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$1.00 pledged of $25,000 goal
By Rohan Bennett
$1.00 pledged of $25,000 goal


How cool would it be being able to stream music from your internet stations, and have the respective videos pop up to songs in play? The idea came to me one day while listening to music, but otherwise being bored. I thought,  "how come I can't watch these videos"? "but surely there's someone who provides this service". So my next step was to do a search to find out. With the help of my brother Gary, I searched the USPTO database and found zero patents. I also learned that there was no existing firm providing this service. I thought, "wow, this is the missing link". That was my eureka moment. I filed a provisional patent, and now I have patent pending status on my invention. My creative goal for this project is simply to provide the missing visual component to the tens of millions of tunes that are streamed, and played via music files each day. The present invention (hereinafter Tangaru Tunes TM) allows users to enjoy streaming of their favorite tunes, with the added novelty of watching their respective videos. Tangaru TM also includes music files and playlists. Most app developers charge based on the technical complexity of the program. Since Tangaru TM' primary feature is searching the net for video, then syncing it with audio, development should be a reasonably non-laborious build, which helped me arrive at the projects fundraising goal. Also, l took into account certain legal expenses. As for ppromotions sociaI media, and word of mouth  should  be enough to get the word out. As I believe Tangaru TM is a program that as they say,  "will sell itself". Music is the universal language that evokes emotion in people the world over, and everyone loves to see their favorite artists perform their favorite tunes. With the advent of technology in the year 2015, it is a consumer disservice to be limited to audio, without video while streaming music. I ask that you please help me further this medium, and bring this winning combination to millions of music lovers whom I am sure would immensely appreciate your pledge.

Risks and challenges

I look forward to partnerships with other key individuals who have skill sets that I may lack. With the right team, and funds for development, we should be able to bring this technology to market within the next few months. As development has already been sourced.

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