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The Unprecedented Camera
The Unprecedented Camera
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6,935 backers pledged HK$ 10,035,296 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Andreas Maussner 8 minutes ago

      Who is the girl? Model?

    2. Missing avatar

      Kim Ki about 14 hours ago

      i send message.
      check plz

    3. Bo-Xun Chen
      1 day ago

      原本我是早鳥方案,但我非常想要升級成Y35 Unexpected方案,可是我忘了最後的結案時間,不知道有甚麼方法可以彌補這個錯誤呢?

    4. Missing avatar

      Sara Solomon 1 day ago

      @creator I also sent you a private message yesterday. Please respond at your earliest convenience. And congrats!

    5. Ravipart 1 day ago


      I sent you a private message. Please kindly check. Thank you.

    6. Stanley 1 day ago


    7. Missing avatar

      long 2 days ago


    8. Missing avatar

      Jeong-ah Bok 2 days ago

      oh it was in my fancy lol :3

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeong-ah Bok 2 days ago

      Now guess we should wait and keep encouraging the team since the pledge was done yesterday. I hesitated a lot too but the Unexpected 2017(in my fantasy) digifilm helped my decision in the end. I hope I made the right decision! :)

    10. Park Sang Youl 2 days ago

      어제 결제가 되었는데 주소는 언제 입력하나요?

      일단 메세지로 보냈습니다.

    11. Patrik Eveborn 2 days ago

      @creator i pledge The 2nd day... But my backer number is 7088? I do not understand how that can be : -/

    12. Missing avatar

      Roh Naris 2 days ago

      oooh. yess!

    13. YASHICA Creator 2 days ago

      @JASMON CHING You will receive a survey around 7-10 days later. Then you can choose extra digiFIlm from the survey.
      Thank you again for your support!

    14. YASHICA Creator 2 days ago

      Dear fans,

      Thank you so much for your passion and support for our project “ Expect the Unexpected. digiFilm™ Camera by YASHICA”

      Even words are not enough to express our appreciation! The last incredible 40 days has been an amazing journey for us. We are still overwhelmed, knowing that many of you resonate with the idea of launching the legendary YASHICA brand with Y35 and digiFilm system. This is a truly a dream come true, giving us the confidence to keep developing a coming new series of product in the future.

      We are ready to move on to the next stage. You will receive a survey in email within 7-10 days. Please make sure you fill in all information correctly so to help us facilitate the delivery process. And you can also choose any available add-ons at discounted price. Catch this opportunity!

      Again, a BIG BIG BIG thank you for every one of you. We can't come this far without you!!

      From YASHICA :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Clayton Fletcher 2 days ago

      Can. Not. Wait. Super excited about this! I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited about any other Kickstarter campaign.

    16. Missing avatar

      Luis Sandoval 2 days ago

      Way to go! I want mine :) greetings from Mexico City!

    17. Missing avatar

      Joanna Yu 2 days ago

      Can't wait to get hands on the camera

    18. Missing avatar

      David 2 days ago

      Yesssss!!! Big up and good luck!
      Can’t wait till April

    19. Missing avatar

      이현보 2 days ago

      매우 기대됩니다. 다른 digifilm 이 더 나오기를 희망합니다.

    20. Missing avatar

      JASMON CHING 2 days ago

      may i know how to get the extra digifilm e.g. blue and 2017 unexpected

    21. Missing avatar

      George Lim
      2 days ago

      Hmm I seems to miss the Yashica Unexpected 2017 film. How do I add it to my pledge?

    22. Missing avatar

      Kwanchanok Lee 2 days ago

      Thanks a lot! Can’t wait until April, keep fighting :)

    23. serif 2 days ago

      Doh! I wanted to cancel but forgot.

    24. Allan Dong 2 days ago

      @Yashica So the campaign has ended. Will you be releasing the full-res photos now? Or we will only get to see the full-res image when we got the camera (if it will be delivered)?

    25. CECILIA Ng 2 days ago

      Can't wait until hands on

    26. mitetu 2 days ago

      Thanks to all the backers !!

    27. Sachiro Oyama 2 days ago

      Now, we can not turn back! lol

      @ Creator, do your best! Please make a wonderful camera!
      We share some technical concerns.
      Let's all work together to solve all problems!

    28. Xavier Ancarno 2 days ago

      No Pain, No Gain !!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      simply365 2 days ago

      No risk no life! see you in April :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Vladimir Metelkov 2 days ago

      Already add +155hkd , for Unexpected 2017 (in my fancy)” digiFilm

    31. Missing avatar

      Vladimir Metelkov 2 days ago

      How to add Unexpected 2017 (in my fancy)” digiFilm ? How many hkd is cost ??

    32. Mistral75 2 days ago

      A single figure to illustrate one of my points below: the area of a 1/2.5 sensor is 35 times smaller than the area of the films used by the original Yashica Electro 35.

      Hence my using the word "tiny".

    33. Mistral75 2 days ago


      Indeed. I consider Yashica have been misguided by the requests made by some backers.

      1/3.2 inch or 1/2.5 inch, this is still a tiny sensor, smaller than those of compact cameras (between 1/2.3 inch and 1 inch or even bigger). The difference between f/2.8 and f/2 is only one stop and has no impact on image quality.

      On the other hand, with of a fixed-focus and fixed-aperture lens the combination of a bigger sensor and a brighter lens has a disastrous impact on the minimum distance at which the objects will be acceptably sharp (what Yashica call the "minimum focusing distance").

    34. Missing avatar

      Kirill 2 days ago

      It's better to have a 2.8 aperture, but the focusing distance is about 1 meter!

    35. Mistral75 2 days ago

      @Allan Dong

      If it were a hand phone camera module, it would autofocus. I think it's simply a 1/2.5" sensor, which is used in hand phones but also in surveillance cameras for instance, plus a fixed-focus 4-element lens, probably based on a Tessar formula (Carl Zeiss, 1902). For instance the famous Nokia N8 (2010) was equipped with an equivalent 28mm f/2.8 Tessar lens.

    36. Allan Dong 2 days ago


      Thank you for the explanation. :-)
      So actually, it’s a hand phone camera module inside a huge box right? Which might be even less because there’s no auto focus.

    37. Mistral75 2 days ago

      @Allan Dong

      You wrote "You've updated the aperture from F2.8 ~ F2, the sensor size also got bigger, but the size of the camera didn't change at all?"

      No problem with that, Y35 has plenty of empty space inside. For instance the actual focal length of the lens is around 5mm and both the length and diameter of the lens are much less than 1cm each.

      What you see on the camera is not the lens itself but an outer shell designed for aesthetic purposes. The actual lens is much smaller and deeply recessed within this shell.

    38. Missing avatar

      中国人 2 days ago

      [ digiFAQ 008 ]
      尝试了解Yashica Y35和digiFILM™的意义和背后?

      在怀旧的风气之下,Yashica的创作团队,改变出Y35 和创造了digiFILM™。令各位重回昔日菲林相机的乐趣和感觉。




      同一个问题,如果要用3D Printer 重新打印Y35的初型,之后打磨和再喷为黑色的颜色机身,这样最少要用3天的时间;换转在生产工序上直接调教颜色,更为快捷;而且还节省了工作,増取改良Y35的时间。


      Yashica Y35和digiFILM™在KS上,


    39. Missing avatar

      Arena 2 days ago

      Although I welcome & thank @creator for all upgrades, I am very disappointed with the minimum focus distance of 1.5m which I consider a major downgrade. I didn't expect this unexpected limitation.

    40. C
      2 days ago

      I was wondering about that. If minimum focal distance for prototype was closer to 4 feet, how did they take sharp focused photos of the clocks at around 2 feet from the videos? It makes no sense.

    41. Allan Dong 2 days ago


      You've updated the aperture from F2.8 ~ F2, the sensor size also got bigger, but the size of the camera didn't change at all?

    42. YASHICA Creator 2 days ago

      @Aaron T Eames The campaign is just ending with the funding stage. The development will go ahead. you contribution and comments is still welcome.
      Thank you again for your valuable support and you encourage our team a lot.

    43. Allan Dong 2 days ago

      The minimum focus distance is 1.5m, 5feet, is really disappointing

    44. NC Chan 2 days ago

      I am cancelling my pledge also. Up until this point, there has not been enough data for me to believe this product will turn out great, even though I really wanted to believe in it. The way the creator has been running this campaign has been another huge disappointment.

    45. Missing avatar

      Aaron T Eames 2 days ago

      Well Done Yashica! It is really exciting to be a part of the re-emergence of this camera brand. Can't wait until the Y35 is delivered. Thanks for listening to me and taking my opinions on board. So happy a filter thread is included now. Come on April 2018.

    46. Chen Zhi Lin 2 days ago

      Will wait for the actual product release :) Lurked for the campaign journey but like many have said... sounds too skeptical for the photos to look good with the tiny sensor size and errors in calculations. Good luck!

    47. YASHICA Creator 2 days ago

      @Aaron T Eames Thank you for your comment. Actually our team nearly confirm the small window will be appear at the back cover of Y35. Just waiting for the final 3D drawing for approval.

    48. Missing avatar

      中国人 2 days ago

      @Allan Dǒng

      [ digiFAQ 006 ]


      可惜的是Yashica 在这个重大日子里​​,
      推出了一套Yashica Lens “ 2 in 1 Smartphone Series “。在市场上,这类型的产品不计其数;而且产品期并不长久。
      设计不算美观,抱歉说句产品像家里的衣夹;包装设计上也不洽当地用了Yashica TLR机型。

      但疑问来了,大约两个月之后,Yashica Y35 和 digiFILM™ 在KS上集资。

      [ digiFAQ 007 ]
      Yashica Y35 和 digiFILM™ 这个项目,真的需要在KS集资吗?而且双方也有风险?

      假设7,000个Backer都是承诺了Family Pack,Yashica即是卖出了28,000台Y35,这个销售数量并不高。

    49. YASHICA Creator 2 days ago

      @Jing-cheng Lin We have an LED indicator for indicating shutter press, SD card full, No CD card insert or any abnormal status of Y35.

    50. Missing avatar

      Aaron T Eames 2 days ago

      @creator @yashica a window on the back for the digifilm would be great!!

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