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The Unprecedented Camera
The Unprecedented Camera
The Unprecedented Camera
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6,935 backers pledged HK$ 10,035,296 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Lekin Wong about 9 hours ago

      Hey, do anyone here will reply any of our question? I already paid few months ago, but i asked to pay by paypal again. I sent you message from ks and email month ago but got no reply at all.

    2. Missing avatar

      Omar gomez 1 day ago

      Hi Folks,

      I'm also another one who needs to update my delivery address, is someone @ Yashica to any of this request?

    3. Nick Trejo 2 days ago

      How do I add the In My Fancy Digifilm to my order?

    4. Missing avatar

      kimnawoon 4 days ago

      Can I add " in my fancy ' digifilm to my order?

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian 5 days ago

      Anyone else feeling concerned ?

    6. Missing avatar

      Mengnan on February 15

      Hey yashica, how to update my address? That survey is closed

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephen W. Small on February 15

      I haven't received the Paypal invoice yet for the in "my fancy".. see below.
      I can't wait to get this camera!!
      Thank you, Stephen

      YASHICA Creator on January 16
      Dear Stephen W. Small, thanks for your interest in digiFilm " in my fancy". We will send you an PayPal invoice from Regards.

    8. Missing avatar

      thadeu diz on February 13

      Sent 4 messages and no reply. I already paid via Credit Card but I got a Paypal invoice to pay again? What the hell is going on???

    9. Missing avatar

      Evan Chan on February 13

      I also need to update my delivery address.
      How do I do that?

    10. Lekin Wong on February 10

      hey, I already paid by Apple Pay (on 11 nov 2017 with amex) but now I asked to pay in PayPal again (today, 7 feb 2018), whats going on? and I sent you multi private messages but no reply at all, come on yeshiva, this is not how to run a bussiness.

    11. Missing avatar

      Lee Seung Bo on February 9

      Hi. Im seungbo.
      I wanna change my address.. how to change adress for delivery..?
      Could you send email how to..?
      My email adress is ''
      Thank you.
      I hope digifilm will be more upgrade and sucess in camera market.

    12. Missing avatar

      Cheuk Him Ng on February 8

      Why I recevied a Paypal additional charge for Addon ? I did not request any. And how could I check my delivery status?

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Livshin on February 7

      @Yashica - I dont think I ever received request for delivery address yet emails are coming out requesting it. Where do I enter my delivery address? Can you provide the link? Thank you.

    14. cfdky on February 7

      I am exactly the same as Soong Kar Yan.
      please update soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      John Rusty Lopez on February 7

      Hello! I have emailed you guys and messaged you privately here in kickstarter. Please tell me when I will get the camera (submitted the survey late) and if I will get all 6 films. Thank you!

    16. Missing avatar

      tippler on February 6

      I would like to purchase In My Fancy and Blue additionally.
      I asked how much I should pay for it.
      You said you sent me an e-mail, but I have not received it.
      It may not reach because of some circumstances.

      In addition to me, there seem to be many people who wish to purchase the same additional purchase.
      If you show the amount here, I will pay you as well as the other person promptly.

    17. Missing avatar

      Guntsoophack Yuktahnon on February 6

      Help me please
      I buy 1 order
      You get my money 2 order from my credit card
      You Show me 1 oder
      And you not respond me
      I'm not understand.

      Please contact me...
      Guntsoophack yuktahnon

    18. Missing avatar

      Soong Kar Yan on February 6

      Hi,Yashica, I did not pay through paypal but with credit card but i until now haven't receive any invoice yet from your side. So far, i only receive the email regarding the survey response submitted, please update soon, Thanks .

    19. Kimura Ryo on February 5

      Their FB page with recent updates:

      Yashica added 2 new photos.
      16 hrs ·
      Monthly UPDATE on Feb5, 2018
      The overall development is on progress with target delivery schedule by April 2018 for Kickstarter project. For digiFilm, the Team has been developing the new versions with unique style. Can’t wait …
      *All the above photos are for reference only. They just intend to illustrate the style and mood to be delivered by the respective digiFilm.

    20. Bo-Xun Chen
      on February 5

      Hello, sent a private message but not heard back yet, could you respond as soon as u can please. Thanks :)

    21. Alice Negrão on February 5

      Good day. I have already paid for my pledge. Can I cancel it and get a refund?

    22. Missing avatar

      Allen Fernandez
      on February 5

      Really miss the Nikon FM camera that I rescued from a pawn shop and had all the light seals redone. All the awesome Nikon lens I bought second hand for this camera. The manual action and the feeling I got by using Black and White or experimenting with the different color films. I never had to really worry about someone mugging me, Because of the appearance of that camera. I had to think twice about my surroundings with the N90S. The FM had a dent and lettering was faded. But performed flawlessly. My favorite shooting was street scenes and music and art festivals. Sigh I miss the golden age of emulsion films. I did transition to digital with a Nikon D90S but that is as far as I got. I think the Yashica digiFilm camera will capture my interest again!!!

    23. Mauro ruscelli on February 5

      Can I add " in my fancy ' digifilm to my perk?

    24. Van on February 5

      Can I add " in my fancy " and " yashica blue" as add on, Or upgrade to " last 96HR Package "?

    25. serif on February 5

      Two months from fulfiling 6,935 orders. I'm no expert, but it kinda feels like the products would have to be at the assembly stage already, at this point. Anyone familiar with manufacturing/logistics here?

    26. Missing avatar

      Hubert329 on February 5

      Still waiting invoice.

    27. Missing avatar

      Travis cross on February 4

      I am still awaiting a response on confirming my address.

    28. Missing avatar

      Artu Nepomuceno on February 2

      What’s happening guys

    29. Missing avatar

      donghyuck seo on February 2

      What's wrong with HK creators? All my pledge from Hongkong found as scam at last. Hope this not happen with them.

    30. Pablo Ponti on February 2

      I hope this is not a Scam !

    31. Frankie Sung on February 1

      I have messaged Yashica Team thru their facebook page, but their answer is so typical, which like a model answer to me.

      "The progress of Y35 project is on track.
      We aim at delivering the 1st lot by April 2018.
      Thank you"

    32. Pedro Duarte on February 1

      Hi, im STILL waiting response to my mail.
      I sent the mail more than 15 days ago!

    33. Pablo Ponti on February 1

      Please we need updates !!! I

    34. Kimura Ryo on February 1

      Hi Yashica Team, we have hit February! And I would love to hear some updates on this project. Like are you producing the cameras now? Is it going on schedule? Some updates about the project every now and then will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    35. serif on January 30

      Correction: Come to think of it, we're actually just 2 months away from April.

    36. serif on January 30

      Agree with everyone calling for an update. It's been a month of radio silence. 3 months to go to the April shipping estimate. Your backers would like to know how things are going and whether things are on track.

    37. Jathan Xie on January 30

      This is one of the projects I funded in kickstarter and never encountered that so less communication with fundraisers. BTW, do you get enough fund from indiegogo.....

    38. Chan MainFung on January 30

      I have not received an email from Paypal.
      is it any problem? best

    39. Kin Yeung on January 29

      Hello?When can I receive the product?No update any more??

    40. Ruby on January 27

      Hello creator, is there any update?

    41. Missing avatar

      Oleg on January 26

      Hello! I wanted to ask how the production process of the camera is proceeding? I have not heard from you for a long time. Do you have time for the promised time? Just have a little excitement.

    42. Missing avatar

      Vincent Coby Chan on January 25

      So... no more updates?
      Not even a progress update?

    43. Jorn Straten on January 24

      When will you ship the camera? Do you have a tracking service for Asia/Indonesia?

    44. Jeremy Yabut on January 24

      Thank you! Sorry for the misunderstanding! I can't wait to get my camera!

    45. Missing avatar

      Joanna Yu on January 23

      Any production update ?

    46. cfdky on January 23

      I got a reply from you on January 13th as "We will send you the PayPal invoice next Monday."
      I have not received any reply.

    47. Missing avatar

      carlos benavides on January 22

      Hi, I want to add the “ Unexpected 2017 (in my fancy)” digifilm to my pack.
      Please tell me how.

    48. Missing avatar

      Chan Ratiromphan on January 20

      Any production update?

    49. Pedro Duarte on January 19

      Hi, im still waiting response to my mail.

    50. myunghokim on January 18

      In haven't got a survey email from Yashica. could you send me it again?
      and I would like to get Yashica blue and in my fancy. so how can I order?
      let me know payment information thanks

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