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CauseCakes is an idea by college students at SMU that uses cupcakes to challenge and encourage people to engage in acts of kindness.

The Vision of 6 College Students 

So it may be clear by this point that we are passionate about service and cupcakes, but who isn't, right? How do these two things relate? Let us break it down. The idea and movement behind CauseCakes stems from the simple fact that a cupcake is the universal symbol for a gift. Now, many assume this gift is limited to the enjoyment of one person, but our vision suggests the incredible possibility of just the opposite being true. You see, all CauseCakes will be fitted with custom exterior cupcake wrappers. Not only will this wrapper distinguish a CauseCake from a regular cupcake with exterior branding, but also the fact that each wrapper will contain a unique message on the interior side of the wrapper. This message can only be revealed when the wrapper is taken off of the cupcake itself (see picture below). Essentially, the secret is what's on the inside. Each message will be a service related call to action; a powerful statement that will encourage you to assist a person in need or make someone's day. We expect each recipient to take ownership and even be creative with these special missions. We plan to guide you toward an act or idea of random kindness, but it is up to you, the CauseClient, that determines the world-changing results. Let's just say the power rests in the palm of your hand. Oh, by the way, don't forget to enjoy the delicious cupcake. Beyond the physical treat, we want to take this thing a step further. Through our offering of an interactive website, we want you to share your "cause" and how you chose to proceed in positively impacting someone's world. This site will also allow you as a CauseClient to connect deeper with the CauseCakes Team and see the team's commitment to the very "causes" (or service messages) they are asking you to carry out. CauseCakes is much more than a business: it is a social movement. Help us to help Dallas. 

Our Heart Behind It 

We, The CauseCakes team (6 SMU college students) thought up a "sweet"  idea a little more than two years ago. Confident that this special idea carries a powerfully relevant message, we have decided it is time to share our dream with the world. This message, rooted in love through service and acts of random kindness is one that anyone can easily execute if they just take the single moment - which is all too often difficult to find in our very busy days - to think about a friend, family member, or stranger in need.

A Bakery Is Behind Us 

Not only do we think our idea is awesome, but a successful bakery in Dallas does as well. This bakery, named The Original Cupcakery, had the privilege of welcoming six college students into their storefront one random afternoon to hear a crazy business idea. Graciously, the Original Cupcakery was moved by the vision of this bold idea and has chosen to become our official partner behind this movement. We plan to sell each CauseCake in the beautiful storefront of the Original Cupcakery, situated right in the heart of Uptown Dallas. 

We Need You Behind Us 

Starting a business in college has both advantages and disadvantages. Yes, we have access to knowledgeable professors and a collaborative college environment perfect for young entrepreneurs. However, we lack one key ingredient that is essential for a successful launch; we need money. Friends, family, and strangers alike, please help us!

We need $12,500 to launch a movement that we believe can change Dallas. The largest portions of the funding we are requesting will be used for external cupcake wrappers, stickers that the service messages will be printed on, and also, a super cool interactive website that will encourage our movement by allowing each CauseClient (YOU) to hear from us, the CauseCakes Team. Every single act that we print on each cupcake wrapper is an act of kindness that this team has decided to do as well. So, we're certainly not asking anyone to do anything we wouldn't do ourselves. This website will also allow every CauseClient to put in a special code and get more information about the service message inscribed on their cupcake, including what we, the team, have done to satisfy that specific Cause! We will share our story and we also expect each of you to share yours. Utilizing our interactive website, you will find the capability to post and share both pictures or videos of the kind act that you have performed, effectively encouraging the next CauseClient toward their kind act. Our movement aims to effectively use every sweet cupcake as a call to action for serving others, but furthermore, for every person to become an example and means of encouraging kind behavior all around. 

We want this campaign to be one that shows us that this is something that our communities would like to see. Your funding means much more to us than just a donation, it is a vote of confidence that this world needs a love-filled service movement like this! 

The message inscribed sticker will go on the inside of the cupcake wrapper seen here. We're keeping the messages a secret  ...just know that they will be motivated by love and kindness.
The message inscribed sticker will go on the inside of the cupcake wrapper seen here. We're keeping the messages a secret ...just know that they will be motivated by love and kindness.

Cost Break Down

Due to the website's functionality, it will cost us $9,000. The $9,000 will include expert development, design, and testing adjustments to make sure that it is functional, engaging, and without flaws. Two runs (2,000 stickers and wrappers) of the cupcake wrappers and stickers will cost us $2,000. 

$9,000 - Website Development (the movement online)

This includes design, development,website testing, and adjustments.  

$2,000 - 2 runs of cupcake wrappers and stickers (the movement in your hand)   

$400 - Business Filing (Limited Liability Corporation paperwork and legitimacy)  

$475 - Trademark/legal protection

$625 -Cost of Campaigning (KickStarter). What keeps awesome crowdrise campaigns like Kick Starter in existence is a 3-5% fee that they charge for their services that function to give us large audiences through coherent profiles and connections to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 



Please share this movement if you believe in it. Follow us on twitter as well: @CauseCakesYou

Daniel Poku, Stephen Nelson, Paul Curry, Tyler Scott, Marc Feldman, Kyle Spencer
Daniel Poku, Stephen Nelson, Paul Curry, Tyler Scott, Marc Feldman, Kyle Spencer

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The challenges involved with this project after it is funded include making sure that our site, the internet movement, is well supported and taken care of. We want to make sure that our site is easy to use and is something people want to continue to visit and participate in. Making sure that our site is user-friendly is key to the CauseCakes team and its movement. The steps we have taken to help ensure this include consulting with trusted web developers and ensuring that the CauseCakes team has a strong connection to its clients and their valuable feedback.

A second challenge that we will face is to make sure that our marketing for the movement and the cupcake is something that is powerfully connective. We want to make sure that the CauseCakes brand is one that ultimately communicates a group of college students that arose to see a social movement take-off through the relational and sincere cupcakes. The way that we will ensure the communication of a strong and consistent message, is through the development of strong brand planning and management strategies. Luckily, we will be aided by some friends, mentors and of course professors at Southern Methodist University.


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