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A sustainable cutting board solution to keeping your counter tops clean and avoiding cross contamination of meats and veggies
A sustainable cutting board solution to keeping your counter tops clean and avoiding cross contamination of meats and veggies
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    1. Missing avatar

      Gary Raymond Bokobza on

      She sent the board to an address 600 miles away from where I live. Of course, I never got it. Thief!!

    2. Stephen Walker on

      I know this is a year later - but what a crap product. Rubbish. Bad commercial product. I was very unhappy with mine. Many negative comments are well deserved.

    3. Mike Rucki on

      Anna Pacheco is a thief. For anyone else screwed by her non-delivery (and not-responses), she recently worked for Blizzard, the video game company. Here's her LinkedIn profile:

    4. Andrey aka Ryuu on

      Refund or it's fraud.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lorrie Lala on

      I have not received my board yet nor have I received a response despite multiple messages to Anna. Not sure what to do now. I guess it is time to contact my credit card company concerning fraud.

    6. Andrey aka Ryuu on

      Haven't received package or track code. (Russia)
      Mail is slow here and also it's the package jam season, but i think it should already be here.
      Can anyone help?

    7. Missing avatar

      Gary Raymond Bokobza on

      I have not received mine. She said that there was nobody there when they delivered it, but it's a business address that is open at business hours! I checked the tracking number provided and they tried to deliver it in Madrid, which is 400 miles from where I live!! Is there any way to report this to Kickstarter? I see several of us are having the same problem...

    8. Missing avatar

      Lorrie Lala on

      I haven't received a survey or my board yet.

    9. Mike Rucki on

      Lorna, I've had the same problems with poor customer service -- I received my board, but there's a big crack in the bottom piece (which makes it useless).
      BTW does anyone have direct contact info for Anna Pacheco? She has ignored all my Kickstarter messages. Thanks.

    10. Lorna Mason-Henderson on

      I've been back and forth with emails with Anna Pacheco about me not receiving my board. The last one she sent she asked me to check with my mailman to see if he remembers delivering it or if my neighbours might have taken it from my form my door. I've replied to her advising I've asked them and now she has stopped responding to my emails. However she still sent me an email letting me know about her new kickstarter asking for my support. REALLY?

    11. Missing avatar

      Vicente Allende De Miguel on

      Any news?? I haven´t received it.

    12. Jacqueline Skelton on

      I returned my Bodoki weeks ago, when will I receive my refund?

    13. Missing avatar

      Gary Raymond Bokobza on

      I see that everyone got theirs. I have not received mine. I live in Spain and paid an extra 30 bucks for shipping, so, can Anna or anyone else please tell me where my board is? It's not normal that people got theirs in August and now, in the middle of October, I have not received mine!!! I will wait a couple days and then file a claim with Kickstarter.

    14. Alana Wolfgang-Duran

      Still waiting to hear from the creator after having received a messed up board. Has anyone heard from her in regards to your complaints?

    15. Stephen Walker on

      Just received my "Bodoki".
      It seems like an ordinary commercial product - and if Kitchen Advance is a friend's company then I'm not sure what we were backing.
      The book is an awful print - you should just have left it out.
      And while my board seems to fit, etc it is poorly finished.
      The cutting board isn't sealed in two places.
      And as someone else pointed out - the glueing on the base leaves something to be desired.
      I thought we were getting an amazing high end product. It's just an ordinary commercial item - mass produced and of average quality.
      Also love the Made in China sticker on the bottom !!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Doskoi Panda on

      Received a kitchen advance cutting board with basin product today, no sign of the Bodoki. Disappointed that the product is both late and not actually a grassroots project.

    17. Anna Pacheco 3-time creator on

      Thanks all for taking the time to give me your feedback and kind words. Sorry to hear there was an issue for a few of you. We test checked the Bodokis we had on hand but haven't been able to find any units with the issue, so I think that it only affected a few of them. Please message me directly if your board has any issues so I can address your concerns specifically and/or get your Bodoki exchanged out for you asap. I apologize again for your less than amazing experience and look forward to making you happy backers again!

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Garza on

      I received mine today and I'm having the same trouble many other backers are. My veggie side doesn't fit properly. Is there a fix for this?

    19. Stephan C. on

      My board is absolutely perfect. I flip it over from one side to the other and it fits perfectly. I prepared Vegan Pho over the weekend and I first used one side of the board for peeling & chopping my ginger, garlic, scallions and chives. I left all the discarded materials on the board and away to the basin they went! I then prepared my freshly washed (and still wet) oyster mushrooms on the clean side and all of the excess water drained into the basin. So now prep was finished; and I didn’t have to make a trash run; and I didn’t waste any paper towels!! Really, it is perfect! This is great – it looks great – it works great!! Thank you so much!

    20. Shawn Johnson on

      I received mine today. Looks nice, and I like the weight. However, as RosyRazly states, while the meat side fits nicely, when you flip the board (in either orientation) it does not fit right. You CAN push it in with effort, but it makes taking it out one heck of a bear. I'd like to have this corrected - I've contemplated sanding a bit of the meat side bevel, but let's face it - I've paid for this product to be right. It looks like this is a production issue to me, so how can this be corrected?

    21. RosyRazly

      I got mine today - it looks quite lovely. While I, along with others, am a bit put off by the fact that it *seems* like Kitchen Advance used KS as a store front, I do think there is a difference between this and the PerfectChop (mostly due to the large basin and the material it was made of).

      My only real complaint is that the consistency seems a bit off. The board itself is not *quite* the right size. It fits in easily with the meat side up, but if I try to flip it to the veggie side, I literally have to bang on it to jam it in. I've tried rotating it and still, for whatever reason, it doesn't really fit well when the veggie side is up. Also, the risers in the bottom - you can see the adhesive squished out of one of the corners and the rest are not water-tight... I worry about using any liquids (say, from a juicy pineapple or watermelon) because of the bacteria that will inevitable get under there where I can't clean.

    22. Jay Rad on

      Finally got to use my Bodoki yesterday. Watermelon on a hot summer day with no mess, and I love it!!! Thanks guys.

    23. Jacqueline Skelton on

      I also received my Kitchen Advance Cutting board. And the "Art of the Knife" book which is actually The Art of the Knife Recipe Collection with Knife Basic and Cutting Techniques, a poorly mimeographed book with extremely tiny, grainy photos of how to hold a knife. How come the photo of Ron Popeil, with the words "Americas Number One Kitchen **** Ron Popeil Celebrates the Original Kitchen Gadget" aren't on this book as they are on the other copies of the book for sale at other web sites.

      I am afraid I have to agree with Jeremy, how do I return this and get my money back. The Bodoki is just a different version of your PerfectChop cutting board and this book was certainly not written by you. I am very disappointed.

    24. Anna Pacheco 3-time creator on

      I'm glad you guys like it. KitchenAdvance is my friends' and my company that we made. The Bodokis will be available on Amazon in the near future. Thank you all for making it possible!

    25. Jeremy Pepper

      So since this wasn't a real grassroots project but a front from Kitchen Advance, how do I return it and get my money back?

    26. Stephan C. on

      Wow, thank you Anna!! I received my Bodoki yesterday and I LOVE IT!! Just what I imagined and more - very nice! :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Ike Gilbert on

      I just received my "Bodoki" which is actually called a "Kitchen Advance Cutting Board with Basin". Which is available on The book is copyright 2013 Kitchen Advance. Looking at the Kitchen Advance website ( I also see a device using the trademark Aqua Chef, which is the same name you used on a previous failed kickstarter. Curiously on the kitchen advance website there are several "chefs" not named Anna Pacheco, even though you seem to be hocking their products. Are any of those people (including yourself) actually real?

    28. Jacqueline Skelton on

      It is also odd that the web site of this Gourmet Cooking company sells a book called The Art of the Knife, the same name as the book that was part of your Kickstarter.

      Is this the same book or a different one with the same name? Because, as Doskoi Panda pointed out, this "Gourmet Cooking" company that is shipping the Bodoki's out has a very poor reputation online.

    29. Jeremy Pepper

      It wasn't the email - it's when I called, and they told me that they are the makers and owners of Bodoki that confused me. And made me wonder if it was just a PR stunt to test a product to see if there was demand.

    30. Anna Pacheco 3-time creator on

      We partnered with a company called Gourmet Cooking that had reached out to us to help us ship and was already set up for shipping. They're just handling the shipping for us and they've done a tremendous job. Sorry for any confusion the confirmation emails caused, they did that to make sure everyone knew the units were on the way, and in case anyone has shipping problems. They got everything shipped out now so you should be getting your Bodoki right away!

    31. Jeremy Pepper

      I'm confused too - did you sell Bodoki, or was the launch story / background story a marketing tool to sell the cutting boards?

    32. Anna Pacheco 3-time creator on

      Some people may have received an email with tracking info. In order to expedite deliveries of the Bodokis, we contacted a shipping company to help us get them out to you. Did not realize they would send out tracking confirmation too but it looks like in some cases they did! Sorry for the confusion caused - your Bodoki is on its way!

    33. Missing avatar

      Doskoi Panda on

      Received a shipping notification from a company whose name when googled lists fraud and complaints first in the list... Should I be concerned?

    34. Missing avatar

      Danton Chan on

      I have done my fair share of being a backer in the community. Many Kickstarters have updates and keep the backers updated on EVERYTHING.

      I do see you have some updates, but i don't see anything about the production process etc. The expected delivery date was April. It is now Mid July, I'm not very impressed with this situation. Please keep us updated on when we can get our Bodoki's

    35. Jennifer B

      Any news on the arrival? I'm so excited.

    36. Joseph Rich on

      Any new update?

    37. Stephen Walker on

      Good news - thanks !!

    38. Joseph Rich on

      Awesome! My wife is super excited to get it.

    39. Anna Pacheco 3-time creator on

      We are so excited too! Estimated arrival from our factory is early July. At which point we will ship them to you guys right away. Thanks for checking in!

    40. Stephen Walker on

      Hi Anna, just wondering when the shipping will happen ? Excited for it to arrive so hoping for some good news !

    41. Missing avatar

      Doskoi Panda on

      Hi there - would you be able to update us on when to expect the bodoki? I'm guessing that shipping should happen soon, but it would be great to know when to be on the look out for it :)

    42. Anna Pacheco 3-time creator on

      I'm hoping more for June. It takes a few weeks to get here and then we will send it to you guys right away! Thank you so much for your patience!

    43. Hope Clary on

      So estimated delivery is end of July? Just trying to understand the update?

    44. Anna Pacheco 3-time creator on

      Hey guys!
      The final sample arrived this morning! I"ll be sending out an update today with the production schedule and when I'm going to be sending out the survey.

    45. Addison on

      Did the survey ever get sent out for the shipping information? I do not think I received it if it has already been sent out. Thanks.

    46. Hope Clary on

      @Anna Pacheco any news? I'm so desperate to get my hands on this lol! Every time I cook I dream of this cutting board.

    47. Anna Pacheco 3-time creator on

      Hi guys! Thanks so much for your continued patience. I'm currently waiting for our factory to ship us our final sample just so we can get hands on and make sure everything is as it's supposed to be. It's arriving any day now. And we're finishing up our packaging design. I'll post an update once I get it and pictures. Once I have the physical sample I'll have a better idea of when we'll be able to ship. Thanks!

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