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Highly anticipated follow up album to Norm Sherman's first self-titled album in 2007.

Music Video for Track #10 of this project, the now infamous "Pimp My Satellite".  And you thought the space race with Russia was over...

This is a 10 track album featuring professionally mixed/remastered/re-recorded versions of the following songs--

Juzt Mizunderstood:  Imagine being a teenager this day and age-- dead inside, nobody understands you, all goth'd out and vacant looking, everyone telling you what to do.  Now imagine being a zombie teenager in this day and age, having to deal with a 'totally lame' society that doesn't even realize you're 'like, totally, undead.'  Here's an emo-rock song on the matter.

Playing Dead:  What if 'endangered species' weren't so much 'endangered' as 'trying to cover up illicit drug trafficking operations?'  A bluegrass tune told from the perspective of a rare ivory-billed woodpecker trying to sell moonshine on the side.

The Heartache Over Innsmouth:  Fans of H.P. Lovecraft will no doubt enjoy references to his fiction in every other word of this soulful piano-rock ballad.  The rest of you will enjoy a passionate heartache story about losing your first big crush to an esoteric cult (and their consequent transformations into the pseudo-amphbian.)

SciFi High:  An old school hip-hop tune about trying to graduate from a high school full of infamous sci-fi movie-monsters.

The Babylon Battle of the Bands:  Rap-rock about the very first 'Battle of the Bands' contest... in ancient Mesopotamia. 

Radioactive Runaways:  Laid-back retrospective rock reflecting on the past.  A scientist ponders the behavioral decisions and upbringing involved in raising up a pair of young mutant radioactive Hollywood mega-monsters in combat amongst the streets of Tokyo.

75 Lines:  A fast-moving Bob Dyan style folk tune that describes every Drabblecast story episodes 1 through 75 in each of it's 75 lines.

Cougar at the Con:  "Yah there's a cougar at the con.  With hardly any costume on.  I think it's Wonder Woman's mom, but she's got it going on, yah there's a cougar at the con."

Mongolian Deathworm (Just Another Lonely Night):  Another heart-felt piano-rock ballad involving the legendary Mongolian Deathworm and its possible whereabouts in the arid Gobi desert.

Pimp My Satellite:  These some gangsta-ass rhymes bein f'real shot out at them punk-ass SOVIET space-engineers still hatin' from the Cold War.  We just pimped the Hubble bitchezzzzzz!


The detailed multi-page album booklet features full lyrics, detailed album notes and pages of original phenomenal artwork by artist Bo Kaier.


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