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"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
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    1. Louis L. about 20 hours ago

      I remember watching that, it was definitely a cleaner cut than the original. Some content clearly was unnecessary and not appropriate. But it did what it was supposed to, draw people in to donate more, the fools we were now nobody will donate to fan films ever again, I sure won’t.

    2. Cantare 4 days ago

      I'm only just now learning of the new Fan Edit Version of "Prelude to Axanar," which I'm looking forward to watching, probably tonight.

      It has the added benefit of completely removing all of Alec Peters' scenes, replacing him with scenes of the actor who originated the role, Steve Ihnat, instead.

      New Version of 'Prelude' Redux Released…

      You see, Alec ...this is what happens when you screw people. They tend not to like it, and most of them don't simply forget.

    3. Carl Norman on November 3

      Sorry, should be "Bill Hunt" in my last posting.

    4. Carl Norman on November 3

      Alec Peters Axanar "effort" continues to crumble. Now we learn that Robert Meyer Burnett, who has been attached to the Axanar project as Director has announced he is leaving the production. Burnett became the Director following previous Director Christian Gossett, who directed Prelude to Axanar, left the project after disagreements with Peters. It has also been discovered that Axanar writer John Hunt detached from the production in July. It appears that Axanar is in a death spiral and that Peters is losing his key production crew. Read all about it on AxaMonitor:…

    5. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on October 30

      @Carl I think the bigger issue is that Alec claims he has no money to refund backers BUT this would be the second time he has given away items he used our money to buy that he could have used to fund at least partial refunds.

      In both cases it seems the beneficiaries of his generosity with items we paid for has been friends of his.

      I know I haven't gotten any of the items I pledged for, I don;t know if any backers have ever gotten any of there rewards.

      The man is an outright fraud and belongs in jail, yet here he is finding new ways to steal from backers.

    6. Carl Norman on October 28

      More Axanar shenanigans: A third-party is currently selling Axanar merchandise that was created using backer funds. Peters has the gall to claim that Axanar Productions has nothing to do with this and the seller is not affiliated when they are indeed part of several Axanar support pages on Facebook and this person attended the recent Open House event for Peters' studio/warehouse in Georgia. This is just yet another action by Peters to make money without being responsible or accountable.…

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on October 24

      Well, hell partially froze over. I got my Coolest Cooler. Now I just need my Axanar Blu-ray as promised so I can store it in my cooler. (this is what I have always claimed I wanted to do; 2 of Kickstarters greatest fiascos and I partook of both.)

    8. Louis L. on October 24

      @James Edwards lol if that’s true that just pissed me off more. Who the heck gives 5 grand to a fan trek museum just outside calgary, and not refund his backers…

    9. Carl Norman on October 22

      Congratulations to Vic Mignogna and the crew at Star Trek Continues on the release of their tenth full episode "To Bodly Go, Part I". Unlike Axanar, Vic and his team have consistently delivered on their goals to provide us with content. Their production quality and content is outstanding. They are the example for fan productions who utilize crowdsourcing. They deliver on their promises, unlike Alec Peters. Where is Axanar, Peters? Vic has produced multiple episodes while you have failed.

    10. Cantare on October 21

      When I look at how 'Star Trek: Discovery' was created for young dunderheads and not the long-time fans that supported this project, I detest Peters all the more for having not delivered on his promises.

    11. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on October 20

      @Louis L. I have the misfortune of being involved in two such projects. This one and Robotech Tactics from Palladium books.

      Both of which were created under the old ToS which require creators to give refunds if they don't finish the project, neither of which KS will do squat about to enforce the ToS.

      A lawsuit against Alec Peters might have better chance of success because he apparently does still have money he isn't admitting to somewhere, allegedly he just dumped $5,000 (you're refund?) into a trek museum in Canada.

    12. Louis L. on October 19

      Just as some context. Every other Kickstarter I’ve backed before and after this one, I have either been fully or partially compensated (software), shipping, fully refunded, or fully refunded and product shipped to me as well (they were awesome anyway). NOBODY and I mean NO ONE has been this bad. I have serious doubts this will move forward at all

    13. Cantare on October 17

      It's disgraceful, Louis. Kickstarter has a non policy policy. That is, they say in writing that project creators have to deliver on their promises, but do nothing whatsoever when one of them acts in bad faith, as clearly happened​ here.

      That's why I will not back any other Kickstarter projects ever.

    14. Louis L. on October 16

      I did and they’re doing nothing on both ends, credicard / bank says its past the original 180 days since the charge. Kickstarter claims it’s the Kickstarter person that’s responsible not them.

    15. Cantare on October 14

      Louis, you should make a stink to Kickstarter and your Credit Card Company. Five grand is nothing to squawk at. Most people who contributed to this sham of a project are probably out a hundred dollars or less. In most cases probably less, if not considerably less. Five grand on the other hand is real money, so if I were in your shoes I would be making calls and writing detailed letters and sending them out about how you have been swindled and see what kind of recourse may be available to you. What this guy Peters did is outrageous, and if I were in your place I would be fuming mad.

    16. Louis L. on October 14

      Yeah you’ll get nothing, I’m not getting a dime of my 5 grand back you won’t get a cent. We’re all familiar with the situation , be it only from one perspective, the funders of the project, everyone else I’ve backed either came through or refunded, nothing to this degree of screw ups, sure we can blame the lawsuit but the studio shouldn’t have been leased out to begin with and when he did anyway he should’ve started immediately, everything was dragged out and funds were misused for his own personal expense and benefit, firing people that were the only ones that would’ve made this doable because he thought he could do it all himself. Now nobody wants to be involved. Pariah is the word I’ll use.

    17. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on October 10


      If he even notices he'll tell you he's broke, no money, call you names, make threats and then ignore you.

      Honestly the only way to get his attention with with a lawsuit.

    18. vrysen on October 9

      This probably won't do anything, but....
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    19. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on October 3

      Given the fallout over Alec illegally using Star Trek to line his own pockets and the impact that's had on almost every single other fan film production who did play by the rules is it any wonder the greedy thief who ruined Star Trek for fan films didn't make the list of best Star Trek fan films?

    20. Cantare on September 30

      Wod any of you like to k ow one of the things that was going through my head when CBS was airing "Discovery" last Sunday night?

      'The doesn't look or come across like any Star Trek I'm familiar with, and boy the impression that could have been made had Axanar actually been produced,' but no, because the project creator decided being a crook was more important than delivering what he promised people who backed his phony project.

    21. Cantare on September 30

      Well, Gee, look at this ...

      11 of the best Trek fan films, ranked, and "Prelude to Axanar" is nowhere to be found among them.

      I guess the writer didn't feel Peters was worthy of any recognition given that this 'project' was nothing but a scam and all the backer funding was either blown or used to fund Peters' selfish, greedy lifestyle.

      Gee, what a shame that "Prelude" didn't make it onto this list.

    22. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on September 25

      I missed it :-p

      Thought it was next week.

      Given that I have no intention of paying a subscription to watch one show I'll wait for it to come out on bluray.

    23. Louis L. on September 24

      Watching the Discovery Premiere, at the moment. it looks fantastic. I’m ok with the Klingon redesign, my friend doesn’t like it though. He says enterprise is better but this is way too early to say so in my opinion.

    24. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on September 11


      The bigger issue is they seem to be selling backer rewards, the ones that were never sent to the backers.

    25. Carl Norman on September 10

      More Alec Peters shenanigans. While he claims to have separated Axanar Productions from the Axanar Fan Group. The activities at the recent Dragoncon are very suspicious. If it was all above board then why was the table with Axanar material and items for sale removed by the management of the convention?…

    26. Louis L. on September 8

      Yup pretty much, us backers will get nothing out of it

    27. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on September 5

      The only way anyone will ever get money back is to sue Alec Peters.

      If you do so then the only people who will get money are the lawyers as Alec claims to have nothing left.

    28. Louis L. on September 5

      I doubt any progress will be made with the cast that's left not willing to participate due to them trying to save their own careers and reputation due to this debacle. Most companies would've given full refunds already because of this PR disaster. I still side with all KS backers and demand refunds but he already claimed he has no money left. Poor money management, spending of project funds on non-project expenses. We already know the stories for the past few years I'm done with this charade. If by miracle we get our money back that's great but none of us should hold our breathe because none of us are getting it back nor getting what we paid for… just my two cents (or 5 grand in this case)

    29. Carl Norman on September 2

      Another "Big Win For Axanar"!!! Read the comments of Axanar spokesman Mike Bawden who reveals that Axanar Productions will no longer pursue nonprofit status along with some interesting comments about how long it may take Peters to actually produce the Axanar feature. Once again, we see the abject failure that is Axanar and the reason for this disaster is one Alec Peters. It just keeps getting more and more pathetic.…

    30. Missing avatar

      Art on September 1

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    31. Carl Norman on August 31

      Still no Axanar feature release and many perks from this and the Indiegogo campaign have not been fulfilled to backers. The continuous failure on the part of Alec Peters is disturbing. Read more about the debacle known as Axanar at this site where you can see financial information, communication records, and legal documents from the lawsuit brought against Peters and Axanar Productions by CBS/Paramount.

    32. Tom Ryan on August 22

      Looks like Peters used Backer money to pay for his heath insurance too.
      I demand a refund. This project has violated KS rules multiple times.

    33. Cantare on August 19

      Peter, what more is there to say? The project creator screwed all backers, cannot deliver what was originally promised, and forever ruined it for fan filmmakers to produce anything based on the Trek universe, and all because of his own selfish desires. He will not issue refunds, can't produce a feature length movie as promised, trashes anyone who dares criticize him or his actions even in the wake of his having ruined his own project, so what more is there to be gained here?

      I'm not sure what you're expecting to see here at this point. It's not as if there's reason for a non-stop party to be going on here anymore, and that is thanks to one Alec Peters.

      So blame him.

    34. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on August 18

      WOW; this site just gets quieter and quieter. I used to come here almost daily for the entertaining read everyone was providing and the occasional entertaining UPDATE that was provided.

    35. Carl Norman on August 6

      Congratulations to James Cawley who gave us Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II and the Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tour. He has been granted a license by CBS Consumer Products for the Star Trek Film Academy. A clear indication of a fan film production that has worked WITH and not AGAINST the holder of the Star Trek Intellectual Property rights rewarded while Alec Peters, who abused the IP and was sued in court, continues to underwhelm.…

    36. Cantare on August 5

      Just another illustration as to the ongoing ramifications and consequences for people brought about by Alec the Crook's pushing too far and his mishandling of backer funds.

      CBS Licenses Star Trek Fan Film Academy

      Fan Film Rancor

      For Star Trek, this marks the first fan-filmmaking endeavor endorsed by CBS, which owns the 50-year-old science fiction franchise.

      The announcement follows more than a year and a half of rancor over fan productions sparked by a copyright infringement lawsuit against Alec Peters and his Axanar Producitons.

      Peters raised $1.7 million, largely from Trek fans’ donations, on the promise of making Axanar, what he described as a “fully professional independent Star Trek production.”

      Axanar Lawsuit

      Those words, along with revenue streams such as an online merchandise store rang alarm bells for Star Trek’s owners, CBS and Paramount Pictures.

      Despite a public warning two years before about earning revenue off the studios’ intellectual property, Peters forged ahead with his fundraising for the Axanar feature and his plans to build his own studio with fans’ money.


      Those ill-fated efforts came to an end with the lawsuit’s settlement and Peters having to abandon his Los Angeles studio dreams under the crushing weight of $15,000 monthly rent. All told, three-quarters of a million dollars of fans’ money was sunk into the studio, which Peters vacated in April 2017.

      For the broader fan film community, however, the lawsuit brought a series of restrictions proscribing the scope of their productions, bringing to an end the concept of full-length fan productions.…

    37. Adrasteia on July 19

      Well, this was one spectacular failure. I'm glad I only threw away $25. Could've definitely been worse.

    38. Missing avatar

      Art on July 18

      I learned my lesson -- I'm done with any future Kickstarter. I'm out.

    39. Carl Norman on July 15

      @James, actually, Carlos appears to be quite capable of having a career and seems to be engaged in several endeavors, including video product of features that have actually been released. I highly doubt that Carlos is so obsessed with Peters that Axamonitor is his "life's purpose". Axamonitor does a great job of documenting the actions and inaction of Alec Peters and Axanar Productions. I believe what Carlos is doing is exactly what you mention; tracking Peters' future endeavors to make sure anyone and everyone he attempts to business with realizes what a liar and failure Peters is and that he has no honor or integrity.

    40. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on July 14

      @Carl Keep in mind Carlos has made his life's purpose to ruin Alec. So any rudeness is well deserved on both sides. The fact that Alec is a liar, a thief and a fraudulent con man and totally deserves every bit of abuse sent his way is besides the point.

      @Louis L. Alec has a god complex, he believes the law and rules do not apply. Until someone ponies up the money to sue his ass and force the law to apply to him no one will ever see a refund.

      The best anyone can do is track his future endeavors and make sure anyone and everyone he attempts to do business with realizes the type of subhuman PoS he is.

    41. Carl Norman on July 13

      Here is yet another example of the abusive and insulting behavior of Alec Peters. He regularly uses ad hominem attacks and belittles anyone who disagrees with him. He does this to the very people that funded his production. Check out this latest incident where Peters attributes derogatory comments to Star Trek writer David Gerrold.…

      There are plenty of examples on Axamonitor of Peters’ inappropriateness. Check it out.

    42. Louis L. on July 12

      His claim is that there's no money left from the kickstarter. I want my full refund but he won't budge on that. It isn't happening.

    43. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on July 5

      @Tom They don;t read messages here. They don;t update here.

      As far as they are concerned if we aren't giving them more money for there newest fraudulent project we are Axahaters that don't deserve the air we breathe.

    44. Tom Ryan on June 29

      "before then we will have to raise the money for the episodes, and that will really determine how much we can do."

      from their newest update...he needs MORE money???
      I demand a have violated the Kickstarter policies and I am a BACKER not a donor!

    45. Carl Norman on June 28

      A previous version of the full Axanar script has leaked to the public. I found it to be underwhelming and disappointing. The revised script for the two 15-minute installments being written by Peters will be less but that doesn't mean better. Have a look for yourself:

      Here is a link to The Battle of Axanar feature script version 7.3 that has been released by Terry McIntosh the former Technical Director of Axanar. You might remember that this is the “fully revised and locked script” that Alec tweeted about in August 2015. Enjoy!

    46. Cantare on June 24

      Perhaps a lot of us are looking at this situation in the wrong way.

      Instead of a Class Action, perhaps some people, particularly those who live in California, should consider filing a Small Claims dispute regarding the terms of this contract having been broken by the creator of this sham of a project. Granted, that won't help people who live in other States or outside the U.S., but if enough people do this, perhaps it will get some attention in the media and make Alec the Crook more than just a little uncomfortable.

      He shouldn't be allowed to get away with what he's done to all the people who backed this project. It just isn't right.

      Oh, and for whatever it's worth, I am again requesting a full refund because this project can no longer be fulfilled as a result of the settlement of the lawsuit brought by CBS and Paramount, which Mr. Peters pushed and pushed for until they finally did sue him.

    47. Tom Ryan on June 20

      I am a BACKER, not a donor.
      As a backer I have not received what was stated and cannot ever get that due to the lawsuit.
      I demand a refund under the Kickstarter contract that Alec agreed to.

    48. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on June 16

      @Peter while all of that is true Alec the Con Man Peters has no interest in refunding anyone, does not give two shits about the agreement, the law, has no integrity and the only way anyone will ever see any money is via a lawsuit, which no single backer is likely to ever pursue as the legal fees would be far greater that the reward since Alec gave away everything we paid for except for a useless bridge set and claims to have no money so even if you won, you'd get nothing.

      The man belongs in jail, not out free perpetuating this illegal scam and stealing more money from victims.

      The only way to get anything would be if we could sue Paramount/CBS for allowing him to continue with this scam to defraud even more Star Trek fans.

    49. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on June 15

      For the record, I AM A BACKER - NOT A DONOR! I did not donate anything; I pledged monies as a backer of a project that promised certain PERKS for the use of my money. I myself, have received the Prelude to Axanar Blu-ray and some Patches. Still waiting on the rest of my PERKS. Too bad they will not be fulfilled in full as the contract Alec Peters and myself entered into when I pledged monies to his Kickstarter and Indigogo campaigns indicated they should be. Yes, a pledge through these fund raising sites can be considered a contract between you and the parties raising the funds.

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