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SEAT is a public garden pavilion composed of 400 identical chairs stacked in a 3-dimensional sine wave surface rising from the ground.

Chairs are remarkable pieces of furniture. When you think about the loads they are required to carry, both dynamic and static, in supporting people of all sizes and dimensions, you realize just how strong they actually are. But of course we don’t think of them as structural components, we just think of them as chairs. Their domestic identity overwhelms almost any other interpretation of their use.

With SEAT we're turning that identity inside out using chairs as a whimsical element of structural sculpture. SEAT is a garden pavilion composed of approximately 400 simple wooden chairs arrayed and stacked in a 3-dimensional sine wave surface rising above the ground. From afar, SEAT will appear like a foreign object in the landscape, inviting curious contemplation of its strangeness in context. Closer yet, SEAT will reveal its unique geometric texture created by the chairs. Upon approach, the audience can delight in recognition of the compositional objects, marveling in the dexterity with which chairs are repurposed for art. The audience will be free to sit upon, inside, and underneath SEAT, exploring it as a personal garden playground.

We need your help to make SEAT a reality! Your contributions will go towards the purchasing of chairs, materials, and equipment to build SEAT. We have all sorts of stuff like rods, bolts, nuts, saws, drills, concrete, gravel, re-bar, wire mesh, shovels, gas, generators, excavators, wood, nails, hammers, gloves, safety goggles, and Ikea Ivar chairs to buy - too much to get on our own! We can't do it without you so please help us bring SEAT to the people of Atlanta this summer!


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    An individual, named thank you on our website and Facebook page (with a link to yours!).

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    Above plus...An honest to goodness thank you letter PostCard - With a colorful and glossy image of SEAT on the front and a hand-written personalized message on the back, signed and delivered through the Post. Let us introduce ourselves to you personally through snailmail! Pen pals for life!

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    Above plus...A seat bottom off of an actual chair from SEAT signed with a special message from the designers! Use as a cutting board, dinner plate, place mat, irregular frisbee, dog chew toy, shield, shelf, or mini-boogie board!

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    Above plus...A limited edition American Apparel SEAT T-shirt! (S-M-L)

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    Above plus...An entire chair from SEAT! Remember your contribution by keeping one of the actual chairs that SEAT was made from! Partner up donations with your friends to get matching pairs and sets! Mailed to you at the conclusion of SEAT.

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    Above plus...Your name, company name, logo, website, favorite quote, or your smiling face laser engraved on one of the actual chairs in SEAT for everyone to see during exhibition! These are the chairs people will actually sit on! When SEAT is finished, you keep the chair as a functional memento of the project.

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    Above plus...An original, framed sketch of SEAT made by the designers, Dinner and drinks with the designers of SEAT.

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