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Please help support the funding for Volume 2 of Orange Crows!! If we meet the pledge goal, then Volume 2 and more can be released!
105 backers pledged $10,210 to help bring this project to life.

We did it!! And final round!

Posted by James Perry II (Creator)


Words can't express how grateful I am to all of you. I'm thankful for each and every one of you! You all really pushed hard and proved that you really want to see the second volume of Orange Crows. I'm both touched and grateful for all of your help so far. As thanks, above is the next bonus gift that goes to everyone who pledges! A 6" x 11" thick paper stock picture of Cierra, thanking all of you. She's a little brusied and battered because it's been a long 3 weeks, but the struggle is what makes reaching the goal more satisfying! (and digital only pledgers will get a high res copy of this)

But now it's time for the final stretch! "what," you ask, "it's not over yet?!" 

The answer is NO!  The 8,000 goal was the minimum that I needed to get Orange Crows up and running. And thanks to you all we've met that. But now the real fight begins. We still have a little under 2 days left. The more we raise the more I can do for Orange Crows, and the more you all get in return. Remember, we're not only trying to get volume 2 out, but we are also trying to make sure that Orange Crows is in it for the long run this time with no delays. Let's see how far we can get in 39 hours! 

Together let's use the last of our strength to keep telling our friends what's up! If you know anyone who was going to pledge, please let them know that they should still do so. There's still plenty of limited artbooks and other things that they can get a hold of. Not into artbooks? There's still the exlusive t-shirt as well! And pledging gets them both a signed and early copy of the second volume. Remember, you all will be getting this before anyone else sees it, all as thanks for your help. We need to make sure that we can get everyone we can think of in on this. 

SO HERE'S THE NEXT GOAL AND REWARD: At $12,000 i'll do a mini story for your eyes only and distribute it digitally in high res format. Ever wonder about natalie's face tatoo? Is it just for style or is there a deeper meaning? (hint: there's a deeper meaning lol). This story isn't going to be featured in volume 2. I was trying to figure out when to tell it and I wasn't going to visit the tale for a long time to come. But for you all I'd be more than happy to do an early turn back of the clock, once again visiting Natalie and Cierra's wonder years, before everything went so horribly wrong! Hopefully this will hold you over as an appetizer while you wait for the delicious second volume.

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION ON GOAL (posted at 28 hours to go): I just wanted to be clear with everyone about the reward. It's a part of the story that I'll tell eventually, but it won't be until possibly volume 3 or 4 depending on where I feel it can fit well into the story. I'm by no means trying to hold back any portion of the story from fans. I love you guys too much to do something like that. I just thought it would be neat to let you guys see it way earlier than everyone else as thanks for your help. So yeah,Orange Crows fans will get to this part of the backstory. But it won't be for quite a while! I hope this clears any misunderstanding. No one commented to me about it or anything. I'm just being paranoid:)  Thank you again for everyone for helping us get this far!

If we get to past the $12,000 mark I have another goal set. And the next reward will be something that gives you all a chance to influence certain elements of the book. Intrigued? Let's get there and find out what I'm talking about!


Someone brought up a good question about International Shipping. Please remember that Kickstarter does not take out extra for shipping. So please make sure that if you are international (Anywhere outside of the US. This also means Canada) that you add the listed amount to your pledge goal to cover the extra shipping costs.Each tier says what the suggested amount for shipping should be. If you want to add a little bit more than the suggested shipping then it would be appreciated, but it's not required. Either way, please make sure to adjust your pledge before Tuesday night 10pm EST.


Also regarding the mugs and alternate gifts that you can trade out for your other gifts. I noticed a few people adjusted their pledge goal after I made that post. Thank you for that, and I also need you to send me a message through the kickstarter site letting me know what items you are trading. So if you are trading a shirt for a mug and that's why you added $5 to your pledge, please let me know. That way I can make a note and make sure that everyone gets what they are supposed to when the time comes to ship stuff out.

And as a final note, thanks again to all of you. When I looked at the records I saw some of you slowly raising some of your pledges to inch us closer and closer to the 8k goal. I'm very grateful and amused to see that! And a special shoutout to David for taking the last leap to put us right at 8k! And to answer your question David, yes, it DOES feel wonderful! :)

The deadline is Tuesday March 6, 10:00pm EST. I believe we can really push the limits before then!

Thank you so much to everyone who's been involved so far. It's been quite a ride, and it's almost over!


(forgive any spelling errors please. I'm pretty tired when i wrote this lol)


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