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Joey Richter and friends bring you a magical comedy about a group of slacker roommates - one of whom is a genie.
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Craig the Trailer and "Girl Friend" Release!!!!: #TeaserWeek Day 5

Posted by Brandon Blanks (Creator)

And finally, the most exciting day of #TeaserWeek has arrived!!!

For those who aren't aware yet, you can purchase our short film, Girl Friend through our website now! Currently, the download is available in a Basic (includes a high definition download of the film) package. There will also be Deluxe- Will be Available Soon/Tomorrow (includes a HD download of the film AND a version with commentary from cast members Carlye Tamaren, Pat McLaughlin, Drew Parkhill, and Joey Richter) and VIP- Will be Available Soon/Tomorrow (includes HD download of the film, commentary with cast, PDF of the Script, and a Limited Edition/Stock Autographed Cover Sheet) packages. To purchase & enjoy this delightful labor of love, visit the Girl Friend page on our website:

We ain't done yet!!! This final day of #TeaserWeek wouldn't feel right without one final teaser. So without further delay, we wanna give you all the first official look at the pilot episode for CRAIG THE GENIE!!!!!

Isn't it exciting that Craig is almost here?!? We're thrilled to be closer than ever to sharing the episode with you! Below are some backers who felt the same and chose to sport their Kickstarter T-Shirts today (NOT b/c we asked them!)!!!

 Jayme Keally (@jaymekeally) has got her sunglasses on INSIDE and is flashing the Craig Peace Sign like a boss. She also managed to capture her cat cleaning itself! THIS IS A DAY THAT STARTED OFF RIGHT!

 Shelby R (@SLRemi21) is lounging in the her Craig shirt today with her slippers on!.....And apparently in PLEASANTVILLE?!? This black and white blast from the past works incredibly well because the shirt itself has no color.

 Jen :) (@jengator) is lookin' fly with her Craig shirt as she flips the peace sign! As lovers of symmetry, we are thoroughly impressed that Jen was able to line up the top of her fingers PERFECTLY with the top of Craig's tiny fingers. It's astoundingly visually pleasing.

 Emmy (@StarkidEmmy) has got her shirt on and her tongue OUT! She don't care! She's havin' fun! We were worried for a second though because it looks like she is biting her tongue. Hope that was intentional because that SMARTS! Also, and we may be speculating incorrectly, but that MAY be a washing machine behind her. In which case, this shirt is probably freshly clean and smells like pine!

 Mary Lyszczarz (@MaryLyszczarz) is having a party and she brought Emmy, Heather, AND Craig! What a time! Emmy and Heather, sorry you don't have shirts. Those were special to the Kickstarter. If you want one though, we may be opening an online store with different designs soon! *Ends Shameless Plug* Also, what's Senior room? You don't look older than 65! ;)

What a spectacular week, huh? We've been working our tushies off over here at Porthole Productions, but are excited to finish off this year with the completion of Craig the Genie! And this week was an essential step in getting us there! Thank you AGAIN for all your patience during this process and we hope you've been as stoked as we have this week to welcome the next stage of this journey! Updates to come soon on the release of Craig! :)

Much Love,

Porthole Productions


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