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Screen-printed and hand-painted t-shirts and more with a taste of The Motherland (kind of like this
Screen-printed and hand-painted t-shirts and more with a taste of The Motherland (kind of like this
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Hello everyone, long time no update.

After many months of labor, anticipation and vodka, we are thrilled to announce that we have finally launched Kurochka Clothing. We couldn't have done it without you and so we are forever grateful for your generosity and support. 

For those that have no yet received their rewards, we apologize. Our order had a mishap at the printer and we had to find a new one at the last second. We submitted a new order which should be ready around this coming weekend. Look out for a package the coming week.

Thanks again from the Kurochka Team! And don't forget to check out the site:


Yana, Ellen & Tanya

Where are we?

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that we haven't fallen off the face of the earth. We had a slight setback when our printer stopped responding to our emails/phone calls last week, so now we're on the lookout for another one. So, if anyone knows of any good screenprinters in the NYC area, please leave a comment or message us.

We apologize profusely and hope to be back on track in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for understanding,

Yana & The Kurochka Team

The Smell of Ink

Hello everyone - it's been a while. Since we reached our goal, we've been busy trying to iron out the details of this little operation.

Last night, I went to a screenprinting class to check out a potential studio and get my hands dirty. Being a web designer, it felt good to create physical things with my hands. It reminded me that I'm going down the right path with Kurochka. While we will most likely leave the commercial printing in the hands of real professionals, I'm excited for all the paper and fabric we'll be handling.

We have not forgotten about your gifts and will be placing orders in the coming week. Watch out for a Kickstarter survey asking for your details soon. In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from the print shop (in case you're wondering, this design was just thrown together for testing last night. If you're in one of the relevant pledge tiers, you will be given the option of which design you want when the survey comes around):

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We've reached 100% funding! Some of you guys have funded Kickstarter projects before and have received this same kind of update. Maybe some of you have even written your own. I never have, and I'm full of all the words you typically find here: grateful, touched, humbled, excited.

I'm also anxious for all the work still to come: getting the website up and the t-shirts printed (we're looking to do that around the first week of February), getting all the logistics in order and finally launching! We're also daydreaming about the future of Kurochka - all the new products we'll be adding as well as the new designs. We will definitely send out an update soon to find out where to send your rewards.

Anyway, here's a big thank you to all of you, who have been so awesome for your generous contributions. We're really happy to have so much support for a project that's so close to our hearts!

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Personal Projects

Happy almost New Year!

As you guys know, Kurochka is a personal project for us. To be honest, I started it because I really wanted to try out the Kickstarter platform. But as it's progressed, I've become more and more attached and invested. It's become my baby. I really want to see Kurochka succeed, not only on Kickstarter, but in the future as well. It's really been a learning experience and will continue to be so as we bootstrap and do as much as we can ourselves.

I'm writing this because I recently wrote an article for Solvate (a fantastic platform for finding freelance work) about the benefits of personal projects, featuring none other than Kurochka Clothing. Check it out here: The Importance of Personal Projects For Freelancers  

In the meantime, there is a little under 2 weeks left for Kurochka funding. As is the norm, funding has plateaued a bit. You guys have been so super awesomely cool. Let's get the funding up to  100% so that you can get your rewards and we can launch this baby quicker.

Thanks again and happy new year,

The Kurochka Team