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A boardgame on the Dark Ages of Invasions
A boardgame on the Dark Ages of Invasions
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Notes about Invasions computer version! Surveys being sent out!

Posted by James Eisert (Collaborator)

Hello everyone!

Surveys are being sent out now! Be on the lookout for them! Answer them as soon as possible. They are not that long and should not take long to complete. 

Notes on the computer version of Invasions: 

Computer Game: this will be a PC/Mac version, available via digital download, through Steam (Steam key provided) or our partner webshop at

No physical (box) copy of the computer game version will be made. Public price of the computer game version is for now estimated at 30€/$37, so Kickstarter pre-purchase is a 30% discount. 

Offers validity: all the above offers are valid till May 31st, 2019. Answers received beyond that date will be treated like normal orders without any special Kickstarter prices and reductions.

Shipping will be done via normal surface postal mail, with the relevant delays depending on your location. Should you require special shipping (e.g. Express) please specify and note that a shipping surcharge can be applied.

Data collected here will be kept strictly confidential and not delivered to any outside third party.

Until next time, may all your battles be victorious!

Wisdom Owl

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    1. Charles W. Phillips on

      Until next time, may all your battles be vicious! Especially with KS surveys!

    2. Wisdom Owl Creator on

      Noted, we are investigating with Kickstarter to fix that

    3. Missing avatar

      Jim Matt

      You need the survey to use check boxes, *not* radio buttons. Growing pains.

    4. Martin on

      exactly! the survey is bugged. i can not choose muliple options. Also: please make the option for one shipping option (no split shipping).

    5. Missing avatar


      Yep, I also want both expansions :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Steven Marshall

      Hi, your survey does not work properly. You can only select one add on not multiple ones