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Joey Richter and friends bring you a magical comedy about a group of slacker roommates - one of whom is a genie.
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School's Back!! And So Is Craig the Genie!!, or The Update You've Been Waiting For

Posted by Brandon Blanks (Creator)
Helloooo my friends!

Fall is upon us and we got some catching up to do! This summer has been pretty packed for all of us here at Craig the Genie HQ. With some living in different cities, others working full time and freelance jobs, and a certain person being in Chicago for several months, we've had our plates full. In spite of this, you can rest assured: we're STILL cooking. Think of it as Craig the Chili or Craig the Beef Stew, cooking away in a Crock Pot: you may have to keep it simmering all day while you run errands, but DAMN is it going to taste FINE when it's ready for serving. Now enough with the food analogies, let's get down to business.  

ALL REWARDS have been packaged, posted, and put in the mail! Within the next several days (or weeks depending on how far it's traveling) your packages filled with doodles/stickers/headshots/t-shirts/fun should be delivered to your home! With the production workload over the past year, we weren't really able to devote the necessary attention to this aspect of the Kickstarter until several months ago and apologize for the wait. That being said, the swag being sent out is nothing short of BADASS and will undoubtedly rekindle your excitement with a little piece of Craig to call your own. Now, with this stage of Craig the Saga complete, we wanna inform you of the rapidly approaching...  

TEASER WEEK!!!- When receiving your rewards, you may notice the the return address stamp labeled as Porthole Productions. Don't worry, we didn't pass off the workload to a different production company, we've simply decided to drop the "Cool Pool Party" name (after all, California’s suffering through a drought) and rebrand as a throwback hallmark to our high school's theater, The Porthole. We've learned a lot and grown a ton while working with each other on Craig; and through all the obstacles, celebration, conflict, and excitement this process has yielded, identifying with our roots as friends has been the backbone that has kept us moving forward. A little sappy? Perhaps!    

"What does this have to do with projects in production?", you may ask!  

-MONDAY SEPTEMBER 29th we will be launching a brand spankin' new website as Porthole Productions to roll out sneak peeks/trailers/behind the scenes extras for your enjoyment in anticipation of the projects we release! The link to the website will be posted in our next KS update on the 29th!  

"But you're calling it Teaser Week. What else do you have planned for the rest of the days?", you're probably thinking to yourself!  

We'll be taking Craig the Twitter (@CraigtheGenie) by storm to find out about your newly acquired #CraigtheSwag... 

-TUESDAY SEPT 30th we'll be looking for pics of your limited edition signed Doodles!! There's a series of 12 different drawings that range from weird to incredibly bizarre, so we wanna know which one you got and what you'd title it!  

-WEDNESDAY OCT 1st is for Stickers!!! Send us pics of where you decided to place your Craig KS Sticker!  

-THURSDAY OCT 2nd is when you get to pose with your Headshot!! Do your best Craig impression with your chosen look and send pics our way!  

-FRIDAY OCT 3rd is T-Shirt day!! If you received a Craig KS shirt, we wanna see pics of you in it!  

For a couple hours each day, we'll be on twitter checking out these replies and will choose our Top 5 submissions to be posted in an update with a teaser link!  

"Wow! All this Twitter action and I forgot about the teasers!!", you are, undoubtedly, screaming from the rooftops!  

Along with Craig the Genie, we've also been hard at work putting the final touches on a romantic comedy short called Girl Friend that we are finally ready to share! Each day, we'll be putting out character teasers to build to Girl Friend's release (digital downloads will be available with and without commentary), all culminating in the premiere of the exclusive Craig the Genie Trailer on Friday!  

We’re closer than ever to ushering Craig into the final stages of production and have assembled some truly groovy collaborators to add their artistic charm. With these elements locking in, we should have a premiere date set in the next several weeks! For those backers attending the Screening in Los Angeles, it will most likely be scheduled before the winter holidays. We’ll update you as SOON as more information is available so you can mark your calendars and plan your trips!  

This entire process has truly been a labor of love. With a project like Craig, that's been so close to all of us for SO long, it's sometimes hard to look at the work we've done objectively. We've been striving for perfection because that's what YOU, as a backer, deserve. And after all this time, it feels like an element is missing. It's YOU. Sharing this story, these characters, this dream with YOU was the reason we wanted to do this project in the first place.  

Thank you for your lasting support, love, and passion for this project. Craig has been a pretty big undertaking for our group and we have always appreciated your patience with us as we work through the kinks of completing a project of this scale for the first time.   

But now, it's timed to get HYPED. Because Craig is on the horizon, and we are PUMPED that we're so close to introducing you to him!!  

Much love always,  

The CTG Crew

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    1. Carleen Slon on

      I received my stuff for being a backer but it seems that I am missing something that I was suppose to receive since I pledged $10

    2. Stephanie Walsh on

      Proud that you guys are getting stuff done. Can't wait to see it all come together. Love.

    3. Brandon Blanks Creator on

      Samma and Signe! Sorry about that! Please send a message to our page right now and I'll follow ya!

    4. Signe Sejersbøl on

      I didn't get my follow either (I'm crystal btw).

    5. Missing avatar

      Samma Jones on

      Have you guys done all the Twitter follows yet for the wood package? Because I never got mine. :(