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We wanted something New. Different. Cozy. Hugging. Comfortable. So we made one that fits any sleeping positions and adapts to your life
We wanted something New. Different. Cozy. Hugging. Comfortable. So we made one that fits any sleeping positions and adapts to your life
We wanted something New. Different. Cozy. Hugging. Comfortable. So we made one that fits any sleeping positions and adapts to your life
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    1. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi everyone!

      We just received the pillows and they passed our test!! Youpi!

      Therefore, we will be receiving the sleeves early next week and then start to ship by the end of June/beginning of July.

      All of you should expect to receive the pillow this summer!

      We know it has been a long wait but it's all coming to an end and we are super excited to share it with you!

      On this beautiful sunny day we wish you the greatest trip to come and most importantly the deepest sleep!

    2. Steve Ruddach on

      I'm getting slightly concerned that there has been no update as of yet considering the date. No responses from the Facebook page either in an attempt to validate to purchase more.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gursagar Aj Singh on

      So today is 10 days from June 3rd. This is quite the wait, may we please get an update on what is happening with the MonPère.

    4. Mark Goose Dies Raszkowski on

      Just checking in. I really need this soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      Clair johnson

      Do you have my new address the has Grand Prairie instead of Arlington?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jacinta Lee on

      Hi, it has been a year since my backing, can i check when am i expected to receive my purchase?

    7. Missing avatar

      Yiqiu on

      Hi Sylvain,

      I was wondering if I could change my shipping address since I would be moving before the delivery?

      Thanks for all the updates! It's great to hear the progress.

      Leigh Anne Zhang

    8. Mike Mayo on

      Hey ! Any new updates ?!

    9. Missing avatar

      Randi Gibson on

      I just got the survey now to fill out, so I guess I am behind everyone! I see that it is not to be delivered until August, so I hope that my survey/address has not been submitted to late!
      I was backer 139, so am excited that I backed this project.

    10. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi Tambra, everyone who has pledge for 2 (in terms of money) will receive 2. Therefore, don't worry because we are aware of your situation.

    11. Tambra

      Ditto to Emily’s comment “I received survey but I pledged for 2 pcs and the survey won't let me change it. It is saying I have a credit and I don't know how to change it.” Wrote you, but with no response. Please clarify.

    12. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi everyone :)

      We understood that some of you haven't received the survey. We encourage those to use this link

      Wishing you all a wonderful day and thank you so much for your comprehension.


    13. Akbar Abawi on

      Is there any specific time in august which it’s expected to arrive? This due to my roadtrip being in august

    14. Dom on

      140th backer on backerkit. Just completed my survey. Hopefully my daughter won’t be rolling around the car seat in the second row anymore!! 😊

    15. Mike Mayo on

      On a long road trip In New Jersey, USA! Wishing I had MonPère here to keep me comfortable ! When are these badboys shipping out ??

    16. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi everyone, we have send the survey via Backerkit. They are helping us making sure each and everyone of you is fully taking care of :)

      For any question please email us at

      Have a wonderful day!

    17. Missing avatar

      Anh Tu Nguyen on

      I haven't received a survey either.

    18. Missing avatar

      Richard Bergmans

      I am backer 45. I havent received the survey.

    19. Emily Ng on

      I received survey but I pledged for 2 pcs and the survey won't let me change it. It is saying I have a credit and I don't know how to change it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Markus Heidinger on

      Also no survery for address here ...

    21. Dom on

      I’ve not received the survey either

    22. Mike Mayo on

      Hey just checking in, I haven’t received the survey either.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tomer Gad on

      I didn’t get the survey for my address

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert Mullard on

      Hi - I also have not yet received the survey for addresses. Just wondering when this will go out and if the estimated delivery dates are still on track?


    25. Missing avatar

      Sahana on

      Just checking in to see if a survey for the addresses has been sent out yet?
      I put in a pledge during the Holiday Special period with the estimated delivery being March 2018, is this still in track or has the delivery date changed?

    26. Missing avatar


      Hi, just wondering if you have sent out the survey for the addresses, as I’ve yet to receive any... cheers, Ellie

    27. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi Clyde, Thank you so much for this nice comment. I can wait to everyone try it, you gonna love it! Best regards, Sylvain

    28. Missing avatar

      Clyde Alidao on

      Hi Sylvain - je suis aussi un père (google translate :) )

      Anyway, I frequently travel due to my work and been dreaming of a similar product since "neck pillows" just don't work - and finally, this is perfect. Upon seeing it, I immediately signed up. I'm so glad i've seen the project and it is pushing through. I just can't wait of using it.

    29. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi Annie, and Paul, both of your message have been respond.

      Just to make sure that we are transparent with everyone -
      1. Paul I confirmed to you that you paid for 3 units as we discussed and that you will receive precisely 3 pillows.

      2. Annie, we will be sending the survey for the addresses right after the holiday, in couple days.

      Thank you so much for your follow up :)

      Happy holidays to all of you!!



    30. Missing avatar

      Paul Rila on

      Hello Sylvain,
      I send a mail earlier, but got no response.
      I pledged for 3 pieces for a amount of $270, but my credit card was only charged for 2 ( And received an conformation for 2)
      Hopefully you can lighten up the situation.... I'm in need of 3.
      Hope you can tell me some good news

      Paul Rila

    31. Missing avatar

      Cheung kit lin annie on

      I have not received any message for sending my address

    32. Sylvain Creator on

      Thank you so much every single one of you who contributed to our project. We are now live on Indiegogo - check it out :)

    33. Martin O

      @John Whitehill Jr.:
      This pledge amount includes shipping which varies depending on your country. After selecting your pledge tier there was a country selection and also the total amount was shown.

    34. John Whitehill Jr. on

      So theres a holiday special for $75, but through kickstarter you are charging me $97?

    35. Missing avatar

      Patricia Shipton on

      Can’t wait to get mine. Well done on reaching your funding target

    36. Sylvain Creator on

      Thank you Olivier!

      To get a second pillow, you only need to upgrade your pledge amount by 2. So if it's $93 with shipping, it becomes $186 :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Olivier Toth on

      Hi, I just pledged for the holiday special, for one monpère, can I extend this for a second one ? Didn’t find a way to do this ... cheers and congrats for the cool idea, really looking forward to getting mine, Olivier

    38. Serge Ecoiffier on

      Bon, je craque !

      Après deux très mauvaises expériences sur KickStarter, presque 3, malgré avoir soutenu 60 projets, je ne faisais même plus de contribution minimum encore moins ouvrir les courriels.

      Mais, "mon père", quelle bonne idée vous avez la ! Assez pour me tenter à nouveau d'aider, ainsi qu'avoir (j'espère) un produit utile. Ce sera un cadeau, un peu tard même si livrer date prévue (mars 2018). Comme on dit, ce n'est jamais trop tard pour bien faire. La personne a besoin de ceci pour ses déplacements quotidiens, une heure d'autobus matin et soir.

      J'aurai fait une plus grosse contribution afin d'en avoir qqs-uns de plus. Mais j'ai encore le mauvais goût en bouche des abus envers les contribuables par quelques projets KickStarter, autant par leurs créateurs que ... et oui, KickStarter qui n'a rien fait pour éviter ces situations ou même minimiser les risques de tous.

      Je vais me limiter qu'à une contribution, avec avantage BackerClub, et voir ce qui se passera avec ce projet. Il mérite l'appui. Après tout, qui ne peut pas faire confiance à Raphaëlle ?


      Well, I have to try this one !

      After two very bad experience with KickStarter, almost 3, even with having pledged to some 60 projects, I was not even making the token minimal pledge to projects I could believe in, much less open KickStarter related emails.

      But, "mon père", what a great idea you have here ! Enough to tempt me to want to help, as well as receive (I hope) such a useful item. It will be for a gift, somewhat late even if it is delivered by the promised date (March 2018). As we say, it's never too late to do good. The person does need this for her daily hour long bus trips, morning and evening.

      I would of pledged more to get a few more. But I still have the sour taste in mouth of the abuse towards backers from both the creators of those few projects and, yes, KickStarter itself which did nothing to avoid those situations and did not even try to minimize the risks to all.

      I will limit my pledge to a single unit, with BackerClub advantage, and see how this project turns out. It deserves the support. After all, how can we not trust Raphaëlle ?

    39. Missing avatar

      Oren Sharabi on

      Hi Sylvain and Rafaelle!
      I was a little bit slow finding this great-looking product! I made my pledge for the amount of one pillow (plus shipping) a few minutes ago, while the timer said something like 60 minutes left for the Black Friday sale - just curious if it still counts for this sale price or if I will need to increase the pledge?
      Thanks in advance, and good luck! I am excited for my flights or long train rides to be more comfortable :)

    40. Sylvain Creator on

      Watch our live here to get more information about pricing, specials, the inside of MonPère and it's positions.

    41. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi Steve,

      That's great! Thank you so much! You did the right thing.

      Have a wonderful day,


    42. Steve Ruddach on

      Just to confirm, I did the CyberMonday deal for $72+$12 shipping times 2. Total was $168. Just want to be clear that I want 2.

    43. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi Emily,

      What you did is absolutely right!
      Thank you for your incredible support.

    44. Emily Ng on

      I'm in Canada and pledged $164 for 2 pillows. Is my pledge amount correct?

    45. Sylvain Creator on

      Hi Phil,
      That's exactly that. If you are outside of Canada you only need to upgrade the pledge amount of the black Friday special to $176. That will include 2 pillows and 2 shipping. Thank you so much! I'm here if you need anything.

    46. Phil Lam on

      I want to get 2 of them at the Black Friday pledge amount. Do I just pledge double the amount and select that? How do I specify that I want 2?

    47. Martin O

      @Tomer Gad:
      This campaign is still running for 12 days and they won't see any money unless it succeeds (which is very likely since they are currently at 166% of their funding goal).
      Only then you will be actually charged and then later they will start collecting necessary information like shipping addresses.

      There is a built-in survey functionality in Kickstarter which is often used for this purpose but sometimes project creators use external tools.

    48. Missing avatar

      Tomer Gad on

      Hi first time for me backing a project on Kickstarter...
      Why didn't it asked for my address for shipping the pillow?

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