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$2,285 pledged of $4,000 goal
$2,285 pledged of $4,000 goal

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    1. Lee Milewski 9-time creator on December 7, 2012


      Thanks so much and no worries! I am taking this as a huge step towards my future career. $2,285 is nothing to scoff at, and if I was able to provide the rest out of my own pocket to print, I would surely do that VERY soon.

      Having said that, the project is on a... temporary leave of absence until I can work out a few other things. Thanks so much for your support though, and I will certainly keep you informed!

    2. Clayton Tuttle on December 7, 2012

      Sorry to see you didn't make your goal on this, but you can definitely count me in for some web comic love. Just send me a when and a where, and I'll send you a subscription. Hopefully everything works out, and you can try for another print run. Just based on what I've seen, I would really love to have a copy of "With The Earth Above Us" sitting on my bookshelf sometime in the near future.

    3. Lee Milewski 9-time creator on December 1, 2012

      Mark, thanks! It is also my own, haha. Thank you for your support!

    4. Mark Oldfield on December 1, 2012

      Reminds me of my imagination of space when I was a kid. Love to see the finished result!

    5. Lee Milewski 9-time creator on November 26, 2012


      Thanks for getting in touch and the kind words!

      It's nice to know that the "idea" which I'm trying to get across is working, so thank you. More than likely, funding will not succeed, but that is fine. I am looking to put out a webcomic, compiling the first issue, and then each subsequent page, weekly. My hope is to garner a larger crowd and possibly do a much smaller print run in the near future.

      Once again though, thank you for your support and I hope to have you subscribe to the webcomic!

    6. Clayton Tuttle on November 26, 2012

      Hey! I just wanted to say congrats for (almost) reaching the halfway point with your pledges! I'm keeping a close eye on this project, and I've got my fingers crossed that you can make your goal. I love the 2001: A Space Odyssey vibe, and your artwork and dialogue really fit vert seamlessly together with the world and idea that you're trying to convey. Anyway, I'll be keeping my eye on this, and with any luck, I'll have a physical copy to read sometime next year. Good luck!

    7. Lee Milewski 9-time creator on November 14, 2012

      Just wanted to thank all of you again for supporting this indie dream of mine, without you I wouldn't stand a chance.

    8. JoAnne Bart on November 11, 2012

      We love you Lee and are so proud of you! Grandmom and Dziadek

    9. Missing avatar

      marybeth bartkowski on November 8, 2012

      cant wait to see the finish product...xo

    10. Lee Milewski 9-time creator on November 5, 2012

      Eric, I am very excited to have you see this project completed!

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric Bartkowski on November 5, 2012

      I am very excited for this project to be completed!