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$19,584 pledged of $60,000 goal
$19,584 pledged of $60,000 goal



There seems to be a lot of questions about what credits are, how they are used, or why there are different values of credits. I am hoping that this update will help clarify any clouded areas that are still lingering. One thing I would like to clarify upfront is that credits are used for purchasing or trading out SETS of Tidal Wave for Stretch Reward SETS. So I have chosen two pledge reward examples; a pre-painted and an unpainted to help with the explanation.


The image of Plasti-Strongbox shows 3 pre-painted sets of Tidal Wave & 2 Alternate Paint Tidal Wave Minis. But the text says 1 Tidal Wave set, 4 PPM credits, and 2 Alternate repaints. Translation: Each PPM (pre-painted mini) Tidal wave set is valued at 2 Credits. However, since this is the Tidal Wave Kickstarter you are locked in at 1 set of Tidal Wave. Once Stretch Rewards are achieved you can use the other2 sets (your 4 PPM credits) as currency to purchase other Pre-painted sets, as each set will have its own value. 

The image of Plasti-ElmBox shows 4 NATURALS (unpainted) sets that would be represented in the same way as the example above. The image indicates 4 sets with 1 alternate repaint, but the text indicates 1 NAT set, 6 credits, & 1 Alternate Repaint. The unpainted miniatures are surely more bang for the buck if you enjoy painting. 

Unpainted miniatures are less expensive to produce than painted which accounts for the difference of values between the natural and unpainted. If you are interested in buying alternate paint SETS, you can purchase CREDITS FOR SETS if you have pledged $150 or more.

Credits are EXCLUSIVE to purchasing sets and not to be confused with Individual “SINGLES” add-on purchases, those are purchased only through CASH VALUE, and credits/sets cannot be traded for Cash Value. 

Level Rewards: 

Some pledge rewards have Level rewards (Level 1,2,3,4,5,6,&7) and the big question is do the levels stack? Level 1 may be a reward for A, in which case Level 2 will automatically include A, but will have B in addition. So, Level 1 & 2 will not stack giving the backer 2 A’s and 1 B. 

This will be better represented for your pledge level with images once the first stretch is revealed. So without further adieu we are proud to present a SNEAK PEAK of Stretch Reward 1: Mercenaries. As you can see from our first stretch goal not all of our minis are going to be water based. These minis are perfect for that jungle/desert oasis excursion as an NPC or BBEG’s hired hand.

*Larger image available at the end of update.

So the Level rewards will be Alternate paints listed as individual images under the rewarded pledge level. On the first stretch reward level 4-7 are identical.

For Levels 4-7

*Larger Image

*These are artist renditions, actual product may vary slightly.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Snu on September 19, 2012

      Cool -- Those all look very nice. I think the Persian is my favorite of the twelve so far.

    2. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on September 19, 2012

      As an aside, we received a review from RobotViking on our DCMs!