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BloomBagzBy BloomBagz
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BloomBagzBy BloomBagz
First created
pledged of $35,000pledged of $35,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, November 27 2014 8:53 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Hochiminh Rosario on

      I just saw a previous unsuccessful product being funded within six hours. Again, because there was a lot of people who didn't see it from the very beginning and found the product by accident. I don't know how algorithm works, but whatever it it is, there is something "strange" about KS. Why some products get exposed more than others? Why new products are not spotlights so people can see and decide whether or not to sponsor? Again, I don't know. What I do know, Austin, is that you can try again (and again) and let's make this happen!

    2. Missing avatar

      joanne dawson on

      Do not give up. I love the bloombagz. So will others. Wish I were in marketing. Just need to get the word out. I found this by "accident". Need to do big campaign. I am positive the bags will sell !!!! Joanne Dawson

    3. Missing avatar

      MaryFrances Vinson on

      Please try again. This is a really nifty product, and we'd love to replace our plastic buckets with these.

    4. Hochiminh Rosario on

      My spidy senses are telling me that we are having a relaunch. But when? That's the question.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joseph G Stahurski on

      Too bad you didn't make it. Please send me a catalog of products.
      466 Ashland Ave
      Aurora, ILL 60505
      Joseph G Stahurski

    6. Ruthy Shafrir on

      Just shared on facebbok, good luck in the next 39 hours and remember this is only the begging of bloombagz!

    7. Missing avatar

      Beth on

      Good momentum! Let's keep it going!!

    8. Hochiminh Rosario on

      Just keep this rolling!

    9. Hochiminh Rosario on

      Well, after spending almost two days in the hospital with my wife delivering a baby, it's time to come back to reality. Yay! And survey says we need to come up with a plan. Don't give up, Austin! Don't you dare to give up!

    10. Missing avatar

      E. Hayley Mason on

      This is a fantastic idea generated by folks with the ambition and follow through to really make this happen. I live in a tiny apartment without a yard or growing space of my own. I'm so excited to now have a way to bring some greenery into my lifestyle!

    11. Missing avatar

      Beth on

      @hochiminhRosario has the right idea!! If you are backing this project please leave comments - can dramatically change the # of people who see this campaign! Go BloomBagz!!!

    12. Hochiminh Rosario on

      BloomBagz's goal could be reached by a matter of days if not hours... If only is shared with the right people, at the right place, at the right time. This is concept should be out so people could use it for future generations, thus, creating a less environmental impact, feeding the most needed and foremost, eating healthy. That's why I'm obsessed with this product. Because little by little we can make a change in this world :)

    13. Hochiminh Rosario on

      Are we sharing this, people? That's the only way this project is going to be funded. Otherwise, we need to come up with something. Pronto!

    14. Chris & Tatiana Graves on

      Great Idea. Best of luck!

    15. Hochiminh Rosario on

      Can't wait to learn from the pros. Pinterest is a good (kick)starter :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Maike Jacobs on

      Love the project and really hope it gets funded so I can try my hand at gardening next year!

    17. BloomBagz Creator on

      @Ryan Startz really cool thought. We couldn't have said it better ourselves, and is exactly how we feel. We hope BloomBagz make it easier to do this!

    18. Missing avatar

      Ryan Startz on

      Great product! We should all take more pride in where our food comes from, and by growing it ourselves we can do just that. This product makes that easy for everyone. Good luck BloomBagz!

    19. BloomBagz Creator on

      @MicoyGordie- love your comment! BloomBagz are not just suited for small spaces, but provide a lot of function for all sorts of needs. And always bring fun and vibrancy to wherever they are placed.

      To answer your question: We have actually heard this from a couple backers. If you want to pledge $40 (or whatever increment) we will make sure that you receive what you specify. Just send us a message outlining what you want, and we will make it happen!

    20. KSKYE on

      What a fantastic idea. This is a really great project. Good luck with your campaign.

    21. Missing avatar

      Debra klein on

      Wow these are super cool! Living in Minnesota you may need to move the plants in at night and these will be super easy!!

    22. Ruthy Shafrir on

      Great product, Cool video, My home garden is all excited for its new bloombagz!

    23. KoHi Labs on

      Fun! What a great concept. Good luck with the campaign!

    24. Forrest Curran on

      One of the things I look out for in a Kickstarter is "Did the creator put time and effort into this?" and looking at this Kickstarter, I think it's an obvious yes. If you see a Kickstarter with potential and looks like quite some time was spent on it, I think we can expect to see a great result. Let's see this get funded Kickstarter!

    25. Richard Gostenik on

      Interesting... this BloomBagz concept is set for certain 'growth'. I am digging this product. ~rich

    26. Gordie M

      As a somewhat avid gardener of larger spaces, I think BloomBagz are a perfect way to try out a new-to-me variety for possible inclusion in a larger garden plan. Or, to plant a small number of heirloom seeds for evaluation and potential seed saving for a larger future crop. Sure, they're great for urban gardeners with limited space, but I think they'd be great as test gardens for those of us with larger spaces.

      So, is there any way to get more than one of the potato and/or strawberry BloomBagz? There are lots of to-be-tried varieties that probably deserve their own little growing space...

    27. Missing avatar

      Liz Baaynes on

      So excited to see this happening! Such a great idea to make planting an gardening in my urban apartment easier. I can't wait to see you further rock the gardening world!!!

    28. BloomBagz Creator on

      @Hochiminh, thank you for the fantastic comment. It speaks a lot about our mission.

      Hopefully we can get more eyes on our project to be funded, and get you growing in our bagz!


    29. Hochiminh Rosario on

      I can't even expressed how happy I am with this project. To teach people of how to plant for Dummies? Like me? Impressive! Creator was talking to me! This is one of those projects that I would back blind folded. No questions about it. We need to change the world of how we eat, how we interact with the environment and plain simple, how to grow your produce! Who won't do this in the first place? Eating cardboard tomatoes and pesticide lettuce? No one! So, let's do this and spread the word. (Also, the more comments, the more traffic for this project). Peace!

    30. Missing avatar

      Dustin berger on

      Excellent product! If you like to garden you will LOVE this product no matter your skill level... Thanks Bloombags!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wippel on

      Bloombagz is an incredible company and am proud to back this company that's worth growing!

    32. Missing avatar

      Mike & MaryJane Nolan on

      Great product! We received one as a gift & can’t wait to add to our collection!

    33. Missing avatar

      Beth on

      Purchased my first BloomBagz back in the early days at Belmar Farmers Market & have enjoyed using them for the past 2 seasons. They are perfect for my small apartment patio & are always conversation starters for visitors & neighbors! Cant wait to try the strawberry planter next season! Best of luck to Austin & Liz (they were such a great team!!)

    34. Missing avatar

      Keith Kittoe on

      Great idea and concept!

    35. VizySearch INC on

      Awesome Project, Good Luck!

    36. Missing avatar

      Clint Rowles on

      Can't wait to wrap the Urban Gardner set up for the kids for Christmas- they'll love it!

    37. Kristijan Nar on

      Really nice products. Glad to support.

    38. Jeremy Hahn on

      The herb garden will be a great Christmas gift for my wife. Thanks for making my Christmas shopping easy this season. :)

    39. Ruby Claire Matheny on

      So excited to participate in such a neat campaign. Sustainablity, recycling, getting your hands dirty with wonderful earth- all amazing things that I'm proud to back.

    40. Missing avatar

      Savannah Wippel on

      Good luck! Great company, great products.