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A journal of oral history and mayhem. Featuring hot air balloon duels, street art, and things that fold into other things!
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Antelopes! Flight! Flying Antelopes!

Posted by Elisa Shoenberger (Collaborator)

We want to thank everyone again for their support of the Antelope Magazine. We are so glad that you have have decided to come on this quirky, wonderful adventure with us. We are ten days out to the end of our Kickstarter deadline. We are excited that we have raised $1,575 as of today. Today, we were featured in Paul Dailing’s amazing blog 1001 Chicago Afternoons. You can read it here:

We are also going to be part of the Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire. Read more here:

We have such great contributions from our writers, photographers, etc. that we just can’t wait to share it all with you. As a little taste of what to expect, here are some tiny sections of various pieces for your enjoyment. Think of each morsel as an “amuse-bouche.”

​"Being able to observe the hive and see what color pollen they’re bringing in. Looking up and seeing where that black pollen came from. Then you get deeper into it. It’s like a rabbit hole and I just I wanted my own." Christine DeMiceli, local beekeeper

Dan Meyer, drone hobbyist, talking about drones and animals: "Dogs are the most hilarious. If I’m above 10 feet, they’re not even aware that the craft is there. And then if you start getting down below 10 feet, they start to notice it and then it’s all about that thing. And if it lands on the ground, then they want to come and see what it is."

"When we look at other people, we can't see their battles. All we see is other people. But really, we too are all out there just surviving every day, little (or big) battles." - The Lie, street artist in Chicago.

​"Wing walkers would, more often than not without any safety gear, walk out on the cloth and wooden wings while in flight and stage tricks like handstands or mimed tennis matches." Hadley Austin, writer and History teacher

"In some videos for the Coyote Project, they saw coyotes looking both ways to cross streets." Liza Watson Lehrer, ecologist and Assistant Director, Urban Wildlife Institute, Lincoln Park Zoo.

“All we had to do was say, 'Don’t mind if I do,' and luxury was ours." Joe Mason, musician, singer, blogger.

“This story, though, is about my growing enthusiasm for collecting dead birds.” Susan Golland, Exhibition Developer at the Field Museum.

Please keep helping us spread the news. If you could please share on your social networks, that would be great too.

Thanks again to all of you!

Antelopes with Attitude
Antelopes with Attitude



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