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Joey Richter and friends bring you a magical comedy about a group of slacker roommates - one of whom is a genie.
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Hit Me With Your Headshot!!: #TeaserWeek Day 4

Posted by Brandon Blanks (Creator)

It's the 2nd to last day of Teaser Week and the eve of the Girl Friend and Craig the Genie Trailer release!!

We hope you're excited as we are!!! And without giving away too much more of the plot, we present you with the final teaser for Girl Friend!!

For today's #CraigTheSwag, we were stoked to see your beautiful, shining faces next to the smarmy, smirk of Craig himself! If one were to crop Craig out of most of these photos, you should all use them as your own Headshots! You look smokin'!

 Heather Cannon (@HeatherCannon3) is looking simply divine in this pic. With the slight head tilt, she has mastered her Craig pose. Although she is giving off MUCH more charm! Also, we're honored to exist on a wall between an Arrested Development, Orange is the New Black, and Bob's Burgers/Breaking Bad Crossover posters (as seen in another pic).

 Liz Siron (@Lizziebeth157) was able to snap this gorgeous pic right before work. She's got a job, she's damn good at it, and she's fierce. That's how we read this picture. Thank you for sharing Liz! We hope you have a lovely day on the job!

 Stephanie Walsh (@imstephwalsh) really blew us away with both her stunning looks and innovation. At work, without a headshot, Steph used technology to show us that you can pose ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. Thank you for the smiles Steph!

 Mary Lyszczarz ‏(@MaryLyszczarz) has created a mis-en-scene in this pic that could tell a thousand stories. Not to mention, she's got the Craig pose DOWN. Craig is pointing to a giant cat! Mary is pointing to Craig! Comedy ensues. We appreciate this Inception-inspired pic and love your beautiful face Mary!

Sofia ‏(@ladymxrgana) has done the impossible. She's been able to replicate the Craig look, but make it look FABULOUS. The smirk, the tilt, the lush eyebrow raise! If you took off her glasses, put a beanie on that head and added some stubble, it would be a carbon copy Craig. A triumph Sofia. 

Thanks for playing again today folks! ONE MORE DAY until Porthole Productions releases Girl Friend and the Craig the Genie Trailer! To activate tomorrow's teaser, get pics ready of you in your limited Kickstarter T-Shirt if you got one! And be on the look out for MANY tweets coming your way tonight about release info!

Much Love,

Porthole Productions

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