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Joey Richter and friends bring you a magical comedy about a group of slacker roommates - one of whom is a genie.
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Craig the Genie (The Kickstarter): EPILOGUE

Posted by Brandon Blanks (Creator)

When we began this journey, we asked for you to take our metaphorical hand as we walked together down a path that then only existed in our imaginations.  One we hoped that together, we could make real.  We presented this path in phases.

In phase 1 we committed to make Craig the Genie more than just a script and some character drawings.

YOU were phase 2. You helped us reach beyond our funding goal in order to produce a pilot episode of Craig the Genie.

Phase 3 was production. We shot the pilot on a sound stage, hired our small crew and additional actors, and went to work!  The episode was directed by Brandon himself - everyone involved had a blast.  

Phase 4 was post-production.  Although post-production execution differed most from how we'd anticipated, ultimately that difference resulted in the betterment of the pilot.  Instead of outsourcing many of the different elements of the show as anticipated (editing, color, visual effects, etc.) We did them ourselves.  And while this portion took longer than expected, we feel that the pilot is much better as a result.  Generating the best pilot we could has always been our priority.  

The first episode now exists in a viewable form! To those of you who backed us at $15 or more, check your inbox!  You should have your very own copy of the Craig the Genie Pilot waiting for you.

We also had a special screening party for our $250+ backers at "Craig's House" a few weeks ago! 

Polaroids from the Craig the Genie Viewing Party
Polaroids from the Craig the Genie Viewing Party

So for the rest of you wondering when you'll get a chance to see it, we're moving on to phase 5: Distribution. Next we're looking to partner with a network or streaming service to bring our show into lamps and living rooms across the country.  

Who knows where this phase will bring us.  Which means we're not sure when or how you'll hear from us again.  But when there's something to hear, you will.  We'll make sure of it.

...Which means that it's time for us to one last time say thank you.  Thank you to each and every one of you.  From the Starkid fan to the experienced Kickstarter backer, to the person who heard about us on Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook.  To mom and dad, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, neighbor, mentor, friend.  To all of you who gave us 1 buck or 1000.  No matter what becomes of Craig, you've changed our lives for the better.  You've helped us create something, and we appreciate nothing more than creation and opportunity.  So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.

P.S. For those of you who have received/watched your copy of the pilot, we’d love to hear from you! Tweet #craigthepilot to let us know what you think!

Until we meet again,

                     Brandon, Andrew, Pat, Jordan, and Joey of Porthole Productions

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      Marla on

      Congratulations on completing what you set out to do, and for accomplishing even more. It may have taken a while but you can proudly say it's done and everyone involved changed, grew, and learned along the way. I know there are more stories to tell and Craig has more adventures to experience. Hopefully he will do so in THIS century.