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"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
8,548 backers pledged $638,471 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Lein on September 15

      This is my first kick-starter that went south. All the others have delivered, or are in production. Which is something I can say for certain that is not happening here. I understand that all kick-starters carry some risk, but when they have taken our money and built a for profit business out of it and delivered nothing in return we have every right to be angry.

      I'm not sure how a class action lawsuit works, but there have been rumblings of one against Alec. Maybe it's just talk, maybe not.

      I just want my money back and to be done with it.

    2. Kai Alexis Price on September 13

      What a bunch of crybabies. Kickstarters ALWAYS carry risk. Grow the f#$% up.

    3. Daniel Berg on September 10

      the sad part is I helped a lot of kickstarters. after this I look at them more carefully. I now only give money that I don't care about giving back. I will never give another kickstarter what I have paid for this one.

    4. James Gwinnell on September 10

      Yes, they gave away our information to a 3rd Party to spam us which is a huge issue.

    5. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on September 9

      Quick question

      Did anyone else get the spam e-mail which seems to indicate Alec Peters is now selling our contact info, WHICH HE NOW WANTS MORE OF, to spammers??

    6. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on September 9

      Our money went to build Alec's dream studio and his & his companies payroll for over a year and a half longer than the kickstarter said the movie would take.

      It went to launch a hate site dedicated to destroying paramount, cbs & star trek on the eve of Star Treks anniversary.

      It seems to have gone everywhere except where it was supposed to go.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on September 9

      And they've just rolled out a brand new 2.0 digital account management system. Guess we know where our money is actually going, to build websites and software under the auspices of "operations" and not towards actual reward fulfillment or movie making.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on August 30


      You are correct, Kickstarter will do little other than send them a reminder as to there obligations.

      All the requirement does is give backers a bit more of a leg to stand on should anyone decide to sue them, which will never happen.

      Part of the problem with KS is fraudulent liars and thieves like Alec Peters get away with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars and no one will ever do a damn thing to stop them.

    9. Sandy Greenberg on August 29

      First I'd like to repeat what others have said, there will be no refunds. Part of it is because a lot of the money has been spent, but the rest of the reason I'm sorry to say was down to me.

      In late 2015 Alec released the financials and the suit hit, I started asking a lot of questions in their FB groups about all of it. For my trouble I was kicked out and banned from all their groups, blocked on Twitter, and forcibly refunded for the last two fundraisers, all without warning or engagement from Axanar. I suspect they thought it would shut me up and I'd just go away.

      Instead I became one of their top 12 "haters" and hound them every chance I get. Because of this they created the "Sandy Rule" which is simply no more refunds.

      I think it's highly unlikely that anyone else will be refunded at this point. Perks not reliant on the film may get sent out if you're lucky. If by some miracle they win the case they will be so short of funds they couldn't make it anyway without more fundraising.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason W. Levy on August 27

      I'm not expecting a refund or a film or a DVD/BluRay of the non-existing film. After the lawsuit and new CBS/Paramount policies, none of that is likely. I don't really blame the producers. Sometimes crap happens. HOWEVER, at this stage of the game, a nice letter from them along with a little trinket or patch or some physical token of appreciation for our support would be the classy way to wrap this whole thing up.

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on August 27

      @James; I hardly think Kickstarter will be forcing anyone to refund anything. I have yet to see them lift a finger against anyone who did fund raising. (See Coolest Cooler - what a catastrophe that has become)

    12. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on August 26


      Actually as part of the KS ToS the Axanar people are required to refund if they cannot provide the rewards.

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on August 23

      I find it funny people keep posting they want a refund here in the comments section. No one will be receiving refunds. You may still get some of the backer rewards but for us folks who put in the money for a copy of the movie on DVD/Blu-ray we are S.O.L. The movie will probably never happen; chalk it up to lesson learned and move on. Too bad, I really wanted to see the movie.

    14. Wayne Ashworth on August 22

      I would quite like my $75 refunding.
      Sorry. I know it's not what you want to read, but things haven't worked out for me as I had hoped, much like yourselves actually.

    15. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on August 15

      Alec Peters is not interested in issuing refunds.

      In fact if you check out the fulfillment blog they are rushing to ship some of the physical rewards, the ones they previously stated would not be done until the movie was ready so everything could ship out at once.

      Since I'm not inclined to given them the benefit of the doubt given the nature of Alec's response when I asked him for a refund I'm assuming this is so they can clam they fulfilled the KS to the best of there ability, bail on the Star Trek movie in its entirety with no refunds for backers and use the new studio we bought him to make movies for profit.

      It still galls me that someone would use fans love of Star Trek in such an abusive way and then have the balls to turn around and tell them he's doing it all for the fans.

      If he cared one bit about the fans he'd be issuing refunds.

    16. James Gwinnell on August 14

      I want my money refunded.

    17. Tom Ryan on August 10

      This kickstarter has violated multiple rules of this crowdfunding site and is now deeply entrenched in a lawsuit started by the owner of the IP.
      this will be my fourth time requesting a refund for my pledge. You have spent my money in ways I did not approve and have lied to us about this project. I demand a refund.

    18. Matt on August 9

      @Ben white, Agree certainly learned my lesson as well. I have received nothing in return for my pledge either and at this point I don't expect to receive anything from this project. If I do it will be a miracle.

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on August 2

      For the record, the new Star Trek movie is pretty damn good. Still, I would like to see this film completed. I see no competition from it. There is no way they can produce the same quality film as Paramount/CBS.

    20. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on August 2

      This is starting to remind me of the Coolest Cooler fiasco; I am not having very good luck with my choices of projects to back.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ben White on July 30

      Nearly two years later no perks no movie nothing. Lesson learned. Never donate to a kick starter were the IP is not owned and the team has a history of asking for mire donations without yet sending any promised perks from a prior round of funding.

    22. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on July 30


      CBS exercising their legal right to protect there property and license does not make them a villain.

      Keep in mind, Star Trek is NOT Public Domain, free to use as you wish, Intellectual Property. Its owned by CBS/Paramount.

      They have been extremely gracious in the past in allowing people to essentially break the law and use that property without there consent as long as they made no money and it was clear it was an amateur effort and not "real" Star Trek.

      Axanar tried to do a professional quality film and while I am sure Axanar Productions will make sure there financial reports show the company makes no money people are making money off this, LOTS of money.

      Then people came in and started trash talking CBS/Paramount and there new film and series and made Axanar a COMPETITOR to CBS/Paramount and threatened to not support CBS/Paramount in favor of this new competitor, a competitor who is stealing IP from CBS/Paramount. (all before the lawsuit)

      At that point CBS/Paramount had no choice but to stand up and protect there property.

      That does not make them a villain, in my eyes that makes Axanar the villain.

      You add in the fact that the Axanar Productions clearly stated in the kickstarter that this would require roughly 3 weeks to and be completed in 2014, nearly a year before the lawsuit. (see the campaign page).

      The Axanar website lists the project as requiring 3 YEARS to complete without the lawsuit.

      Obviously the Axanar crew never watched TOS and the Wrath of Kahn and realize you are supposed to exaggerate the time it takes to complete so you look like a miracle worker, not the other way around.

      This also means that Axanar acquired the funds by misrepresenting the nature of there relation with CBS/Paramount and the amount of time needed to complete the project.

      The Kikstarter site also states "As always, every donor will get updated through the updates here, as well as on our Facebook Donor Group." but I had to goto an Axanar Productions website and send a message there to get any sort of response here, which was "we don't have to update here" and of course accuse me of being a bully because I do not wish to be part of a project that

      Steals IP from CBS/Paramount to compete with them.

      Requires me to visit a HATE site to get updates. (find me a post that doesn't attack CBS/Paramount over there)

      Misrepresented the project and outright lied about the duration of the project in order to get the money they got.

      Calls people a bully for asking for a refund, when they are leading what is little more then an extortion/bully attack against CBS/Paramount in order to steal there IP and compete with them.

      There is most definitely a villain here, but its not CBS/Paramount.

      (And NO its not Hillary, Obama or Trump either)

    23. John Drinkwater on July 29

      I am happy to leave my money in the hands of the Axanar people. CBS are the villains here ... and with fan support for Axanar, CBS will have to withdraw.

      I for one refuse to spend any money on the Star Trek franchise until CBS back off.

    24. Sandy Greenberg on July 25


      First off, they continue to sell perks and items in their store and cons so they do have an income stream. By some calculations they should have in the region of $250k or so left form the crowdfunding campaigns.

      Their registered address is:
      28757 Industry Drive
      Valencia, CA

      Both Axanar Productions and Propworx are registered there.

    25. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on July 25


      Also do you know the physical location for axenar productions?

      I wish to file a complaint with the AG but I need to know where they are to do so.

    26. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on July 25


      Makes me wonder if they had money back then, but have no real income since the lawsuit and can't afford refunds as they burn cash keeping the office open.

    27. Sandy Greenberg on July 24

      I was a donor to all three campaigns and managed to get a refund shortly after the lawsuit hit. They had hoped to keep me quiet but it didn't work.

      If you are interested in keeping up to date with the suit try our FB group about it here:…

      Also, try They have a ton of info and all facts link back to their source.

    28. Geoff Scott on July 23

      I would be happy to get my teeshirt and the other stuff I was owed from this Kickstarter and the crew tunic from the first. It is not cheap for me to do Kickstarter. I see a lot of photos of people wearing the black tee from the Axanar project. SO PLEASE CAN SOMEONE FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENING

    29. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on July 23


      You are correct, Paramount did not drop the Lawsuit.

      I've been following the blogs and whatnot and it seems all Axanar does nowadays is attack Paramount/CBS, try to drum up support from Star Trek fans to hurt CBS/Paramount and by extension Star Trek and burn through backer cash to pay themselves and keep the studio open.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on July 22

      @James I don't believe that the lawsuit was ever dropped. Yes JJ said it would be, but apparently that was only his opinion and the action is still ongoing against Axanar. To my knowledge Paramount never said they would drop it and haven't done so. At this point this Kickstarter is not able to meet its promise so should refund backers.

      P.S. I still haven't gotten my sodding patches, don't understand why that couldn't have been done.

    31. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on July 14


      They already sued him once. They dropped the lawsuit only to turn out fan film guidelines that clearly exclude this project. They acknowledged that the guidelines weren't written specifically to exclude Axanar as they had concerns over the growing Fan Film movement constantly pushing the edge.

      But lets face it, Axanar was the tipping point and even if they were likely to reach a settlement after all the effort the Axanar crew & fans have put forth to hurting CBS/Paramount and the Star Trek brand It not likely it would be in any form recognizable as Star Trek and not what we pledged for.

    32. Missing avatar

      David Lein on July 14

      Maybe he is negotiating with Paramount to get an exemption from the new fan film rules. At least that is what I'm hoping.

    33. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on July 11

      If you were staring down the barrel of over half a million in refunds of money you probably already spent on non-reward related "expenses" for a project you advertised as requiring 3 months to fulfill and being done 18 months ago you'd probably be incommunicado as well.

      If you look back at the Axanar sites blogs on crowdfunding they spend a lot of time talking about how to maximize the money you bilk people for, but NONE on actually fulfilling the rewards.

      The comments made seem to indicate that Alec was assuming this was all free money and missed the bit about actually having to fulfill the rewards or refund.

    34. Ed Davidson on July 8

      Well troopers, looks like Axanar Productions and the leader of our little adventure is AWOL. Yes, the same guy who promised to be completely transparent with his KS ventures, has gone completely dark. There has been zero activity on the Axanar Productions "daily Captain's log" since May 20, the "contact us" page has disappeared, and there is no response or follow-ups to posts on Twitter, Facebook or other SM. To say the Captain and his crew have abandoned ship, leaving their passengers to fend for themselves, would probably be too kind.

    35. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on July 7

      I expect it would have been a good film, if it had been done the right way.

      But at this point he cost to Star Trek as a whole and the fans is too great.

    36. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on July 7

      For what it is worth; I still want to watch the film.

    37. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on June 30

      You should get one of these

      "Greetings from Amazon Payments,

      Thank you for contacting us regarding your transaction XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      Dispute for this transaction cannot be filed as the time period to file a dispute for the above transaction has lapsed. Therefore, we kindly request you route the reimbursement for this transaction through your credit card issuing company and file a chargeback. Your credit card issuer will provide more information about reimbursement for this transaction.

      Thank you for your understanding in this matter and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.


      Dispute Specialist
      Amazon Payments"

      How much of an assache it is from there will depend on your individual credit card company.

      But given that nothing has been shipped and its not likely anything will ever be shipped it should eventually resolve in our favor.

      Its just kind of scummy that everyone would have to do this because one person has decided to cheat 8,548 backers and all of Star Treks fanbase for his own selfish, egotistical, greedy, ILLEGAL purposes.

    38. Louis L. on June 29

      I don't know how likely Amazon payments will give refunds, i just read that Kickstarter's stance is they don't offer refunds and it's upto the creator to do so directly. and you know their stance, they're not offering refunds either. So i guess everyone's pooched unless something can be done. aka either the film is made, or they actually offer refunds to the backers because they were unable to achieve the project.

    39. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on June 27


      I do not believe this was ever intended to be a scam.

      I'm not even convinced they were lying as much as "presenting the project in the most optimistic light possible" and being vague enough to give them an out if things gt delayed.

      However, after they started exceeding there funding goals and started dreaming bigger and bigger they forgot that we didn't donate a pile of money to keep them employed for the next five years, we gave them an interest free loan to be repaid with a movie, patches & a tshirt to be released 16 or so months ago.

      What is far more concerning is that even now they are trying to get the fans to hurt CBS/Paramount and Star Trek as a whole for there own greedy, selfish purposes.

    40. Justin Alexander on June 26

      I wish I could say I was surprised that the scammers and liars of the Axanar project haven't shown up to explain how they're going to handle the fact that they're legally incapable of fulfilling the rewards.

    41. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on June 25

      Oddly enough I find the Guidelines "reasonable" for an amateur fan film.

      But then Axanar was never intended to be a "fan film".

      From recent conversations with Alec Peters Axanar Productions does not do refunds, does not have any sense of ethical or moral behavior and considers anyone who asks for a refund to be a bully.

      At this point I suspect your best bet is to contact Amazon Payments and then your credit card company and request a refund through them.

      Keep in mind the original KS page tells us "the 90-minute Axanar feature will take about 3 weeks and cost roughly between $650,000 and $ 750,000 (The budget is in process based on learnings from the Prelude to Axanar budget, so I would expect the budget to climb)." and delivery of the finished product was scheduled for December of 2014, which was long before the lawsuit happened.

      While I like the premise of Axanar and I think given the chance they would have done an admirable job have to say I find there current suggestions on there blog page encouraging people to collude to commit fraud against the legal license holder in an effort to blackmail / bully them into allowing Axanar to basically Pirate the Star Trek License extremely distasteful and I suspect blatantly illegal.

      These are NOT good people. They are looking to get real Star Trek fans to do there dirty work, endangering the future of Star Trek as a whole, in order so they can continue to raise a bundle of money for a project they said would be done nearly 18 months ago, to which as far as I can tell they haven't even started filming.

    42. Geoff Scott on June 23

      So no tunic from the first Kickstarter ���

    43. James Gwinnell on June 23

      You cannot deliver the project as promised based on existing guidelines as supplied by CBS. I want a refund issued as per the Terms of Service you agreed to when created this project on Kickstarter.

    44. David Haig on June 23

      I, too, would like to know how to request a refund. The guidelines posted by CBS / Paramount appear to completely negate any hope of this project seeing completion.

    45. Tom Ryan on June 23

      new guidelines released.
      you guys had to keep pushing didn't you?
      you were in the wrong but you just had to keep pushing.
      you just killed the entire fan-film community for Star Trek...horrible.
      I want my money can no longer complete this movie under these guidelines.

    46. Missing avatar

      David Lein on June 17

      Hi. Any word on what is really happening? I hear conflicting stories where the lawsuit is still on and others where the lawsuit has been dropped. Also i'm interested in the star trek fan guidelines that were mention. Can you post them on the site for us to see?



    47. Patrick SAYET
      on June 12

      just came back here after some months and just realized I just gave 10$ so I'd like to know if I can up my pledge to get the Blu-ray

    48. The MOSEPH!! on May 22

      I hope the new CBS/Paramount guidelines for fan productions don't interfere too much with the final product. The concept & premise is superb.

    49. The MOSEPH!! on May 22

      Congrats, Axanar crew, on the word that CBS/Paramount is dropping the suit. Looking forward to finally seeing the film once it's done! Good luck and Godspeed.

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