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Update #5

Western Canada Tour


Hi folks,

This is just a quick note to let the album contributors on the other side of the country know about my upcoming West Coast tour with my good friend Steven Bowers ( I know that some of you haven't used the concert tickets that came along with your donation, so if you are interested in catching a show in your neck of the woods, just e-mail at and I will set you up.

Here's where we'll be (with a few more unconfirmed dates in between):

June 21--The Hideout, Red Deer, AB
June 22--The Haven Social Club, Edmonton, AB
June 24--The Ironwood, Calgary, AB
June 25--Twin Butte General Store, Twin Butte, AB
June 30-- House Concert, Calgary, AB
July 1-- Mountain Mosaic Festival, Invermere, BC (1pm)
July 1-- Strand's, Inveremere, BC (8pm)
July 4-- Bluebird North Concert Series, The Roundhouse, Vancouver, BC
July 5-- Cocoa Nymph Cafe, Vancouver, BC
July 6-- Minstrel Cafe, Kelowna, BC

Would love to see some of you!


norma xo

Update #4

Happy New Year!


Hi everyone,

I'm feeling nostalgic for 2011 already and just wanted to say thanks to you all over again for everything you made possible last year. That kind of support is a rare thing, and I am incredibly lucky to have all y'all...

A few notes on how the record you funded is doing: It's getting some good airplay on CBC Radio One and Three (Where are you, Radio Two? Feel free to e-mail and request songs :); it's getting some great play on a station in the Netherlands (I actually recorded a station ID for them!) and it's been charting on the U.S Roots Music Report for the past several months (I have no idea how this happened because I don't remember even sending records to the States, but I'll take it). It also got nominated for three Music Nova Scotia Awards in the fall. Were it not for your help this record would still be just a burned master copy sitting under a pile of Arrested Development DVDs on my TV stand. So again, thank you. If anyone would like to get in touch without using this freakin' Kickstarter page, my e-mail is

I'm doing some touring again in the spring so will hopefully see some of you around. Until then, have a happy, healthy, and exciting 2012. The possibilities are endless.


norma xo

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Update #3

cds are in!


Hi folks,

The CDs arrived yesterday and I gotta say, they sure are purdy. I've been so excited by how they look that I keep forgetting there is actually music on them too. I'll be getting packages in the mail over the next week or so. If you are in the Halifax area and you would prefer a drop off, just e-mail me at 

Oh, and I may have mentioned something about the CD release in the last update as being on June 2. The date has been changed to June 4 (a Saturday and generally much better for everyone). It's at the Company House (2202 Gottingen St.) and would love it if you could join. For those of you with the "free tickets to a show" option in your kickstarter deal and you want to come to the release, just send me an e-mail at the address above an I'll hook you up. I'm also heading out on tour across the country in June so if you see a date in your area and you're interested in coming to a show, just let me know. Dates can be found at

Thanks again for everything you've done y'all. Really means a lot...

Hopefully see you soon!

norma xo

Update #2

thanks again!


Hey everybody,

Thank you all again sooo much for your incredibly generous help in getting this album out. I really could not have done it without you. The project was officially funded yesterday. I will be sending out "surveys" next week where you can post your address (don't worry, I'll be the only one who gets it) and I'll get your CDs, etc. out to you as soon as I have them. On that front, it's now looking like the first week of May before I get records in my hands.For anyone in the Halifax area, the Cd launch will be at the Company House on June 2. Hope you can make it! For folks outside the area, I'm heading out on tour mid-June so will hopefully see you elsewhere :)

Have a great weekend and I'll be in touch soon,

norma xo

Update #1




Thank you so much to everybody who helped me exceed my Kickstarter goal in just 10 days! Wow. I am so humbled, flattered and amazed by the support I have been shown in the last two weeks. Really. Wow...

The project will remain posted for the full 30 days, so if anyone still wants to order advance copies of the record (or any of the other rewards), you are still able to. After the 30 days is up, I will be requesting e-mail addresses from Kickstarter so I can contact you to get some mailing addresses to start shippin' things out when the albums are manufactured. Maybe I can do that before then. I'll check....

Again, my most sincere thanks to everyone. I am really proud of this new record and you all played a huge part in helping me get it out there.


norma xo

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