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A comic book comprised of three to four previously unreleased short stories by the Angry Cuddles crew.
28 backers pledged $1,240 to help bring this project to life.

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Likely Our Final Update

It's been a long time coming... but the comics have arrived and are being sent out, fulfilling the final requirements of everyone's reward tier. BE SURE TO SEND US YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IF YOU HAVEN'T YET! (At least those of you in the physical book reward tier.) I'll hang on to the books for awhile, just in case it takes you some time to get back to us.

The comic will release officially this Saturday, October 26, at Collected; Your Pop Culture Headquarters alongside their Halloween Fest Event and Sidewalk Sale.  We'll be there from 12pm (noon) to at LEAST 6:00pm. The physical graphic novel is $10, the E-book version $5. The address is:

3467 Blue Bonnet Circle Fort Worth, TX 76109

You will also be able to order a copy of the graphic novel through


E-Books will be available as well: Kindle carries it, but it's not quite formatted correctly yet -- I've alerted them there's an issue. I've also submitted to Comixology and Google Play Store. We may or may not continue to offer it on, I haven't yet decided. But now we're in the distribution phase. If anyone knows any stores, outlets, or anything else that would like to carry an independent self-published graphic novel, let us know.

And, more than anything, I hope you enjoy it. We've gotten a few trickles of very positive feedback so far; please feel free to let us know if you love it or hate it. We'll continue to improve, and eventually, we'll make another. Much faster than before. :) This is likely our final update, unless something crazy comes up, or if we wanna let you know who else is carrying the book. PLEASE keep in contact with us:

Like our Page on Facebook

@AngryCuddles on Twitter 

And don't forget our weekly webcomic, podcast, and articles at

Thank you for your love, money, patience, and friendship. You've helped us make our dreams a reality.


Stephen Totten and Joseph Valero

Angry Cuddles

E-book access ending!


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The Book Is Done

Today, Joseph and I (FINALLY!) were able to submit our book "Monsters & Miracles" to to be printed. The printed books will be delivered by Monday, October 21, in time for the October 26 release and hopeful release party.

All the backers that are receiving Ebooks will get theirs starting tonight! I will send out a questionnaire on October 21st to ask for addresses to ship the graphic novels to for any backers receiving those.

We made it. Joseph and I appreciate your patience -- we learned a lot during this time, and we hope you enjoy our first ever learned-by-doing graphic novel.

Lots of love,

Stephen and Joseph from Angry Cuddles

A couple more days

Hiya, backers! A quick line to let you know that the comic is about finished -- we're expecting it by the end of this week, around 9/7. Just a few more days so we can properly compile, assign ISBN numbers and barcodes, and add some details. It seems like every time we THINK we're finished, three other things pop up. That's the nature of self-publishing for the first time, though. Still, we apologize for the delay -- only a matter of days away, though. And remember, those of you with e-books in your reward tier will get them the moment the book is compiled, the physical copy will start shipping October 26!

Your patience has been saintly...we're almost there, you all.

Stephen and Joseph, Angry Cuddles



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