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"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
8,548 backers pledged $638,471 to help bring this project to life.

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      James Edwards 2 days ago

      BTW: If anyone is interested in the

      Receive all of the rewards up to $ 75 PLUS you get the all new limited edition black USS Ares T-shirt. Printed on the back is the USS Ares patch, and the ships spearhead design on the front.

      Pledge I will happily sell mine so I can be done with this.

    2. Missing avatar

      James Edwards 2 days ago

      I saw your comment and I saw it disappear.

      I find it odd that the Indiegogo seems to have more comments deleted by Alec then actually actually allowed.

      I also find it odd that the entire "problem" with Axanar's fan base is 12-15 people. If that were the case refunds, which are required as per the kickstarter terms Alec agreed to would seem to be a far simpler way to end the "rebellion"

    3. Stephen Fender 3 days ago

      For those interested in the Indiegogo campaign "Origins documentary perks", the interview between Alec, Rob, John, and myself about the Four Years War are a year old. They will not be "new", and to the best of my knowledge the post-production work on them should have been done months ago.

      I will say that the views and opinions of this creator have changed over the course of the year, and I'm not super happy about my inclusion in the Indiegogo thing.

    4. Missing avatar

      James Edwards 6 days ago

      Complaint filed with Indiegogo.

      Anyone know who to contact at CBS/Paramount?

      My understanding is that Alec is not allowed to crowdfund any star trek related projects, yet everything about his new Indiegogo is star trek related.

    5. Rache Bartmoss 7 days ago

      What a scam! I cannot believe that they are asking for more money with how this went down.

    6. Tom Ryan 7 days ago

      (misread the future crowds sourcing as a change in what the past crowd sourcing was about)
      Doing another crowd sourcing campaign when you have not come close to completing the Axanar one is even more insulting.
      I demand a refund

    7. Tom Ryan 7 days ago

      I demand a refund. Alec Peters is now saying the crowd sourcing was for the studio and not the film.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 18

      Well, complaint filed with Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

      Doubt they'll do much good, but its worth a shot that they'll at least have some shred of morality and not allow Alec to continue this fraudulent campaign by switching platforms.

    9. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 18

      I'd submit a ticket to kickstarter reminding the that he owes use refunds and ask them to remind him of that fact and point out that any money he draws in from a new campaign should go to us first before he wastes another dime on the studio he stole money from us to build.

    10. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 18

      Indiegogo doesn't police there projects so I doubt they'll have any issue with this.

      More importantly Indiegogo gives you the money even if you don't reach your crowdfunding goal.

      Kickstarter requires you to fulfill the rewards (something Alec doesn't understand) so you have to start with a high enough goal to be able to do so (something else Alec didn't understand) or you don't get anything because unless your using kickstarter in a manner that violates there policies (something Alec does a lot of) you can't finish the project unless you meet your funding goal and have to refund the backers (something Alec still doesn't understand) so kickstarter just does it for you if you don't meet the goal by canceling everything.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on March 18

      Darn this needs an edit button. No defraud isn't the right word as that's not what they're trying to do and I don't believe was ever their intention. Maybe people do wish to fund the studio, that's their choice, but the fact that they can't deliver on the previous perks should be highlighted to the Indiegogo campaign website.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on March 18

      I suggest everyone here contacts Indiegogo to inform them about their new campaign to use their website to defraud people. Be polite about it and include links to all campaigns so they can review (both Kickstarter's and the previous Indiegogo) and point out that they are not legally able to provide the perks of their committed campaigns due to legal reasons and as a result shouldn't be able to open a new campaign as it's only defrauding the contributors.

    13. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 17

      @Jason if you're referring to the catan stuff I'd say Kickstarter should be renamed Kickscammer.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jason W. Levy on March 17

      Beware of Kickstarters that are created to fund previous Kickstarters. I just had one that I backed fall apart!

    15. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 13

      @Cantare from what I've read he is crowdfunding the studio, not the film, in an effort to avoid CBS/Paramount.

      However, he would at that point be doing a second Kickstarter campaign to provide the rewards of the first.

      I wonder if he is aware the bottom of each kickstarter page has a "report this kickstarter" button on it?

      At the very least his campaign will serve as a useful test of just how fraudulent Kickstarter is.

    16. Cantare on March 12


      Yes, I know. I happened upon this website late last night:

      ...and learned about their looking to do another fundraiser. This guy has no shame WHATSOEVER. NONE.

      Anyway, I take most people here are probably already familiar with the Page link above. However, if you aren't, I would look beyond that first post by Christine Rideout about the "Short Story Competition" that Alec Peters the Crook is looking to launch and to the other posts that follow below. It's mind-boggling.

      I haven't even checked my email account that gets the Axanar and Kickstarter updates yet (I don't check that account regularly or frequently), but is this Nut actually looking to get sued by CBS and Paramount AGAIN?

      What an attention whore.

    17. Justin Alexander on March 12

      Holy crap, guys. The Axanar scam artists are actually trying to launch another Kickstarter. (They've sent out e-mail updates to backers they haven't cut off yet.)

    18. Cantare on March 11

      I had never donated to a Star Trek fan film prior to this Kickstarter for Axanar, and I only donated to one Trek fan film afterward, and I'm not sorry I did with respect to that other project.

      However, as a result of this experience, I hereby vow to never donate to any other Kickstarter project from this point on, EVER.

      Kickstarter management may be content to just sit on their hands following this debacle without so much as even leaning on Peters in the slightest with respect to his either delivering on his promises to his donors, or providing them with refunds of their money instead if he can't, but I for one will never patronize this website again as a result of how this has all turned out.

      Their guidelines are clear: either produce what you told your donors you would do, or issue them refunds if you cannot. Since they provide no enforcement of this policy whatsoever, making donations to any project they help to fund is too great of a risk in my personal opinion, so I therefore will not take any such foolhardy chances again in the future with them and this site.

    19. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 7


      Because Alec Peters is a Con Man and I believe in order to show he was not making a profit off Axanar during the lawsuit he did a lot of shenanigans to hide the money trail. That's why his independent financial review people can't finish there review (remember the promise of financial transparency promised during the kickstarter?) which if Alec had kept the records needed to provide transparent financials should have taken a week maybe?

    20. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on March 7

      I wonder if Ryan Grepper and Alec Peters are friends?

    21. James Gwinnell on March 7

      Why would Jonathan Lane post that Alec doesn't own Axanar Productions when filings in California clearly show he does?

    22. Scott on March 6

      I hadn't vanished. I have been doing all the legwork to get this class action off the ground. Plus, a busy career to help pay for filing fees, and life in general.

      Sorry, I am not like Alec, where I can con people to doing he work for me, or doing it pro bono.

      And no, I have yet to receive a refund. Does anyone here honestly Alec would refund anyone? He has no money, no job, no friends to help him out. He is having a fire sale of his stuff just to pay for rent.

    23. Louis L. on March 6

      Well clearly not on my end lol, I doubt that'll ever happen

    24. Cantare on March 6


      It is interesting how Scott and the others just vanished into the ether. All this talk about gathering on Facebook to start a class action, and then "Poof!" ...Nothing.

      It's also interesting that as the two people here who said we had no interest in joining Facebook, that we have no idea what happened ...whether Scott and all the other were just big talkers were just talking big with nothing to back it up, or if Peters actually bought their silence by issuing refunds to them.

      If Peters is providing refunds to some people, but not to the vast majority of others who donated to this Kickstarter, then the people that run Kickstarter should probably be made aware of it.

    25. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 4

      @Cantare Well, technically he said he paid all that money back.

      He also says he has an independent review team (who work or have worked or are close friends of his) working on a full accounting review to justify his expenditures.

      He doesn't say one quit/was fired after he admitted to a website known to be critical of Alec that they couldn't complete the review because Alec was hiding financial records (presumably the criminal ones).

      The simple truth is that Alec Peters is a criminal. He stole over 1 mil and nothing will ever happen because being a criminal doesn't get you arrested for cases like this. It takes a person with enough cash to start a lawsuit, which will never happen because as soon as someone starts making preparations Alec buys them off with a refund and a NDA leaving the rest of us to rot.

      @Louis You could try threatening Alec with a lawsuit, pointing out that $5,000 + damages are worth the filing fee and see if that gets you a refund.

    26. Cantare on March 4

      @Louis L.

      I feel for you man, I really do. That just isn't right, and there should be repercussions for this kind of fraud.

      I take it you've already seen this article previously, but I have to imagine that it wasn't the best of days for you back when you did ...and pay particular attention to the next to last paragraph, paragraph five:

      So we were all promised a movie, and instead all of the money you donated Louis went toward funding Alec's and his girlfriend's personal lifestyle. Isn't that just great?

      And yet, Peters struts around trying to make it sound as though the settlement he agreed to with CBS and Paramount was actually a win.

      No, wasn't. You got greedy, in more ways than one, and ended up squandering everyone else's money.

      Great job.

    27. Richard N. on March 4

      Wow, I didn't notice that Richard Hatch passed away. Terrible news. :(

    28. Louis L. on March 4

      I haven't posted anything since I'm busy working. Real businesses listen to their actual customers / clients, give them refunds if they aren't satisfied, revision processes w feedback etc is also doable. Here none of that happens because no progress was really made, key players in the project are gone and I don't just mean actors, this project can not be fulfilled as with what the original kickstarter portrayed, lies and deception, false statements and getting tangled in a legal battle only makes you look bad. We are your stakeholders, we're not happy. Give us our refunds because you can not fulfill what you said you would deliver. As such I would like my $5000 back. Unfortunately I'm speaking to deaf ears. And we'll probably get some copy and paste reply like last time dodging the fact that true good businesses give refunds to customers, I've gotten them from other kickstarters that didn't meet to my expectations a year or two out past the KS & deadline window. Sad truth is I expect nothing good from here anymore. You've tainted all kickstarter and fan films.

    29. Cantare on March 4


      If that's the case I'm pretty annoyed, as I've made it abundantly clear that I want a refund of my donation as well. Peters blew his chance to make the movie he pitched to the people that donated to this Kickstarter. He lost actors, as well as technical and behind-the-scenes people that made their first effort a hit, Christian Gossett especially, established talent such as Tony Todd, Michael Hogan, not to mention Richard Hatch. He sold this project for the full movie to the people that donated here on the basis of lies and deceit, and if the people that were communicating on Facebook about starting legal proceedings on the basis of all of that simply took their own personal refunds and walked away, then they're nothing but sellouts themselves, because many thousands of people took losses on this sham of a project --some donors for very substantial sums of money. And yet Peters just continues on with the charade and the lies. It really turns my stomach. The guy has no conscience. It doesn't even bother him that his mentor who was to play a significant role in this film, and could have done so had Peters just shot the darn film when he said he would, died without a frame of that footage ever being shot.

      And I truly feel bad for the people that sunk thousands of dollars into this project, only to never see it come to fruition. I mean, read this, and tell me it doesn't make you sick too:

      He lays out definitively and without question that he cannot make the project that he promised here to people, so the only decent thing to do would be to now issue refunds to the donors that aren't happy and are no longer interested in this project --thanks to his own actions persistent overreaching no less, I might add.

      But there's nothing decent about Alec. The guy is just a crook.

    30. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on March 2

      My my got awefully quiet in here. I assume another round of payoffs went down?

    31. Missing avatar

      David Lein on February 18

      Thanks James. That makes sense. I just find it odd that out of all this time this is the first email not from kick-starter. I would have thought that this would have happened sooner not later.

    32. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on February 17

      I'm not Alec but from the terms of use no one ever bothers to read...

      "For all campaigns, Kickstarter gives to the Project Creator each Backer’s User ID and pledge amount. For successful campaigns, Kickstarter additionally gives to the Project Creator each Backer’s name and email."

      So yes, they have your e-mail, which you agreed to give them and they have the right to contact backers about the project.

      In Axenars case they corwdfunded on multiple platforms so its probably easier to send the mass spam via there own service then each individual funding platforms methods.

      I'm not fond of that, it smacks of laziness too me.

      But as long as the e-mail is project related and not like the spam mail they sent out quite a while back for some other business of Alecs they aren't breaking any rules. (Probably the first time I've ever said that. It must be the booze.)

    33. Missing avatar

      David Lein on February 17

      Did anybody else get an email from Axanar Productions with the title: Axanar Productions moves on from lawsuit | In memory of Richard Hatch | Fulfillment update ... and more!

      First how did they get my email? The only emails I should be getting are from kick-starter regarding official updates on the Axanar kick-starter page. I never signed up for their Ares digital whatever.

      I would like an explanation Alec.

    34. Carl Norman on February 16

      @James, regardless of the Youtube ads, which, in this particular case, the uploader did not monetize. I dispute that Axanar Productions can claim a copyright as a result of the settlement and fan film guidelines that they agreed to follow. Again, the epitome of hypocrisy.

    35. James Gwinnell on February 16

      @James - The guidelines do not allow any copyright takedowns. You'll see re-uploads of Horizons, Continues, etc and there are no takedown attempts. Further, neither channel had any apparent ads nor can anyone verify there was any monetizing with the channels.

    36. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on February 16

      I have no problems giving alec and axanar all the shit they deserve for the crimes they've committed, the lies they've told, the abuse they give backers and there continued disregard for the backers and the rules they agreed to when they created this kickstarter BUT I also believe they are still people (very bad people) and deserve the same rights as the rest of us, which includes the right to protect there work and the right to prevent other people from profiting off it without there permission, ESPECIALLY if such profit might negate the settlement they reached and cause them further grief.

      In short, I may believe they are assholes, but even assholes have rights.

    37. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on February 16

      @Carl You do realize that content creators generate revenue (for profit) on youtube?

      Here's a quick procedure I found to do so with like 5 seconds of google searching...

      Step 1: Enable your channel for monetization.
      Step 2: Connect your YouTube channel to an AdSense account in order to earn money and get paid for your monetized videos.
      Step 3: Take a minute to get to know the kinds of videos you can monetize and the different ad formats.

      So yes, if in fact it was posted to a monetized channel and the poster was in fact generating revenue from Axanar's work then Axanar had every right to shut them down, just as CBS had the right to shut down Axanar when they used the money to build a for profit studio.

    38. Carl Norman on February 16

      James, it was NOT posted to generate profit. It was posted to Youtube. What basis does Axanar Productions have to claim they have a copyright? The lawsuit settlement and the fan film guidelines that were dictated in the settlement state that there should be no claims to the Star Trek IP. How does Axanar Productions have a copyright?

    39. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on February 16


      I'm assuming the redux wasn't done by Axanar Productions.

      If it was posted to a channel that generates income from views / subscriptions then it would be someone using Axanars work to generate profits, i.e. a non fair-use case.

      If so Axanar is entirely within there rights to ask for a take down notice.

    40. Carl Norman on February 16

      I see that the "Redux" version has been removed from Youtube with this statement being displayed: "Prelude to ..." This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Axanar Productions, Inc.."

      I thought the terms of the settlement and the fan film guidelines prevent fan films from claiming copyrights? How can Axanar Productions claim a copyright on IP owned by someone else. And even if they did have rights? What about the "fair use" claims that were central in Peter's defense against the suit? Isn't this video edit doing the same? This really seems to be the ultimate in hypocrisy and also seems validate the concerns that CBS/Paramount had in bring the law suit.

    41. Missing avatar

      David Lein on February 16

      Hi. Yeah I saw the recut and thought it was better than the original. While it may be possible to make two 15min films, I find it hard to see it happening as one actor quit and and one passed away. I still want a refund.

    42. James Gwinnell on February 16

      Not sure if anyone has seen this but a recut of Prelude to Axanar was uploaded on to Youtube and it meets the new guideline length - link below:…

      Since the new Axanar film will require it to be cut down to 2-15 minute episodes, this goes to show that it might be possible to meet the guidelines and still deliver on quality we expected (actors that would appear is still a big question). That said, the main issue still being that what the project was supposed to be has drastically changed. In that situation, I would still want my money returned.

    43. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on February 15

      @Axanar ETA on refunds?

    44. Missing avatar

      David Lein on February 12

      Thanks for the info James :)

    45. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on February 11

      There is an article on it over on axamonitor. I've copied a quote below.

      In an interview on the Mortis podcast, Todd explained he was initially not interested in the role, and only took it after being convinced by Prelude to Axanar director Christian Gossett, who also eventually left the project:

      It’s a very delicate situation because when they approached me about [Prelude to Axanar], I didn’t want to do it. I don’t believe in creating content and not sharing in the residual opportunity,5) which is what we do. But I had dinner with Christian Gossett, who is the director [of Prelude to Axanar], who… I could look him in the eye, and he convinced me he was going to be very professional, and it was going to take just one day of my time, and I agreed based on his influence.6) [IMDb link added]
      Asked about his departure from the project, Todd criticized Axanar’s management of the project, particularly its production delays and change of directors:

      It’s hard for me to say too much about it, but something’s not right on that ship. … I get a lot of interest, a lot of offers on my table, so people, certain people dragging their feet, I can no longer commit to that. I have got to move on. And then again, when Christian left the project, that validated my feeling.7)

    46. Missing avatar

      David Lein on February 11

      That sucks that Tony Todd quit. He is an awesome actor. I loved him in Babylon 5: A Call to Arms, Final Destination, 24, and the voice of Zoom on the Flash. Any word on why he left the production? Was it due to the lawsuit?

    47. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on February 10

      Tony Todd, Before the lawsuit.

      Which basically means 2 of the 3 actors I actually cared about are gone.

    48. Missing avatar

      on February 10

      Who quit?

    49. Missing avatar

      James Edwards on February 10


      at least one actor has quit, another died.

      The 90 minute movie is down to 2 x 15 min.

      Its evident to anyone but Mr. Delusional himself, Alec Peters, that he can not fulfill the rewards and is required to provide refunds as per Kickstarters terms, which he agreed to when he created the project.

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