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Please help Ugly Duckling Presse publish an English-language edition of Uruguayan poet Marosa di Giorgio’s 1965 masterpiece, The History of Violets.
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Garth Graeper

42 backers pledged $1,267 to help bring this project to life.

In the final hours, Thank You!!

To all our backers,

Thank you so much for helping us quickly meet and then exceed our goal! With your help, UDP is very excited to put the finishing touches on this book. We are finalizing the manuscript now, and in the next few weeks we'll print the covers and the postcards. In November, we'll send Marosa di Giorgio's wonderful poems out to a whole new audience... And to you! Thanks again!


Some Advance Praise for The History of Violets...

"More than a fresh engagement with Di Giorgio’s farm and family, Pitas’s translation renders Di Giorgio’s willingness to let language be the sovereign that can banish 'Me from Myself,' to use Emily Dickinson’s formulation. The History of Violets is a history of witnessing across a network of furtive but always alert gazes. 'I only see perplexing things,' writes Di Giorgio, but it is because her gaze penetrates through to the otherness within the self. In Di Giorgio’s eyes and imagination we find transformation and, ultimately, freedom: 'Since no one sees them, the sheep… look like demoted gods, now without expectations.' More than musings, there’s a lot at stake here, namely the opportunity for a new generation of American poets to take Di Giorgio as a model for wresting the 'poetry of witness' away from humanism’s easy faith in testimony and remembering that the imagination is the organ of compassion."
—Farid Matuk


    1. Creator bart on September 15, 2010

      may nieed an extra copy of the book. Well done!