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'Sullivan's Sluggers', is a 200 page Hardcover baseball horror graphic novel by James Stokoe and Mark Andrew Smith.
2,801 backers pledged $97,626 to help bring this project to life.

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International Shipping Progress


$3000 in refunds went out in January for Sullivan's Sluggers. 

In February we shipped to Canada. 

In March we shipped Australia. 

In April and May we shipped for the UK. 

As of now there are 150 out of 600 international books remaining to be shipped or refunded. A lot of progress has been made. 

I'm sorry about the delay, and with a 3.5 lb book the price of shipping and production in most cases was more than the amounts pledged for international. I set out to do something generous with the size upgrade and the quality of the book, and apologize for those of you who have had to wait longer. 

If you are in the US and didn't fill out the survey please e-mail me and I'll get your book to you. If you are in Canada, Australia, or the UK and have not received your book please e-mail me at

Progress but delay continues


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International Order Update

We have scrambled to meet our desired goals and international shipping remains the obstacle. We have tried our best to accelerate a resolution, but we have to earn more capital. It is as simple as that. To those of you that are waiting, it seems too long. We ask for your understanding and we will ship books as soon as we can pay postage. To those that are willing to pay for shipping, we can take those individually. We are also seeking distribution partners that can manage this last piece of fulfillment.  

Gladstone's School for World Conquerors Series 2 Digital

Armand Villavert Jr. has 'Gladstone's School for World Conquerors Series 2' available for digital subscription.  It's important for Armand that we get Gladstone's back on its regular schedule.  It's a fun universe to work in. 

Welcome to Gladstone's School for World Conquerors, a top secret academy for the children of the world's greatest super villains to learn the trade. Join us as Kid Nefarious, Mummy Girl, Martian Jones, Ghost Girl, and the infamous Skull brothers unearth the School's and their parent's hidden past.

Series 2 is titled 'The Battle of the Superhero Archives' and is drawn by Matthew Weldon.  Armand Villavert returns with Series 3 and he's nearly wrapped with 40 pages left until he wraps Series 3.  Book 3 has a huge battle royale and Armand's really been pushing the envelope. 

There are about 5 days left.  This is really a 'Kickstarter Light'.  Everything is being kept as simple as possible to make sure that it's all streamlined so that we just have to mail out PDF files and shirts.  

Pick up a digital subscription of the book and also snag some cool shirts, prints, stickers, and you can also get drawn as a character in the book.

Gladstone's Logo T-Shirts:

Skull Brothers T-Shirts:

Ghost Girl T-Shirt:

Chibi Stickers with each shirt order:

Cover for Gladstone's School for World Conquerors Series 2 Issue #1:

Cover for Gladstone's School for World Conquerors Series 2 Issue #2:

Cover for Gladstone's School for World Conquerors Series 2 Issue #4:

WIP of Armand's print.

Attention International Orders- Updated Information


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