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Capo critters are little critters that attach to guitar capos. Each critter comes with an acoustic riff (4-8 bars of sheet music).

### Critters and Riffs ###

Capo Critters are little critters that slide onto guitar, mandolin and banjo capotastos (capos).  Each critter comes with a musical riff (e.g., 4-8 bars of acoustic guitar sheet music).  We have a patent pending.

The primary goal is to produce a run of several critters, as preliminarily defined below (i.e., subject to change).

Capo Critters

  • Our Capo Critter Logo Critter as a real capo critter 
  • Catch (special critter in torn top hat).  You can almost tell what type of critter he is by peering in the opening with a flashlight. :)
  • Spice (polar bear)
  • Sunrise (monkey)
  • Ruby (cherry-headed conure with branch)
  • Strawberry (scarlet macaw)
  • Benjamin (bumblebee with an ox-eye daisy)
  • Cierra (bottlenose dolphin riding a wave)
  • Troy with Uncle Sam's hat
  • Caroline (monarch butterfly with flower)
  • Jingle (kitty cat)
  • Howler Mason (howling wolf)
  • Sugar (mouse)
  • Nate (lamb)
  • Nick (penguin)
  • Cupid the cherub
  • Clancy Luke (lucky leprechaun)
  • Heinrich (frog)
  • Chesterfield (common iguana with a log)
  • Sandy (surfer girl with a surfboard)
  • Sylvester (lizard)
  • Sally (seal w/ a beach ball)
  • Petie (Shetland Sheepdog puppy)
  • Trophy (scorpion)
  • Peppermint (panda)
  • Freckles (pygmy tarsier)

The secondary goal is to have a guitar riff for each critter that embodies the spirit and likeness of each character.  Each riff will be ~ 4-8 bars, which should be about 15-30 seconds of music.  The music will be provided in the packaging as a piece of sheet music. 

Thank you everyone for supporting Capo Critters! 

The Capo Critters Team


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