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A new shoe label called YOURS, with casual canvas styles that focus on minimalism, attention to detail, and aesthetics.


For all you people out there that wear shoes, pledge and get any pair at a discounted price! We will ship shoes out once the project is finalized.

A little bit about label though is that YOURS is a label based out of Utah, and Spring/Summer 12 is the first season with the collection. YOURS are simple, casual shoes that have been designed  to look and fit very minimal. While designing, I kept in mind function, but also wanted to really focus on aesthetics.  It took several sample runs to get styles how I wanted, which can be timely, but was able to dial everything in  with the collection and get to a point where I feel comfortable putting my name on. I originally started out with very spring-like colorways, but ended up making adjustments to make the collection a little more non-seasonal. All the styles evolved throughout the sample process except for minor changes to the light blue mid-top. I wanted to keep this style because it is so unique,resembles a great spring tone and is aesthetically pleasing.

We manufacture using ISO certified factories and standard testing to insure quality, fit, and product.

Manufactures require orders with numbers of product in the thousands, so this is why we're on Kickstarter lining up pre-sale orders!

 I also like to help people, if you are working on something that requires design, finding an overseas manufacture, or whatever, don't hesitate to ask. I am no expert by any means, but I would love to help with what knowledge I have acquired throughout starting Yours. Thanks! 


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    A white lettered, 6inch sticker of logo, a cyber high five, personalized email thanking you for your support, with a shoutout on our Tumblr blog. Free Shipping anywhere if you decide to order shoes.

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    Design your own pair of shoes to get sampled for Fall/Winter season. If sample pair turns out to meet standards, Yours will decide whether or not to add to FW12 mass production, and give you credit for design. Either way, you get to keep custom, sample pair you designed. We will also ship out 2 pairs from Spring/Summer12 collection by April. Custom pair will be shipped in May. Free shipping in US.

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