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'Sullivan's Sluggers', is a 200 page Hardcover baseball horror graphic novel by James Stokoe and Mark Andrew Smith.
'Sullivan's Sluggers', is a 200 page Hardcover baseball horror graphic novel by James Stokoe and Mark Andrew Smith.
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The New Brighton Archeological Society 2: The Sword of Azure

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Matthew Weldon and I have 'The New Brighton Archeological Society' BOOK 2: The Sword of Azure on Kickstarter now.


We're raising funds by offering printed Hardcover copies of 'New Brighton Archeological Society' books 1 & 2 to print 'Gladstone's School for World Conquerors'.


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'New Brighton Archeological Society' is graphic novel with an innate child-like sense of adventure, wonder and humor. Smith incorporates fire-breathing dragons, talking slugs, old-style puppet shows, swarthy eye patches, crossbows and dashing sword fights where the bad guy gets tied up as if in an old western movie. There’s no blood and gore in these books, only Matthew Weldon’s sumptuously colored illustrations which transport the reader to fantasy locales.

Book One, The Castle of Galomar, follows Cooper, Benny, Becca, Jossie and a butterscotch-loving goblin named Mitch through the forest and into the bowels of Galomar’s castle. Book Two, 'The Sword of Azure', includes an epic zeppelin dogfight. Fairies, goblins and magic abound. These books are thrilling for young readers and adults alike. Come capture a bit of your own childhood on this wild ride with the 'New Brighton Archeological Society'.

Fantasy-Action-Adventure Novels meets the fun of classic Chris Claremont X-Men comics.

New Brighton Archeological Society Book 2 Cover.
New Brighton Archeological Society Book 2 Cover.


We're being very transparent that these books ARE PRINTED AND SHIPPING THROUGH AMAZON FULFILLMENT

This means after the Kickstarter you should receive your books in about a week if you live in the U.S.A.

Printed Hardcovers!!! Get your Printed Hardcovers!!!
Printed Hardcovers!!! Get your Printed Hardcovers!!!

 What is this Kickstarting? This is a Kickstarter to recoup of printing costs for Hardcover Editions of New Brighton Archeological Society Books 1 & 2.

The money recouped will go towards printing of Hardcover editions for Gladstone's School for World Conquerors. If we make our goal of $4,000 we can print the first book, and if we reach a higher goal we can print Books 1 & 2. (Gladstone's Book 3 is also finished but we'd have to raise a lot to print all 3 at once and better to take smaller steps.)

IN SHORT: The print copies of New Brighton Archeological Society Books 1 & 2 are Kickstarting the printing of Gladstone's School for World Conquerors Book 1 for this Kickstarter as a Hardcover, and if we reach $12,000 we can print Book 2 in advance as well.


Own them today!!!
Own them today!!!
Pick up your New Brighton Archeological Society Hardcovers  and join the adventure!!!
Pick up your New Brighton Archeological Society Hardcovers and join the adventure!!!

See what people are saying about "New Brighton Archeological Society"!!!

"NBAS is such a great book - it appeals to a really wide audience. And unlike some comic books targeted at kids, it doesn’t treat kids as fragile or unintelligent. All the main characters in New Brighton Archeological Society are very young, but also very capable." Geek Dad Blog

"It's great for younger comics fans looking for heroes who aren't wearing spandex. He also tosses in enough fantasy elements, including dragons, goblins, a giant frog and a magical slug, to pique the imagination." -Washington Post

"The New Brighton Archeological Society by Mark Andrew Smith and Matthew Weldon is one of the very best all ages graphic novels in years. It proves that there can be an outlet to introduce kids to the world of picture-based story telling without pandering to them or horrifying their innocent sensibilities." Boing Boing

"Mark Andrew Smith and Matthew Weldon have all the ingredients for success in "New Brighton": a spunky group of kids with lots of free time, a wild world ripe for exploration, fantastic creatures culled from various faerie tales, and dangers that manage to be scary without being truly terrifying. It's the sort of book we're quite certain we'd love when we were little, but get a kick out of reading now, too." Rick Marshall of MTV'S SPLASH PAGE

"I want to live in the world Smith writes. He’s also got a fantastic imagination and has created a fun world full of good goblins, evil faeries, man-eating house cats, evil treasure-hunters, sprawling mansions, enchanted estates, horrible monsters, secret rooms, and hidden libraries full of forbidden knowledge. And it’s up to four pre-adolescent kids to navigate their way safely through all of it in order to preserve their families’ legacies." Robot 6 @Comic Book Resources

2 Signed and Sketched Hardcovers by Matthew Weldon at the $60 Level!!!
2 Signed and Sketched Hardcovers by Matthew Weldon at the $60 Level!!!
2 Signed and Sketched Hardcovers by Matthew Weldon at the $60 Level!!!
2 Signed and Sketched Hardcovers by Matthew Weldon at the $60 Level!!!
Pages from New Brighton Archeological Society Book 2
Pages from New Brighton Archeological Society Book 2
Double Splash Page
Double Splash Page

More gorgeous New Brighton Archeological Society Book 2 Art:


Happy New Year!!!


December marked the one year anniversary of Sullivan's Sluggers being wrapped up. Every book was shipped or refunded and every commitment and obligation honored. 

International shipping was a disaster with the generous upgraded size of the book coming in at about 3.5 LBS.  In most cases the books cost more to ship than people had pledged. Multiply that by about 600 books for international and it led to quite a mammoth problem. 

Every time I tried to correct and fix the problem of international shipping people became angry and upset about it, and it could have been fixed and corrected in a month. Instead it took two years of my life and I had to move to Saudi Arabia to work and get enough money to fix the problem. Rich Johnson of Bleeding Cool tanked all recovery efforts and then did article after article to make himself appear to be the hero for fixing a problem that he largely inflamed. My intentions were always good and any fault on my end came from inexperience and being too excited about the size upgrades of the book. 

Because of this it took me two years longer and I honored every commitment, not because of threats, bullying, or intimidation, but because it was the right thing to do and always my intention.

Here's to looking forward and I wish you the best for 2016!!!

Sullivan's Samurai Image By Matthew Weldon
Sullivan's Samurai Image By Matthew Weldon

The above is a teaser Image Matthew Weldon did for me for the sequel I wanted to do called 'Sullivan's Samurai'. In it the ghost of Sullivan comes back to Afro and the remaining members and tells them they must return the sword Afro found in the shop in Malice to its rightful place in a temple in Japan.  The players duke it out with Japanese Monsters and Yokai in this one.

International Shipping Progress


$3000 in refunds went out in January for Sullivan's Sluggers. 

In February we shipped to Canada. 

In March we shipped Australia. 

In April and May we shipped for the UK. 

As of now there are 150 out of 600 international books remaining to be shipped or refunded. A lot of progress has been made. 

I'm sorry about the delay, and with a 3.5 lb book the price of shipping and production in most cases was more than the amounts pledged for international. I set out to do something generous with the size upgrade and the quality of the book, and apologize for those of you who have had to wait longer. 

If you are in the US and didn't fill out the survey please e-mail me and I'll get your book to you. If you are in Canada, Australia, or the UK and have not received your book please e-mail me at

Progress but delay continues


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International Order Update

We have scrambled to meet our desired goals and international shipping remains the obstacle. We have tried our best to accelerate a resolution, but we have to earn more capital. It is as simple as that. To those of you that are waiting, it seems too long. We ask for your understanding and we will ship books as soon as we can pay postage. To those that are willing to pay for shipping, we can take those individually. We are also seeking distribution partners that can manage this last piece of fulfillment.