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A boardgame on the Dark Ages of Invasions
A boardgame on the Dark Ages of Invasions
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A good kind of busy! / Better quality / Expansions Work in Progress

Posted by James Eisert (Collaborator)

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update on how things are going. We are a rather busy bunch indeed. It is a good kind of busy though! 

Rules / Content: Proofreading and English native language update almost complete. Map and content fixes done also for the printing preparation

Printing: We are going for a higher standard of quality for the game than originally planned (this is thanks to all of you to make this possible.) This, understandably, means that the game will take longer to get to your hands, but the trade off will be more than worth it. We will get estimates to you about the time estimates as the more concrete information arrives.

Shipping : We are working with people in the USA to make our shipment to those customers as fluent as possible. 

Expansions: Work is under way, the goal is to have them printed at the same time as the main game. 

Until next time, may all your battles be victorious!

Wisdom Owl

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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Weßling on

      That is great news. Maybe you can give us some example pictures? Before/now?

    2. James Eisert Collaborator on

      Thank you, everyone. Those words ring true. It will not be rushed.

    3. Martin on

      TAKE YOUR TIME , rushing is bad. Wishing you a fluent production process.

    4. Charles W. Phillips on

      "But please, remember that perfect is the enemy of good ;)" Yikes! Now I'll never get my project done. ;-) I can't have perfect and good fighting across my pages, only perfect is good enough!

    5. Claudio Moratto on

      Great news! But please, remember that perfect is the enemy of good ;)
      I want the game on the table...