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Leverpresso is the first portable lever espresso maker that allows you to make your personal café-quality coffee anywhere.
Leverpresso is the first portable lever espresso maker that allows you to make your personal café-quality coffee anywhere.
Leverpresso is the first portable lever espresso maker that allows you to make your personal café-quality coffee anywhere.
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    1. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      I agree it would be very helpful to offer a V1 to V2 upgrade kit for backers of V1.

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthias 4 days ago

      I still haven’t received my filter
      Any news on when they will be send out

    3. Missing avatar

      William Kochi
      4 days ago

      i have not received any replacement parts. nor did i get an email regarding this. seems that others have.

    4. Philip Tong
      4 days ago


      I'm currently using Leverpresso V1.

      Can you offer a complete "V1 to V2 Upgrade Kit" please?

      I wish to spend my discount coupon on this. Thanks.

    5. LEVERPRESSO Creator 4 days ago

      @Ow meng Chye,
      basket size is 50mm
      @Nate Kirkwood,
      We will double check your shower screen status.

    6. Nate Kirkwood on


      Is there a way to check on the status of the shipment of the filter? I thought I filled out the survey when it was originally sent out, but I have yet to receive the stainless filter. I love using the Leverpresso, and can't wait to see how it does with this new filter!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ow Meng Chye on

      Does anyone know if the portafilter basket is of generic size/dimensions, or is custom-made specifically for the Leverpresso? Anyone bought extra baskets that fit the Leverpresso?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ilya on

      When we can receive a pressurized filter basket?
      Really need this item

    9. oliolio on

      Thanks guys finally received the filter. I received it twice due to your resend. I've found the reason why I didn't receive it. The 1st time you sent you didn't attach my name.

    10. LEVERPRESSO Creator on

      @George Karagutoff,
      We've sent you an message. Please check and reply back to us.

    11. LEVERPRESSO Creator on

      @Ross Conkey,
      It is great that you can use it well. Please let us know if you have queries anytime.

    12. Missing avatar

      George Karagutoff

      I am so confused as I still haven't received my reward and no comment on the messages sent....

    13. Missing avatar

      Ross Conkey on

      Please disregard most of my previous message. I attempted to fi the screen again (the silicone was not correctly on the screen, and the leverpresso worked as advertised.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ross Conkey on

      I am so confused by the stainless shower screen. I received it over a month ago, but hadn't had a chance to use it until today. The package had no instruction, so I went by feel, and the screen didn't fit snugly into the Leverpresso. So, unattached to the base, the screen would naturally fall out. Is this a fit issue? An incorrect installation? Definitely disappointed by the lack of information outside of this comment board.

    15. LEVERPRESSO Creator on

      @Tina Chang,

      Hi Tina, We need short survey for get Stainless Shower Screen as below.

    16. LEVERPRESSO Creator on

      @John Van Duyne Thank you john we will let you know then Tripod is ready for everyone.

    17. LEVERPRESSO Creator on

      @Enoch Dongil Choi 안녕하세요 동길님, 물이 위에 남는 이유는 아마도 오링 또는 피스톤의 마찰력에 의한 문제 일수 있습니다. 혹시 으로 사진을 보내주실수 있나요?

    18. Missing avatar

      Tina Chang on

      I haven't received the stainless steel screen. Did you send one to me?

    19. Missing avatar

      John Van Duyne on

      @Leverpreso: Since I specially requested a replacement shipment of the stainless steel screen, I wanted to let you know that they just arrived. Looking forward to trying them out! Also, wanted to throw out there that I too am definitely interested in the tripod. Thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Enoch Dongil Choi on

      삼발이 곧 주문이 가능하다니 반갑네요~

      한가지 더 질문이 있습니다~
      제가 지금쓰고있는게 처음 받을때부터 10번중 8번정도는 물을 붓고 레버를 위로 올리는과정에서 위에 있던 물이 아래로 자연스럽게 내려가지않고 계속 윗부분에 머물게 됩니다.
      그래서 레버를 끝까지 안올리고 한 10퍼센트올렸다가 기다려야 그제서야 벽을타고 내려가는건지 물이 밑으로 내려가게되네요.
      그래서 물이 기포가 생기면서 넘치기도 하면서 불편한경우가 있는데요
      혹시 이거는 불량인건가요? 아니면 어떤 간단한 조치를 취하면 고쳐지는건가요?
      아니면 정상적인 건가요?

    21. Missing avatar


      Thank you guys.. I love the stainless steel filter and was wondering if I got have one more and where could I get it? I am using it almost everyday for my family coffee fix and the stainless steel filter is a great help especially if the grounded beans is too fine and get into the upper chamber. It is a fine product. Waiting to see if you guys do the Stand and maybe a 2 ways flow thingy. Thanks once again

    22. LEVERPRESSO Creator on

      @Enoch Dongil Choi - 잘쓰고 계신다니 감사합니다. 삼발이는 현재 양산중에 있고, Package가 완성되는 7월 중에 판매가될 예정입니다.

      @Mark - We'll send you another one ASAP, Thanks

      @olioolio - We've sent you an message. Please check and reply back to us.

      @Kaina - Ok, Thank you.

      @Philip tone - I am glad you got a steel Screen, Let us know if you have any suggestions, Thanks

    23. Missing avatar

      Enoch Dongil Choi on

      스탠레스필터로 충분한 추출시간을 가지니 확실히 좋네요~
      감사합니다~ ^^
      근데 3발이는 언제쯤 가능할까요? ^^;;

    24. Missing avatar

      Mark T

      Hi Guys, I ordered two item but only receive one stainless filter, is it possible for you ship another one? thanks!

    25. oliolio on

      Still not received the filter.

    26. Philip Tong

      Now ... about the three legged stand ...

    27. Philip Tong

      I'm so totally satisfied using Leverpresso with new magic screen. No leakage at all.

      Managed to successfully brew a cup of my favourite Kona Coffee.

    28. Kaina

      Just like some other KS, things "magically" appear when I start "complaining". (I usually do so 2~3 months after people report they are getting their goods)
      Thanks again

    29. Philip Tong


      Thank you so much!

      Received the Magic Steel Screen with Silicone Gasket. Fit snugly.

    30. Kaina

      I still haven't gotten mine.
      I'm used to waiting because I seem to live in another planet lol

    31. oliolio on

      Can you pm me with my address? Just to double check if you may have got it wrong the 2nd time around. Cause I received my leverpresso fine.

    32. Philip Tong


      When can I expect to receive my magical Steel Mesh Filter ?

    33. LEVERPRESSO Creator on

      @Manish Vanjara - We will take the part you have mentioned and we will tighten the bolts tightly when assembling.
      @Frank Incantalupo - We shipped the Shower Screen again.
      @Lim Beng Soon - Use any Burr Grinder
      @Jongnam Yi - 배송중에 분실된거 같네요. 다시 보내드렸습니다.
      @Sungjun Oh - 같은 동내에 계셨었군요, 반갑습니다 ㅠㅠ
      @John Van Duyne - We shipped the Shower Screen again.
      @Manish Vanjara - Thank you for your suggestion, I will make a video.
      @oliolio - We shipped the Shower Screen again.
      @Enoch Dongil Choi - 네, 피드백 언제나 환영입니다.
      @Stefano Pecorino - We shipped the Shower Screen again.

    34. Missing avatar

      Manish Vanjara on

      Just FYI. Thanks to the steel shower filter. Now my unit doesn't leak anymore. However I think this leads to another issue.

      The screws to which the top portion of the levers are attached became loose by themselves with my one week of regular use. I tightened them. So that problem solved. Solving that problem leads to another problem. The washer and screw at the lower end of lever closer to the pressure plate flexed itself out. I tightened it for now. I plan to use permaseal thread lock if it happens again.

      I am surprised this didn't get caught during the testing phase. And my grind size is not powdery fine. Its closer to sand grain fine. The unit should be able to handle the pressure generated with that grind size.

      Just my 2 cents to change the design in that area. Perhaps something to keep in mind for any future version II of Leverpresso.

    35. Missing avatar

      Frank Incantalupo on

      I did not receive my screens and rings. My address has not changed. Have they been sent?

    36. Missing avatar

      Lim Beng Soon on

      I can't seem to grind the bean as fine as powder like. Can only manage to grind like fine sand with finest setting. Any specific grinder which can do the task?

    37. Missing avatar

      Jongnam Yi

      많이 바쁘신줄 알지만 우체국에 확인해 준다고 답해 주신지가 3주가 되가는데요. 저는 언제쯤 받아볼 수 있는 건가요? ㅠㅠ

    38. Sungjun Oh on

      Thank for the ring! It has arrived in Switzerland safe and sound.
      그리고 제가 국내에서 사는 동내와 같은 동내에서 보내셨네요.ㅠㅜ 너무 오랜만에 청파로 주소나 용문동 찍힌 우편물을 보니 감동의 눈물ㅠㅠ

    39. Missing avatar

      John Van Duyne on

      I'm in Central US (Oklahoma) and still haven't received the new shower screens. Should I be worried, as we are well past the ~2 weeks from the last update? Or are there others in the region who are also still waiting?

      @Leverpresso: Is it possible to have two new screens re-shipped to me?

    40. Missing avatar

      Manish Vanjara on

      I see the diagram on update page now. :)

    41. Phillip Sabolta on

      It was never a leak issue for me.. more a pressure build up and it exploding issue..

      Ive learnt not to force it. But yeah.

      I refered to a image in one of the updates to which way around the metal screen goes.

    42. Missing avatar

      Manish Vanjara on

      The stainless steel filter with the seal ring works well for me. No more leaks. Extractions are full and good.

      PS: One suggestion - please put an instructional video to show that the stainless steel screen must be enclosed in the seal ring groove. I figured it out eventually by trial and error. What it means is the steel filter shower fits into the groove of the silicon part snugly. The silicon part wraps snugly around the steel disc. Once this is done, the assembled steel disc wrapped with silicon ring will fit the leverpresso unit snugly without dropping out.

      I know it may be obvious to many. And yes I could figure it out. However a short video or gif would be great for others who may have not figured it out and save them the pain of trial and error.

      Again thank you for this add-on for free. It does solve the leaking issue and makes this unit a joy to use now :)

    43. oliolio on

      Has mine been sent out?

    44. Missing avatar

      Enoch Dongil Choi on

      아 그렇군요~
      그럼 말씀하신대로 다시한번 추출해보고 맛을 봐야겠네요
      다시 피드백 드릴게요

    45. Missing avatar

      Stefano Pecorino on

      Hi guys... I didn’t receive the new filter either...
      My address is still the same. Something went wrong?

    46. LEVERPRESSO Creator on

      @David - Thank you~!
      @Alice Fieding Smith - The Advantages of silicone shower screens are probably in the flexible water movement, but Metal shower screens have even more advantages, you can use any of shower with leverpresso.
      @Philip Sabolta - New Shower screen have top and bottom, if you use it with wide side down, it will not be a Problem.
      @Enoch Dong Choi - 새로운 샤워스크린은 작지만 전보다 더 많은 구멍들이 있습니다.
      짧은시간에 강하게 내리신다면 압력이 떨어진다고 느끼실수 있지만, 8초이상의 추출시간을 가지신다면 동일하다고 할수 있습니다. 챔버와 포타필터내의 압력은 필터의 많은 구멍들로서 같은 압력이 되도록 설계되었습니다. 혹시라도 8초이하의 짧은 추출을 하신다면 실리콘을 쓰셔도 무방할거 같습니다. 저희도 재고가 있기떄문에 지속적으로 공급해 드릴수 있습니다. 조은 조언 감사합니다.
      @Sieur Paul - We send last week for yours, Please wait more days. Thanks
      @Ow Meng Chye - Thanks
      @James Owen Quigley - We sent message.
      @Yoshihiro D. K. - good Luck
      @Kyle - Freshness of bean, fine grind and enough pressure is key for good extraction.

    47. David on

      Received the new filter, tried and it works well!

    48. Missing avatar

      Alice Fielding-Smith on

      update on metal screens, for my father and I they're pretty disappointing. half the water ran through before we started pressing the levers down, the coffee was weak, it also smelt and tasted burnt.
      As an Australian who is used to good coffee, the only comparison for what we made this morning that I can think of, is Starbucks. We'll stick to our silicone screens, with which we get an actual crema and delicious coffee

    49. Missing avatar

      Alice Fielding-Smith on

      metal screens arrived for me in Syd Australia, going to test them out tomorrow. Glad that two arrived since I got two units originally.

    50. Phillip Sabolta on

      Got my filter today. Have made 2 coffees with it. It does stop back wash of coffee grounds.. but not so much the pressure problem.

      Im not sure the cause.. coffee packed too tightly, coffee ground too fine.. or a combination of both.. I don't seem to be doing it any differently..

      Its happens randomly so I can't pin point the cause. The only way to solve it though is not to force it as that will cause it to explode.. but backing off to release pressure a bit when I feel I can't press too much more.

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