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Joey Richter and friends bring you a magical comedy about a group of slacker roommates - one of whom is a genie.
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Sticking the Stickers!!: #TeaserWeek Day 3

Posted by Brandon Blanks (Creator)

Happy Hump Day!!

We're midway through #TeaserWeek and the Girl Friend release is fast approaching! Share, tweet, facebook, and subscribe so that you can be the first to catch all these Porthole Productions updates daily! Today we bring you another glimpse of what's going down in the world of Girl Friend:

Now let's see where you cool cats decided to slap that sticker, solidifying the place where Craig, Pat, and Googol will forever gaze!

 MiNa (^&^) (@saathiya93) chose this box of laundry detergent. An odd choice at first BUT WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT?! It's GENIE detergent. Marvelous. And "without rubbing" too!! Hopefully this box will last her a LONG time.

 Lori ItalianStarkid (@ItalianStarkid) added her sticker to a pretty gnarly collection of stickers on her guitar! A very radical choice indeed! As SoCal kids, we appreciate the classic placement of a sticker on a musical instrument, amp, or skateboard. Long live Rock'N'Roll!

 Brianna Buth (@briannarose713) CLAIMS to have stuck her sticker on her Quinjet. However, seeing as that is a aircraft used primarily by the Avengers, I'm a bit skeptical. However, whatever vehicle this is, it's nice to see us represented above the phrase "Work Hard. Be Nice". Words to live by.

 Amber Carney (@amber_lynn777) understands that we live in an era of technology. Appropriately, she chose her laptop as the home for her Craig sticker. A daily reminder! Also, worth noting that this may be the ONLY picture in existence in which Craig the Genie takes precedence over Darren Criss. A rarity.

 Ashley Lotich (@NerdyLipstick) put her sticker amongst a lot of cool other stickers on her door. It's a fantastic group to be associated with and I feel the bright orange gives an excellent pop to the collage. Even though the face of the woman at the bottom left hand corner looks annoyed that we have a higher spot than her.

Even though the update is posted, STILL post your sticker pics and we'll retweet from the Craig account! And for TOMORROW, get ready to mug the camera and get sassy with your headshots

Much Love,

Porthole Productions


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