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Help comedian Rebecca Drysdale finish her music video to raise awareness of teen homophobia, bullying and suicide.

Hi there,
My name is Rebecca Drysdale. I am a comedian, teacher, actor and writer living and working in New York City. I am working on a music video right now that addresses the current issue of teen suicide and bullying related to homophobia. I am producing this video independently and have enlisted the help of a number of talented musicians, actors, film makers, and friends. The goal is to make a pop music video, that is both funny and entertaining, but that still addresses the issue with earnestness and power. This is not tied to any charity or organization, it is a private project that I have decided to embark upon, on my own steam. Myself and everyone involved in this project are trying to make something worthy of a mass audience. This video will look, taste, and smell as polished and professional as any out there today. We have the people and resources to make that happen, but as of now most of the money is coming out of my pocket. As a teacher and comedy writer, I do not have much disposable income, and I am spending almost everything I have to make this thing possible. I am looking for any help I can get to pay for the cost of production, and to compensate the many people who are involved. I believe that comedy can change things, and as a lesbian and a teacher, this issue is something I feel compelled to help change.

There are over 50 people involved in this project, many of whom are working for sandwiches, but to produce the kind of final product we want, we need to pay skilled professionals to help us. I have set the goal much lower than it is in hopes of reaching it a little easier, but we need all the help we can get! I hope you will consider helping us! Thanks so much for checking out my listing.

Anything we raise beyond what we need to produce the video will be donated to the trevor project, an organization dedicated to helping lgbtq youth in crisis.


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    Executive producer credit on the video itself and all the above goodies, as well as my promise to be your best friend forever in the whole wide world.

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