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International piano competition winner Myron Silberstein is making a world premiere recording of works by two 20th-century US composers
25 backers pledged $2,530 to help bring this project to life.

Recording Complete; Next Steps

Posted by Myron Silberstein (Creator)

With profound gratitude to all of you who have pledged your support to my recording project, I am proud to say that this past Wednesday afternoon I recorded the final take for the CD. My producers were both very pleased, as was I. The complete piano works of Peter Mennin and Norman Lloyd are on their way to becoming a commercially-released recording for the first time in history.

The next steps are for me to spend a few days explicitly NOT listening to the session takes. Then I will listen to the multiple takes of each track, assess which take is best suited to be the primary take, and make note of where wrong notes or other blemishes need to be filled in via other takes. I will write all this information into my music with red pen, scan it, and send a PDF to my studio producer, who will do the digital splicing in accordance with my edit plans. Then I will receive an edited master, which I will send to my musical producer for his feedback. 

Once both producers and I have agreed on a final master, it will be ready to go to our preferred record label for review, approval, and release.

In the remaining days of this Kickstarter campaign, I would like to ask that each of you continue to spread the word. The support I have received has been tremendous so far, but there's is still further to go to achieve full funding. And, as of now, I can unreservedly vouch for the product that will result!

With thanks, Myron


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