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A boardgame on the Dark Ages of Invasions
A boardgame on the Dark Ages of Invasions
992 backers pledged €86,479 to help bring this project to life.

March Update

Posted by Wisdom Owl (Creator)

Here are the monthly news

Survey and Add-Ons

We are still waiting for some replies, as it seems not every backer responded and we are still missing return data. The statistics on Add-Ons so far are the following:

357 Before the Invasions

345 Into the East

262 Solitaire

87 Computer Version

49 Extra Dice

463 No add-ons

Once we get all replies (or almost all), we’ll make a direct confirmation and reply by email to all backers. This will be a good opportunity for making sure that all is correctly and duly registered for each of you. 

Languages and Proofreading 

The English proofreading of game elements is now complete, the French one underway. German and Spanish translations are almost over too, a second round will be given to those once the English master is done. Italian volunteers are still working on the Italian one. 

Unfortunately, the 100-threshold limit for manufacturing in German and Spanish was not achieved and therefore we shall limit printing to English and French. But ALL the game files (rules, aides, cards) will be available for free in Spanish and German, thanks to our translators.

Components Work in Progress

Map revision is now complete, with names, data and various other corrections and remarks implemented. A last run, to work on the graphical look, will take place in April. 

Map almost final (click on image to download a much larger one)
Map almost final (click on image to download a much larger one)

Rules and Aids underway (as indicated above).

Counters and cards production now ongoing, we are still waiting confirmation from the printer that the templates we use (especially for die-cut and bleed) is suitable with their machines and processes.

As an illustration see below a sample countersheet (click on picture to download it), and look at how the game counters evolved over the past 10 years.

Click on image to download a file size PDF of the Roman player countersheet
Click on image to download a file size PDF of the Roman player countersheet


The Kickstarter has been a large success and has changed drastically our production need. As a consequence, our initial manufacturer is no longer able to produce the required quantities. We had to turn towards printers able to satisfy the production requirements in larger volumes, while at the same time offering an excellent quality level. 

This means going to China, which was not our original plan. This means also extra delivery delays, and the best delivery date we have been given so far is September.

We have spent the last weeks getting quotations, exchanging with different sources and contacts, and have been able to select among 3 different offers of rather equivalent levels, where differences are on qualities, delays and price levels, as well as the ability to produce the add-ons. 

We should be in a position to select the final recipient within a few days, as we are still waiting for last missing information from them.


This is one of the major issue we have to solve in the coming weeks. We want a good service to deliver quickly and cheaply the different pledges to the different backers, knowing that more than half of them are based in North America. 

We have a logistical solution for Europe, but finding the right one for USA/Canada is more troublesome for us, although we have 2 or 3 likely potential partners to choose from.

Any input, advice, experience and opinion from you, North American backers, will be most welcome here. Feel free to comment below in this update.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Hammer666 on

      Thanks for the reply.
      Thought Manus was the Main, but the location and flow is more where the "Neckar" is located (Latin Nīcer). But thats really no great deal. :-)
      It's great how you involve your Player Base

    2. Wisdom Owl Creator on

      Treverorum error fixed.
      Manus river is Latin name for the "Main" river
      For the 3 cities you mention they were indeed founded much later, but in such a case there would be no city sites outside of the Roman empires, therefore we chose to put as sites (= not yet built cities) names of locations that have existed as close as possible to the date lines of the game.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hammer666 on

      And the Cities "Berolinum" (Berlin), "Monacum" (Munich) and "Vadum Francorum" (Frankfurt) were founded all lot later than 650 AD. And Vadum Francorum would be located a lot farther south (just north of the Manus (which river is represented with this?).
      P.S.: "Treverum" could also be named "Treveris" (later name from about 200AD). The name "Trevorum" is wrong (maybe from the english Wikipedia article).

    4. Missing avatar

      Hammer666 on

      Found an error in the march Map in Germania, Region Treveria: The City should be "Treverorum", not "Treverum"

    5. James Eisert Collaborator on

      Mark Seaborne

      Yes we have your survey. Thanks for backing us!

    6. James Eisert Collaborator on

      Charles W. Phillips

      Yes we have your survey and it is the correct one. Thanks for backing us!

    7. James Eisert Collaborator on

      David Paul Boulton.

      Yes we have your survey. Thanks for backing us!

    8. Charles W. Phillips on

      The Nubians have been slighted! Don't you know they captured Alexandria, Athens and Hippo in 434 B.C.? :-)

    9. Wisdom Owl Creator on

      We'll find a way to re-email those not having responded, as it is a bit weird we still lack quite a few answers.

      In doubt, email me at:

      Randy: nothing south of Egypt as this section of the board will be used for a table (probably revolt / event chart). Yes, Toaeregia is adjacent to Blemmyes and same for Provencia / Vienna (took note of need to improve visibility here)

    10. Randy Woods

      The map is looking better

      Does Toaregia border Blemmyes ?
      Provencia and Vienna look like they share a boarder but the black box makes it hard to tell.
      Why nothing south of Egypt ?

    11. Missing avatar

      Rio Chang on

      Thanks for the update!

      Any chance there will be more activity on BBG or

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Seaborne on

      I don’t remember being asked to complete a survey, but maybe I did and forgot? I can’t find an email about it, but could easily have accidentally deleted one.

      Best wishes


    13. Shawn Bozarth on

      Kickstarter has a whole bunch of logistics people for MA listed.....

    14. Charles W. Phillips on

      Wait a minute. I received a survey, then you cancelled it. I never received another, and there is no link on the page saying I have to complete a survey. I didn't see any second survey after the first one was cancelled, or if I filled it in already, I don't remember. You should send a mass e-mail to everyone who didn't fill in the survey, otherwise, there will be chaos.

    15. Simonmjl14

      Je préfère également un produit fini et de qualité plutôt que de recevoir quelque chose de moyen dans les temps.

    16. Missing avatar

      david paul boulton

      did i fill it in? im backer 1,111, i don't remember

    17. Ralph H. Anderson on

      Excellent update, thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Drost on

      Looks great though I think the city icons should have been different.

    19. Missing avatar

      john ruggles on

      keep up the good work like what I see better to take alittle extra time to get it right do whatever it takes to do it right .