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We want to put 3D game development on Linux, so you can build and play games without leaving the Linux operating system.
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Leadwerks Game Player on Greenlight

Posted by Josh Klint (Creator)

The Leadwerks Game Player is now on Greenlight.  This is a standalone application any Steam user can install for free.  You can publish your Lua games made in Leadwerks to the game player, so other Steam users can play your game.

The recent Winter Games Tournament has resulted in a lot of new games, many of which you can download and play right now, on Linux and Windows.  The game player will allow free self-publishing of Lua games to Steam Workshop.  This will allow you to safely download and play games other Steam users make, without any worries about viruses or malicious programs.

If you're a game developer, Leadwerks Game Player allows you to reach a broad audience and start building a fan base made up of your future customers.  You can get feedback and communicate with fans on your own Steam Workshop page.

Leadwerks Game Player works with SteamOS, so you can use it to publish your own games to the living room and play on your Steam Machine game console.

You can vote for the Leadwerks Game Player on Steam here.

Leadwerks Game Engine for Linux Launches on Steam

Posted by Josh Klint (Creator)

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your support, Leadwerks for Linux is now officially up on Steam:

If you want to read the whole snazzy announcement you can see it here:

Thanks again for making this possible.

Leadwerks for Linux beta build available on Steam

Posted by Josh Klint (Creator)

In preparation for Ubuntu and SteamOS support, a build for Linux is now available on the application beta branch on Steam. You must opt-in to the beta by right-clicking on the application in Steam, selecting the Properties menu, then select the beta branch under the Betas tab.

Linux support for Leadwerks provides us with the ability to publish games to Ubuntu and the upcoming SteamOS, so you can build and publish your own 3D games for the desktop and living room. Steam Workshop is fully supported, so you can download and publish game content, and even deploy your own games to Steam through the Leedwerks Workshop.

Blender exporter now available, Leadwerks for Linux coming to Steam

Posted by Josh Klint (Creator)

The finished Leadwerks exporter for Blender is now available here.  You must create a forum account to access the download.


  • Put the io_scene_leadwerks into your Blender addons directory.
  • Refer to the official blender documentation to find add ons directory.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+U Select Addons
  • Select Category = Import Export
  • Mark Leadwerks

 Leadwerks for Linux coming to Steam

We experienced a major delay in the Linux build of Leadwerks on Steam.  Consequently, Linux users haven't been able to access all the great new Steam features like screenshot publishing and the Leadwerks Workshop, which gives you access to lots of great 3D content to use in your games.  The issue had to do with GCC's requirement for 16-bit ABI alignment.  This is honestly way beyond my area of knowledge, but with the help of Valve and Blitz Research Ltd. the problem seems to be solved.  Stay tuned for the announcement of its release on Steam.

 Sunburnt in Seattle

In order to be closer to the PC gaming ecosystem, I've moved to Seattle and am enjoying the sunny warm weather so far.  I look forward to getting more involved in the technology scene up here.

Blender exporter ready for testing

Posted by Josh Klint (Creator)
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