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Greek Gods Eros and Hermes are on a mission to put a bullet in the head of every member of the Pantheon.
Greek Gods Eros and Hermes are on a mission to put a bullet in the head of every member of the Pantheon.
66 backers pledged $2,291 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Soo Long, so long

A number of things have been keeping us from getting the new books out, which has kept us from getting out the books. The second issue has been completely done and is in the process of being colored. We will have it very soon and would like to send out the issues to all of our benefactors. You can either receive the first issue sent out as soon as we can print, or receive issue one and two. Some of the other prizes will have to go out in time.

We appreciate everyone's patience, and sorry for the delay. We weren't sure how we were going to precede until we had more of this done. We met a goal, and we appreciate everyone's help. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll update more.

Our final goal will be a graphic novel, by the end of the year. That's essentially four more issues.

Let us know how we can make you all happy! We're just glad we can finish this project!

- Brian and Travis


Thank you all for your participation in making this work.  We will be contacting everyone to start working out what we need to do to get our promised prizes out to you guys.  Thanks again, and we hope you all enjoy.

Thank you all again. Preview from issue 2.

We certainly hope you enjoy this preview from issue 2.  It is underway, and we like it, and hope you will too.

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We made it!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us out here.  You're all awesome and we're immensely thankful for your help.  That goes out to friends and you kickstarter angels who decided you like our book.  We really hope to keep you excited every step of the way.  Thank you all again!  

BTW... as a thank you... we're going to toss up a page from issue 2 within a couple days.  Just need to get it off to be colored, then it'll be up for your viewing pleasure.

Limited Print Run in Central Florida stores!

We had a fantastic Megacon 2012. We sold a third of the limited print run we made and Travis' hand almost fell off from all the sketch covers he was comissioned to do. We've been fortunate that so many Central Florida stores are carrying the books we have left over. We're still raising money for the big print run, and for the rest of the series, but if you want a copy in your hands come out to any of these places and inquire.
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