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Rasta Thomas’ Bad Boys of Dance return to Turks and Caicos 10 years later to inspire the children of the island.
61 backers pledged $25,952 to help bring this project to life.

Attention: All Dancers! Let's Meet at Stargazer Villa on May 4!

I would like to touch base with all of our backers to tell you about our plans with Rasta's Bad Boys of Dance for the week. It is less than a month away!! Dancing with the Stars of Bad Boys of Dance is tentatively scheduled for MAY 17! We are planning all sorts of activities with our local children when Rasta comes that week (May 14 - 20)  trying to touch as many children with the spirit of dance as possible!!!  We would like to put together a local group of our children to work with the dancers and choreographers that week to create a Flash Mob to spontaneously start dancing, similar to the Milan video on my Facebook Page.  We would like to do this at several locations around the island during the week!!!  Please feel free to suggest some. I feel that we should start getting as many children involved as possible.  Rasta and his dancers are extremely versatile, all classically trained, and they will inspire our children in the discipline of dance, and possible careers in dance, as no other troupe has done! They will be superb role models!!   So let's gather all those interested in dancing with Rasta, Adrienne, and their dancers to assemble at Stargazer Villa on Friday May 4 at 4:00 PM so we can organize the classes for the week that they come. So spread the word. Thank you. Barbara


    1. Creator Rolf & Cecilia Rothermel on May 4, 2012

      Palms Spa ?? that would be a phenomenal place to perform some of your activities at ...

      Just a thought ... I could talk to Stephanie at the Spa (if you have not already done so)

      xxx C