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Dwarfcraft is launching a super special sequenced pitch-shifter, The Pitch Grinder, with limited edition, screen printed graphics.
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Ben Hinz

57 backers pledged $11,027 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

MORE Pitchgrinder demo, new backer level!

Here's a sweet little video where I show you just how I did my "pitchgrinder collage" in the middle of Nevercats.

ALSO today we added our "holy crap we hit $7k" reward.  5 lucky backers can nab a special edition Eau Claire Thunder with hand printed graphics!


Well, I've shot and am in the process of editing some videos showing you how I use the Pitchgrinder, as well as the Surrender Dorothy.

Up first is some arpeggios, and lead lines using the 'Grinder and the Schecter Ultra VI.

Surrender Dorothy!

Hey!  Thought you might want to see some of those special edition Surrender Dorothy boxes.

The boxes are painted baby blue, then I used a linoleum block print to apply the moth, ensuring that none of them are "perfect" but all of them are COOL.  Hoping to have more video for you this week!

We're over $6,300 raised for the project!  Thanks everybody!  We'll have to come up with a new reward package if we hit $7k.


A special celebratory video

Lots of pitch grinding action.


I cannot believe it, but we met our goal in 4 days.  Everyone at Dwarfcraft headquarters is feeling pretty darn awesome right now.  

And now we want to make you feel awesome.  So we are adding another backer level at $650.  It will include a shirt, Zhago, Surrender Dorothy and Pitchgrinder, and of course, a thank you on the website.  We will add another back level at $7k, so let us know what you think we should include (we could do limited editions of anything in our line).

Now on to other news...I know we have been a bit behind on getting a real demo up for Surrender Dorothy, but we should have it up next week, at the latest.  This pedal is for anyone who wanted the gnarly, thick fuzz from The Great Destroyer, but didn't want the crazy chaos that came with it.  It is heavy on the low end, because that's how we roll at Dwarfcraft.  

Here are a few short teaser demos that highlight the basics from our new favorite fuzz pedal.  You can see (mostly) the handprinted enclosures that come with the Kickstarter. 

The first one is from the Effectswire blog here:

So much love and gratitude. 

Ben and Louise