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A sustainable cutting board solution to keeping your counter tops clean and avoiding cross contamination of meats and veggies
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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicolai Ek Thiemann on

      Same here, have not received mine yet.

    2. Anna Pacheco 3-time creator on

      @David, please check your in-box. Thank you!

    3. Missing avatar

      David Clevenger on

      Same here, have not received mine yet.


    4. Anna Pacheco 3-time creator on

      @Michael, please check your in-box. A message has been sent to you. Thank you!

    5. Michael Block on

      Its nearly October and I'm still waiting for my Bodoki delivery (Australia)

    6. Lorna Mason-Henderson on

      It's sept 21 and I still have not received mine. Any idea when shipments to Canada are expected?

    7. Marmæl

      Um. I would never have kept an email from an unknown company like, as I already get enough spam. Is my Bodoki shipped or not? A heads-up about your distributor would have been nice and practical.

    8. Joseph Rich on

      Just got mine yesterday and I am very happy with the project and the final results. I just saw your last comment about the gourmet cooking doing the shipping for you and was wondering what those shipping emails are for until just now. I was trying to wrap my head around what else I have ordered and who that company was. Either way I am glad to see the final product and my wife is very pleased with it as well.

    9. Missing avatar

      Harvey on

      Just got mine today. I am not happy with their Chinese supplier. The finish is horrible. The board seems to have some sort of finish on it. But the finish is missing in some areas showing raw wood, in other areas the finish is caked, beaded, or chipped off. Hope it's food grade. And the edges of the board are not straight, as if the wood swelled. I must admit I expected better quality.

    10. Cathy Franchett

      I had the same scare when I got the email from them, but on top of that, I was apparently added to their email list because they kept sending me emails everyday... I've unsubscribed,but it was annoying. I got the board today... it is beautiful, but it had a funny smell when I opened it so the first thing I had to do was wash it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Keith Lewis on

      The partner you are using for shipping is worth an update. I am so glad I checked this. That Gourmet Cooking company has a bad reputation for customer service. I had a long discussion with my wife about this and was actually planning to refuse the shipment after checking to see who was sending me a shipment I didn't order.

    12. Stephan

      Hahaha. Oh man that email sent me into a panic. Almost started canceling credit cards thinking I got scammed somehow. The janky looking website didn't help matters! This is a relief.

    13. Anna Pacheco 3-time creator on

      We partnered with a company called Gourmet Cooking that had reached out to us to help us ship and was already set up for shipping. They're just handling the shipping for us and they've done a tremendous job. Sorry for any confusion the confirmation emails caused, they did that to make sure everyone knew the units were on the way, and in case anyone has shipping problems. They got everything shipped out now so you should be getting your Bodoki right away!

    14. Jacqueline Skelton on

      Yes, you really should send out another update to warn people who this item is coming from. I get an email with a subject line of KAVI Greatlife TV Order and I almost permanently deleted it as SPAM. I did check the tracking number, without clicking on the link in the email, and saw it was valid. Checking the web showed a very shady looking web site for cooking stuff which didn't help me understand. My husband said he didn't ordered anything and I knew I didn't so I called them. The rep told me it was a Bodoki cutting board so then I realized it was from the Kickstarter.

      You definitely need to tell people who the shipment is coming from or you may start to see a lot of refused or cancelled orders.

    15. Jeremiah Hill on

      Curious about this as well... I got a notification from a that I have a package coming to be via fedex, but I haven't ordered anything from that site... wondering if this is it???

    16. Kyle on

      How are they shipping? I haven't received any notification of shipping. I also haven't gotten mine. Can you guys confirm who the shipping vendor is for when the notifications arrive?

    17. Laura Horak on

      Counting down the minutes!

    18. Joseph Rich on

      My wife is so looking forward to receiving it. Can't wait to see it!