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$63,651 pledged of $25,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Yeehaw 3D
$63,651 pledged of $25,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      Abraham irish 1 day ago

      It is the ReMarkable paper tablet. I o ky gave s iPhone and iPad and they’re connected to the device but I’m not able to download books onto to reMarkable or use the search bar to locate websites like JW, Jehovah’s witnesses to download the bible perhaps. I received an email from reMarkable, after I raised the concern, that they’ll extend the return/ exchange once they’ve responded to the backer because they’re experiencing a high quqeu of emails and are trying to reach everyone. Thank you. A. Irish �.

    2. Grayson King
      1 day ago

      @Abraham Irish,

      Which paper tablet are you having issues with as I have bought but not used my Remarkable tablet as I’ve been busy so it just got put to one side... just wondering if it is possible that I don’t know about these issues or if it is a different paper tablet =P

    3. Missing avatar

      Abraham irish 4 days ago

      Hi Dina it’s Abraham Irish. How are you? What do you think of my design I’d sent you by email please? The paper tablet takes some getting used to and I only done one design as I think I (and others who purchased the tablet) may have to send the device back as I can’t transfer books onto the readable tablet which is also for design and sketch also. There are lots of emails coming in for the tablet and I’m just awaiting a reply to see what’s wrong with the tablet functions. When I selected the perk I added $70 onto the $99 perk (inc shipping) for the iPad stand and the travel bag. Of course I can’t really get the unit I want without your help please? I’m still hoping that you could email me back with your thoughts on what I’ve done so far. I’ve used the link you provided to share on Facebook so I’m hoping this’ll help too. I’m wishing you well with the campaign on Kickstarter this time round. Thank you. A. Irish.

    4. CeKWg
      4 days ago

      do you really want to hear the truth?

    5. Dina Tait Collaborator 5 days ago

      @CeKWg, wow thank you for noticing that! I made a mistake and switched the prices by accident. The prices remain as described in the rewards - the iPad stand is $40 and the Yeehaw travel bag is $30!

      I couldn't edit the update anymore but I added a comment on the bottom! My apologies and thank you CeKWg. By the way, did you like the design of Miku you've requested?

    6. CeKWg
      5 days ago

      so now the ipad stand is 10 dollar off? from 40 to 30??

    7. Quinton Banfield
      5 days ago

      @Dina. Okay thank you. So once the wands are ready there will be enough printers to go around. The printers are now starting to be stockpiled.

    8. Dina Tait Collaborator 6 days ago

      @Marius, the printing service will have an additional cost, depending on the weight of your design. Our prices are not final yet, but we plan to charge $0.5 per gram of the printing + shipping. We want to include two delivery options so the prices will vary depending on the delivery time. The fastest delivery will be done via DHL and will take 5 days to arrive, costing $25. The other option is a regular shipment, which will take about a month and will cost $15.

    9. Dina Tait Collaborator 6 days ago

      @Abraham, thank you for your inquiry. I've also received your emails and will respond to all your questions via email.

    10. Dina Tait Collaborator 6 days ago

      @Quinton, of course, I will explain. We ran a crowdfunding campaign for Yeehaw 3D printer last year on Indiegogo and successfully fulfilled all orders by sending a printer to all our backers on time! However, there was a manufacturing issue and we took full responsibility for that. Thus, we've shipped EVERYONE an additional printer right after we fixed the manufacturing problem.

      At this time, we decided to close the Indiegogo campaign and the most recent backers did not get their printers delivered to them yet (thus the negative reviews) but we will send their orders to them with our new batch as soon as it's ready!

      Finally, we are not affiliated with Tiko printer in any way.

    11. Quinton Banfield
      on December 9

      Well I read reviews on the page about printer and wasn't good....lots of people wanted refunds. The printer looks lot like tiko. Which failed hard. Can we get explanation of this.

    12. Missing avatar

      Abraham irish on December 9

      Hi Dina it’s Abraham Irish. I was interested in your kind consideration of my circumstances from Indiegogo. I know that you paused the campaign temporarily on Indiegogo and I’m not sure if it’s still inactive. I’ve done a sketch on my paper tablet but I’m currently having problems transferring files in general or downloading books to read perhaps. What I can do is take a screenshot of the design and send you the email. I’m not the only person with this problem - I think the paper tablets may have to be sent back as defect with the updates. I noticed that you’re running the campaign with Kickstarter and my circumstances are still the same , but because of desperation I purchased a perk which I can’t really afford. Is it possible if you could look at my design and then get back to me please? I shouldn’t have purchased anything as the money is taken at a future date but I really want to start design with this u it and I’m happy to be your tester. I’m worried really because I know that the mo was not goi g to be there to debit my account but in order to speak to you on s live campaign I’d have had to choose a perk as only customers can comment. This is stressful for me as I’m still one of your most interested persons. I’m happy if you could help me in any way. I’m awaiting a response from the paper tablet company who made the paper tablet for design and, of course, their having high messages so can’t get to everyone. I’m grateful for any help and hope the campaign on Kickstarter is successful. Thank you. A. Irish.

    13. Missing avatar

      Marius on December 8

      Will option 1 (yeehaw's self-print) be without any cost?

    14. Quinton Banfield
      on December 7

      Where can I find out more info about your printer?

    15. Grayson King
      on December 6

      Also I’m amazed that you haven’t been challenge with either Star Trek or Star Wars models by now

    16. Grayson King
      on December 6

      Okay, how about this as a challenge then, one of the demon angry versions of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls or something that came out of his hell dimension at the end of the series

    17. Dina Tait Collaborator on December 6

      @CeKWg There is nothing to worry about when the campaign ends either us or Yeehaw will definitely continue the communication with you all! :)

    18. Dina Tait Collaborator on December 6

      @Grayson it is indeed a bit complex, but hopefully, we will make a great one!

    19. CeKWg
      on December 6

      @Dina Tait
      I just noticed you guys are a third-party collaborator.
      So my question is, after the campaign end, will your company continues to communicate with the backers on behalf of Yeehaw or your contract will end as soon as the campaign end?

    20. Grayson King
      on December 6

      The gundam is a good challenge haha

      Hope it isn’t too complicated ;)

      Good luck
      | (• ◡•)|

    21. Dina Tait Collaborator on December 6

      @Olivia, thank you so much for your support and interest in Yeehaw Wand. I'll help you out with these questions via email you sent me. Have a great day!

    22. Missing avatar

      Olivia Rood on December 6

      Good Afternoon,

      I am taking a marketing course and your product has sparked some major interest. I have a couple questions in terms of projections that I was wondering if you could answer:

      What are your long terms goals for this product? How many countries do you want to be selling in? What are you revenues goals for the first year after the release date? How long do you think it will take to turn a profit? How much did you invest in this project? How many shareholders are there? Do you intend to distribute dividends? How many people are a part of your team? What has your marketing strategy/approach been like? What is a rough estimate of the price of the Yeehaw Wand?

      I know this is a lot but answer what you can/ what you feel comfortable answering (if any). Thank you so much!

    23. Dina Tait Collaborator on December 6

      @Such Doge backer WOW - challenge accepted! ;)

    24. Brian on December 5

      Dina Tait - Thank you for your response. I hope all goes as planned. I will stick with this project.

    25. Grayson King
      on December 5

      I don’t like to really advertise myself but since I don’t make any actual money if you do visit my blog (and since it is definitely too much information crammed into one place to really be read and that’s why it became the book I’m writing) I don’t see any issue sharing my blog with you

      It’s a little outdated and raw and as I say waaaay too much info as I have a billion thoughts trying to explode at all times but you’re welcome to snoop haha ;) ;)

    26. Grayson King
      on December 5

      @Janene Awww thanks ;)

      I am an inventor, musician and writer amongst other things. Kind of a conceptual creative do-it-all, so I’m really glad to read your message
      | (• ◡•)|

      I invented a method to have more ideas more often called conceptual constructionism and I’ve recorded over 700,000 minutes of ideas... so imagine what the potential for portable 3D print AND design does to MY brain? ;) ;)

    27. Such Doge backer WOW
      on December 5

      I challenge you guys to make a zaku mk 2 or any gundam/mobile suit!

    28. Dina Tait Collaborator on December 5

      @Rachel, we've built your Paw Patrol and uploaded it to YouTube just now! Take a look, hope you like it:

      Now, share it and get the most views & likes!

    29. Dina Tait Collaborator on December 5

      @Brian, thank you for your interest in the Yeehaw Wand and I understand your concern. However, you should know that the Yeehaw 3D printer was delivered to all Indiegogo funding backers. The most recent backers will be getting their printer in the next batch going out. Regarding the Wand, it is a lot simpler and faster to produce and we are currently preparing the moulding and the production line for it. In the next update, we've planned to show you the moulding pictures. I hope this clarifies your concern and you keep your support for the Yeehaw Wand. We will be shipping our first batch in February!

    30. Brian on December 5

      On your Indiegogo campaign for the Yeeshaw 3D printer, you have people complaining they never received their printer and wanting refunds. What will make this project any different? You were honest enough to go ahead and give refunds, but people still waited over a year. You're now selling a printer with this campaign that you haven't delivered to your other backers. I am considering canceling my pledge.

    31. Missing avatar

      Janene Edgerley Spratt on December 4

      I love the potential of this wand. Grayson King's ideas have inspired my imagination. For the design challenge, could you make a replica of Gon Freecss from Hunter X Hunter? Here is the link to what I have in mind.…

    32. Ved Uttamchandani
      on December 4

      Oh woah! That's awesome!

    33. Dina Tait Collaborator on December 3

      Our first challenge accepted and live on YouTube! This is Pickle Rick, who fits perfectly into our Rick & Morty collection: Thanks, @Ved for your suggestion! Now share and repost it so that Ved can win his Pickle RICK and get it delivered to him (as a gift) from the #WandChallenge!

    34. Dina Tait Collaborator on December 3

      @Liz, challenge us! Have you seen our recent update? Send us a picture of what you want to see the Wand create and the video of the idea that gets the most views/likes on our social media will win the 3D printed design!

    35. Dina Tait Collaborator on December 3

      @Grayson, you are right - the designs on the Wand and its plate are one of the main factors allowing the camera (and the AR tech) to see the Wand movements and reflect them in the app. Regarding Migo, it looks like a great product and we'll see what we can do together. Thanks for the tip!

    36. Grayson King
      on December 2

      Are you aware of Migo on ks just now? It’s a portable 3D printer and I suggested they see if they can get their product to work with yours as I think you have potential to be companion products ;)

      Like, Yeehaw and Migo are clearly compatible concepts

    37. Liz - Campaign Funded on November 30

      I need this now, so many ideas in my head :)

    38. Grayson King
      on November 30

      That’s actually an interesting question... is it the design on the Wand and the disc that allows it to work?

      Like, what are the functioning parts in the Wand?

      I just want to understand how it works haha cos some part of me thinks it doesn’t necessarily have moving parts and it is the camera and app picking up on the unique code patterns on the disc and wand

    39. Missing avatar

      Techiespace on November 29


    40. Dina Tait Collaborator on November 29

      @Ved, haha that would be easy! It might actually get a lot of views because it's funny, and you'd win a 3D printed design of the Wand before the real thing arrives! :D

    41. Ved Uttamchandani
      on November 29

      Could you make a Yeehaw Wand and Disc model? :D

    42. Dina Tait Collaborator on November 29

      @Rachel of course! Thanks for the request - very cute Raw Patrol! :)

    43. Grayson King
      on November 28

      If only I was a coder haha

      I mean, there’s no way I could do these things on my own anyway hahaha xD

      I’ve had my idea for what I’m gonna do with your wand though I just can’t say cos I might sell them on Etsy and don’t wanna lose the idea cos someone beat me to it hahaha

    44. Lawrence Green
      on November 28

      @Dina Looking forward to it!

    45. Dina Tait Collaborator on November 28

      @Lawrence, hehe thanks! I think we will try to make it prettier :)

    46. Dina Tait Collaborator on November 28

      @CeKWg looks fun! Thanks for your idea, stay tuned on our social media, I'll post it once it's ready.

    47. CeKWg
      on November 28

      may be asking too much, but can you try this

      not looking for great detail, just geometry close enough

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