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Hubble Roadshow is a grassroots national tour of the documentary Saving Hubble with the goal of building community and uniting people.

Hubble Roadshow is a grassroots national tour of the documentary Saving Hubble with the goal of building community and uniting people. Read More
pledged of $20,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on September 10, 2011.

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About this project

***New Addition:


The Spirit of Hubble Contest” added...details at bottom (win BIG: Space Suit, Space Art, David Mack Scifi signed books, Gravity Flyer for the techies…and more…and yes it’s international…and yes you can enter for only a dollar but why stop there?

Take A Leap Of Faith And Go On A Journey With US:

A custom RV houses a Hubble Telescope exhibit. It bounds down the highway, headed for your town.  There's a movie screen attached to the side and it's going to screech to a halt at your favorite venue.  It's the centerpiece of a one-night-only event, all your friends will be there, and it's going to be one hell of a show. Live music, telescopes, food, fun, scientists, artists, mystics, jugglers and the premiere of the forthcoming documentary Saving Hubble. With any luck (though it won't take much) your mind will be blown. Prepare Thyself.

The Innovative Concept:

The Hubble Roadshow is a grassroots, self distribution plan to share the innovative new documentary Saving Hubble through a series of unique, public events that create dialogue and build community.  We will create opportunities for participants to ask powerful questions. The structure of the universe and the meaning of life will be revealed, triggering thought-provoking, non-partisan dialogue, bringing people together, fostering exchange. The events will feature scientists, artists, and all things space related that will unite in each chosen city....  

...for one eclectic ever-evolving show that is never the same (evolving to serve the needs of each community and uniting with local talent in addition to beloved recognizable figures in fields mentioned.)

What Others Are Saying:

"Really Outstanding. You have done a nice job of mixing in clips of science, technology and the human elements that all of us felt in our connections with Hubble. ." -- Steven Beckwith, former head of STSCI (Hubble) After viewing rough cut

“Very cool! I use Hubble data almost everyday; so I am a huge fan and can’t wait to see the documentary.” -- Amber Straughn NASA Astrophysicist via astraughnomer—twitter handle

Universe Today just picked us up


Our goals for the tour itself are aspirational. It shall be carbon-neutral. It shall serve the organizations with whom we partner, promoting non-partisan progressive causes. Every "stop" shall aspire to be a community event, not simply the screening of a movie. Above all else, the tour intends to use the story of the Hubble Space Telescope to inspire people in all corners of America...and beyond. If we can raise enough money we hope to tour as far as we can go (with the funds provided) sharing a love of space throughout the earth!

What We Need:

We requested $20,000 but these are launch funds: Funds raised on Kickstarter will complete the documentary Saving Hubble (we face online edit, sound mix, and music composition fees upwards of $15,000) and seed fund the early stages of the Roadshow, which will include the careful planning and execution of "workshopping" events (ie. sneak previews of the film for partner organizations). 

Our actual budget is higher than our Kickstarter goal...
but this is a fantastic start.

Can You Fund More Than Requested?

Feeling Generous?  Yes! Don't stop at $20,000. 

The more you fund, the bigger and better the show, the farther the reach. We want a roadshow on every continent! Let’s share a love of space as far and wide as we can. Money will seed event planning, setup, social networking outreach, previews, AV equipment for the shows, staff for organized events, telescopes for star-gazing; basically all that is needed for the careful planning and execution of events.


(You can qualify for our contest on for your kickstarter donation.  Contest ends on the 11th of September.

 Winner announced on


Love all things Hubble? Prove it and we will give back in a huge addition to the rewards to the  right...

The Hubble RoadShow has united with a community of space lovers of all types to offer one of a kind prizes as an additional reward for helping us.


1) You have to donate at least $1… more if you have it. Our goal is as much as possible to take our show to other continents and beyond.
2) You can donate even after we reached our goal (see number one).
3) You’re in the running! We will randomly draw a winner (and runners up equivalent to prizes listed. More added occasionally) within a month of contest end on
4) Every dollar equals an entry.
5) Yes if you tell others their dollars count as extra entries (we want you to tell your brother, who owes you a favor because after all it’s only $1 right?)
6) Yes you could get lucky on one entry but why not increase your odds. Think of it as a short sprint. You only have to spread the word for a week (tell family and friends)
7) Yes you qualify if you’re International (but you will have to pay for shipping )

8) When they sign up to support the Roadshow you qualify (they can give at any level from $1 and up).

9) If someone is a referral:  Make sure they reference your name in a direct message to us when they donate so we know that their donation is credited to you.



1) GRAND PRIZE: YOUR OWN HUBBLE ROADSHOW… for real. The show (upon completion of the successful kickstarter) will head for your town (or nearest city) when launched. We will customize this roadshow just for you with all the things you love. You will have VIP tickets for you and your crew, who will marvel at your back stage pass as you meet all the high profile artists, scientists, mystics, and lovers of all things space. Love a particular artist in your town that you believe is inspired by the stars? We’ll make them part of the experience! Love space art? We’ll make sure it’s in there! Want to have a scifi trekkie adventure in the middle of the desert in Arizona? We'll do it.  And Hubble Tees and DVDs for all...


All prizes are from the hearts of those artists, writers, and others who love space and are excited about partnering with The Hubble Roadshow.  The grand prize: Hubble roadshow, first pick of items pictured below with vip treatment.    Runners up will  pick from the remaining prizes and so on, until the prizes are gone.  All runners up will receive VIP tickets for themselves and a person of their choice to the nearest Roadshow.



Signed copy addressed to you donated by David Mack 

"The cover artist for the Vanguard series is Doug Drexler,
and he has often used Hubble telescope images as the
backgrounds for some of our book covers." --David Mack


--JAN RICE  30X30

Museum Quality Limited Edition Giclee print on canvas (easily shipped with no cost)

Alternative 2)A 

alternative option for this artist. Only one of hers will be selected. This one requires heavy shipping cost. Winner or runner up who chooses this painter will be given an option to take one or the other and informed of shipping cost for the second one if they choose to take that one, before they make a choice.  First one has no shipping cost for winner. 

---Canvas Painting Gallery Style

"I am madly in love with the Hubble Space Telescope. For years Hubble has been a source of inspiration for me. I’ve spent countless hours flying throughout the universe on the wings of Hubble’s vision. I am excited to take part in the Hubble Roadshow, to work with Dollena and David to spread the word and receive word from all the like hearted humanoids …And finally to have the opportunity to be a part of something that means so much to me it is an honor and a privilege to offer a piece of my art (inspired by Hubble) to the kindred spirit out there that achieves victory in spreading the word!"
----Jan Rice

3) Wanna be an artist yourself? Gary Greenberg is a space spray artist and he’ll show you how with his how to DVD PLUS give you a completed spray space mailbox. How’s that for a gift?

Space mailbox by space spray artist


How to  DVD ^ above.  One Gift package with 2 products

--Gary Greenberg


Digital Space Art: He photographs interesting landscapes and then digitally manipulates it for an out of this world experience.
----Michael Atman

Fine Art Photograph Collage printed "Dancing Nebula" printed on Kodak Endura Metallic photo paper, custom matted in black and framed in a basic gallery black frame. The finished size of the piece is 20x36" and will be personally signed

-- Casablanca Color

"The images captured by the Hubble telescope give us a glimpse into a world we never see up close and often forget we are even a part of. The images are not only stunning in their own right, but also humbling. They serve to remind us there is an infinitely vast, intricate and beautiful universe beyond out skies, in which we are a mere speck of an organism with so much to learn. I have always been enamored with images of nebulas and galaxies, so I was delighted to discover the Hubble telescope gallery website. I feel privileged that I am able to use these unbelievable images in my artworks. The Hubble telescope is an amazing achievement and I hope it continues to impart wisdom, wonder and an appreciation for the beauty surrounding our tiny world on future generations of star gazers." ~Sarah Egan / Casablanca Color.


original, signed, hand painting of a nebula in outerspace


This painting lends a feeling of peace and total silence, a good piece to have in your presence after a stressful day. The nebula so applicably named Witch Head is surround by millions and millions of colorful galaxies, all which seem to be keeping a silent watch of the Witch Head Nebula. It is a painted and signed original and created on a 16 x 20 canvas using acrylic medium and completed with varnish

Choice of one of the paintings listed above in 16 X20 (only one painting will be chosen for this artist

ThisArtToBeYours—Joyce Tremethick
“I have always been an inquisitive type and the fact outer space lends itself to a place of unimaginable distance, has made me hunger after it all the more. I am so passionate about this lighted ceiling in the sky that I try to capture my love for it through my works of art. Each stroke of the brush carries the intrigue, solace and peace I feel as I paint it.”

7) Hubble collectible coins as seen in our movie "Saving Hubble"

8)BE THE THE FIRST TO DOWNLOAD THE APP "Gravity flyer" with featured hubble images!  The grand prize winner and first four runner ups will all receive in addition to picking another prize

the winner(s) can download their apps directly at Appstore/AppUp store/Samsung Bada store
WIth this code the winners can download their apps directly. The App will run on iPhones, iPads as well as Windows Pc's/Netbooks, Samsung smartphones with bata operating systems!

9) One item will be selected from this Painter. The winner (or runner up) chosen who selects this painter will have a choice of either one or the other painting listed in 16X20
A) Solar Flare - Prominence
The bright arcs of hot gas flowing along the solar magnetic field of the sun are called prominences. I find it fascinating that these huge bursts of energy from the sun are so powerful that they sometimes affect the upper atmosphere and disrupt long range radio signals here on Earth. In an attempt to project the sheer magnitude of the sun I chose a massive canvas for this piece.Gallery wrapped canvas with staple free painted edges. No framing necessary, it is ready to hang.

B) NGC 3603 Emission Nebula

A massive cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases creating a cluster of stars located 20 thousand light years away. My intention was to convey the beauty of deep space and the power and energy of the elements within our universe. Gallery wrapped canvas with painted edges free of staples. Framing is not required.

Laura Hubacz,

10) The Space StoreSpace Shuttle Astronaut: Pick one adult or child suit to go with the rest of the pack items

This great Space Shuttle Suit, known as the launch and entry suit for adults is a replica of the ones worn by the astronauts when they launch in the shuttle and when they return to Earth. Lots of zipper pockets and patches including one that says Commander! There is a padded helmet collar and a full-length zipper. And, it's machine washable! Click on the image for a larger picture. It comes with a bonus NASA hat.

Approximate weight and size range:

• Official Looking NASA Style Astronaut Suit
• Real Chest and Waist Harness Buckles
• Padded Neck Collar Ring
• Loaded with Zippers
• Matching Custom Embroidered Cap
• High Quality Construction, 100% Polyester
• Machine Washable! (inside out, gentle cycle)
• Suits can be exchanged for sizes, not returned. TOS
Adult Size Small fits on average 5'2" to 5'7" and 110-160 lbs. Large fits on average 5'8" to 6'2" height and 170 - 220 lbs.

Child Size
2/3 - Shoulders 12", Sleeve Length 12" and Inseam 13", 25-33lbs and 28-32" in Height.
4/6 - Shoulders 13", Sleeve Length 13" and Inseam 17", 32-50lbs and 35-44" in Height.

6/8 - Shoulders 14", Sleeve Length 14.5" and Inseam 18", 48-62 lbs and 42-50" in Height.

8/10 - Shoulders 14.5", Sleeve Length 15.5" and Inseam 19", 54-86lbs and 48-56" in Height.

12/14 - Shoulders 16.5", Sleeve Length 17" and Inseam 23", 80-110lbs and 54-60" in Height.

PLUS Hand Signed Autograph
Six-time Space Shuttle astronaut Story Musgrave was kind to stop by our offices and sign a very limited supply of photos taken during his spaceflight career.

This 10" x 10" print was personally hand signed (not a reproduction, but each print was personally hand signed) by Story Musgrave. It is on a 10" x 10" print and shows Musgrave anchored on the end of the Space Shuttle Endeavour's Remote Manipulator System (RMS) arm, as he prepares to be elevated to the top of the Hubble Space Telescope to install protective covers.
• Hand signed, Signature reads: "May the Heavens and Earth Shine upon you always. Story Musgrave"
Sit back and wait for the drawing…or get more entries through friends, families, facebook buds, school, or other colleagues. Tell them you want to win and get them in on the fun of supporting the Roadshow while being a part of the contest. You never know they might win too. They get an entry per dollar or referral too!

AND 3rd item in Pack: Hubble Telescope Model Kit
The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Space Craft Science Kit is very realistic... so much so that it is hard to tell from a distance that it's made of paper. Many of its parts have bonded metal foil, and look like they're made of metal. Blue and gold-foil solar panels. Internal details include reflective primary and secondary mirrors, printed trusses and baffles. Includes information on how to modify the completed laser-cut, paper card stock model to illustrate installing new instruments as astronauts did first in December, 1993, and again on later upgrade missions. Assembled model is about 10 inches (26 cm) overall. Scale is approximately 1/65.

NOTE: This contest is international. Yes Kickstarter takes International donations! We want to have a Hubble Roadshow on every continent so help us get there and win BIG! 1 dollar gets you in the drawing.

For listings
Free u.s shipping extra basic charge to ship overseas calculated per weight of product, etc.


1) Okay so they donated now what? We need to track your referrals. You need to email us with a code name, as your friends donate. You choose it. You can also, in the comments section, type a simple “hey guys I want in on the contest. My code name is BUNNY and I just donated. Let’s make this a great Road Show” Your real name will show up by this listing.
*Your code name can be anything you choose consisting of 1 or 2 words. It can be space Bunny or Nebula or whatever you want it to be.
How to use it (you can do the same on facebook and websites by posting contest rules and asking them to put you as the referral code or your website):

You’ve got to support this amazing show make sure you tell them I sent you! Put in my handle in comments!
Help me win and support a great cause and show. Put my code: Bunny and donate here
Got a dollar? You can be in on a cool contest and support hubble. Tell them I sent you 

Finally we will email everyone to ask who referred them. It is in your best interest to do that from the start as it will ensure you get credit for every referral. However if you just want to refer and want us to do all the work, we’ll try. Keep in mind people do not always respond to their emails the way they should.

2) How much is enough? A) Well how much would you charge for your own personal roadshow if you were us? Keep going because you love us! Don’t stop, because we won’t stop. Help us to make all our road shows as wonderful as possible, and we will reward you with a cool gift, and the road show of your dreams!


"Like Hubble itself, the Roadshow intends to draw everyday people into a conversation about life's greatest questions. With your help, we will stand in the splendor of the universe and cultivate a kind of earthly magic: powerful ideas, thoughtfully presented, always full of wonder, mile by mile down the highway. If I sound like an evangelist it is because I am. It is time to spread the good news.

Thank you for your support! I welcome you as a partner on this journey."

-- David Gaynes

Director, Saving Hubble


David Gaynes, Director, Eric Budney, Cinematographer, and Alan Hall, Amateur Astronomer, dwarfed by ginormous telescopes at Stellafane

Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society, makes a point during the filming of Saving Hubble.

World's Greatest Wino:Venice Beach Hero scores a political point in a monologue about the importance of space science


  • Yes, well, that's a fine question. Well, in 2004 when I heard that the Hubble Telescope might be cancelled, I and many other people collectively shouted "WAIT. Hold it right there. Hang on there just one minute, mister. Hold the phone. Step away from the Telescope." And that's kind of how it started.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. Well, sort of. Well, not initially, but now, yes, yes very much. YES! So, to be honest, there was no epiphany in my childhood about the whole wonder-of-space-thing. I admit it freely. But then, I sort of threw caution to the wind and took this road trip across the country talking to people who had seen the wonder of the universe and knew what it was going to cost us as a society to lose this incredible machine, and... wait. Wait a second. You think I'm another Koolaid drinking FREAK, don't you? Well... yes. Yes. Not initially, of course, I was trained as a journalist, but yes, yes I am a Koolaid drinking freak. I think what we're worth as a society are the things we accomplish for the good of humankind. That was the Koolaid I drank as a kid watching Thundercats, watching advertisements for Koolaid during the commercial breaks. And I drink again now. America will thrive again when we realize that we can and will build the machines that will better the species' awareness of itself, turn economic engines, and continue the sacred progression of human time. And now back to facebook.

    Last updated:
  • Both. Movie because it's a good movie and it's almost done. Tour because the economy sucks for filmmakers too and we may or may not get any help whatsoever in distributing it. And a lot of filmmakers are doing pretty well distributing on their own anyway. And do really care about the film industry? Of course not. I'd rather not worry about it either. Let's just do this our way, huh? I'll bring the RV, the screen, the projector the PA and sound system. I'll bring the movie in HD, it'll look great. We'll hook in with some good live music, some very good local eats, one really cool movie and then dudes with telescopes will show us M32. Maybe I'm a hippie, but I don't think so. Let's all come together and atare at the universe for a little while. Seriously, FYI, we're taking it a bit more seriously than that. But that could be one version of the Roadshow. The truth is that every show will be different. Some will be academic and educational, some will be wow, some will be very quiet and meditative and some will be loud. Email us if you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them personally, we consider you a partner in a very ambitious undertaking, a kind of experiment in movie-viewership-and-universe-wonder. Please, buy a DVD or a T-shirt and let's make this Roadshow ROLL.

    Last updated:

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    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    Personally selected ridiculously silly, singing online ecard thank you with message from the director. Simply give your email address and we'll send you a warm thanks! Don't be shy. Email will only be used for this purpose. Sorta like a singing telegram but online to embarass you in front of your office colleagues (or in class in college on your black berry) when you're opening personal emails (when you know you shouldn't).

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    Digital Download of Saving Hubble
    Personally selected ridiculously silly, singing online ecard thank you with message from the director. Simply give your email address and we'll send you a warm thanks! Don't be shy. Email will only be used for this purpose. Sorta like a singing telegram but online to embarass you in front of your office colleagues (or in class in college on your black berry) when you're opening personal emails (when you know you shouldn't).

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    Saving Hubble DVD, Original Pressing, Signed and "Tagged" by the Director

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    "I Roll With Hubble" T-shirt. It's a seriously cool shirt.

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    "I Roll With Hubble" Designer T-shirt + DVD

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    Limited Edition CD/Soundscape: "Echoes in Space: The Music of John Caban and the Sounds of Saving Hubble" + DVD + "I Roll With Hubble" T-shirt

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    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    Limited Edition, handmade Mr. Hubble Beanie Toy. One of a kind, stitched with love by DP Eric Budney's mother Lyda, reknowned for her "personality frogs."

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    Pledge $325 or more About $325 USD

    Limited Edition high resolution still from the film: Your favorite Hubble image or frame of the movie, acquired in the highest resolution possible, formatted, printed as a digital C-print at 20"x24" and mounted on black foam-core, signed by the director + Limited Edition pre-release screener DVD, Limited Edition Soundscape CD + Two "Roll With Hubble" T-shirts.

    Estimated delivery
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    Pledge $375 or more About $375 USD

    Stargazer: Acknowledgment in credits of film, Signed Early Edition DVD, Screening of the movie for your organization or friends followed by live skype Q&A with award-winning filmmakers and three collectible "Roll With Hubble" T-shirts to wear while watching the movie (you must wear the shirts while screening the movie)

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Astronaut: Acknowledgment in credits of film, Signed Early Edition DVD, 2 tickets to the Theatrical Premiere of Saving Hubble (must provide transportation), meet the director, producer, and any film subjects that are present (TBD), Tickets to the Roadshow (when we roll), "Roll with Hubble" T-shirt(s).

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    Pledge $2,000 or more About $2,000 USD

    Martian: Sneak Preview the film for you and your friends in advance of the theatrical release with Director David Gaynes present (you must provide transportation) who will sign everything Hubble-related, shake your hand, thank you a thousand times and will even bring a pot luck dish. Acknowledgement in the credits of the movie, DVD, T-shirt, Tickets to the premiere, as much astronaut ice cream as you can stomach. Tickets to the Hubble Roadshow when we launch (est. Summer 2012).

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    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    The Full Hawking: You, most financially generous patron of all, get an Associate Producer credit in the film, acknowledgement in the credits, your choice of sneak preview with friends with director present (must provide transportation) or 2 tickets to the theatrical premiere (again, transportation) or what the hell, BOTH if you want. T-shirts, DVDs, VIP Roadshow passes.

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