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Our first print: One thousand decks of Tails and Tactics, a trading card game (in development) about tactics, planning, and bad puns

Even More Super Special News!

The Sponsor Exclusive Card (that only the sponsors on here will get) will have the art drawn by the amazing Tani Da Real! For more information, see our latest update!

Super Special News!

Hey everybody! The success of Test Version 10 has been brought to you by: First-Aid Kitty. When your units are taking a beating and you need some extra health: First-Aid Kitty is your solution.

First-Aid Kitty is a new card we've designed that helped our latest game testing be a lot of fun! To celebrate getting the game to such a great spot, we'll now be including the Rare First-Aid Kitty with every deck here on KickStarter!

About The Project

Tails and Tactics is an exciting upcoming trading card game featuring light military strategy, good moves, and bad puns. With the support of Jan, the artist responsible for, as well as funding from all of our generous backers, this project will be ready for printing by the end of the year. Which is where you guys come in! With your support, we’ll be able to begin printing starter decks and finally release this game to the public!

The project goal is simple: we want to be able to print the first one thousand decks to be able to sell on our website. The rewards for helping us out range from our thanks on the website to free decks and rare cards to having your very own character featured in the game! So, check out all the reward options, and help us get this game started!

A Brief History

The idea for Tails and Tactics was first conceived in October of 2011 by lead producer, Reynard Loustaunau. The search then began for artists crazy enough to contribute to the art of the game. Shortly afterwards, after discovering his style would suit the game perfectly, Jan joined the Tails and Tactics team as the Lead Artist. Since then, dozens upon dozens of cards have been designed and the game has gone through extensive play-testing thanks to the hard work of our testers and friends and one very tired printer. In addition, website,, is currently up! Tails and Tactics is scheduled to start professional printing near the end of the year.

Answers to Your Questions!


  • Of course we do! While we're not quite ready for public testing yet, we definitely take advice from users. If you have any ideas like cards you'd love to see made in future prints, factions you like more than our current four, name changes for the cards, etc., just let us know!

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  • Unfortunately, any demonstration we do right now would be inaccurate as we're still hammering out the game mechanics through testing. We tried to do a game demo at AC this year but time simply did not permit. We will try to do a game demo at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2012, we'll see if time permits. These is a card explanation page on our website if you would like to read about the various card types that we are developing.

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  • There will definitely be booster packs in the future. The current project is for the first four starter decks (American, Japanese, German, and Russian, all set in WWII era). After release of the first four starter decks, we will begin development of additional cards for booster packs and new decks as well.

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  • Yes, this will be a collectable/trading card game. Each card has a specific rarity that will come into play in purchases other than decks.

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  • Series 2 should have some pretty awesome stuff. We're likely (nothing's written in stone) to add two more factions in WWII (likely the British and... some... other... axis... power). We'll also seeing about moving on to the next conflict and adding some awesome technologies from there (likely Vietnam). This will likely be the same series we start with booster packs! The plans for the future are uncertain, but we're already working on these!

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  • Once we can print, sales will be done via out website at If we can ship there, we'll do so! So, most likely, yes, it'll be available just about wherever you might be.

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    You're awesome. Along with our sincere appreciation for your support, you'll have your name featured on the Awesome People section of our site!

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    Includes the awesomeness and appreciation of the above, plus a special card that will only be printed for sponsors! Everyone who didn't pledge will wish they had when they behold your mighty slight advantage over them!

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    You'll get the above, plus a signed starter deck! Of the four different types of decks available, we'll pick one at random, have the box signed by the artist, and send it to your door. (International backers, please add $10 for shipping)

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    All the above, plus an additional random (but not quite random enough to be the same) signed deck! You'll also have the option to have one of them signed to the name of your choice. (International backers, please add $10 for shipping)

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    All the above, minus the randomness: you'll be getting all four signed starter decks! Play as any one of the game's factions, play against three friends, or if you're really good, play with three decks and super-win against one friend! (disclaimer: not actually a valid strategy). Also, you may have two signed to a name of your choice, or one signed with a custom message of your choice (subject to approval). (International backers, please add $15 for shipping)

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    All of the above, with all four decks signed to your name and one signed with a custom message of your choice! (Subject to approval). You'll also receive a letter of thanks for your generosity by all the people that have helped Tails and Tactics happen. (International backers, please add $15 for shipping)

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    All of the above, but double the number of decks and then some! You will get two of each starter deck, all signed to your name and one of each kind signed with the custom message of your choice (subject to approval). In addition, you'll also be getting two ultra-rare cards of the Lead Artist and Lead Producer of Tails and Tactics! (International backers, please add $20 for shipping)

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    Everything above, with all decks chosen by you and signed with a custom message of your choice. In addition to the ultra-rare Lead Artist and Lead Producer cards, you'll also get two each of the ultra-rare "Foreign Exchange Soldier" card for each army, plus one each of any ultra-rares produced for the $1000 pledges! (International backers, you really don't need to worry about shipping at this point)

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    Want to see your character in the game? With this donation, you'll get everything above, plus your character will be featured in alternate artwork for one of the cards! You'll see a preview of all the cards in all four decks, and we'll replace the artwork of the card of your choice to your specifications (subject to approval). Not only will we send you five signed copies of your card, your artwork will randomly show up as an ultra-rare variant in all future printings. A picture of your card will also be featured at the top of our Awesome People section so that all can admire your generosity.

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