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Joey Richter and friends bring you a magical comedy about a group of slacker roommates - one of whom is a genie.
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The Goose is Cooked

Posted by Brandon Blanks (Creator)

Hello... It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet to go over everything… That is, everything Craig the Genie related! 

Yes, those lyrics are stolen from Adele, but she would still be a regular woman with complicated relationships and no singing voice if I hadn’t granted her wish so I think plagiarism is more than fair in this instance, don't you?

Look, the boys and I have been off working, sweating, and giving our all for some time now, and we’ve been doing it underground. But recently we’ve reached a point that has us all excited. So much so that we can’t contain that excitement any longer. 

Craig the Genie is baked. No, not like that you chillers, I mean metaphorically baked, like fully cooked! The pilot episode is officially “out of the oven” but still needs to “cool” so to speak. So get your forks ready, people, because soon we’ll all be able to “dig in”! It’s simple, really: coming soon, expect more information on how $15+ backers will receive their very own digital copy of Craig the Genie (The Awesome Pilot Episode)! 

Also, let this be a shout out to our beloved Gold and Platinum backers (you know who you are you wonderful people you) that you’ll be hearing from us soon regarding the exclusive Craig the Genie Meet n’ Screen! We’re back and here to say hello from the other side. So stay tuned for more, soon! 

One Love, Craig... the Genie

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