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"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
"Axanar" is the story of Garth of Izar & the Battle of Axanar, a pivotal event in the history of the Federation.
8,548 backers pledged $638,471 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Larry Roux 4 days ago

      Filming in 4 segments is also much more expensive than doing it at once. By nature each fund raising will raise less and less money. If it is filmed in episodes then future episodes will be like Half Life 3 - "Coming any day now". Lets hope they don't have to break it up.

    2. Creator Steve Hanna 4 days ago

      Yes but thats pretty unrealistic. And it's unfair to everyone that this project has changed from a fan film that was almost fully funded to a professional film that isn't even close to being funded. A bit of a bait and switch.

    3. Creator Richard Nielsen 4 days ago

      @Steve Or it could take another 18 days. ;-) The campaign on Indiegogo is starting to gain some traction.

      I googled "how many Star Trek fans?" An author writing about Trek fandom noted that 35 million people watched TNG every week during its first run, and he estimated that 2 million of those were "hard core fans." So there is a huge pool of people who want good Star Trek, they just need to see "Prelude to Axanar" so they can become aware of the quality that Ares Studios can produce. (I like to think that there are thousands of people out there who want to donate at the Blu Ray perk level, they just don't know it yet).

      My takeaway from the math is that if we share Prelude with enough other fans who love Star Trek, then this time next year we will be just a few weeks away from seeing something truly special.

    4. Creator Steve Hanna 5 days ago

      So there's not going to be a movie until you raise ANOTHER 1.3 million? It could take years to raise all that.

    5. Creator Axanar Productions on July 20

      The vast majority of people seem to like all the information we serve up. And no, we don't ever call, nor imply that donors are "idiots". Quite the contrary, we value our donors and most donors consider this one of the best projects they have ever backed. Certainly the most accountable and transparent (just read the Facebook comments if you have any doubt as to this statement). Yeah, we get frustrated at the few donors who pay no attention to our project for a year and then get angry because their ignorance leads them to bad assumptions or they forget what exactly we said in our Kickstarter. That isn't "ego", that is pride in one's work.

      Most fans seem to feel we communicate better than any other Kickstarter. We went a year with nothing but Kickstarter updates and some people complained about that. Too many, too few, not relevant, too much info. You can't please everyone. And you don't need to read Facebook or listen to the podcasts, we have never used those as a primary source of distributing information.

      So now we post almost exclusively on our website with daily production updates and weekly fulfillment updates (plus regular blog entries on the productions different aspects) and we will have a monthly email Newsletter. That's pretty much it. Come and get all the info you want on our website, or wait and get a summary every month. And since everything is very clearly marked as to what the article is about, you should be able to get exactly the information you want.

    6. Creator Larry Roux on July 20

      OK, everyone calm down.

      I support Axanar, and have done so in a big way. Yes, I think the original Kickstarter implied that the cost of the movie was largely covered in the funds received. At best it was contradictory, but that is a moot point. and no-one is going to win arguing the point.

      I also agree that there is a LOT of communication going out but a) it is broken into too many places and b) it is not focused on what some people care to see. And yes, some of it should never have been sent. So instead of complaining, what is the solution?

      The Facebook pages are great for getting people excited. They do what they are meant to do, but they suck for passing on real information.

      The podcasts are fun, but my life is too busy to keep up on them and while they also serve a purpose, they also are not good for passing on concrete information.

      The project pages themselves contain lots of information, but it is hard to sort through the convention/perk stuff to find info on the project itself. What is needed is a page linked off the main Axanar page that is related to the project and the project alone - ie production schedules, set progress, filming notes and that kind of thing.

      And, yes, if I had my druthers, there would be a trained relations person who knew how to handle issues a bit better than we have seen so far (ie calling your donors idiots in not-so-subtle other words). I wish the project could afford a communications expert, but it cant. So I have looked past some of the things that really got my goat and kept supporting it because I believe in the project.

      Egos are egos. You have to look past them and ask yourself is Axanar the type of Star Trek you want to see? If the answer is Yes, then support it in spite of some of the shortcomings. If not, then walk away.

    7. Creator Axanar Productions on July 20

      Thank you Richard, for so elegantly and thoroughly explaining our fundraising. Mark Haury didn't read the Kickstarter, he has just complained about things that are not based in fact. His money is being refunded.

    8. Creator Richard Nielsen on July 18

      @Mark: The studio is not a “new” goal. If you go to the Axanar Kickstarter page and scroll down to the section, “Where Your Money Goes,” the Sound Stage description reads:

      “We have two potential locations we are negotiating for to serve as our sound stage in Valencia, CA, just north of LA. This will be the permanent home of Axanar Productions and allow us to do more than just Axanar, from other adventures in the Star Trek universe and beyond. David Gerrold (author of "The Trouble with Tribbles") is already lined up to shoot his sci-fi series "Running Dark" here. First year's rent is $ 125,000. “

      Here is a link to the sound stage they said they would procure:
      Here are some links showing the sound stage renovation they said they would do:
      Here a few of the links to the set construction they said they would do:
      Here is a link to the first scene they have actually filmed:

      For those who accused Alec of going off the reservation and doing things he never said he would do, his reply was simply, “you are 100 percent wrong. Go back and read the Kickstarter.” I don’t see where he called anybody a liar.

      Regarding fulfillment of perks, here is the announcement that they are preparing to ship the patches for the Axanar donors. Also, check out the picture of how the bridge set construction is coming along.

    9. Creator Mark Haury on July 18

      ...So here, right up front, you come out and say exactly what I've been complaining about. ( ) You have totally lost sight of the original goal and instead of making the movie you promised the original two (2) Kickstarters you are concentrating on a new, long-term goal of making a studio so you can keep the money rolling in long after the original movie is old history. Except you aren't even working on Axanar, so who knows if it will ever be completed. And you have the nerve to call those of us who have been paying attention liars.

      The original "Prelude" backers are still waiting for some of their perks, and the second set of backers haven't got a single thing. Clearly you have no intention of honoring any of your promises to your backers.

      I'm still waiting for the refund you promised. That I didn't ask for but you insisted on in order to shut me up. I can't help but wonder if any of the other refunds you've so publicly promised have gone through.

      The best way to shut me up would be to follow through on even a few of the perks, most of which are not contingent on production of the film.

    10. Creator Richard Nielsen on July 17

      @ tbihlmayer: They estimated that the move to Indiegogo would save the project $35,000 in lower fees, so that more of the donor money would actually be used for the film rather than going to the crowdsourcing platform. They were all set to go with Kickstarter again, but the other site offered them a sweet deal at the last minute, according to a podcast. So, yeah, it did come off as a sudden move, and a full explanation was only in a podcast (as far as I can tell).

      I agree with you on the quantity vs quality of the info, as not everyone is going to listen to every podcast. “The signal is getting lost in the noise,” as the saying goes. I don’t know what the best solution to that is. One option could be to have an update to donors that acknowledges some of the concerns that have been expressed and then answers the most common questions. In addition to that, those of us who are geeky enough to have listened to all the podcasts, etc. should share (here, and in other forums) relevant information that the more casual donors are not seeing.

    11. Creator tbihlmayer on July 17

      after reading some of the comments below i have to admit, i now get the whole picture. but i'm still wondering why there is so much communication from the team sent out, but there was no clear indication why it was necessary to start a second campaign or why it's on another platform (which IMHO looked like they wanted to hide something). so it's more an information flood than quality information. nevertheless, bad budgeting can happen and mistakes are made to be learned from. so go on guys, but keep this in mind please, that you irritated and upset a lot of people by mistake...

    12. Creator Rich on July 16

      Wow! Thank you very much Richard Nielsen and not because my name is Rich :). I have been following the comments here and have really wanted to chime in and say something. After reading your comments I do not feel the need to say much other than "well said". I also recognize people will get nervous, and have a right to, but I too think Alec Peters and the entire project has been well discussed. I hope we can start looking forward to the excitement and high quality of the project we all dearly want to see come to life. and when that days comes have a good sense that we were confident with this dedicated and professional team.

    13. Creator Richard Nielsen on July 16

      There have been some negative comments about Alec Peters and the Axanar Kickstarter that I think are off the mark. I have backed 44 projects on KS, so I have seen my fair share of “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” and I have to say that Axanar is the most favorite project that I have backed.

      I believe that the confusion and bad feelings that some have expressed are a result of the impression of “we did it—mission accomplished” colliding with the reality of “We didn’t quite do it.” I initially also had the sense that there was a disconnect, and that something didn’t quite add up. I took Alec’s advice to “Go back and read the Kickstarter,” and I am now satisfied that everything is above board and that he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

      While the KS goal was $100,000, it is clearly spelled out that pre-production would cost more than that. Alec specifically said he didn’t expect to raise all the money needed in this campaign, so those familiar with Kickstarter’s “all or nothing” premise understand why he picked a goal that he was reasonable sure he could achieve in this first fundraiser for the full-length feature. For the actual estimates of various pre-production costs, you can to scroll down to the section that says, “Where your money goes.” The costs for Set Construction, Sound Stage, Sound Stage Renovation, and Axanar Pre-production Costs all add up to $404,000 of donor money. (At the end of each item Alec notes how much needs to be donated in light of KS taking ten percent, Amazon processing fees, and perk fulfillment.)

      Those of you who follow Axanar’s many updates know that each of the four pre-production items mentioned above cost more than their initial estimates. In addition, the estimate for production costs was too low, and the KS page explicitly says the Production Costs are “a very rough estimate done before we even shot Prelude to Axanar.” Given that this KS was not expected to raise enough money to cover production costs, there seems to have been no effort at that time to refine that projection beyond “a very rough estimate.” Clearly there were more immediate priorities, as Alec was essentially functioning as a one-man band to organize the KS campaign. Also note that Prelude came in way over budget, so Alec’s “very rough estimate [of the feature’s Production Cost] done before we even shot Prelude to Axanar” is almost certainly a case of over optimism rather than some kind of evil scheme.

      Donors willing to consider all the facts have the opportunity to engage in a productive conversation about a rather complicated venture. And if a donor remains deeply unhappy, Alec has offered refunds. I have never seen another KS do that. Ever. That suggests to me that he is an honorable man.

      Peace. LLAP.

    14. Creator Mark Haury on July 15

      What part ofof "This first [$100,000] Kickstarter will be for the sound stage and set construction. Anything over what we need for that will be applied to the feature production costs." is unclear?

      "Feature production costs" does NOT mean "fund trips to conventions." It does NOT mean "merchandising and PR." It means "do actual work on producing the film", and also " fulfill our promises to our Kickstarter backers.

    15. Creator Lord Orome on July 15

      All the best. Cannot wait. I know the people at Axanar are creating something special.

      One question. Why are some of the estimated delivery dates in 2014 ?

    16. Creator Tom Ryan on July 14

      I have zero problem with this film running late.
      I do have a problem with a second fundraiser on a different crowdfunding site after we gave you 6X the amount of money you needed.
      I do have a problem with you oddly abrasive treatment of backers who have concerns.
      "If you read the Kickstarter you knew exactly what you were funding. We are totally upfront. Go read the Kickstarter."
      that is treating your backers like we are idiots. We are not. I gave you $65 towards the full Axanar film and my rewards are the special edition of the DVD and all the previous levels rewards.
      Now you have ANOTHER funding period...and the rewards the very least they are rewards that were never offered to the first group of backers.
      I think we have a legitimate reason to feel frustrated.

    17. Creator Michael Trollan on July 14

      Have to agree with Adam here, it's easy to see why people are confused.

      Things which cause confusion:
      -The campaign title is "Star Trek: Axanar".
      -The campaign description says "This Kickstarter is for the full-length feature Axanar."
      -The $25 reward is "a digital download of Axanar."
      -The next line says "the 90-minute Axanar feature will take about 3 weeks and cost roughly between $650,000 and $750,000", and $638,471 was raised.

      If you missed this one line, you'd have no idea it was for a set:
      -"This first [$100,000] Kickstarter will be for the sound stage and set construction. Anything over what we need for that will be applied to the feature production costs."

      This equates to a "read the fine print" scenario, and definitely will result in frustrated supporters. It should be considered for future crowdfunding if the third(!) fundraiser doesn't meet the again-in-the-fine-print $1,320,000 of additional funding needed.

      It's hard NOT to think this is done on purpose, knowing that users won't want to just fund the set. And it's definitely not hard to see why donor after donor has this same confusion.

    18. Creator Axanar Productions on July 14

      Adam: If you read the Kickstarter you knew exactly what you were funding. We are totally upfront. Go read the Kickstarter. We said very clearly we were first funding getting a studio, retrofitting it, building sets and pre-production.

    19. Creator Mark Heber on July 12

      What percentage of movies come in under budget? Not many. When a production takes years costs can skyrocket. I know we live in a society of instant gratification but really. If this works it will change the way movies are made. Patience and anticipation. Alec and the Ares crew have set themselves a challenge that none of the big studios were willing to touch. I am confident that the payoff will be worth the wait.

    20. Creator Helmut Lindermann on July 12

      @Adam Mann
      If it fails, its bad all around. No one will get to see the movie or the dvd as a reward. Its entirely your choice to fund the new campaign or not. I personally will wait and see for the time being. At the moment only a quarter of the people have supported the film on indiegogo and they need actually a lot more supporters than before. If it takes many kickstarters, then its a time problem, after a year the rent has to be paid again for the studio, eating away the much needed funds for making the movie and they risk losing support. if the indiegogo funding is not enough for a moviequality film, maybe it's back to a fan film budget to make the movie, no matter what. At the end of the new campaign we will know more in which direction the axanar team and the movie goes.

    21. Creator Adam Mann on July 12

      Lets see, the title of this Kickstarter is Star Trek: Axanar. Regardless of the description, this means this kickstarter is to fund the Axanar project. Instead, we are starting up Axanar Productions' studio. So why didn't you title this according to what you are funding, the studio.

      Let me be simple about this method of funding and planning, I pray it all fails so you have to answer for your deceptions. You should not expect any of these 8,548 donors to contribute any more support as we already did. If you didn't intend to produce the feature with this kickstarter, then DON'T offer the feature as a reward.

    22. Creator Nathan Fieldhouse on July 11

      Thanks I have got a reply much appreciated :-)

    23. Creator Axanar Productions on July 11

      Nathan: The correct email is, and I can assure you every email sent there is personally answered by Diana.

    24. Creator Nathan Fieldhouse on July 11

      I am not overly happy with the Indiegogo funding, I sent an e-mail to which I received no reply asking for clarification on the Bluray. I funded for the Bluray on KS and paid for the freight. Now on the new funding there is a bluray with a completely different description (its ok to change things but please make clear), looking at the new perks I thought the CD would be good but I have to pay for freight again? You need to think things through fully if you really want our continued support.

    25. Creator Keli'i T. Ke on July 11

      Hi, I pledged to the primary Axanar fundraiser on Indiegogo and am excited to help make Trek history with financially contributing to the creation of this film. However when I originally contributed, it was during the private two day invite period only and it may or may not have gone through so I pitched in again after all the lights and electricity in our town came back on again but after the two day period. Is it possible to ensure that I get the Cygnus Veteran patch as well? (If not than that's ok.)

    26. Creator Steven Uy on July 11

      Dear Creator, please STOP YELLING IN CAPS. Thanks =)

    27. Creator Helmut Lindermann on July 11

      I have this strange sensation, regardless of all the Information and, well, Reality, what stuck in my mind after the end of this kickstarter is "this movie is almost funded, whoohoo." so the Budget for the whole movie was at first 650.000$ and up. when we raised over 680.000 $, it was for me emotionally like we are almost there. that feeling didn't change, even after all the updates, sorry. now axanar needs additional 1,3 Million to get made at all. Thats a large amount and a really tall order. the number of backers has at least to double. on Veronica Mars we raised 5,7 millions, but we were over 91.000. the reality is, compared to that, the nummer of backers for axanar are somewhat small. if the number of backers stay at 8.500 that would mean that the average pledge had to climb from 75 $ to 160 $. again a tall order to increase the average like that, especially when the Prelude to axanar video was way more gripping for backers new and old than the indigogo one. Prelude to axanar was a masterpiece of a presentation in my opionion. People talking about politics don't get scifi fans excited (anyone remember the senate hearings in Star Wars episode 1? me nether and don't pretend you didn't watched it;). in my opinion there needs to be a "Prelude to axanar oh my god this is beyond awesome" moment, to get a lot more new backers. yes, to Star Trek Fans like us the Federation is really important, but space and adventure are just fun and thats what People get really excited about and motivated (no man's sky anyone? can't wait for that game:) sorry for the ramble. end of transmission.

    28. Creator Mark Heber on July 11

      Did you guys contribute to get the perks or to help make a really good Star Trek movie? Personally, I want the movie. The perks will arrive when they arrive.

      If you don't like Indiegogo, don't donate.

    29. Creator Axanar Productions on July 10

      DONORS: If you need ACTION, we have a dedicated customer support person in Diana Kingsbury. Her full time job is answering questions. Please DO NOT post here, but email her at

    30. Creator Axanar Productions on July 10

      @John Vanderbeck

      1) We don't make our movie production schedule based on our perk delivery schedule. We have $ 15,000 a month in fixed expenses, and it behooves us to be smart about how long we take on projects.

      The Prelude Blu-ray/DVD went to press yesterday, and so should be in our studio in two weeks and fully delivered to all donors within 45 days.

      The Axanar Blu-ray, well, that can't be made until after the movie. So your solution to wait until we deliver perks doesn't work there.

      2) Sorry you don't like Indiegogo. They accept PayPal, rather than forcing us through a crappy system like Amazon payments. Plus they gave us a way better deal. It is a business decision.

      @Rob Fabian, maybe you have a suggestion for a perk at $ 25 or below that you find worthwhile.

      @Mark Haury, you are 100% wrong. The Kickstarter clearly states the same thing we state everywhere else, that in order to do the film, we needed to get a warehouse, convert it to a studio, build sets and do pre-production. We said that in the Kickstarter and we have said it over and over in updates, blog posts and more.

      @Helmut That is correct, costs for everything we did were much higher than expected. Thus the studio, which we budgeted at $125,000, cost $ 182,000. The renovations, budgeted at $ 50,000 will cost twice that. The sets, budgeted at $ 100,000 will cost about double. What we discovered in doing this, that there were a lot more costs than we expected. But, everything we have done has been written about through 73 updates here on Kickstarter and hundreds of blog posts, including DAILY production notes on our website What happens is people don't read anything and then they are surprised months later when they find information out. Well, we are about the most accountable and transparent Kickstarter there is. You just need to access the information.

      And a good thing to do is read the budgets we produce for every campaign so you see where the money goes.

      @Larry Roux You are 100% wrong. The last Kickstarter was NOT to fully fund the movie. Go back and read what the Kickstarter said. And the vignettes have been moved to this Fall. You will get an email from our new person in charge of the larger donors as to when things are happening.

      Again, if you follow what we do and read the updates and emails, none of this is a surprise.

      @Elizabeth Carnes, There have been numerous updates on this and you can read the latest here:

      Basically we are creating our own system and that is why gathering this info is taking so much time. We appreciate your patience.

      ALSO, we have a dedicated customer support person in Diana Kingsbury. Her full time job is answering questions. Please DO NOT post here, but email her at

    31. Creator Christopher on July 10

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    32. Creator Cantare on July 10

      @Elizabeth Carnes - The same goes for me as well. I haven't received any perks yet either and am wondering what's going on. Early on they were sending emails about verifying info, and I kept waiting for that message/link to arrive, but never saw it if it did and apparently lost track. Either way, they got my payment, my email info is in their database obviously, so I'm not pleased at the way this has gone.

      If you receive any follow-up info about this from them, please post a follow-up about it here as well.


    33. Creator Elizabeth Carnes on July 10

      I am commenting here because I feel I might have missed something. I did back the KS and get a number of emails about production and such. Did I miss the email about validating my info to receive my items? Thanks in advance and I did try to search emails and facebook. if the answer is that it is coming that is perfectly fine with me.

    34. Creator Mary Jo Sminkey on July 10

      I should clarify that yes, I know we get the Veteran patch... but that doesn't seem nearly equivalent to all the other perks for what everyone else will be getting for the first $25 of their pledge.

    35. Creator Mary Jo Sminkey on July 9

      Re: "Mary Jo: That is a very good comment. Not sure the solution though. Let us think on it!!" Some kind of additional perk for those of us that backed this project would have been nice, like throwing in a digital download of the soundtrack.

    36. Creator Mary Jo Sminkey on July 9

      Oops, actually still not sure it DOES include the patches. I posted a question over there to get some clarification. I really think it should, since anyone that got the badges would have been a previous backer and already paid for most of those perks.

    37. Creator Mary Jo Sminkey on July 9

      Well, I ended up backing at the $75 level for the signed production badges even though it seemed like that level should have included the patches as well, but I see now that it DOES! So I'm happy at least, that I won't have to pay even more for the patches too. Since I get the Veteran patches as a previous backer, I'm fairly happy with how it went, but I can certainly understand people that backed this project and didn't get in on the limited items feeling like they are having to pay twice for the same things.

    38. Creator Larry Roux on July 9

      Like many others I am extremely disappointed in the new campaign. The 2nd kickstarter was to fully fund the whole movie at around 750,000. Sure, there are cost overruns, but you need another 1.3 MILLION? MAYBE? Not to mention the continual delays. What about the promised vignettes? Something seems fishy. I wish you good luck but I wont be donating a cent more. And before you say "this was all spelled out on facebook" I dont think so. Just a lot of chat about models and busts there.

    39. Creator Helmut Lindermann on July 9

      Hm, I read the updates, listened to the podcasts and still don't understand something about the new campaign at indigogo.

      According to the kickstarter for Axanar: "This first Kickstarter will be for the sound stage and set construction. Anything over what we need for that will be applied to the feature production costs."

      indigogo campaign: full funding of each episodes (330.000 $), no mention of previous leftover funds (at least 150.000 $?).

      So, did the risen costs swallow all of the leftover funds and you need to fund each episode fully?

    40. Creator Mark Haury on July 9

      Every kind of nope. You keep moving the goalposts. The copy on this Kickstarter campaign page and the new Indiegogo campaign clearly contradict one another. It looks like you've completely lost sight of the original goal and now instead of just making your own movie you're trying to become a whole new studio for future moneymaking opportunities. I didn't support a studio, I supported a film. You won't be getting any more money from me.

    41. Creator Rob Fabian on July 8

      I have to agree with Mary Jo. I went to your Indiegogo campaign and found out that you want me to pay $35 or more for what is basically an add on to what I already paid for in this campaign. I loved Prelude, but I donated $25 here to get the download, not $25 with an option for $50 at no increased return. I'm not paying $50 for a fan film, no matter how good.

    42. Creator John Vanderbeck on July 8


      I keep up, sort of, with the KS updates only. I don't have the time to read every one but I try. As for podcasts and stuff, yeah I simply don't have the time for that and I'm not interviewing to be a PM on the show.

      Mainly my comment is to the speed with which you are moving. Yes I understand this kickstarter was for infrastructure. That is fine. I knew another would be coming *and I was fully willing to back a new one* but the problem is two fold, which I also sent in as an email to on of your team.

      Problem #1 is I think you are moving too fast. I still don't even have my **Prelude** rewards, and now you are asking for money from me a third time when I have yet to see any return on investment from the first. Why so fast? At least get the darned prelude finished.

      Problem #2 is the move from KS to IndieGoGo. Good for you that they gave you a great deal but I don't like IndieGoGo and I don't like their Flexible Funding method. Therefore I choose to back projects on KS. Prelude was here, this one was here, and I feel cheated that now you've moved.

      Lastly, though not a huge issue, I have to agree with Mary Jo. Especially when combined with the fact that we now have to donate at least $35 to keep getting our "exclusive" reward, up from $10 on this one.

    43. Creator Michael W Nelson on July 8

      Your Kickstarter is called "Star Trek: Axanar," not "Warehouse to be used at some point in the future for another campaign for even more money on a totally different site." Then you clearly claim "This Kickstarter is for the full-length feature Axanar."
      False advertising? Yes. Fraud? Judging by the constantly withheld items and your extremely defensive and abrasive responses.... we'll see.

    44. Creator Axanar Productions on July 8

      Mary Jo: That is a very good comment. Not sure the solution though. Let us think on it!!

    45. Creator Axanar Productions on July 8

      Michael and John:

      First of all, the last Kickstarter SPECIFICALLY said that it was first to fund 1) The renting of a warehouse (Est. $125,000), 2) renovation of that warehouse ($50,000), 3) building of sets ($100,000) and 4) pre-production ($50,000). It was all spelled out VERY clearly. We also said we did not know the budget for the movie, but it would be at least $ 650,000. Now, all of those costs went up because we went from a fan film to a professional movie, requiring us to hire people and pay our crews, in addition to underestimating the costs of building a studio.

      All of this has been discussed MANY times, both in our weekly UPDATES here on Kickstarter, our our podcasts, video casts and more recently, the DAILY Captain's Log on our website.

      Many donors choose not to pay any attention to all this information, which you certainly have the right to. However, then what happens is you make statements based in ignorance.

      So I would encourage you to either stay informed about everything we do, since by donating you seemed to express an interest in our project, or email me directly and I will refund your money.

      The reason for the switch to Indiegogo was covered MANY times. And John, I fail to see why you can't use Indiegogo. Part of the reason for the move is that they accept PayPal and credit cards (as well as charge us a lower fee). We moved to Indiegogo because they aggressively came after us to use their platform and gave us a much better deal. Because of the way we run our campaigns, we are highly regarded in the industry. If you read the updates we send and the information we post, you would agree.

      Alec Peters

    46. Creator John Vanderbeck on July 8

      "If you contributed at least $10 in our last campaign, AND you contribute at least $35 in THE FIRST TWO DAYS, you will get the new Axanar Veteran patch--The Cygnus Campaign--for free!
      (Every time Axanar Productions has a fundraiser, we will produce an Axanar Veterans patch featuring a different campaign in the Four Years War, as a way to say "thank you!" to our loyal fans.) "

      Since you MOVED from KS to IndieGoGo this really makes me mad. I was a firm supporter throughout your last two drives and would have supported again, and would have liked to continue getting these patches (assuming they ever actually get sent that is) but now I can't because you moved from KS to IndieGoGo.

    47. Creator John Vanderbeck on July 8

      So now you start yet a THIRD campaign, and I still don't even have my rewards from the FIRST campaign. On top of that, you move from Kickstarter to IndieGoGo. This feels very shady to me. I don't fund "flexible funding" campaigns on IndieGoGo. I very specifically choose to only fund Kickstarter projects because of the fact that you don't get any money unless you reach the goal.

    48. Creator Mary Jo Sminkey on July 8

      For me, I didn't mind that they needed to do another campaign for more funding, but I'm VERY disappointed that I would have to pay for basically the same perks up to $25, and to get patches, etc. that are excusive to the new campaign, the levels include that $25 that I basically already paid. $50 to just get the 3 new patches just seems like a really unreasonable amount to pay, I'm VERY upset that the new campaign did not take into account that many of us already are getting all the items included in the first $25 you are basically asked to pay for so many of these perks. I wanted to continue backing this project, but I am really torn because I feel these really take advantage of those of us that have supported you through the first two campaigns.

    49. Creator Michael W Nelson on July 8

      So now you've started another fundraiser campaign on a different site, asking for more money for the same product. This is looking shadier and shadier by the day.

    50. Creator Lynn Cress on July 5

      Thank you for responding offline to my research questions. Keeping up with all the donor business has to be very time consuming. I appreciate you time to help out!


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