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"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lu 4 days ago

      I pledged $75 to this campaign and I have yet to receive the patch that i keep reading about in other backers' comments or anything else for that matter.

    2. Louis L. 4 days ago

      Canadian credit card banks won't do charge back after 180 days I think, I already spoke to mine, Alec is a crook pure and simple and nobody is doing anything to help us

    3. Missing avatar

      James Edwards 7 days ago


      The only way to be removed is to get a refund from the creator at which point you can get kicked from the project.

      That's not happening cause Mr. Con Man Alec is not giving refunds as he is required to by the terms he agreed to when he created the kickstarter.

      If you just want your money back, you can try initiating a chargeback with your credit card vendor but Alec made sure to lie just long enough to the backers to make it unlikely they would issue one.

    4. Missing avatar

      James Edwards 7 days ago

      Kickstarter says we are entitled to a refund since he can not complete the project.

      But if you scroll down to the disclaimer they also say they won;t do a damn thing to get us that refund.

      Alec knows this and has taken advantage of it to the fullest in executing his fraudulent con.

      Unless someone is willing to fork over the $$$ to hire a lawyer and sue him he gets to steal 1.4 mil, blow it on his hooker girlfriend, a studio for a friend and a set he won't use and go right on using Gene Rodennberrys Star Trek to steal more and more money for stupid fools.

      Worst part is Paramount/CBS are more then happy to keep letting him steal from Star Trek fans, as long as he only makes 15 minute sucky "movies" instead of what was promised.

      Such is kickstarter.

      You can check his twitter account to see how little he actually thinks of his backers.

    5. Cantare on May 15

      @Louis L.

      That shouldn't surprise you. He's not being held accountable and there are no consequences to his being a crook. He squandered everyone's money and couldn't care less.

      It just amazing to see that Kickstarter has also allowed him to get away with it. The guy blew a million and a half bucks, not his own, and hasn't got a single darn thing to show for it or to point to for his donors to look at, except his gross mismanagement and deliberately squandering their money.

      The guy is a disgrace.

    6. Charlie Handy on May 13

      how do i get this piece of shit off my account?

    7. Louis L. on May 12

      Clearly they've abandoned the kickstarter and won't reply or update it since they have strayed far from this and can't even execute any of the goals set in this KS back in aug 2014.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on April 29


      They have a picture of the dead actor still listed as playing the Klingon, an actor who quit playing an admiral, plus the other actors who have most likely either moved on or *hopefully* gained the sense to not participate in such a fraudulent POS but the building pic is what sets you off?


    9. Cantare on April 28

      Isn't it ironic that this Page still uses a small snapshot of the old Ares building that no longer belongs to the guy who swindled everyone who donated to this campaign?

    10. Cantare on April 22

      If someone would like to post the Desktop site link to this feel free, but Facebook refuses to make nice with my Mobile device, so I can't get to it myself at the moment.…

    11. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on April 22

      I started watching the Leverage TV series again and having dealt with Alec and seeing him lie, cheat, steal and commit what should be criminal acts left and right and apparently getting away with it because none of the agencies our taxes pay to protect consumers from pieces of shit like Alec don't give a crap I have a totally new appreciation for the show.

      Maybe the first film Alec shoots should be a fan film based on the Leverage series with himself as the criminal they're taking down.

    12. James Gwinnell on April 20

      @James - Not much can be done about that as the landlord gets to keep the modifications done with the pledged money meant for a fan film and rewards to his property. There is a brewing Class Action Lawsuit in talks with Indiegogo / KS backers now, so that might be where this heading.

    13. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on April 20

      I'm just curious if Alec has the legal right to give the infrastructure we paid for to the owner?

      I mean if is was bought with our money, taken from us under false pretense, is it our property so is the Landlord now in possession of stolen property?

      Can we file a lien against the property to get the money back?

    14. Cantare on April 20

      A closing portion from the latest Axamonitor article about where things now stand:

      Moving Dates
      "Peters appealed to Axanar fans in the Los Angeles area to help load trucks and move out of Industry Studios on April 28-30. The scheduled move into the Atlanta facility was scheduled May 6-7. Peters asked for Atlanta volunteers to unload and move in, and noted that a team from another Star Trek fan production would be helping, too."
      "Peters promised 'food and swag for everyone who helps!' "…

      Can you believe the audacity of this guy? After blowing all the money of his donors [supposedly], he now asks for "volunteers" to help with the move to Atlanta.

      I'm sure the guy who donated his time to carpet the now defunct Ares Studios must also feel great now that all of that carpeting that he laid has now become the property of the warehouse owner rather than for the production of the 'Axanar' movie for which it was really intended.

      Alec Peters has no shame. And if anyone dares complain, he stamps his feet like a baby and begins crying that 'haters who want to see him fail' are 'out to get him' because he's done nothing wrong. It's close to three years later with absolutely nothing to show for it all, but he's done nothing wrong supposedly.

      If I were a lawyer --even if it wasn't my area of specialty-- I would make it a point to file a class action suit against this louse.

    15. Carl Norman on April 19

      It is outrageous that Alec Peters has so incompetently managed the Axanar project. The decision to lease a studio and spend donor money to modify it was a blunder. Peters started another Indiegogo campaign to fund the continued rent for this studio after exhausting the $1.4M of donor money he had from previous Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Now that Peters is basically being evicted we learn that the “improvements” to the studio will now be surrendered to the landlord.

      The Industry Studios Indiegogo campaign netted just over $22K from about 300 "supporters". This campaign fell far short of the intended goal and had the support of only a few of the thousands of supporters Peters claims to have. In the middle of the campaign Peters announced that he was leaving the studio and surrendering the infrastructure mods to the landlord. He also conducted a veiled poll of the contributors to see what should be done with the campaign money.

      The actual polling data has not be released to the public with Peters claiming that the majority of donors want him to use the $22K to "cover our transition out of the that space...". Peters has announce that he will be moving the production along with the incomplete Axanar sets to Atlanta, Georgia. He claims to have already spent the $1.4M dollars donated to produce the 90 minute Axanar feature and has failed to deliver this feature.

      Many of us have expressed our concerns about how Peters has run the Axanar project only to be censored, insulted, and banned from participating in the official Axanar Facebook pages and the Axanar Blog. Peters continues to place blame for his failure on everything and everyone but himself and his lack of transparency, censorship, and hostile tactics to donors that express their genuine concern. He is unaccountable and evasive. Peters needs to be held accountable.

    16. Louis L. on April 19

      Looks like the project is now created by "Axanar Productions" instead of "Alec Peters" whatever the case may be I do want my refund on this project. Will Alec follow through? I have better chances with every other kickstarter. (Every single one)

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on April 19

      Guess he is moving his project to Atlanta per the email I just received. This project is so entertaining!

    18. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on April 13

      @BRANDON you should have gotten the rewards at the $35 level already. Supposedly the patches went out months ago.

      If you didn't get them you might try contacting Alec via kickstarters messaging system.

    19. Brandon Margicin on April 13

      Yeah, a bit sick of this waiting game. I know you've had legal stumbles and other things go down, but at this point, it's just ridiculous and a lot of it appears pretty sketchy on your part. Many things that should have been in place prior to taking our money were never done and it has had a cascading effect of delaying the project. It's already over 2 years past the delivery date. I know I'm only in it for $35, but would really like that back so I could reinvest it in a project that actually delivers upon its promises.

    20. Carl Norman on April 11

      Cantare, Access to the Donors Only Forum is something that is listed as something donors on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I ask for my access to be restored because it is something that I should have as a donor. If they continue deny me access then I should receive a refund. My being denied access to the pages is simply because I asked questions and expressed concerns, as I have here and on the Indiegogo campaign comments section. According to Peters I was removed because of "rude behavior". That is nonsense and is just his excuse to be able to silence me as he has to many others. If you disagree with him or ask difficult questions that he is not interested in answering you are labelled a "moron", a "hater", and a "trouble-maker". You don't get answers to your questions, your concerns are ignored, and prevents you from being able to participate in any discussion on the pages and sites he controls. When discussion occurs on other internet sites that he does not control he sends his sycophant goon squad to fight or he uses a nom de plume, hiding his identity, but makes the same arguments as Alec Peters has on other pages. One only needs to view the video interviews of Peters himself on Trekzone or listen to the interviews of people who have worked with him who are now estranged to realize that this censorshp and attack protocol is a regular thing with Peters. I fully realize he won't ever grant me access to the pages again because he is afraid and can't defend his actions, his mis-management, and his incompetence. I also doubt I will truly ever see a refund because he has squandered and spent all the donor money and failed to produce what was promised in all the crowd source campaigns. I donated money and that was my mistake. All I have to show for it is some $3 patches and a few PDF files. The best we can hope for is that Alec Peters is fully exposed for what he has done and failed to do so that he can no longer be allowed to disappoint ever again.

    21. Cantare on April 11

      Carl, you should be demanding a refund and that's all.

      It's abundantly clear at this point that Peters squandered everyone's money, and that he's also sitting on a pile of what remains that's been tucked away and hidden somewhere in all likelihood, and that the guy has no remorse for what he's done and how he's broken trust with the people who donated to his project. Therefore, forget about getting your access restored in places that really shouldn't matter to you at this point. Alec Peters is a Crook, and he couldn't care less about your outrage and being upset by what he's done. In fact, he'll silence you simply because he doesn't care and isn't interested in what you have to say about what has happened and what he's done. That's why going after him legally is the alternative everyone here should be pursuing, but aren't apparently.

      So this guy will keep laughing behind our backs and keep banning people from his forums because he can get away with it since no one is stopping him, or is even attempting to do so.

      About the only upside I can see here is that hopefully he's destroyed whatever reputation he might otherwise have had ...although from what I've heard, his reputation with his prop business was already pretty much crap even before he came up with this whole BS Axanar scheme.

      But hopefully his name is Mudd now, which is as it should be.

    22. Charlie Handy on April 10

      I'm going to make my own Axanar, with black jack and hookers. In fact, forget the Axanar.

    23. Carl Norman on April 10

      I was banned from both the Axanar Donors Only Forum page and the Axanar Fan Page for posting the following:

      "How is turning over the studio, complete with assets paid for by Axanar donors "moving at warp speed"? Moving where?
      So, the studio is being vacated by Axanar Productions which used donor money to pay the rent for the past couple of years and Axanar Productions is going to turn over assets purchased by donation money to the landlord. Axanar will not be made at the studio and the sets, also paid for by donation money, will be moved to an as yet undetermined location. Those who have contributed to the current Indiegogo campaign for Industry Studios will now be offered refunds. Those of us who donated to Axanar get no opportunity for a refund as the money was spent on rent for a studio that will never be used for Axanar, on assets that will be provided to the landlord, and on sets that will be moved somewhere else. Do I have all of these details correct?"

      I sent e-mail to Alec Peters and the Support address at Axanar productions asking why I was banned. The response I received said I was banned because I violated forum rules for "rude behavior". Nothing in my post there, which was also posted here on Kickstarter, was rude in any way, shape, or form.

      Apparently if you have serious concerns and ask serious questions that is considered being "rude". This is outrageous. The censorship and strong-arm tactics indicate a desire to silence any perceived dissent. I demand that my access to the pages be restored or that I be given a complete refund.

    24. Carl Norman on April 9

      I have suddenly been denied access to the Axanar Donors Only Forum on Facebook. Access to this page was part of the packages i donated for with both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Please restore my access or refund me my total donation amounts.

    25. Carl Norman on April 7

      How is turning over the studio, complete with assets paid for by Axanar donors "moving at warp speed"? Moving where?

      So, the studio is being vacated by Axanar Productions which used donor money to pay the rent for the past couple of years and Axanar Productions is going to turn over assets purchased by donation money to the landlord. Axanar will not be made at the studio and the sets, also paid for by donation money, will be moved to an as yet undetermined location. Those who have contributed to the current Indiegogo campaign for Industry Studios will now be offered refunds. Those of us who donated to Axanar get no opportunity for a refund as the money was spent on rent for a studio that will never be used for Axanar, on assets that will be provided to the landlord, and on sets that will be moved somewhere else. Do I have all of these details correct?

    26. Tom Ryan on April 7

      once again I demand a refund...the latest update is that they cannot make ANY sort of movie.

    27. Cantare on March 29

      You're absolutely right, James ...Alec isn't Garth of Izar. He is indeed Harry Mudd. I even think "Mudd the First" has an appropriate ring to it.

      It truly boggles the mind. I can't believe there are still that many suckers out there to have brought him up to 17k presently in his latest scheme to swindle even more money out of the remaining dupes out there. How can going on three years go by with absolutely nothing to show for it, with all the money that was raised, squandered, wasted and lost, and there still be a bunch of idiots out there willing to plunk down and waste even more of their cash? What the hell universe are we living in that a guy like him can do all that he has done, with it now being abundantly clear that the whole thing has been nothing more than an ongoing scam and sham to keep lining his pockets, and yet people are still willing to throw away even more of their money on him and this whole farce?

      Charles Ponzi would be proud seeing all this, for heaven sake.

    28. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 27

      But, But Alec SWEARS we are going to get our rewards just like he promised.

      Jesus is gonna resurrect Richard Hatch cause Alec needs him to do the movie and God herself will smite the evil non-believers CBS/Paramount into relenting on the settlement cause no matter how many times I point out he can't fulfill the rewards with a dead actor, one who quit and the settlement terms not allowing him to do a 90 minute movie he insists he won't do refunds because he is going to complete the rewards to everyone's satisfaction.

      Of course that has to take a back seat cause he needs to bilk another $200,000 out of the Faith Fools who have drunk the Holy Kool Aid of Axanar to pay the rent on the studio he duped the Faith Fools out of~ $1.6 million to build without soundproofing and last I heard insufficient and non-code wiring.

      Then of course we'll have to kick in another $1 mil or 2 to rebuild the studio after the Holy Pilgrimage of Axanar to someplace with cheaper rent.

      Finally after all the trials and tribulations, and another million or two the Faith Fools will be rewarded with two shitty 15 minute videos in lieu of the 90+ minute professional product we were promised.

      Nope. Even wrapped up in all the religious dogma and language this still sounds like a steaming pile of excrement doesn't it?

      I seriously think Alec shouldn't be playing Garth of Izar but Alec Fenton Mudd, cause hes a con man, a liar, a cheat with no morals or ethical values and his name is Mudd.

    29. Louis L. on March 27

      I doubt anyone wants to buy my share of stuff lol … what a joke

    30. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 24

      BTW: If anyone is interested in the

      Receive all of the rewards up to $ 75 PLUS you get the all new limited edition black USS Ares T-shirt. Printed on the back is the USS Ares patch, and the ships spearhead design on the front.

      Pledge I will happily sell mine so I can be done with this.

    31. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 24

      I saw your comment and I saw it disappear.

      I find it odd that the Indiegogo seems to have more comments deleted by Alec then actually actually allowed.

      I also find it odd that the entire "problem" with Axanar's fan base is 12-15 people. If that were the case refunds, which are required as per the kickstarter terms Alec agreed to would seem to be a far simpler way to end the "rebellion"

    32. Stephen Fender on March 24

      For those interested in the Indiegogo campaign "Origins documentary perks", the interview between Alec, Rob, John, and myself about the Four Years War are a year old. They will not be "new", and to the best of my knowledge the post-production work on them should have been done months ago.

      I will say that the views and opinions of this creator have changed over the course of the year, and I'm not super happy about my inclusion in the Indiegogo thing.

    33. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 20

      Complaint filed with Indiegogo.

      Anyone know who to contact at CBS/Paramount?

      My understanding is that Alec is not allowed to crowdfund any star trek related projects, yet everything about his new Indiegogo is star trek related.

    34. Rache Bartmoss on March 20

      What a scam! I cannot believe that they are asking for more money with how this went down.

    35. Tom Ryan on March 20

      (misread the future crowds sourcing as a change in what the past crowd sourcing was about)
      Doing another crowd sourcing campaign when you have not come close to completing the Axanar one is even more insulting.
      I demand a refund

    36. Tom Ryan on March 20

      I demand a refund. Alec Peters is now saying the crowd sourcing was for the studio and not the film.

    37. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 18

      Well, complaint filed with Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

      Doubt they'll do much good, but its worth a shot that they'll at least have some shred of morality and not allow Alec to continue this fraudulent campaign by switching platforms.

    38. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 18

      I'd submit a ticket to kickstarter reminding the that he owes use refunds and ask them to remind him of that fact and point out that any money he draws in from a new campaign should go to us first before he wastes another dime on the studio he stole money from us to build.

    39. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 18

      Indiegogo doesn't police there projects so I doubt they'll have any issue with this.

      More importantly Indiegogo gives you the money even if you don't reach your crowdfunding goal.

      Kickstarter requires you to fulfill the rewards (something Alec doesn't understand) so you have to start with a high enough goal to be able to do so (something else Alec didn't understand) or you don't get anything because unless your using kickstarter in a manner that violates there policies (something Alec does a lot of) you can't finish the project unless you meet your funding goal and have to refund the backers (something Alec still doesn't understand) so kickstarter just does it for you if you don't meet the goal by canceling everything.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on March 18

      Darn this needs an edit button. No defraud isn't the right word as that's not what they're trying to do and I don't believe was ever their intention. Maybe people do wish to fund the studio, that's their choice, but the fact that they can't deliver on the previous perks should be highlighted to the Indiegogo campaign website.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on March 18

      I suggest everyone here contacts Indiegogo to inform them about their new campaign to use their website to defraud people. Be polite about it and include links to all campaigns so they can review (both Kickstarter's and the previous Indiegogo) and point out that they are not legally able to provide the perks of their committed campaigns due to legal reasons and as a result shouldn't be able to open a new campaign as it's only defrauding the contributors.

    42. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 17

      @Jason if you're referring to the catan stuff I'd say Kickstarter should be renamed Kickscammer.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jason W. Levy on March 17

      Beware of Kickstarters that are created to fund previous Kickstarters. I just had one that I backed fall apart!

    44. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 13

      @Cantare from what I've read he is crowdfunding the studio, not the film, in an effort to avoid CBS/Paramount.

      However, he would at that point be doing a second Kickstarter campaign to provide the rewards of the first.

      I wonder if he is aware the bottom of each kickstarter page has a "report this kickstarter" button on it?

      At the very least his campaign will serve as a useful test of just how fraudulent Kickstarter is.

    45. Cantare on March 12


      Yes, I know. I happened upon this website late last night:

      ...and learned about their looking to do another fundraiser. This guy has no shame WHATSOEVER. NONE.

      Anyway, I take most people here are probably already familiar with the Page link above. However, if you aren't, I would look beyond that first post by Christine Rideout about the "Short Story Competition" that Alec Peters the Crook is looking to launch and to the other posts that follow below. It's mind-boggling.

      I haven't even checked my email account that gets the Axanar and Kickstarter updates yet (I don't check that account regularly or frequently), but is this Nut actually looking to get sued by CBS and Paramount AGAIN?

      What an attention whore.

    46. Justin Alexander on March 12

      Holy crap, guys. The Axanar scam artists are actually trying to launch another Kickstarter. (They've sent out e-mail updates to backers they haven't cut off yet.)

    47. Cantare on March 11

      I had never donated to a Star Trek fan film prior to this Kickstarter for Axanar, and I only donated to one Trek fan film afterward, and I'm not sorry I did with respect to that other project.

      However, as a result of this experience, I hereby vow to never donate to any other Kickstarter project from this point on, EVER.

      Kickstarter management may be content to just sit on their hands following this debacle without so much as even leaning on Peters in the slightest with respect to his either delivering on his promises to his donors, or providing them with refunds of their money instead if he can't, but I for one will never patronize this website again as a result of how this has all turned out.

      Their guidelines are clear: either produce what you told your donors you would do, or issue them refunds if you cannot. Since they provide no enforcement of this policy whatsoever, making donations to any project they help to fund is too great of a risk in my personal opinion, so I therefore will not take any such foolhardy chances again in the future with them and this site.

    48. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 7


      Because Alec Peters is a Con Man and I believe in order to show he was not making a profit off Axanar during the lawsuit he did a lot of shenanigans to hide the money trail. That's why his independent financial review people can't finish there review (remember the promise of financial transparency promised during the kickstarter?) which if Alec had kept the records needed to provide transparent financials should have taken a week maybe?

    49. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on March 7

      I wonder if Ryan Grepper and Alec Peters are friends?

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