiming that the lawsuit "drained the coffers" which implies that the money was used to defend against the lawsuit where previously we were all told his legal fees were pro bono. Another Alec Peters spin cycle where he creates more questions than answers. He may very well be delusional, but we have paid cash money to fund his adventure in delusion.

    27. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Carl one clarification if I may - When Alec says the lawsuit drained his money, he is referring to the rent he had to pay while the studio sat unused (his choice) and unfinished (his incompetence)

      Now the fact that building the for profit studio with money raised using star treks license (blatantly illegal) is what got him sued, not the actual film, it could be argued that the fault for those losses wasn't the lawsuit, but in fact his own criminal actions.

      The interesting thing Alec likes to forget and NEVER mentions is that by his own schedule the film should have been filmed, in post production and almost complete if not complete BEFORE the lawsuit happened but his greed and decision to misuse the funds from this kickstarter on a studio instead of the rewards, i.e. movie are the real reason he lost money.

      So yeah, in Alec's delusional fantasy world where he is the good guy, the Hero of the story it is the lawsuit that caused the losses.

      In the real world where he is in fact the lair, thief, scoundrel, fraudster, i.e. the VILLAIN of the story its his own self that is responsible for the losses.

    28. Carl Norman on

      Read more here:…

      A good summary of the dishonesty and incompetence by Alec Peters.

    29. Carl Norman on

      This latest update is just more subterfuge by Alec Peters. The Georgia studio is OURS? Really? I don’t see anything in either the Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns that I backed regarding a studio? If OWC Studios is the “happy successor” then Industry Studios is certainly the “Sad FAILURE”. The money WASTED on rent and infrastructure upgrades for a facility that was NEVER USED is another example of Peters’ complete incompetence and poor business acumen.

      So, you are now saying that you will be using the bridge set? Previously you stated it would not be used. Which is it?

      Another new writer? Why is everyone leaving Axanar? You’ve lost two directors, a writer, and many others. Who comprises your new production team? Name some names.

      Did you really use crowdfunds monies from the Axanar campaigns to fund the completion of Prelude to Axanar? Isn’t that improper?

      You raised over a million dollars and have little to show for it regarding Axanar. Now you want us to give you more money? REALLY? You pissed the other funds away and you blame the lawsuit? Are you saying that you used crowdfund monies to pay for your legal battle? You have previously claimed your legal representation was pro bono. Now you state that the “lawsuit drained our coffers”. WHAT? WHERE DID THE MONEY GO, PETERS!

      You owe many of us promised perks, some of which seem rather impossible for you to fulfill. How will you be getting me my copy of the script signed by Christian Gossett and David Gerrold? You banned me from access to the Donor’s Only FB page simply because I disagreed with you. I got some patches but where is my challenge coin? When do I get my special edition Blu Ray produced by quitter Robert Meyer Burnett? Where is my Blu Ray of Prelude to Axanar? I backed the production of a 90 minute feature, NOT two 15 minute videos. You can’t deliver.

      I formally demand that you refund both my Kickstarter and Indiegogo funding.

      Everyone should read more here:…

    30. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      Sorry Alec. That's a lie.

      Kickstarter is very clear that the funds need to go to fulfilling the rewards, i.e. the film, not a for profit studio.

      Its also clear that you need to actually fulfill the rewards as presented in the kickstarter, not spend the money elsewhere and claim you are working on the rewards.

      Its also clear you can no longer fulfill the rewards as presented, due to your own fraudulent actions.

      i.e. we are entitled to refunds, you are required to provide them.

      What you meant to say is

      "I, Alec Peters am a fraud, con man and a criminal. I know full well I screwed all of you and I full well intend to keep screwing you, and any other suckers I can get to fall for my scam and as long as I make a pretense of working on "rewards" which aren't even close to what was promised Kickstater, being little more the fraud enablers themselves won't do a thing to stop me and none of you suckers have the resources to sue me in court.

      So for those of you who recognize my true nature, fuck off and leave me alone. For those of you too stupid to realize what a PoS I am, please give me more money."

      Isn't that a more accurate statement Mr. Peters?

      PS: as per the terms of use you agreed to when you created the project I am entitled to a refund and you are required to provide it.

    31. Axanar Productions 3-time creator on

      There are no refunds. You made a donation, you did not buy anything, and Kickstarter is very clear that as long as we are still working on Axanar, we are fulfilling the terms of use.

    32. Ken Mencher

      Didn't the agreement you signed with Paramount prohibit additional crowdfunding?

    33. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      I'd like a response to the accusations presented in Axamonitors latest article.

      Did you in fact take money from this campaign to pay off money owed from the previous campaign, something that is a direct and fraudulent violation of Kickstarters rules?

      Did you even read the rules?

      Its apparent copyright rules, trademarks and other pesky legal matters are beyond you comprehension but surely you read the Kickstarter creator rules? Right?

    34. Lord Katz on

      I might have believed this was not a shell game had I recieved the rest of my rewards. It is clear you have violated the #kickstarter rules.
      You have single handedly ruined fan film kickstarters by being evasive and a thief.
      How sad.
      Karma being what it is hopefully someone will ruin your fan hopes, shame.

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jason W. Levy on

      Please refund my money. Thank you.

    36. Aiden Manley (Wist) on

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    37. Randall Cyrenne on

      So, the funds I pledged were actually used to settle a lawsuit, rather than fulfill the campaign promises. Isn't that wrong? Yes, that's a total misuse of funds, as far as I'm concerned. Pledges were clearly redirected without the consent of donors. And now, I can't see sending more money down that rabbit hole.

      The fact is, The Axanar dream died as soon as the "pesky lawsuit" was launched, and refunds should have been offered out of whatever funds were left over at that time. I haven't followed this closely enough to offer any name-calling, but this just doesn't feel right to me. And I do take some responsibility for throwing money at something that had such a chance of failure. I should have known better, but like everyone else, got wrapped up in the excitement of it all. We all went into this having to acknowledge a certain amount of risk, as the project never really had Paramount's blessing to start with. But I'm done. This new Axanar isn't what I signed up for.

    38. Missing avatar

      James Edwards


      Sorry, but as per the terms of this Kickstarter you are required to fulfill the rewards of this kickstarter as promised or issue refunds.

      As I have made abundantly clear to you you can NOT under any circumstances EVER going to be able to fulfill the rewards of this kickstarter due to deaths, cast quitting, staff quitting settlement restrictions from the lawsuit and as such are required to refund my pledge.

      Given that the excuse you continue to use is lack of funds to do so any "funding" you raise should first address the refunds you are required to provide.

      Also, that "pesky" lawsuit you reference was because you used the money from this kickstarter to finance a for profit studio, which everyone but you seems to understand is illegal. If you had instead focused on providing the rewards as promised (which is what you are REQUIRED to do as per kickstarters terms) instead of using kickstarter in direct violation of there rules (and in my opinion illegally and fraudulently) that wouldn't have happened. In other words, ITS YOUR OWN FAULT YOU GOT SUED SO STOP BLAMING THE NETWORK FOR YOUR STUPIDITY!

      So in addition to the refund I am entitled to and which you seem to be saying you will shortly be able to have the money to pay out I would also expect an apology for using Kickstarter in violation of its rules and in my opinion in an illegal and fraudulent manner, stealing money from the backers via the fraudulent use of kickstarter and being an all around scumbag thief, lair and fraudulent con artist.

      Thank You.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on

      No you said you would have everything you need to fulfil the perks of all 3 campaigns. The pledges for the campaign we backed were for a 90 minute movie starring certain people no longer connected with the project (and one sadly having passed), not 3, 15 minute episodes. As a result you cannot fulfil those perks. As per the Kickstarter terms and conditions that you agreed to when you opened this Kickstarter you owe us a refund due to not being able to deliver the perks. Fulfil or refund, those are the options here as they are with all Kickstarters.

    40. Axanar Productions 3-time creator on

      No, we said we will do what we are legally allowed to do by the settlement agreement with CBS & Paramount. Sorry if that is a disappointment, but that pesky 13 month lawsuit got in the way. We moved our studio across the country, got a sponsor to pay for it, and are in pre-production on the next two episodes of Axanar.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on

      Hey they've just promised us a 90 minute movie starring Richard Hatch and Tony Todd. "After we finish these two episodes, we will have everything we need to then fulfill all the donor perks from all 3 campaigns." So that's all we're asking for. Don't know how they'll manage that, but they've just promised it.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jason W. Levy on

      Are you freaking kidding me? They’re actually planning another round of fundraising! Who the hell is going to give them more money to squander???

    43. Axanar Productions 3-time creator on

      December 12, 2017

      Dear Friends, Fans and Donors:

      It's been two months since our last donor newsletter, so we wanted to update you on what is happening on Axanar and OWC Studios, the new home of the Axanar sets.


      In August, Alec moved across country to complete the move started when we moved the studio to Atlanta in May. All settled in now, Alec has been working with some great new crew members to get the studio and the bridge set ready at OWC Studios in Lawrenceville, GA.


      OWC Studios is now officially open! As always, we need to thank Other World Computing for their continued support of our efforts! If you are int he market for Apple hard drives, OWC is THE world leader in Mac hard drive technology and their website the one-stop place for all your Apple computing needs!

      We interview OWC Founder Larry O'Connor on Axanar Podcast # 50, so we hope you will all listen in and hear what drives Larry and what makes OWC great!

      The studio is YOUR studio. While we couldn't make Ares Studios in Los Angeles a success due to CBS' lawsuit, OWC Studios in Georgia is the happy successor and the result of every single donor's donation. So THANK YOU!


      Thanks to Dean Newbury and his trusty crew including construction gurus Scott Lyle and Dana Wagner, the bridge set is now fully set up and painted! Not only is this the first time, you can see photos the the bridge HERE.

      We now have only three things left to do for the bridge:
      1) Install carpeting,
      2) Install the translights and plexi for the control surfaces and
      3) Install the video monitors, which we already have.

      We hope to get this bridge fully operational in the near future, so we can shoot on it!


      We are very excited to have Paul Jenkins, the legendary comic book writer and one of the driving creative talents behind the Gods of War video game (among many, many other things).

      Paul was the writer tapped to finally tell Wolverine's origin story in the "Origin" series 15 years ago and is one of the most respected people in the industry and we are very excited to have him on board to help finish the Axanar and Four Years War scripts.

      Alec and Paul expect to be done with their revisions by the end of December. Read about Paul and his involvement with Axanar here.


      Now that we are closer to having a revised and locked script, and we are well into pre-production, we are planning our next (and hopefully last!) fundraiser. As you know, the lawsuit with CBS and Paramount drained our coffers of both funds raised from fans and over $100,000 of money Alec personally put into this project to keep it going.

      In 2014, we raised $101,000 for The Four Years War, Part III, Prelude to Axanar, which was 20 minutes long. Since we are now making two more episodes, with a total length of 30 minutes, we are hoping to raise $150,000. After we finish these two episodes, we will have everything we need to then fulfill all the donor perks from all 3 campaigns.

      Stay tuned for future Donor Updates to give you more details on our fundraising plans.


      We are very proud to release Axanar Podcast # 50. And as befitting an anniversary podcast, this one is a full hour and twenty minutes long! We interview Larry O'Connor of Other World Computing (the sponsor of OWC Studios); Dean Newbury, Axanar's Construction Coordinator and creator of the Amazing Axanar bridge set; and Kevin Kane, an Axanar donor and the creator of Axanar Coffee!

      All together, this makes for an amazing podcast! You can listen here.


      The best way to stay up-to-date with what is happening at Axanar is via our website where we post regular updates. You can also subscribe to our Twitter at @axanarfilm and make sure you follow us on Facebook.

      Thanks once again to you for your amazing support and enthusiasm as we continue on this fantastic journey.

      Live Long and Prosper,

      Alec Peters
      Axanar Productions

    44. David Frank on

      As a supporter @ the $75 level 0 "Axanar" Blu Ray with deleted scenes, vignettes, and special features.

      What will I actually get once all is said and done ? - given the changes and such


    45. Louis L. on

      I remember watching that, it was definitely a cleaner cut than the original. Some content clearly was unnecessary and not appropriate. But it did what it was supposed to, draw people in to donate more, the fools we were now nobody will donate to fan films ever again, I sure won’t.

    46. Cantare on

      I'm only just now learning of the new Fan Edit Version of "Prelude to Axanar," which I'm looking forward to watching, probably tonight.

      It has the added benefit of completely removing all of Alec Peters' scenes, replacing him with scenes of the actor who originated the role, Steve Ihnat, instead.

      New Version of 'Prelude' Redux Released…

      You see, Alec ...this is what happens when you screw people. They tend not to like it, and most of them don't simply forget.

    47. Carl Norman on

      Sorry, should be "Bill Hunt" in my last posting.

    48. Carl Norman on

      Alec Peters Axanar "effort" continues to crumble. Now we learn that Robert Meyer Burnett, who has been attached to the Axanar project as Director has announced he is leaving the production. Burnett became the Director following previous Director Christian Gossett, who directed Prelude to Axanar, left the project after disagreements with Peters. It has also been discovered that Axanar writer John Hunt detached from the production in July. It appears that Axanar is in a death spiral and that Peters is losing his key production crew. Read all about it on AxaMonitor:…

    49. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Carl I think the bigger issue is that Alec claims he has no money to refund backers BUT this would be the second time he has given away items he used our money to buy that he could have used to fund at least partial refunds.

      In both cases it seems the beneficiaries of his generosity with items we paid for has been friends of his.

      I know I haven't gotten any of the items I pledged for, I don;t know if any backers have ever gotten any of there rewards.

      The man is an outright fraud and belongs in jail, yet here he is finding new ways to steal from backers.

    50. Carl Norman on

      More Axanar shenanigans: A third-party is currently selling Axanar merchandise that was created using backer funds. Peters has the gall to claim that Axanar Productions has nothing to do with this and the seller is not affiliated when they are indeed part of several Axanar support pages on Facebook and this person attended the recent Open House event for Peters' studio/warehouse in Georgia. This is just yet another action by Peters to make money without being responsible or accountable.…

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