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qwik-keyz™: Keyboard TouchGuide for the iPhone's video poster

Simply guides your touch on the screen for quick accurate typing without extra pressure Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 3, 2012.

Simply guides your touch on the screen for quick accurate typing without extra pressure

About this project


OverBlog Technology Reviews (Danish Review) - " As well as using a screen protector static cling technology, so do not worry about leaviing any residue on the touchscreen, and it's completely re-positionable"

Panterella Tech Highlights - "Qwik-keyz is a simple, innovative and useful screen protector designed by Dennis Todora, and designed to offer you a tactile way to type on your smartphone."

iTop News (German Tech Review) - "At our favorite fundraising website Kickstarter we have found interesting projects" - "mimic a keyboard with tactile feel"

Tros D'Ase (Spanish Gadget Blog) - "You will find a very ingenious solution: a simple plastic sheet, with relief where the keyboard screen" - "provide quick and accurate typing through the ultra thin screen protector."

Jay Geiger Tech Blog - "Qwik-keyz are the bomb.  They let you type by “Feel”, giving you that tactile touch the iPhone lacks.  It’s a simple but never seen before screen protector with raised bumps that let you find your key by feel."

Stukinabox (Gadgets blog) - "allow you to feel the keys on your iPhone keyboard making it easier to type messages and email while improving your typing skills"

GadgetsBoy - "GadgetsBoy will be backing and would be interesting to see it in action."

Bob Johnson Gadget Blog - "A new project at Kickstarter is looking at producing a solution to the fat finger epidemic."

Pocketables - "If you don't want to slap a huge case on the iPhone to get a keyboard though, a new project on kickstarter might be for you (qwik-key)"


“Add screen protection and keyboard enhancement in seconds!”

Hey KickStarters,
Thanks for checking out our project!

Minimize “fat-finger” mistakes when typing and speed development of muscle memory through tactile experience using precisely placed touchpoints above the letters, characters, and numbers on a smartphone keyboard. This new accessory for iPhone was developed with former BlackBerry® users in mind!

The secret – qwik-keyz™ delivers a precisely mapped "bump cluster" of raised touchpoints that covers all aspects of the keyboard. (First run available only for iPhone 3 & 4)

No need to apply extra pressure - qwik-keyz™ simply guides your touch on a smartphone screen to provide quick accurate typing through the ultra thin and durable film protecting "skin".

Quick-clean protection -  Along with the amazing patent pending design of the qwik-keyz™ keyboard, this product offers users a safe, removable screen protecting skin.  Rinse with water to clean and re-apply in seconds.

Why Kickstart us now?

We need this capital infusion to create initial production dies and develop dies for additional smartphone configurations. According to our production facility, initial product will be available within 90 days of obtaining capital for creating production dies, plenty of time for us to get your reward to our backers by fall with the first qwik-keyz™ units off the production line.

PHOTOS of Qwik-Keyz Prototypes - Up Close and Personal

Phone in on position - Notes Keyboard

Phone in off position

Phone in on position - Home Screen

Below is one of our first prototypes -

Production models for portrait and landscape are in the design phase.


The Story

Not long ago, Dennis mentioned to his daughter he was having difficulty using the keyboard on his iPhone.  She suggested some ideas, and shortly after "mapping" the key configuration, the pair found themselves in the garage attempting to create a working prototype of the qwik-keyz™ "skin".  Having been involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures, Dennis understood what it would take to make this a real product, and started the protection process, which is now patent pending. 

As an entrepreneur, Dennis has made a commitment to use all U.S. firms to develop and begin production of qwik-keyz.  

Today these first time inventors have gathered a team of partners to develop and manage the marketing launch, but qwik-keyz needs funds to create the initial production dies for iPhone 3 & 4 and move forward in developing the product for other smartphones.

In addition to his kids, Grace and Dom, Dennis has called on a number of his past colleagues to support the development of a realistic marketing strategy: Fran  – Graphic Designer; TJ  – Social Media Marketer; Mike – MBA Faculty, Marketing consultant.

Making life easier

Many people have no problem becoming accustomed to using the keyboards on smartphones, but for those that do have difficulty, qwik-keyz™ delivers flawlessly.

Beginning with the colored alignment bar as a placement guide, your  qwik-keyz  "skin" lines up perfectly to position the bump cluster over the keys.  From there, a quick swipe with a credit card to press out any stray air bubbles and your crystal clear qwik-keyz  "skin" is ready to use and protect your phone screen.  Plus, the static cling material uses no sticky adhesives that could leave residue on your phone.

Want to suggest new colors?

The first run of colors are the ones our team likes.  Cast your vote for future colors by posting a comment on our Facebook site.  We look forward to hearing from you!


1) Is qwik-keyz safe to use this on my device?

  • Because qwik-keyz bonds to your screen using static cling technology, the product leaves no adhesive residue and is completely re-positionable. Simply clean and replace.

2) Is qwik-keyz for landscape or portrait keyboard configurations on my device?

  • qwik-keyz™ touchpad skins are available for both portrait and landscape    positions, plus full sets include a bonus smooth skin to use as a screen protector

3) What colors does qwik-keyz offer? 

  • For now, alignment guides come in White, Black, Blue, Pink, Green and Purple.

4) On what brands of smart phones does qwik-keyz work?                 

  • Initially, qwik-keyz™ will only be available for Apple iPhone 3 & 4, but other models will follow.

5) Is qwik-keyz patented? 

  • qwik-keyz is a patent-pending technology.

6) Why is qwik-keyz on Kickstarter?   

  • The qwik-keyz team is ready for a production launch, but need funds to create the production dies and develop for other brands of smartphones. The team includes experts in design; social media; entrepreneurship; and retail channel sales. As the product moves into patent approval, initial product will be available 90 days after obtaining capital.

 7) How are Shipping Charges applied?

  • Please add $3.50 to your pledge for all single unit orders that will ship to Canada.
  • Please add $10.00 to your pledge for all single unit orders that will ship outside the US and Canada.


iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Cupertino, CA
iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Cupertino, CA

The Trademark BlackBerry® is owned by Research In Motion Limited and is registered in the United States and may be pending or registered in other countries. Qwik-keyz™ is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Research In Motion Limited.

© 2012 D.O.M. Technologies, LLC
Qwik-Keyz™ is a product of D.O.M. Technologies, LLC



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