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A limited edition box set of audio interviews with rock stars and cultural icons, recorded between 1969-1972 and not heard since.
A limited edition box set of audio interviews with rock stars and cultural icons, recorded between 1969-1972 and not heard since.
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    1. ezra Creator on

      Hi Deborah,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I'm very sorry for any confusion.
      The $80 level supporters were given an all digital version of the box set. Each supporter was given a unique code to download all of the interviews, artwork and the booklet as digital files. Let me get that to you again.
      Please email me directly (ezra at and I'll get you your digital box set!
      Thanks so much for your support in the project-

    2. Missing avatar

      Deborah Bosley on

      I'm confused. As an $80 investor, do I receive the boxed set digitally or physically. I'd prefer the latter. But if digitally, how do I download it? Thank you. Deborah Bosley

    3. ezra Creator on

      Carolyn, S.D., Ron, Jennifer, Judy, and everyone else who jumped in,
      Thank you so much for your support!!!!!!
      We are thrilled and so excited. Full steam ahead.

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    5. S.D. on

      Ok, funded! Congratulations Ezra.

    6. S.D. on

      Having this project fail by less than one digital box set would be tragic... it's only $62 from funding!

    7. S.D. on

      Backing here for the DRM free digital box tier! I'm really quite pleased that Ezra has acknowledged that there is a strong demand for this wonderful in an unrestricted and accessible medium (i.e., outside of Apple's ecosystem). The audio quality is top-notch,from the samples I've heard, and that's no mean feat (from my limited experience in broadcast, sound engineering, and audio mastering). This promising slice of music history deserves as wide an audience as possible, and I'm pleased to be able to join the other near-300 like-minded music history buffs!

    8. Ron, Jennifer, and Judy on

      Ezra, we just finished a really successful Kickstarter campaign and you WILL reach your goal! I am certain! Keep your foot on the gas though. We'll increase our pledge before the end too, not tons because we can't but I want that box set! This is an amazing you must be well aware! I'm posting it on my friends Facebook walls and my own. Keep going and break a leg! Jennifer

    9. Doc

      Ezra...I-ll have to get into the archives (aka storage unit) and dig it up. That wont happen in the next week, but I'll let you know. I have couple hundred meg of non-musical Zappa stuff (Congress\Parliament\House of Lords on MPRC, etc)

    10. ezra Creator on

      Thanks Doc! I am absolutely sure you're going to love these.
      Does your Zappa bootleg have the end of the conversation with John & Yoko? And Zappa looking for a new Marshall amp for the show that night?

    11. ezra Creator on

      Hi Trevor- Of course!
      Thanks so much!!!!

    12. Trevor Joy

      Hi, if I upped my pledge by $80 could I get the digital package as well? Fantastic project. Good luck

    13. Doc

      And...pledge updated. Thanks for adding the digital version.

      I have a really rough copy of Smith's interview with Frank Zappa, and it's one of my most cherished on-music audio files. I look forward to hearing many of the others!

    14. ezra Creator on

      Hi Doc, Justin, Kathleen and all the others who've asked-
      We listened.
      The Smith Tapes Digital Box Set is now available!

    15. Wanda L. Anderson on

      I only have a few followers on Twitter, but my daughter has over 1100 who are mostly here and in the UK. She has retweeted my tweet and is doing so again because we consider it so important that this project be funded. Onward and upward!

    16. Missing avatar

      Hans Graux on

      So many of my personal heroes in a single box. How could I resist? :-) Fingers crossed for a successful campaign, and good luck from Belgium!

    17. ezra Creator on

      Hi Wanda,
      Thank you so much for your enthusiasm! I'm looking forward to packing and sending you one myself. Hopefully we'll reach our goal in time. Please spread the word! (And have your daughter as well!)

    18. ezra Creator on

      Hi Kathleen-
      Thanks for digging the project! Hopefully we will be releasing on Amazon MP3s soon. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates about this-

    19. ezra Creator on

      Hi Justin- The interviews will start to be released on Nov. 20th on iTunes-
      Thanks for your interest!

    20. Wanda L. Anderson on

      I am so very excited about receiving this box set! Since one has to back at the $300 level to receive the box set, that makes it even more special. This is the highest amount I have pledged to a Kickstarter project, but after reading everything you posted about the project, there was just no way I could pass this up. My daughter is an absolute music nerd, and she is excited, too. I guess I will have to share. :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Hanrahan

      Project looks GREAT! I'm trying to find $300 for the box set. :-)

      I hope that you will consider releasing the 100 interviews to somewhere besides iTunes. I can not purchase from it. I don't have the iTunes compatible equipment.

    22. Justin Clark on

      Any chance of releasing this as a non-limited set or digital download? I would love to hear the recordings but there's no way I can drop $300.

    23. ezra Creator on

      Hi VIctor-
      Thanks for the email, and for the compliment!
      We are still finishing the box set elements and we haven't made the poster yet-
      But as soon as we make it I can let you know?

    24. Missing avatar

      Victor Reinoso on

      I love the art work on the CDs you've posted. It looks fantastic! Have you decided what the art work for the poster-level reward is? If so, could you post it? I'm considering a pledge at that level and seeing the artwork would probably push me over the edge...

    25. ezra Creator on

      Thanks for getting in touch- and thanks for digging the project.
      At this moment, the box set is the only way the set is available. But we'll talk things over here.

    26. Doc

      Need a pledge level with just CDs stuffed in an envelope. I'd LOVE this collection, but I don't do iOS, and I can't justify $300 :( I could go $85 for a no-frills complete set, though!