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Handmade Dice for the Discerning Gamer
Handmade Dice for the Discerning Gamer
1,131 backers pledged $91,542 to help bring this project to life.

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Finally Finished!!!

So we finally have the last of the dice made for yall. The last handful of orders will be shipping out no later than Monday the 30th, so keep an eye on your inbox for your tracking numbers. It's been a hell of a long ride, and I appreciate everyone hanging in there. This project was a huge learning experience for me and the rest of the Artisan Dice crew. Thanks to yall's support, Artisan Dice went from a small weekend project to a full on business in no time flat. To that end we've been going like gang busters for the past year and a half with more 70+ hour weeks than I care to count.

Since we are wrapping things up how about some facts and figures for this project?

  • We had 1,131 backers
  • Raised $91,542
  • Total dice made was roughly 8,000 - 10,000
  • Total cost of the project was roughly $142,000
  • Purple Heart was BY FAR the most popular wood. Bloodwood, and Jack Daniels, were near enough tied for second.

And with that, I am pleased to note that this will be the last update for this Kickstarter project. We've got every last die made and ready to ship, we need to make 2 more Kauri boxes on Monday when the parts get here to fix the Banshee (our new CNC router we use to make boxes) as we broke the coupler and ball screw assembly.

 Broken Coupler/Ball Screw Assembly on the Banshee's Z Axis

 Bois de Rose ready to ship

 And last but not least, a change in plans. When David was doing the final tally to ensure we did not miss anything, we came up short on the AWBCS sets. Since I can't get more of some of those woods as they are incredibly hard to source, we elected to come up with a different collector's set as a replacement. That set is the Burl Woods Collector's Set you see above. It comes with the following woods.

 Which as you can see, have been engraved on the inside of the lid as per yall's suggestion. So if you do not have your ABWCS already, one of these will be in the mail to you tomorrow.

For those of you that are having issues with the last round of ABWCS boxes, I do apologize. We will get new boxes made for you and sent out ASAP. From looking at the photos, it appears that the walls were a bit thicker than I designed the box for, which lead to some of the dice getting stuck. I'll make sure the side wall are the correct thickness in the replacement boxes, and that will alleviate the issue. 

Thanks again for everyone's support. I know this project drug on way longer that was ever intended, but as I freely admit, I had no clue what I was getting into when I launched this project so I did a ton of stuff the wrong way to begin with. A year and a half later, I'd like to think that I have a much better grasp on the whole dice making thing.

So on behalf of myself and the Artisan Dice crew, I'd like to once again, thank each and everyone of our backers. I am well aware of the fact, that without yall, the 4 of us would not have the awesome jobs we do now.


ABWCS and Remaining Orders Update Part Deux

Ok, so this is taking us far longer to finish up that we had hoped, but the end is near. There are about 10 people left who haven't gotten their dice yet so I want to let ya'll know what's going on.

For those who had Bois De Rose and ABWCS- ya'll are currently waiting on boxes. Our $3000 rinky dink laser engraver is putting out so little power that it can no longer burn through the cedar/wenge slabs that we made for the boxes (it just heats them up until they catch on fire) which is part of the reason we started our latest Kickstarter. We've got a brand spanking new $70,000+ engraver on the way. Once it gets here next week we'll have a company technician out to train us and we'll make jigs to hold dice/boxes in it, then we'll be able to finish the boxes.

Also for the ABWCS, Charlie has the last bog oak in and that's another thing we'll be doing as soon as we get the shop remodel finished.

A couple other people are waiting on a few woods that we ran out of like Kauri, should be getting those in soon as well.

For the 15ish Petrified Woods Backers that used their codes on the website and have only received part or none of their order yet, most of you have polys and those are going to get finished up as soon as we get the new laser engraver + jigs set up.

Finally for anyone who had Tshirts- as soon as we finish sending out dice and setting up the shop I'll see who did and didn't get their shirts, and we'll order more of the sizes we didn't have enough of. 

Old Shop

Remodel in progress...

-David M.

Ancient Bog Woods Collector's Set Update

I just completed making the dice for the Ancient Bog Woods Collector's Sets. Once the dice finish drying tomorrow David will ship them out. My apologies for the delay's in getting these made. When we laid the box design out I did not realize that it would take over 2 and a half hours to cut out each box. Nor did I expect the Bog Woods to be as cantankerous as they are. Here's what the sets look like.

Top Row: Irish Bog Oak (6,000) | Irish Bog Pine(3,000) | Sinker Honduran Mahogany (200)| Ancient Kauri (50,000)

Middle Row: English Bog Oak(5,000) | English Bog Yew(6,000) | Buckeye Burl Drift Wood(???) | Figured Sinker Redwood (250)

Bottom Row: Russian Bog Oak (5,000) | Russian Sinker Oak (2,000) | Sinker Cypress (???) | Sinker Redwood Lace Burl (250)

Also the last of the Kauri Dice have been completed as well. The boxes have already been made so as soon as the dice are dry they will be shipping out. It looks like we should have everything wrapped up by the end of the week.

A huge thanks to everyone for backing this project, and again my apologies for this dragging out as long as it has, we've had some growing pains but all in all is has been a great time. I do appreciate our backers support because without it, this project never would have gotten off the ground. 

Some of you have probably already seen it but for those that haven't, we have launched our 2nd Kickstater Project to expand out wood selection list to well over 100 species, and add 6 (or more depending on stretch goals) different types of metal to our line up as well. If you'd like to join us in that project you can find it here. We'd love to have you along for the second round. We've got a ton of stretch goals line out and 6 of them already unlocked. 

Last Update before we are finished!

Hey guys its been awhile since we put up an update. We had some equipment problems through February and it slowed us down, but we're back up to speed now and we should have all of the Kickstarter orders done by next week (barring any unexpected problems.) 

We finished out the rested of the assorted orders and have sent those out. Carroll Hunter I know you have a set Wenge Fudge coming but we've accidentally turned them into d6s three times in a row. We are going to get these done by next week.

Assorted Fudge Dice

Jennifer Blaikie

David Lovie

Dennis Ott

Mariko Shewmake

Bradford Yurkiw

Deanna Peugeot

John Morgan

Mikolaj Laczynski

Now as for the petrified backers, below is where all of your orders are, shipped out in whole or part and what's holding them up if they haven't shipped yet. These have taken awhile since many of you ordered polyhedrals or had dozens of d6 sets.

Joseph Lee- We are sending you all of your order EXCEPT the Kauri and Bocote, we still need to make more of these

David Gaipa- Your order is done except for the Bubinga d6s.

John Ervin- Still making Kauri.

Richard McColm- Need to make more Jayme's Dice.

Matt Sorsen- shipped out

Sean Poynter- shipped out

Justine MacDonald- shipped out

Sean Davis- shipped out

David Cassiday- need to make your IBO

Jennifer Martin- shipped out

Russell Litzkow- Need to make some bloodwood d6s and wenge polys, sending you the rest now.

Kyle Hutton- shipped out

David Sloan- we still need to make your Kauri and redwood burl polys.

Michael Phillips- shipped out

Michael Petrich- shipped out

Rick Rambo- We're working on most of this order still, contacting you about picking a different wood than Black Palm Wood.

Rachel Teng- shipped out

Chris Decker- waiting on more big leaf maple dyed blue

Calvin Shafer- need more honduran rosewood

Francesco Zamboni- need more Kauri and wenge special order is taking a bit to do.

Aaron Jurkis- shipped out

Michael Beckman- shipped out

Eric Neumann- need to make more Jayme's dice and 5d6 IBO

Adan Gallardo- wenge are almsot done just need to be polished up

Neil Whyman- shipped out

Robert Fugiel- shipped out- congrats, you got one of Charlies favorite sets.

Dan Eastwood- still need to get a few of your d6s made.

Mario Boudreau- shipped out

Now that our laser cutter is back up and working and we have a thickness sander Charlie has been working on both the Wenge boxes for Bois de Rose and the ABWCS boxes.

Most of the remaining 25 or so people are waiting on Kauri, which we should have all done next week. Our two $2000 backers are also waiting on a few boxes and sets, then we'll be launching our next Kickstarter with wooden and metal polyhedral dice sets!

-David M.

Happy Birthday Chuck!

Some more shipping, Charlie's birthday is tomorrow and he's giving away a bunch of dice candy, so if you aren't our friend on facebook yet you might want to mosey on over and check our page out. - David M.

Glenn Ngo

Holly Cook

Andrew Nagel (to the right address this time.)

Kaleb Mariner-Refiti

Andy Herrman- we still owe you a dice bag.

Aaron Jurkis

Nick Clift

Vincent Ecuyer

Spyke Alexander (still owe you a shirt)

Brian Jubeck

John Olson

Sam Wright

Judy Haber (still owe you a shirt)

Mark Cahill

David L. Fort (still owe you a shirt)