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"Through The Shadows" is a suspenseful adventure game for Windows PC
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What Is It?

Play the Official "Through The Shadows" Tech Demo, which is designed as a tutorial. It will teach you how to walk, run, jump, and get you excited about beginning the adventure soon to come!

"Through The Shadows" Official Tech Demo:

Go to the above link and choose "check-out". Enter your name and email for your instant, free download.

"Through The Shadows" is an episodic adventure game for Windows PC. It takes place in a stunning 3D environment utilizing suspense, survival, investigation, and discovery with a deep story-line. It has an inspiring message that integrates the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, historical information, and modern research, created for Adventure Enthusiasts and serious Core Gamers.

"Through The Shadows" is going to be released in Chapter format, meaning that it is an ongoing story that unfolds one chapter at a time.

The first Episode, "The Darkness Revealed" is the gaming equivalent of the first novel in a series. Chapter One, Episode One, is scheduled for release at the end of the Summer, 2014. This Kickstarter Project is for Chapter One's release.

A little background video on making the game:

A little background video on making the game's music:


My aim for this project is to create a game that is enjoyable for a wide range of enthusiasts that achieves the highest level of gameplay expected by today's demanding core gamers. In doing so, I hope to set the tone for the development of games that do not focus on violence, offensive language, or sexual themes and imagery. Even more than this, it is designed to encourage the Christian gamer to consider all aspects of their lives, including their choice of entertainment, as a part of their walk with Christ. My wish is for this project to be incredibly interesting, fun, and full of challenges for everyone that loves playing games.

Game Features and Game Design

The game is designed to provide a realistic 3D environment in an imaginary landscape. It is believable but uses fiction as a basis for telling the truth. It uses an excellent 3D gaming engine that is capable of physics, shading, lighting, textures and 3D movement. Visualization effects allow for realistic changes in day and night, weather, sound, and motion.

You play the game in first person perspective while traveling on foot. You will enter rooms and buildings, find secret areas, travel through different periods of time, past, present and future. You are able to walk, run, and jump, on land or under water. There will be visual and audible prompts for puzzle solving clues.

The game is designed to provide multiple days/weeks of game play, and progress can be saved. You will play "Through The Shadows, Episode One" in Chapter form, with the first to be released at the end of Summer, 2014.

The game provides lighting and shadows, advanced shading techniques for realism, animated 2D items for lights and added detail, and 3D models for indoor and outdoor areas.

The game logic provides for a linear story in an open world environment. It is built around a level system, similar to mapped levels found in 3D games. The rules of the level and map are open, utilizing a scripting language.

The Game Concept

The game allows you to read, listen, and explore while enjoying and immersing  yourself in a compelling story.

In the current game world, the mystery story or adventure game is often a point-and-click seek-and-find, meaning that it is made of static 2D scenes and click-able areas. The typical modern first person game revolves around shooting and arriving at new areas.

The goal of "Through The Shadows" is to take the vastness and realism of the 3D First Person game and fuse it together with the depth, story and suspense of a mystery. The story centers around your character, Jesse, who must discover where everyone has gone and why he has been chosen for this special adventure. Puzzles, clues, and story are centered around information from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, along with painstakingly researched historical and current topics. While entertaining, it adds value to the time invested.

Game Genre

"Through The Shadows" is a sensory experience in the form of a psychological thriller. In this style, there are elements of mystery, suspense, and intrigue and can be creepy or spooky at times.

You will be entertained as you advance through the story, and at times you may be surprised and even frightened. The game's primary focus will remain on you, as Jesse. It is not driven by other characters that you meet along the way, as is often found in adventure games, but rather on the process of discovery itself, and the emotional, psychological, and spiritual effect that it has on the gamer.

Adventure is an important element of the game. I hope to inspire the gamer as much as I hope to entertain them.

The Technology

The game uses an advanced form of C++ code, in a language called Dark Basic Pro. The 3D environment has been developed over 7 years and continues to be advanced and refined. Lighting and shadows can be rendered with a high quality, and reflective surfaces can allow light to pass through as if transparent, providing realistic windows. Motion feels smooth as you walk or run, going up or down stairs, and even underwater. The sound engine can track motion or remain stationary and can be activated by unknown elements in the game to keep the artificial intelligence fluid throughout game play.

About The Game play

You will explore vast areas looking for clues and investigating information as you move forward through the game. You will search for clues that help unlock areas or gain access to new locations. Not everything is as it appears, and you will find that you may show up in the most unlikely locations. You will find that much of the game provides environmental puzzles, where your surroundings are part of the problem-solving skills required. Learning from your surroundings is also an important element, where you must search, read, and pay attention to the areas around you to gain information that will help you to progress forward.

The Story

"Through The Shadows" is about a young man named Jesse. He has a sense of purpose for his life, and he has a strong desire to make a difference in the world around him. He wakes up one day to find that everyone has disappeared and strange events start to occur. As Jesse sets out on his adventure, he discovers that he will find his place in the lineage of a people throughout history. They are called the Seekers of the Truth, and they have protected the true word of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and placed crucial information in secret, protected locations that only someone like Jesse is meant to discover at a critical time of need. Jesse will progress through his adventure discovering the information that has been left for him, and will find that he plays an important role in preserving the truth for future generations. He will face an evil opposition that wishes to harm him and to prevent his success, and ultimately to bring the eventual fall of all mankind.

The future of humanity is at stake, and Jesse has been called to do something in this fight against evil.

This is the foundation for the first Episode in what I hope will become a successful series of games in the "Through The Shadows" series.
This first episode, "The Darkness Revealed" provides the important groundwork for sequels.

The Music

The music for this game is composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the game's designer, Michael Angel (that's me). I have a background in
music, recording, mixing, and mastering. I am working on a full orchestral score for the game. It has a realistic motion picture soundtrack
quality that I hope you will enjoy. The music plays an important role in the game to set the mood, atmosphere, and also memorable themes
throughout the story. There will be a lot of original music for the game, reaching far beyond the length of a traditional album length.
The music will be carefully choreographed with the events of the game and also with a predetermined volume, so that is always a part
of the activity of the game without being an interference. In addition to traditional orchestral instruments, it will include other elements,
sound effects, electronic sounds, loops, and sonic textures that support the game's happenings, and I hope that you enjoy the music!

The soundtrack will be available for digital download in addition to the game, and can be a part of your rewards at the right backer level, or you may wish to purchase it at a later time separate from the game. To hear some elements in progress, listen to the music in the video.

The Game's Designer

Hi, I'm Michael Angel and my Game Company is True Light Games.

I am a follower of Christ, and I state this because I believe it is the most important element in anything that I do.

I am married to my wonderful, beautiful wife Sharon.

I consider it a blessing to have played multiple instruments in bands, toured the world singing, recorded and mixed many albums, written and recorded music that has been licensed around the world for use in tv, movies, radio, and other media, and written music for soundtrack and motion picture trailers.

I create a line of audio software that allows users to record through real, high end analog hardware. I have been an audio mastering engineer for nearly 14 years, and I have been a visual artist for many years and have sold my paintings to private collectors, businesses, and even museums around the world. 

The more that this "Chapter One" project exceeds the minimum target, the more hours can go into creating the game and therefore more content, including more music, more levels, puzzles, etc.

Kickstarter is the perfect platform for getting this project funded. Kickstarter is a great way to get the word out and secure the funding in a way that is interactive, fun, and exciting, and you get to be a part of the game's process right along with me!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Platforms will the game be available for?

The game is for Windows PC running XP, Vista, or Win7.
High Quality Graphics Card
2 Gig ram
DirectX 9.0C

I will be releasing the game only for Windows PC at this time. The engine is completely built upon Windows-Based C++ and cannot be ported at this time.

How much gameplay should I expect from this game?

This game is designed to provide many, many hours of gameplay. If successfully funded, it will be a lengthy game.

Will the game be DRM free?

There are no built in protections for the game. we expect a high standard of trust from our supporters. Please spread the word, not the game! All of the game resources will be protected but I will not require you to unlock the game.

Will the game be available in other languages?

The game is only available in English at this time.

Can I get the game on Android or iOS or iphone or...?

The game will only be available for Windows PC at this time.

How do I know if the game will work on my computer?

Download the Free Tech Demo:

I hope that the game will be compatible on your Windows-Based PC. However, this is not guaranteed.

We have done extensive testing to make sure that the typical modern PC gaming computer will be able to adequately run the game with zero issues. To run the game, you should use a good gaming PC, meaning it has a reasonably fast cpu, good ram, and a good graphics card. You should be running the industry standard DirectX 9.0c Final update. Essentially, if you have been playing top notch games from the last 5 years you should be able to run this game.

We have tested the engine and visualization requirements on 5 different computers with different systems and hardware, and found that any high quality rated video card should work fine. It does not have to be an extremely high performance or expensive video card, but enough to rate well for 3D frame rate and realtime PS3 shaders. The engine has been tested on hundreds of PC's.

The requirements for this game should be consistent with a PC used for Enthusiast/AAA games. This means that you will want to have 2 gig ram minimum, a high quality graphics card rated for 3D video games, a PS3 Shader capability, and it should run on any XP, vista, or Win7 PC platform.

How much will the game cost when it is released?

Each Chapter of Episode One will be $9.99 via our website, with bundles as future Chapters are released and occasional sales.

How will I get my copy of the game?

I will deliver a direct download link to the email of each Kickstarter backer who requests a copy of the game. You will receive a digital download when the game is ready for release.

When will I receive the rewards that come with my funding level?

For everyone who gives $10 or more, Chapter One will be digitally distributed to you via your email by the end of Summer 2014. We will provide a time-line update on the True Light Games website.

If you pledge enough to include your favorite Bible quote either on the website "Thank You" or "Credits", or within the game itself, I will contact you via email or via the Kickstarter website as early as possible.included in the game. If we do not hear from you before the end of April, and you do eventually send this information, we will include the verse on the website instead of inside the game.

You have a lot of images and videos of the game. Is it already finished?

No. I have tested and scripted all of the essential AI and processes for the game to work.  This means that the concept for puzzles, interaction with doors, elevation, levels, sound, and story-line have been worked out, tested, and in some cases work has begun. The majority of the game still has to be created.

I don't have a credit card - what can I do?

There are several options for pre-paid credit cards that are compatible with the Amazon-based requirement for payments. Please check with Amazon to find a compatible solution.

Accepted cards include Visa, Delta, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Eurocard, and American Express.  Other details have been supplied from other Kickstarters (Thanks!): If you don’t have a debit or credit card, you can use single use or pre-paid cards. 

For example, you could buy a "Ukash voucher", then convert it into a "Ukash NEO pre-paid Mastercard" . Then use that card to fund your Amazon Payments account. Other Kickstarters recommend that you add $1 extra to the Ukash cards, as some have observed that Amazon holds on to an extra dollar when you enter in the information and it can cause payments to fail
otherwise - this may be part of the card verification process. 

I am located outside the USA – can I pledge?

As long as your international-based credit card is accepted by Amazon's payment system, which is what Kickstarter uses, then you can donate
from anywhere in the world.

Do I have to be online to play?

You must have an internet connection to download your game.
This is a single person game and does not require any online connectivity to play. Once you have downloaded the game you can play offline anytime.

What if I lose my connection while downloading or I need to download it again?

I have been selling my own line of audio software since 2007 and have an excellent reputation of taking care of customer's needs. If a download needs to be reactivated I can do so in a short time. Once downloaded, the
customer is responsible for making a backup in case they replace their computer at a later time.

What will the soundtrack be like?

I have a background in music, composition for film and trailer music, recording, and mastering. I have begun the music for the game, and it will be of a high quality cinematic style with traditional sounding orchestral instruments recorded and sampled into virtual samplers for composition. You can hear some of the music in progress in the Kickstarter Video! The soundtrack will also have a lot of electronic and overlapping styles but primarily is orchestral in nature.

All of the music is original and will be written, recorded, and produced by me specifically for the game, and will be much longer than a standard length album and will be available for sale from the website if you wish to purchase it separately from the game at any point in the future.

What engine are you using?

This game is based upon an updated and customized version of the Dark Basic Pro C++ language 3D gaming engine. At present, this engine in its most basic form is called FPSC. My game includes modifications to the engine
that improve many important elements for performance and quality of gameplay. There are also some elements of the engine that I am not using, in order to maximize performance on the highest number of PC's. I use roughly 15 other graphics programs, utilities, modelling design software, and recording and music mixing programs to create the content of the game.

What distribution formats will the game be available in?

The game will only be available as a direct digital download when first released. It is possible it will be available through other dealers or by other publishers at a later date, but our only plan is for direct digital download from True Light Games.

How will my name appear in the "Thank You" or "Credits" posted on the website?

I will ask for your information when the Kickstarter posting is complete and funded. I will use what you supply, whether it is an email, name, or your username if that is what you want. I have the right to omit anything I feel is inappropriate, so if you have something in your email name or username that may be unfit for reposting on my site, please use your formal name instead.

How much content will be in the final game?

I plan to make this a very long playing game and aim to supply more than 30 hours of gameplay.

Will there be a Mac version?

There is no Mac version planned at this time.

Will the game be available on Steam?

I may try to get it on some popular distribution channels, but my goal is to sell directly as long as it does well.

Have you ever made a game before?

Yes. I released "Planet Of The Eights" in 2011. It is a classic arcade style game that is inspired by games like Galaga, and has a fun Science Fiction theme and original soundtrack. You can get it on my website if interested:

Why should I support this project?

If you play PC games and want something interesting to play that looks cool and is hopefully entertaining, and you are interested in a deep story-line, you should support it. If you have not played PC games in a while because the stories are not as good as earlier games, and If you want to help fulfill someone's dreams and improve the conditions under which this huge challenge is fulfilled, you should support this project.

If you believe that it could make a positive change in the world of gaming by making a game that teaches interesting things about history, and has a moral and ethical meaning beyond entertainment alone, then you should support this project. If you think the pictures look cool and you like playing PC games, if you think there should be games that are beneficial to the Christian gamer without being gruesome, vulgar, and explicit, then you should support this project.
The name of the game says "Episode One". Does that mean you plan to make more games in a series?

Yes.This Kickstarter is for Chapter One of Episode One. There will be many Chapters to complete Episode One. My goal is that the first game can gather enough interest to make the next Episode. I have already prepared notes and research for the next 2 games if the first one succeeds. I am driven to continue with the series if I am able.

Will there be LAN play? Online play?

No. It is strictly a single player game.

Will you make this for mobile consoles (PS Vita, DS, etc) , or Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 , etc. ?
I only plan to release the game on Windows PC at this time. I am hopeful that it might be possible to port to XBox or another serious platform in the future, but it will most likely remain only on PC.

Who is publishing the game?

I am publishing the game. :-) The game is created under the company name True Light Games, which is me.

Will the game support modding?


Will there be a map editor included?


Who Would Enjoy This Game?
I believe that this game will appeal to the core gamer/enthusiast gamer/serious gamer on the merit of quality of game play, length of play, replay value, story, and music. I also believe that it will hold special interest to the Christian gamer and provide a standard they would like to see in other games that are consistent with their beliefs and the standards we hope to live up to.

The skill level of the game is probably more advanced than the youngest players, as the problem-solving elements are made to be challenging and
satisfying to solve. Advanced gamers younger than teen may be up to the challenge! The game play does not focus on battles, fights, shooting, hacking, slashing, or other blood and gore, and there is no foul language and no sexual visuals or themes involved. There is a Christian theme at the heart of the game.

Gamers that like the first person format but are looking for something other than run and shoot will probably enjoy this game.

People that enjoy point-and-click or seek-and-find mystery games, but wish there was more freedom of movement and a more advanced visual process will probably enjoy this game.

I think that what has come to be termed a "survival horror" game can be very entertaining and does not have to be blatantly gory in order to be immersive and surprising.

There are elements of evil that make sense in the context of a story that is about the differences between good and evil. I don't see the point in telling a story in the form of an immersive game format if it doesn't set out to be immersive. The goal of the story is for good to triumph over evil, and that the very presence of danger or something to be avoided makes the point that it should not be welcomed or held high in opinion.

What happens if you get a lot more funding than your minimum?

I will invest even more hours of the day to the game if higher goals are reached. This includes more story-telling, more places to search, and more levels to complete. These elements will not affect the release date, but are aimed at making it an even longer entertainment experience. If it reaches all goals, it will include a few extra songs in the soundtrack, extended song mixes, several added puzzles to solve in the game, several added levels, a full manual and game walkthrough, and even more voice characters.

Thank you so much for considering my project, and please let me know if you have any questions that have not yet been answered.

God Bless You.


Michael Angel

True Light Games

Risks and challenges

One of the major challenges for this project has been to maintain the importance of its premise as a game that I have created for the Christian gamer, that is also designed to stand on its own merits as an independently developed game of a AAA core game standard. There can be a tendency to dislike entertainment that has an attached religious theme, and I am personally well aware of the stigma attached to the few Christian game efforts made over the years. This is the challenge, as it means overcoming stereotypes while striving for excellence in every technical and artistic manner, and even more so, creating a project that holds a high moral standard that serves its creative purpose to such a degree that it is incredibly fun to play.

I hope you will see the potential in this project and am so excited to give this a chance to happen.

Thanks for your prayers and support and God Bless You!

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    Same as previous reward, but instead of a secret area in one of the game levels, I will add an entire new level to the game and it will be dedicated to you in the official game credit pdf.

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    Same as previous reward, but, not only will I create a game level dedicated to you, I will create a "game progress" video to post on our YouTube and website, using the creation of your game level. This will allow you, and everyone else, the ability to see the creation of this special part of the game as a 'behind the scenes' video of the game's progress!

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