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"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
8,548 backers pledged $638,471 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      James Edwards 2 days ago

      @Lord Nimon

      I believe the problem CBS has is that its Star Trek.

      Fixing the problem would mean removing any and all references to Star Trek and making a space movie that has nothing to do with Star Trek, which isn't what we all pledged for.

    2. Lord Nimon on March 29

      I wish you guys would stop trying to get the lawsuit dismissed, and instead, just fix the problem that CBS is complaining about. if you have to scale back the movie or return some of the money, then so be it. I didn't contribute money so that you could make this into a business, I just want the Axanar movie and nothing else.

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on March 23

      So if I read this right; I will not see my patches till the MOVIE itself is complete. From what I have read the Axanar team is still trying to raise enough funds to make the movie let alone dealing with the lawsuit from Paramount/CBS. Might be a long wait...

    4. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on March 23

      From the Axanar website for March 2016:

      ARES DIGITAL (for all donors)

      We’re pleased to announce that our groundbreaking, proprietary digital delivery-and-donor account maintenance system—known as Ares Digital—is getting closer to being fully functional!

      Terry McIntosh, our resident technology expert and creator of the Ares Digital platform, has been trying to fit in work on the mammoth system (which currently holds information for more than 12,000 donors, from three different funding campaigns as well as non-campaign contributions) around his paying jobs, so work has, unfortunately, been slower than anticipated. But, Terry says the end (at least, for this stage of development) is now in sight… which means soon all donors will be able to log into their personal accounts, make changes to their email and/or shipping addresses, keep track of what rewards they’ll eventually be getting from the campaigns to which they have donated, and access any digital rewards due them, as such become available.

      AXANAR Kickstarter (2014)

      As we’ve been saying for quite some time, we will begin the massive task of shipping out the tens of thousands of patches from the AXANAR Kickstarter (from August 2014) once Ares Digital is functional. Please note that the patches are the only thing which will be shipping out, as nothing else has been made, yet (and technically, most of the other rewards can’t be created until the movie has been completed!). The remaining rewards due (according to each donor’s contribution level) will ship out in their entirety (which will also save considerably on the exorbitant rates charged by the post office for shipping), after AXANAR, the movie, is finished.

      So, again… now is the right time to make sure you’ve updated your AD account with your current shipping information. (We will ship the patches to whatever is on file as your “ship to” address, so it is up to you to make sure you don’t miss out!)

      AXANAR Indiegogo (2015)

      Once we’ve taken care of the patches from the AXANAR Kickstarter, we should be able to start working on getting the patches from the AXANAR Indiegogo campaign out, as well.

      As with the rewards from the earlier Kickstarter campaign, the bulk of the rewards from the Indiegogo fundraiser will not ship until after AXANAR has been completed (again, because they have not yet been created, and in fact most of them cannot be until after production on the movie has been completed).

      (Please note that this exact communique will also be posted in the funding campaigns and sent out as an email update, so if you’ve already read it here, you’ll be able to ignore the others…)

      Until next time, gang…


    5. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Carlsson on March 17

      I really hope this movie sucks when it comes out.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on March 3

      I see no reason my physical rewards (the patches) can't be sent out. They were due a year ago and still not here. The impression I got from the Axanar site (which is hard to find anything on, totally non-intuitive so please update here on Kickstarter where all backers get emails) is they had the patches but just aren't sending them out.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on February 25

      I'm up in the air on that myself.

      I feel they led everyone to believe they had Paramounts blessing when apparently they didn't,

      Not real comfortable with the approach they are taking in there defense to the lawsuit.

      I'm also concerned that backers might at some point be held complicit and be held liable for some of the damages.

    8. Tom Ryan on February 24

      I am requesting a refund of my money.
      who do I talk to?

    9. Chad Beaver on February 4

      You should try over at the website I think you can get in touch with the perk order fulfillment here Hope that helps.

    10. Greg on February 2

      We couldn't find a backer with that email. Be sure to use the same email you used to pledge to the project. Need help? Contact

      I have sent e-mails to everyone I could find at various sites for this project. It would seem that this page is not the only one that is not monitored. In truth, I would prefer to just get my money back.

    11. Greg on January 30

      Just to clarify, to date I have not received anything.

    12. Greg on January 30

      Hi All, I've been overseas for the past several months. Can anyone tell me as backer 2286 who has pledged @ the $65 level, where we are with this pledge ? I see others have received BluRay disks of some sort. Is the DVD months away ? Thank You.

      Receive all of the above, plus the Special Edition DVD of the film.

      Ships anywhere in the world
      Estimated delivery: Dec 2014

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric Nikolaisen on January 13

      @The MOSEPH!! - Where did you learn about the paychecks? If this is true then Axanar Productions has moved away from the "Fan" side of things. Maybe CBS does have the right to go after Axanar Productions if they are not playing by the rules. I personally lost hope in Axanar when they just kept asking for more money...

    14. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on January 9

      I was under the impression legal issues had been worked out prior to the kickstarter.

      That was certainly the impression given by the creators.

      If the issues weren't worked out then shame on them, if the issues were worked out but the creators violated agreements (Typically fan productions can't make money, if as rumored the company doing this is turning a profit that could be the issue)

      In either case this is a bad sign and I can't help but wonder how many backers are getting burned for how much money on what may soon turn into and endless money-pit that only benefits the lawyers.

    15. Missing avatar

      JAMS on January 5

      Any chance a documentery is being started over the legal issues. Worse case you have a marketable tail to tell with that.

    16. Michael Jager on January 2

      This has probably been addressed (and possibly many times before) so please pardon me if it has I missed it (been one of those ridiculously busy years -- just like you have been having).

      Finally had time to look at my level and was wondering what happened to all the items that were part of the 2014 mailings? I must have missed an e-mail or update.

      Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    17. Missing avatar

      JAMS on January 2

      I am sure donations will pour in. That said this lawsuit is likely over distrabution and control. All i want and expect is what I pledged for, everything else is details.

    18. Missing avatar

      JAMS on January 2

      I donated for a perk that is the movie and patchs. Lawsuit and deals happens in production and without news of a Cease and Desist order I see no reason my Perk can not be fullfilled. If they cut off Youtube and Public showing so be it. We donated to have it and if it remains a private perk for us exclusivly t I am sure

    19. The MOSEPH!! on January 1

      Just learned the Axanar team took paychecks from the money raised. Not cool. No doubt part of the reason CBS/Paramount are suing.

      Perhaps someone should consider a class action lawsuit to get all of our donations back seeing as how we were obviously misled.

      And don't even get me started on the insults being thrown at Tony Todd. No matter how hard you might take something, things like this should remain professional & never get personal.

    20. Kyle Saritelli on January 1

      Their working on their response, I'm sure of it. I'd expect to hem to research and get the ducks in a row before even posting here just to be safe. It's ridiculous that CBS/paramount are suing when they've had little issue with others writing stories and producing episodes and movies. I think the only reason they are huffing is because Axanar is gaining steam and setting up to be a larger scale and larger budget film. But precedent is on our side in this case!

    21. The MOSEPH!! on December 31

      What's with people arrogantly assuming that everyone else does precisely what they do here with regards to Kickstarter projects or comment sections? The only reason I read those comments was they're right here at the top. I am one who does NOT go through & read them as a rule. Drives me nuts seeing all the bad grammar & poor or non-existent punctuation.

    22. The MOSEPH!! on December 31

      So...a lawsuit threatening the project and no updates on the status? Forgive me, I'm just a little concerned. I'd like to know what's to become of our money should Paramount/CBS succeed.

      Hmmm...looks like somebody thinks they speak for everyone regarding Kickstarters & comments...hint: you don't.

    23. Marie-Andree Poisson on December 31

      And add project website at the end of the list

    24. Marie-Andree Poisson on December 31

      In order of reading :
      - Personal/Group emails
      - KS Updates
      - KS Comments
      - FB posts on project/cie page
      -Twitter posts

    25. Marie-Andree Poisson on December 31

      As somebody who has done over 250 kickstarters, you are absolutely wrong that people are systematically reading the comments, particularly during holiday time.

    26. Bad_Syntax on December 31

      Thanks Ian... guess only time will tell how things go forward.

    27. Bad_Syntax on December 31

      ack, comments = kickstarter updates. Comment sections typically die out after the KS is over.

    28. Bad_Syntax on December 31

      As somebody who has done over 100 kickstarters, you are absolutely wrong that people aren't reading the comments.
      I came here looking for an update on the lawsuit, as I really expected an update through KS as to the case pretty quickly.

    29. Creator Axanar Productions on December 16

      Unfortunately Ben, most people do not read the updates they get from Kickstarter. We also have two Kickstarters and an Indiegogo. Updating 3 pages that people don't often read is not a good use of our time. We have a website with daily updates and fulfillment updates. Donors can choose how much information they get by going there whenever they want.

      And not sure how people can "miss almost everything" by having one source for all the information they need.

      We have been doing this for 18 months now and most donors are incredibly happy with what we are doing, so we will continue to do things this way. Just go to

    30. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on December 15

      Any chance you can post updates here on the Kickstarter page, where people pledged, and not have people go elsewhere to get news? You really should be using Kickstarter to communicate to Kickstarter backers, not some other means which means people miss almost everything.

    31. Creator Axanar Productions on December 15

      Mike if you followed what is going on by reading our website, or following the simple updates we send out, you would know! :-)

      Are you on Facebook? That is another great way to follow what is going on. here is what we posted on today's update here on Kickstarter:

      Axanar is less than 60 days away from principle photography. And so we want to make sure you are all keeping up to date with what is happening. There are a few ways to do that.

      First and foremost is our website, which has the daily Captain's Log that I write with what is happening at the studio PLUS Diana's fulfillment blog, where you can find out what is happening with fulfillment of perks.

      Make sure you follow the Axanar page on Facebook:

      And join the Axanar fan Group where fans talk about all things Axanar:

      Hopefully you can check those out!


    32. Mike Hinds on December 15

      I have completely and utterly lost any knowledge of what to expect, if anything, from this kickstarter. People post about receiving things but these seem to be from other kickstarters. The centralized Ares Digital page only has my Indiegogo pledge which has all the perks listed for this one. I'm happy to have donated to classic trek and if something comes in the mail great. I just don't have any idea anymore what to expect!

    33. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22 on December 7

      The Goddess of Fulfilment sent a package my way which was put into my mailbox last Thursday. Contents: cd & bluray-set worth $10. Perfectly below the threshold customs take a look at and attach a COD-notice. On the invoice, there's a much higher amount and a personal note from Her Exalted One. Happy Holidays to you too! Scratch one retro-active Prelude to Axanar package. :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on December 1

      Got my Prelude to Axanar Blu-ray today. Looks great. Can not wait for the final film.

    35. Creator Axanar Productions on November 16

      For current updates, please check out the Axanar website at, where Diana writes a regular Fulfillment Blog with updates on the status of all perks. You can also contact her at

    36. John Gingras on November 10

      Just watched my Prelude to Axanar DVD again. Sooo excited for this! I'm posting the fundraising links to some groups I'm in, hoping to get more support.

    37. Creator Axanar Productions on October 19, 2015

      David, please see the comment immediately below yours.

    38. David Dye on October 13, 2015

      Good afternoon, there is a problem with my backer fullfillment and I have not been able to determine how to get it resolved. Any feedback on how to communicate the error to someone who can research it and help me resolve the problem?

    39. Creator Axanar Productions on October 11, 2015

      If you have a donor support question, please email Diana at

      If you have a technical support issue with Ares Digital, please contact

    40. Creator Axanar Productions on October 11, 2015

      Clearly you didn't read this Kickstarter. The $ 638,471 (which we received $ 571,000 of) was for:

      1) Renting a facility
      2) Renovating the facility
      3) Building sets
      4) Pre-production

      I suggest you also read the financials in our annual report:

      I also suggest you read our website which is updated DAILY.

      And if you have any questions after you read, then ask by emailing us.


    41. Missing avatar

      gdieckhaus on September 30, 2015

      Did I read this right, between the 638,471 you got from this kickstarter and the 478,000 from the indiegogo you still don't have enough to make the movie?

    42. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on September 29, 2015

      I am sad; I have nothing to complain about. I have faith these fine people will produce a fine product and we will all have our cake and eat it too. Hasn't anyone ever researched the cost of doing movies? I can see why folks are frustrated; just think of it as a long term investment which will have a payoff eventually. Like going on a date and getting beyond first base! ;-p

    43. Missing avatar

      Pieter van der Eems on August 31, 2015

      BIG WARNING to all who register at the Ares Digital site.
      The password you register with your account will be sent back to you PLAINTEXT!

      Please use a password that does not resemble a password used anywhere else.

    44. Creator Axanar Productions on August 24, 2015

      If you have a donor support question, please email Diana at

      If you have a technical support issue with Ares Digital, please contact

    45. Phil & Amy Atherton on August 20, 2015

      I logged in to Ares digital and noticed that not all of my donations are showing (I upgraded both Pre-lude and Axanar to Blu-Ray from digital downloads via PayPal after the campaigns) but as you stated,

      "That means down the road, you’ll no longer have to go scrounging through your records, trying in vain to remember how much you donated, for what, and when (before contacting me with a big “SOS!!!” email); eventually, all of those items will be linked and easily searchable in one convenient location."

      I take it not everything is accounted for yet on Ares Digital?

    46. Creator Axanar Productions on August 19, 2015

      It’s my great pleasure to announce that Ares Digital (Axanar’s proprietary digital delivery-&-account maintenance system) is open to all of the AXANAR donors! So, no matter how you’ve donated to the AXANAR project (during the funding campaign, later via Paypal or a retroactive package, using Bitcoin, snail mailing a personal check, or whatever), your personal account at Ares Digital awaits.

      Not only will Ares Digital function as the digital delivery distribution home AND your checkout system (letting you update your shipping address, email info, etc.), though… it will also, in the coming months, be able to keep track of all of your various donations and any Donor Store acquisitions. That means down the road, you’ll no longer have to go scrounging through your records, trying in vain to remember how much you donated, for what, and when (before contacting me with a big “SOS!!!” email); eventually, all of those items will be linked and easily searchable in one convenient location.

      So, AXANAR donors, get ready to take that first big step: log in and set up those accounts! (And please note that any tech-specific questions regarding Ares Digital should be addressed to

      Diana Kingsbury

      Director of Fulfillment

    47. Jeff Buhman on August 16, 2015

      Where is digital download of Axanar?
      I haven't heard anything about it

    48. Missing avatar

      Helmut Lindermann on August 14, 2015

      i think the axanar team are regrouping, figuring out what to do next. maybe they thought they would get the whole 1,3 million all at once, but now they are a long way of. i don't think they are too happy about the outcome.

      They said something about the indiegogo crowdfunding on the axanar blog:

      they are thinking about doing half of the film with the funds available (480.000 so far on indiegogo). this is a good sign, if they reduce the budget. its a better chance to actually complete the movie, even if they have to cut a lot of scenes. I think they need to fund the other half of the movie with the next crowdfunding, or its getting really hard. that blastr article wasn't very positive. if they do only a quarter of the movie, axanar will maybe take years to make. anyway, the axanar team will need a lot of new backers, or they will struggle to repeat the numbers from the first indiegogo crowdfunding.

    49. Missing avatar

      Adam Mann on August 12, 2015

      The Indiegogo fundraiser to attempt to get at least 1 quarter of the film... filmed ended on Aug 10th. So far, there are no updates. Nothing in congratulations over the 1st episode being successfully funded with enough added funds to keep them at least running until the next fundraiser to get hopefully the next 3 episodes.

      How long should we give the creator on providing a public update over the successful funding? It should be public because probably half of the Indiegogo backers are kickstarter backers. We need to know if after taking our funds if the creator can get the film funded.

      At what point do we start being concerned by the silence?

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