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We wanted something New. Different. Cozy. Hugging. Comfortable. So we made one that fits any sleeping positions and adapts to your life
We wanted something New. Different. Cozy. Hugging. Comfortable. So we made one that fits any sleeping positions and adapts to your life
We wanted something New. Different. Cozy. Hugging. Comfortable. So we made one that fits any sleeping positions and adapts to your life
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    1. Missing avatar

      Lin kin hang 2 days ago

      Dear Sylvain

      Since I have order this product, may I know will this be delivery once the product was done? I need a reply.

      Wallace Lin

    2. Missing avatar

      Lin kin hang 2 days ago

      Hi, I am order 30 pcs , do you will delivery to me ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Hiroshi Saga 4 days ago

      I emailed you a week ago about a refund. I haven’t received anything from you so far.

    4. Missing avatar

      Gursagar Aj Singh 5 days ago

      THIRD SAMPLE?! Sylvian!!! Im still excited because I really want this product but a third sample means there was yet another problem with the silicone arms/hands from the second batch... I really hope it comes out right this time. Good luck and do us proud please :)

    5. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi dear backers,

      Here are the most recent updates!

      The latest news about the MonPère travel pillow starts with the soon-to-be new name. Some may find it on our website!

      Also, our manufacturer & designer are confident about the third sample we're about to receive. We don't have a fixed date yet from them but we'll keep you advised as often as we get futur development.

      Thank you!

      Kindly, Sylvain

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike Cation on

      How are those weekly updates that you promised coming, Sylvain?

    7. Missing avatar

      Francesco Bevagna on

      Hello Sylvain, I backed your project and I was really excited about it, because I frequently travel and I really could use MonPére, but at the moment I am a bit worried for the delay and the news you recently posted. I would like to have a better detail about the future of the project and the estimate shiping time. I think all of us backers deserve it. Please let us know asap, I really believed in your project and I don't want to go for a refund.

    8. Alexandre Gendron on

      Lache pas Sylvain ! C’est la nature de la bête avec un kickstarter ! Les délais font partie de l’aventure... la plupart d’entre nous le savent... je suis certain que vous faites ce qu’il faut pour assurer une bonne qualité et j’espère que ces histoires de copie ne vous feront pas trop mal. Votre produit est innovateur et j’ai bien hâte de l’essayer avec ma fille dans la voiture. Bonne chance pour la suite !

    9. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for being some sort of voice. There's few mistakes in there.

      1. Lots of people have already be refunded wether it's on Indiegogo or Kickstarter. YOU, as well. Kickstarter sent us a confirmation of refund. If I could post a picture to prove it to you, trust me I would!

      2. As for Indiegogo, this is an In Demand campaign, therefore the 173K is counting the 112K raised on Kickstarter.

      3. You certainly aren't aware about our work/time/effort of what we do here in Montreal to create and deliver the arms, therefore not only your comments are discriminating but they are simply false.

      4. We are sorry you feel that way. Unless you have any experience in creating MonPère pillow, you don't know what it is. Our pillows will be delivered, that's a fact. Are we late? Yes absolutely and that's unfortunate.

      As for everyone who wants to be refunded because the delays have taken too long, please send us a direct message and we will do so. Our goal is certainly not to be taking advantage of your money nor your time. To the contrary, we are here to create a product that will make you proud and will help people sleep better!

      @mike we will certainly update people more frequently you are absolutely right that it helps to keep people in the loop.

      Thank you!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kelly Teninty on


      I received confirmation from Kickstarter that Sylvain has not issued any refunds to anyone.

    11. Missing avatar

      Anh Tu Nguyen on

      I messaged you a couple days ago about a refund and did not receive an answer at all until now. So please refund my money.

    12. Missing avatar

      Anh Tu Nguyen on

      I messaged you a couple days ago about a refund and did not receive an answer at all until now. So please refund my money.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kelly Teninty on

      For those who doubted me, told you. He has a current campaign he started today and ends on July 30.

      As for the information I have gathered, what I will do is zip file it, upload it to cloud and post the link here for anyone who wants to get the information.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kelly Teninty on

      As you can see in this link, we were not the only "new" backers.. He raised over $173k CA on They are receiving te same updates. He raised $112k CA here. I am currently copying every update from both pages. /the indiegogo had an update in January 2018 that we did not receive. Once I have completed the search, I will let you know how I can provide the information.…

    15. Missing avatar

      Kelly Teninty on

      @Mike, @Gursagar, recognize when you have been had. He isn't going to find another company to make the arms. He is going to use a different name and use it to get more funds. It only too 2 seconds to find the information. He knew back in April that his trademark was no good. See these links. The best part is we have his name, address and lawyer, so we can sue him for the funds. I suggest you get the information quickly in case he deletes it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gursagar Aj Singh on

      @mike lol my dude its not even called MonPère anymore. Some silly chinese trademark issue took the name. Probably the same company that they were using for the silicon arms took their name and idea and now these guys whatever theyll be calling their product now are scrambling to find a new company to make their arms so we can get our product. Why wouldnt we get an update if there were no further issues. Their last update did say a week on july 4th and its the 20th today. Not much hope left.

    17. Mike Mayo on

      @Kelly Kickstarter can’t do anything for you. We’ve come this far and I’m certainly not giving up now. Believe in MonPère!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Kelly Teninty on


      I have written to you twice since you posted that you will refund me my money. I still have not received it. According to Kickstarter, they do not refund money. It is the seller's responsibility to refund the money directly onto the buyer's payment. That being said, I am not interested at all in this product. Like I stated in my last email, if the funds are not received by the 20th of July, I will be filing a grievance, complaint, whatever with Kickstarter.

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert Mullard on

      Guys, I think at this point you should be sending weekly updates. Even if there's nothing new to report it still keeps everyone in the loop makes us, your backers, feel like we're being thought of (which I'm sure we are). It only takes 5 minutes to write a few sentences, but it'll give you a whole lot more goodwill.

    20. Missing avatar

      Gursagar Aj Singh on

      Last update was July 4th and it’s now the 15th... After some unfortunate news I think all of us would like frequent updates as to whether the problem has been fixed, near fixed, or gotten worse. Updates Please!

    21. Sylvain Creator on

      @kelly, yes we can certainly refund you as it's your right. That being said we'll start shipping soon therefore it's really your choice but considering the delays that's understandable. We'll contact you directly for it.

      @Isabel we'll do the same for you.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kelly Teninty on

      I would like to know if there is an option for a refund? This last update does not add up. You shouldn't have to change a name of a product because China copied the trademark. That a violation of trademark clause. I think it would cheaper and easier to just list where it is made and then people would know the difference. But I am quessing they copied the trademark because that is where you were having them made. All of these issues shouldn't have been a problem if the right sources were used.

    23. Missing avatar

      Isabel on

      Hi Sylvain,
      I sent you a message asking for a refund :) is it possible ?

    24. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi Mike,

      We do understand. Trust us, we are as disappointed as you. Based on our last exchange with the manufacturer yesterday the new samples are supposed to arrive next week. We have every inch of our fingers crossed that it's going to be the right one. From there, we'll start shipping massively!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mike Cation on

      Guys, after reading the latest update today, I have to express my extreme disappointment in backing this project. I appreciate that there are delays that happen, but we're getting to the point where I question truly whether we are ever going to a) receive the product or b) get some sort of refund.

    26. Steve Ruddach on

      Gursagar - They will start shipping very soon I believe. There was no formal date defined but expected to be the end of June/beginning of July. You should receive notice once your order will be shipped via the email address you provided for backing. That's what I've gathered thus far.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gursagar Aj Singh on

      Has anyone gotten their shipment yet? Would love to hear feedback. Have you guys started shipping? @sylvain

    28. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi everyone!

      We just received the pillows and they passed our test!! Youpi!

      Therefore, we will be receiving the sleeves early next week and then start to ship by the end of June/beginning of July.

      All of you should expect to receive the pillow this summer!

      We know it has been a long wait but it's all coming to an end and we are super excited to share it with you!

      On this beautiful sunny day we wish you the greatest trip to come and most importantly the deepest sleep!

    29. Steve Ruddach on

      I'm getting slightly concerned that there has been no update as of yet considering the date. No responses from the Facebook page either in an attempt to validate to purchase more.

    30. Missing avatar

      Gursagar Aj Singh on

      So today is 10 days from June 3rd. This is quite the wait, may we please get an update on what is happening with the MonPère.

    31. Mark Goose Dies Raszkowski on

      Just checking in. I really need this soon.

    32. Missing avatar

      Clair johnson

      Do you have my new address the has Grand Prairie instead of Arlington?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jacinta Lee on

      Hi, it has been a year since my backing, can i check when am i expected to receive my purchase?

    34. Missing avatar

      Yiqiu on

      Hi Sylvain,

      I was wondering if I could change my shipping address since I would be moving before the delivery?

      Thanks for all the updates! It's great to hear the progress.

      Leigh Anne Zhang

    35. Mike Mayo on

      Hey ! Any new updates ?!

    36. Missing avatar

      Randi Gibson on

      I just got the survey now to fill out, so I guess I am behind everyone! I see that it is not to be delivered until August, so I hope that my survey/address has not been submitted to late!
      I was backer 139, so am excited that I backed this project.

    37. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi Tambra, everyone who has pledge for 2 (in terms of money) will receive 2. Therefore, don't worry because we are aware of your situation.

    38. Tambra

      Ditto to Emily’s comment “I received survey but I pledged for 2 pcs and the survey won't let me change it. It is saying I have a credit and I don't know how to change it.” Wrote you, but with no response. Please clarify.

    39. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi everyone :)

      We understood that some of you haven't received the survey. We encourage those to use this link

      Wishing you all a wonderful day and thank you so much for your comprehension.


    40. Akbar Abawi on

      Is there any specific time in august which it’s expected to arrive? This due to my roadtrip being in august

    41. Dom on

      140th backer on backerkit. Just completed my survey. Hopefully my daughter won’t be rolling around the car seat in the second row anymore!! 😊

    42. Mike Mayo on

      On a long road trip In New Jersey, USA! Wishing I had MonPère here to keep me comfortable ! When are these badboys shipping out ??

    43. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi everyone, we have send the survey via Backerkit. They are helping us making sure each and everyone of you is fully taking care of :)

      For any question please email us at

      Have a wonderful day!

    44. Missing avatar

      Anh Tu Nguyen on

      I haven't received a survey either.

    45. Missing avatar

      Richard Bergmans

      I am backer 45. I havent received the survey.

    46. Emily Ng on

      I received survey but I pledged for 2 pcs and the survey won't let me change it. It is saying I have a credit and I don't know how to change it.

    47. Missing avatar

      Markus Heidinger on

      Also no survery for address here ...

    48. Dom on

      I’ve not received the survey either

    49. Mike Mayo on

      Hey just checking in, I haven’t received the survey either.

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